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3 May 2017 Tina Hobley vs Jill Halfpenny

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Posted by Knowlesey on May 3, 2017, 6:01 pm



After obliterating Carla Bommer in just 4 rounds, Tina wants more ringtime before taking on her now hated rival Doda, and she’s decided to settle an old score with Jill Halfpenny now, a girl she’s never liked, and who has never liked her.

Jill enters the ring first, in a white basque with red knickers, gloves and boots, looking really hot, but no hotter than Tina in her black basque, knickers, gloves and boots, and the pair are in the middle of the ring, giving each other the stare, Jill sneering, “I’ve waited a long time to do a job on you, Hobbit!” and Tina snapping, “You’re going down, and going down hard! Then I’m gonna have you pay tribute to my cunt!”

Jill’s niece, Chelsea Halfpenny, is in her corner, and she’s encouraging Jill, “Go on! Do the bitch!”

Round 1

Jill’s up and at Tina straight away, and lands a sweet jab and cross combination before Tina seems ready, but then she gets into the fight, and rips some hard shots into Jill’s body, which is nowhere near as tight as it was when she was in her prime, and she’s clearly feeling Tina’s power as she clinches and hangs on, with Tina in her ear, “Thought you wanted to fight me? You’re over!” Jill just gasps as the referee hauls her clear of Tina, who quickly whips a couple of hooks into her body, then stands back and grins as Jill stumbles, and squeals, backing away, and Tina takes her time following up, but when she does, she hurts Jill, thudding three solid punches into her face, and sending her backwards into a neutral corner, Tina on her again, snapping Jill’s head sideways with a right hook, then hammering three, four punches into her body, and as the bell ends the opening round, Tina taunts, “You better eat pussy better than you fight, or I’ll whip your ass raw!”

Round 2

Tina pauses as the round begins, letting Jill come to her, get her to make the first move – but Jill’s not stupid, and she stands off, hoping to catch Tina on the counterpunch instead, as she comes in tight, feigns a left hook to Jill’s jaw, then crashes a right hook into her body instead, Jill’s attempted combination failing to land, and she drops to the canvas, gasping and retching from that powerful punch, getting to her feet at 8, and Tina lands again, smacking punches into Jill’s ribcage, prodding her to the ropes, ripping a left uppercut into her face, and as she gets in tight, she tells you, “Soft bitch! After I finish with you, I want that stupid niece of yours! Teach her some manners as well!” Jill whispers, “Please – not Chelsea!” and Tina stands back, then hits Jill with a left and a right, and puts her down again, poor Jill scrambling about, using the ropes to get to her feet and beat the count, and as the bell rings, Tina tells her, “If I knock you out in round 3, the niece gets it! Survive and I’ll spare her!”

Round 3

Jill daren’t tell her niece what’s going on, but she knows she must survive another 3 minutes or watch Chelsea get a similar beating, and when the bell rings again, she’s on the back foot, trying to stay out of Tina’s range, but that’s not easy when you’ve already taken so much punishment, and Tina’s got her closed down into her corner, hits her body to hurt her and soften her up a little more, then she bumps Jill’s tits around, finishing the session with a solid right uppercut, which smacks Jill’s head up and back, and puts her down again, this time Jill up at 7, and she has her gloves nice and high, Tina grinning, “Gonna watch me do the kid next?” Jill gasps, “Please don’t!” but Tina gives her a hard stare, and rips into her body again, Jill’s jaw dropping open, and Tina crashes a right hook into Jill’s battered face, flooring her again, and this time she isn’t going to make it to her feet, the poor woman still motionless as the referee counts her out.

Result: Tina Hobley knocked out Jill Halfpenny in round 3.

Tina’s rampant in the ring, and goes to Jill’s corner, where she tells Chelsea, “Get your kit on, bitch! You’re next!”



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