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4 May 2017 Natalie Jayne Roser vs Taylor Hill

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Posted May 4,  2017 at 6:56 am


VIX: Scouting Mission Alpha


Results Lookout    Writing> Caspian



3. Natalie Jayne Roser versus Taylor Hill (Welterweight)

(26, 5’11, FCBA Debut, Free Agent)
(21, 5’10, FCBA Debut, Free Agent)

Before: For this fight though, ladies dispense with the pre-fight rituals. They’re here to prove that they belong in the ring, after all. Natalie is dressed in bright, Baywatch-isque red bikini, blonde hair bundled up into a knot up top. Taylor looking and giving off sexy vibes in her pink-tinged satin bra and panties, red gloves shadow-boxing as she warms up in corner.

What else can we say to do both girls justice? Natalie Roser famed for her modeling career but also proving herself to be a fitness and die-hard junky, doing stunt-work for other famed models like Australia’s more well-known Jennifer Hawkins and other blondes in the film industry, getting glaring looks on more than one occasion when her fit and lean body upstaging her female starlets on set, resulting in her being fired on the spot on their jealous insistence on more than one occasion.

Taylor Hill no stranger to the modeling business either. The Victoria’s Secret model has been doing runway work for the company for many years now, only recently gaining prominence due to her baby-faced, angelic looks, and not to mention her tall and lean physique. Pundits rating this brunette’s potential skill and viability in the ring as ‘off-the-charts’, envisioning a bright future for both girls, but Hill in particular.

Well, we’ll see. Both ladies appear to be ready to go. Very few else in the rafters but scouting agents and VIX staff members, adding to the already-high pressure. The bell rings and we’re ready for 10 rounds of Welterweight action.


Round 1: Natalie shows Taylor who’s boss by drawing first blood, snapping a crisp jab into her cute button of a nose and whipping her head backward in stunned silence from Hill. Crowd however reacts plenty for her, pity in their voice as the VS model takes more painful shots to her head, reacting too slowly before Natalie’s next smash of her glove into the face. Well, what can you expect from rookies as they learn from bad experiences (in this case getting your face repeatedly beaten in). Taylor soon fighting back tears as her nose turns a bright shade of red, forcing her to fight more defensively, though the small smirk on Natalie's lips suddenly filled with leather too, eating her condescension when Taylor begins establishing her range with long jabs. Spectators in awe at the brunette model's arm and shoulder span, allowing her to snap in those punches from afar. Almost an even round for sure if it had not been for Hill’s deer-in-the-headlights moment earlier in the round.

Round 2: Taylor finds her groove in the second, starting to rely on that long jab to do some damage to the blonde, who can't seem to hit back with hooks and crosses that don't travel very far. Hill far from celebrating though, concentrating hard as she shoots out combinations first at Natalie’s head, then her body, alternating between targets. Roser getting frustrated, needs a breakthrough herself, finds it in last minute when a left hand bangs hard into Hill’s guard, forcing her stumbling backwards, and Roser pounces forward, rattles her opponent with a right hook straight to the side of her guard! Hill gets the f*ck outta there quickly, and sure enough, the brunette manages to take the round on points, but she can't help but look like she's running scared from Natalie’s punching power.

Round 3: True enough, Natalie finds her niche when she barrels towards Taylor at high speed once the bell rings, hoping to catch her off guard once again with some powerful straight shots to the head. Taylor stunned for the second time in this fight, barely has time to shoot off two jabs before Natalie’s on her, pushing her back to her corner with a cross to the middle, then a second punch breaks through and SMASHES into her face! Hill looks disgruntled as her back forced to hit the turnbuckle... and Natalie GOES TO WORK! Blonde steps in and chops some textbook uppercuts to Taylor’s body like she's been training for this leading up to the fight... The brunette trying to cover up, but again gets her rookie chin beaten on when her arms hover down to try and protect her body instead. However, Natalie also quite green - her punches don't seem to have much bite beyond those snap uppercuts onto flesh. Nonetheless, a big round for Natalie as she establishes her power.

Round 4: More body torture by Natalie but the blonde has trouble putting Taylor away for good due the brunette’s own resilience and sturdiness. Hill absorbs blow after blow to her midsection, and each time body's bent over and her sides worked over by flurry of punches from Rose. Taylor however has the frame for heavy hands as well, takes more than one opportunity to try out left and right hooks, which bang into Natalie’s forearms on each side, stunning Natalie for a moment at the fight and power in her enemy's frame as well. Taylor however simply not scoring with her punches due to close proximity, leaving Natalie to scrape up points with each scrape of leather on Taylor's paunch, gaining points until the last thirty seconds... when Taylor scores a lucky WHAP of a right hand across Nat’s unprotected cheek, and another left hand SLAPS head the other way! Natalie suddenly in trouble as she retreats hastily, the crowd showing Ms Hill some love as she cautiously advances on her foe, but doesn’t get very far when the bell rings. Little rally at the end there does little to win the round for her though. But hey, punches to the face are better than punches to your own...

