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Chimera Theron and Lawrence.jpg Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence
Stable Information
Debut: 01/03/018
Owner: Chimera
E-mail contact: ginnykim2002hotmail.com  


On January 1, 2018 it was announced that a consortium calling itself "Chimera" had bought all assets and liabilities of the long-established "Ginny's Academy" organization. The re-organized stable would then be known as "Chimera". The new organization announced its President/Chairwoman as Stephanie McMahon and Jeri Ryan as its Head Trainer.


On January 2, 2019 Chimera announced the following:


In light of the dawning of a new year... and with it, the demise of several stables, Chimera Management Inc (Stephanie McMahon) announced a shake-up of the stable. Some old, familiar, names were shown the door and some new (and a couple of "not so new") names were added...in addition to a reshuffling of responsibilities and a reorganization of the basic structure of the stable.


Chimera will henceforth consist of TWO DIVISIONS, one specializing in "legitimate" fights, the other in JMD and JMDD.


Weight Division








Front Office Staff: 

President/Chairwoman; Stephanie McMahon (5'8, 135#) (01/03/18 to Present)

Secretary to the Chairwoman: Min Zhang (N/A for fights)
Treasurer/CFO: (nameless, faceless, contact-less and penniless!)
General Mgr/COO: Jeri Ryan (50yo, 5'8”,125# 36D-25-36 (51yo, Feb 22) [JMDD: 36D] (left 09/24/19)
Office Staff/Communications Director: Sunny McKay (N/A for fights)


Ring Support Staff:

Medical Staff: Head Nurse/cornerwoman, Sunny McKay (“If it ain't broke, ice it & send her out!”)
Trainers: Charlize Theron, Christina Hendricks (JMDD) & Sofia Vergara (JMDD)




Flyweight: Miley Cyrus (DOB: 11/03/92. 5'5. 109#) (01/03/18 to Present)


Bantam: Margot Robbie (DOB: 07/0/90, 5'6. 118#) (01/03/18 to Present)


Light #1: Blake Lively (DOB: 08/25/87, 5'10, #130#) (01/03/18 to Present)


Light #3: Charlize Theron (DOB: 06/07/75, 5'9.5, 125#) (01/03/18 to Present)


Welter #1: Jennifer Lawrence (DOB: 08/15/90. 5'8.  135#) (01/03/18 to Present)



JMDD Fighters:

JMDD Light #1: Samantha Hoopes (28yo, 5'8" 139#, blonde) [JMDD: 34D] (01/02/19 to Present)





Training Staff (available absent a conflict w/training duties)

Head Trainer: Jeri Ryan (5'8, 130#) (to 09/24/19)


JMDD Light #4 (trainer): Sofia Vergara (46yo, 5'8", 130# brunette) [JMDD: 32F] 

JMDD Welter #3 (trainer): Christina Hendricks (46yo, 5'7" 145#) [JMDD: 32H]

Light #3: Charlize Theron (trainer) (DOB: 06/07/75, 5'9.5, 125#) (01/03/18 to Present)


Former Members:

Jessica Nigri (DOB: 08/05/89, 15#, JMD: 34D) (01/03/18 to 01/02/19)

Iggy Azalea (DOB: 06/07/90, 5'10, 150#, blonde) JMDD: 36D) (01/03/18 to 01/02/19)

Welter #2: Ireland Baldwin (23yo, 6'2", 130+#) (01/02/19 to 01/01/20)

JMDD Light #2: Lauren Mellor (33yo, 5'9", 130#, blonde) [JMDD: 34E] (01/02/19 to 01/01/20)
JMDD Light #3: Hannah Davis (28yo, 5'9", 130#) [JMDD: 34C] (01/02/19 to 01/01/20)

Light #2: Deborah Ann Woll (33yo, 5'10", 130#)(01/02/19 to 01/01/20)

Welter #1: Alice Goodwin (DOB: 12/13/85, 5'8, 132#, brunette, JMDD: 32G) (01/03/18 to 01/01/20) 
JMDD Welter #2: Jessica Ashley (28yo, 5'9", 135#, brunette) [JMDD: 32G] (01/03/18 to 01/01/20)


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