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30 April 2017 Mandy Capristo vs Vanessa White

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Posted by Girls Friday on April 30, 2017, 6:13 pm



Mandy Capristo vs Vanessa White
(Lioness Club vs Double A Boxing)
(3-6, 3 KO vs 5-7, 5 KO)

Results: BBU; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Mandy Capristo remains buried behind Jeanette Biedermann and Sandy Moelling on the German flyweight chart and her last fight didn't help her cause at all since she was punched into a tearful mess by Amelle Berrabah. However things don't look all that great for Vanessa White either. The Saturdays singer is fortunate to have even more lacklustre bandmate Frankie Bridge act as understudy to the massively improved Mollie King yet Denise van Outen is surprised to see an allegedly feisty operator like White struggle so badly in BBU when the likes of Lily Allen are promoted to the flyweight title picture.

Moreover the BBU TV anchor thinks that Vanessa should be thumping Allen, Biedermann or even Heidi Range into a bloody mess and if Mollie King's improvement over the past couple of years won't inject more performance into the entire Saturdays flyweight corps, nothing else will. There's a great deal of hope pinned on Vanessa finally mounting a decent challenge to match Mollie's recent winning spree that only met a crushing end at the hands of BBU's pound-for-pound top fighter Jenna-Louise Coleman.
Mandy Capristo wears a red bikini top with golden trim, black knickers and white gloves. Long blonde hair pulled in a thick bun at the back of her head. Vanessa White wears a violet bikini top, white knickers and black gloves. Dark brown hair tied in a sleek ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
It's a classic flyweight bash from the opening bell and Vanessa really wants to put the hammer down after years of mediocre display; she overcomes the blonde's superior reach and tears into her body with viciously effective jabs which immediately puts the German under pressure.
There's no way Mandy misjudged her approach so badly and Denise van Outen thinks that Vanessa's so aggressive like it's her last chance to succeed in the BBU! The quick chops from point-blank range cause as much physical as mental damage to the taller singer and Mandy begins to groan under the onslaught while trying to clinch herself out of trouble. Vanessa has none of that though and dominates the furious exchange as she clips the blonde's boobs and signs off a very promising round with a nasty uppercut on the chin that leaves Capristo on soft knees at the bell.

Round 2:
On comes White again and she makes a mockery of the size and reach difference; maybe it's the French air that works wonders for her tonight? She squares up to the German foe and keeps punishing her with those close range uppercuts; Mandy just doesn't know how to block them off at this stage and she's not bendy enough to avoid them.
White's on speed dial with her jabs during this furious encounter but lacks that truly big punch to send the blonde vixen down for the count; Denise van Outen thinks that sheer amount of leather will do the trick for the English babe as Mandy remains pinned on her heels but she still avoids getting trapped in the corner and lands some crisp shots on the counter to halt Vanessa's charge in the dying seconds of an otherwise one-sided affair.

Round 3:
The French audience doesn't have a projected favorite in this one; well, it's a Germany vs Great Britain clash after all but there's enough vicious action on hand to forget about all the national run-ins over the decades past. Vanessa looks to dominate another close range dust-up but she finds a stubborn guard for a change and Lioness head coach Mel B. has finally poured some confidence into her German protegee. Mandy still aches out like she's hurting out there but she keeps swinging plenty of leather over the top and White backs off from her aggressive approach and lets the blonde stalk her a bit with the subsequent flurry of jabs. Any hopes of a counter-punching stinger should be put away on the spot as Vanessa will never make that happen given the reach advantage and she just needs to be careful not to let the struggling blonde off the hook completely.

Round 4:
Capristo keeps coming back at the smaller singer and harpoons her on the liver area to secure an early break in the fourth. Vanessa misses a quick pouncing shot on the nose and gets mopped with a right hand on the temple which freezes her in the center of the ring; this leads into a steady uppercut flurry as Mandy yells out in her desire to blow the doors off the English lass.
The lightning fast nature of this attack splits White's gloves alltogether and a nasty left hook tears a patch under her eye and dumps her butt-in-ropes just past the two minute mark. Ugh! Vanessa tries to bounce herself into safety but gets SMOKED with another cross on the wounded eye and aches out her loudest of the night yet! And Mandy pours in with the facial assault blowing the smaller girl away in the corner and leaving her on jelly knees at the bell.
That's what the Paris audience wanted to see and suddenly White can't catch her breath as she nurses a badly swollen eye and slumps onto her stool stranded in the world of pain according to van Outen in the booth.

Round 5:
What the hell just happened in the fourth round? Vanessa was in control of the fight but got badly exposed and now it gets worse as Capristo flies in with another aerial attack and splits the English guard wide open!
White drops on her heels when the German leather dissects her guard and soon the dark brown ponytail begins to swirl around the place! Ugh! Mandy's all over the smaller foe and punches her back into the ropes where she's on course to rearrange her face for good! The swollen eye has grown into a golf ball-sized nightmare and WHITE CRUMBLES UNDER THE HEAT and simply sits down on her backside in the corner as Mandy yells out in native tongue and pumps herself across the chest in delight!
Did Vanessa give up altogether or did the blonde punched her into stupor? Whatever the case, the eye injury is the major concern going forward and despite getting up at eight, the Londoner admits she can't see properly through the right side. It's a long card here in Paris and the officials simply don't have time to nurse a situation like that during a mere undercard so the fight is STOPPED on medical grounds!
TKO5 Mandy Capristo in fortunate come-from-behind fashion!!!

AFTER: There's already talk of a rematch as Mandy vows to wipe the floor with any of The Saturdays available and Denise van Outen believes both Mollie King and Frankie Bridge would love to avenge tonight's result for the sake of their band. However it's a gut-wrenching result for Vanessa who looked in full control during the opening six minutes and defied most of the odds based on her inferior frame.
Yet, she couldn't hurt Mandy enough and is guilty of a massive turnaroud that left her with a badly wounded eye.
These flyweights can take a lot of punishment alright - and a killer punch remains a rare sight in this division - but one can't help to feel sorry protegee English vixen who was on the verge of a great comeback result and now can only watch as Mandy gloats in delight after winning her first BBU fight since February 2014!
Yep, it's been that long since the former Monrose lead singer last triumphed in BBU and it's exactly the reason why she's ranked below Jeanette Biedermann, Sandy Moelling and even Collien Fernandes on the national flyweight charts. But she's finally stopped the losing skid tonight and the only way is up!

Final result: Mandy Capristo def. Vanessa White TKO5 (Doctor Stoppage)



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