Round 5: Taylor seems invigorated by her late-round rally, comes barreling at Natalie in the opening seconds to the surprise of the blonde... AND GIRLS JUST BANG AWAY! Natalie surprised but BLASTS off an awkward right hook that doesn’t impact until Taylor is on her. The brunette slamming her own hooks into hastily thrown up guard, banging on Roser's forearms left and right. Effect is disorienting as Natalie not used to getting knocked about like a hurricane on her feet. A one-two jab to Taylor’s nose does little to dissuade the brunette's enthusiasm though - Taylor now firing hooks underneath and to the sides, spanking gloves on Roser’s taut mid-riff, drawing GULPS and groans from Natalie. Taylor seems quite satisfied with her sudden use of big blows that can also complement her snappy jabs, pushes herself in this round by packing in punches with as much power as she can, leaving Natalie gawking and gurgling along the ropes, her midsection tenderised by Hill’s seeking fists in wicked payback.

Round 6: Taylor looking bruised all over as well, however, as her trainers attempting to cover up her pink flanks and swollen cheeks mid-round. Not fooling Natalie though, as the blonde keeps the fight alive by wading in to spank away on her opponent's body, showing off her own resilience and fighting spirit. Natalie specifically targeting Taylor's weak sections, like an enemy probing the outer defences of a walled city, shooting hard jabs into Hill’s face, then digging in blows to her tummy, drawing pained grunts. Hill though got a taste of revenge last round and she’s not about to let it go so easily - counters every one of Natalie’s blows with a slam of glove into the nose and midsection as well. Hard to say who came up on top in this round's exchange but our money’s on Taylor - the girl is mixing up her punches now, something pros only attempt once they get more familiar in the ring. Result is a confused Natalie Roser deciding whether to attack or defend half the time, which costs her many an opportunity to beat Taylor back to the ropes and finish her off.

Round 7: Rare for rookies to make it so far, and even rarer for none of the competitors to evade that elusive knockdown yet, Remarkable that both girls are still acting as though it’s still only Round 1, circling each other like menacing sharks, then coming closer and LUNGING at each other. Mutual gasps of pain and shock as they take turns bouncing fists off the belly, sending leather spanking off skin and tanned mid-riffs. Taylor scores late with a drumming of quick jabs on Natalie’s face, hitting nose and lips in lightning reflexes. Natalie however coming back towards the end of the round with a beautiful SLIP to the side, under Taylor’s jab, CRAMS a beauty of a hook into Taylor's cheek as she sends the brunette stumbling to ropes! ON COMES NATALIE, stepping in and pounding a left-right combo into her tummy, but Taylor not out of her wits, clinching with the blonde and wrestling her around before pinning her back to the ropes and plugging her own right hand up into Natalie's chest in shocking blows! Bell finally rings and referee has to pull both hellcats apart. Definitely a hard round to score with both girls landing frequent abuse.

Round 8: Finally, the many rounds seem to take a toll on both ladies. Corner-men are shouting at them to charge but they're walking forward step by step, both breathing hard. Taylor is first to capitalise, snapping a surprise jab-jab into Natalie’s raised forearms. Natalie making the mistake of holding her arms a little too close to her face! Taylor's repeated jabbing now elicits loud cheers as Natalie’s own forearms slam backwards into her nose and lips! Blonde realises her error too late, loosens her guard and gets SMACKED straight on her nose with a power right hand from Hill! Blonde stumbles back with a gurgled groan, another one two hooks up high send Natalie crashing to the canvas near the ropes from Hill's tired, desperate right arms, which sort of shoved Natalie down from the force, rather than packing in of gloves to cheek.

Nonetheless, Natalie left crawling on her tummy, sweat-gleaned face says she doesn't know where the f*ck she is. Brunette too stunned herself to know what to do next, follows the referee’s instructions without saying much. Has she won yet? If only it were that simple. Referee begins the count:

3...4… Natalie finding the lower rope with a right hand, straining to haul herself up to her knees at least.

5...6… Taylor taking a seat in neutral corner, but then her trainers tell her to get back up to her feet, in case she needs to charge in and finish the job.

7...8… Natalie’s corner shouting encouragement at their girl, but she can't seem to steady herself on straightened legs - possible sign of a concussion right there.

9… 10!! Natalie surges up a little too late... falls back down to her knees anyways. It’s over!!

Official Decision: Taylor Hill defeats Natalie Roser via KO8!


After: Certainly hard-fought victory for Taylor tonight - not many rookies can debut and go 8 rounds in the ring. Hill looks too exhausted to celebrate. She manages a big smile on her mouth, one hand raised, before wavering over to Natalie’s corner to check on her.

Natalie breathing hard, wheezing on her stool, but the blonde otherwise okay, after a while accepts an inviting hand from Taylor, who pulls her up and both girls embrace (very lightly). Who knows what's next for either girl in the league as the competition only heats up day-by-day with more girls arriving on the scene.

For tonight though, both Natalie and Taylor can be proud to open their careers on such a high note. And that concludes VIX's Scouting Mission Alpha. We hope that you've enjoyed it as much as all our participants have. Here's to hoping all the girls receive some form of representation some point in the future

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