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26 May 2017 Kristin Kreuk vs Emma Stone

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May 26, 2017 at 9:14pm
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Post by Lookout! Boxing on May 26, 2017 at 9:14pm

Kristin Kreuk vs. Emma Stone
(Words: FS / Results: Lookout!)


Kreuk a girl who has been known to intimidate an opponent or two, and it's not just the fact that she's a 90-fight veteran or three-time flyweight champion. There's also the Kruel Krissy thing, and, if you don't think that plays on a girl's mind, well. It does. But, apparently, not on the mind of the lovely Emma Stone. "You know," says the redhead with a shake of the head, "I hear all this stuff about Kreuk and how good she is and all that, but, the fact is, sweep away all the hype and you get a .500 fighter. Let's just say that's not something that impresses me much."

"She's not impressed," says Kreuk with a, shall we say it, cruel smile. "Well, let's just see if we can't change that."


Stone setting up behind the jab early. She's got a reach advantage, and she clearly plans to use it. Kreuk, though, has seen all this before. She knows how to angle, how to work past defenses like these. And, so, she does, slipping to spots where she can get off and then getting off like a good, veteran fighter can do. Neither lady exactly reticent early, though there is some recon going on. Plenty of leather thrown and plenty finding a home to both body and head. At the two-thirds mark, there's not much between the fighters, as Emma's early advantage with the jab has been offset by Kreuk in the second minute. Third sees plenty of sharp exchanges with both fighters having their moments and both ringing up points on the scorecard. When the final seconds have ticked off, nobody's created any separation. It's an even round and we're at 10-10 after one.


Krissy quickly gets it going, she's slipping and dipping past Stone's jab, getting to middle distances, putting combinations together. For a while, Emma able to fire back and give as good as she gets, but there's just too much accurate leather coming from the brunette. Soon, the redhead is back on her heels, covering up, giving ground, taking a good, old fashioned pasting. Little smile keeps creeping onto Kreuk's face as she takes command, begins punishing the younger woman. She hooks some body, getting into the kidneys a couple of times, bringing gasps from Stone and a warning from the referee. Krissy all "who, me?", just keeps working, going back upstairs and then back down, banging a solid uppercut low in the belly right at the bell. It's legal, but barely, and it bunches up Stone, who's lost the round wide and now trails 20-19.


Stone's corner ALL in her ear. Talking about her getting bullied out there. Get physical, they tell her. So, Emma does. Now, she doesn't want distance, she wants to close and bang, and that changes everything. All of a sudden, the redhead is getting big on the brunette, shoving her backward, banging her with short hooks and uppies, bullying her around the ring. Kreuk can't hold canvas. She's being pushed around, tied up, touched up. Stone slopping like a pro, levering Kreuk to open up body for punishment, then giving her subtle little pushes to get her off balance, creating openings to the head. Krissy more than a little frustrated, but can't find an answer. For three solid minutes, Stone just pushes her around and scuffs her up. By the bell, Emma's countered Kreuk's wide round with one of her own and we're even again at 29.


Stone right back to work getting big on Krissy early. She's able to continue the physical play for the first minute or so of the round, but Kreuk begins to find answers. It's about angles and geometry, and that's something the brunette's very, very good at. She's getting off square and creating a little distance with the feet, and that allows her to get leather on and stay at middle distances instead of fighting in the phone booth like she was forced to do in the third. Stone still wants to close, but can't seem to get to her spots, so she settles in at mid-range and begins boxing with. And, she holds her own pretty well, despite this being Kreuk's game. Kristin slowly begins to close the gap Emma built up early, but Stone does enough in the final two minutes to allow that early edge to hold up. It's close, but it's Emma in the fourth, and Stone has the lead 39-38.


Mid-range stuff again in the fifth, and now Kreuk's beginning to get rolling again. She's getting the terms she wants, and that's not good news for Stone. Once again, Emma's thrown over to the defensive as Kreuk throws flurry after flurry at the redhead. Stone's corner screaming at their girl to get off, but Emma can't get it done. She's reduced to countering here and there, in between yet another series of Kreuk combinations. Late in the round, Kreuk begins hooking body again, and that little smile reappears. She's punishing Emma down there, and she's clearly enjoying it. For her part, Emma game, trying to fight back, to stem the tide, but she can't get it done. There's just too much leather that's finding the mark and, by the end of the round, Stone is scuffed with blood trickling from her nose. It's Krissy wide and we're even again, this time at 48.


Kreuk right back to work. Stone again forced to back and cover while Krissy gets off with both hands. Emma can't seem to find a way to get anything going on offense. Instead, she's on the back foot, countering here and there, trying to find something to slow the Canadian down. Not happening. Kreuk just keeps on rolling, wobbling Stone with a solid combination to the head, then bunching her up again with a pair of hooks to the ribs. The brunette straightens the redhead with an uppercut, then slams a combination into her bra cups before blasting a nasty hook to the midsection. Emma bunches again and, this time, figuring she's punished her rival enough, Kreuk blasts a left hook into Stone's chin. Emma freezes, begins to go, and then is sent to her back with a hard right uppercut. Kruel Krissy takes a second to smile down at her rival before doing a little shimmy on her way to a neutral corner. That smile returns as she watches the count. Emma, one glove cupping her midsection, manages to roll to her right shoulder and then push up to get her weight on her right hand and hip. But, eyes swimming, she can get no further before the count passes her by. It's over! And your winner by KO6 is Kristin Kreuk.


Kreuk takes a few menacing steps toward Stone's corner, feigning a walk, but then gives her the "not worth it" hand waive and turns away. "Sure, I could have walked her," says Krissy in the post. "But, really, she's not worth the effort. I mean, she's not even a .400 fighter. Where's the joy in walking a girl like that? I'll save that kind of thing for REAL flyweights, you know?"

Hayley Orrantia

versus Briana Evigan

(Words: O & E / Results: Lookout!)

Before: It’s not lost on Briana how times change: “Back in ’09, it was me knocking on the door. Now I’m the one people are trying to get over. It’s not what I thought it would be like”
Hayley on the other hand, can be forgiven for not having a sense of history: “It’s just like when Sarah and Claire did it. We’re going to keep going straight for them and before anybody realizes it, I’ll have the belts!”
Hayley coming out in her regular purple bandeau and white gloves. Briana in red jog bra and pink bottoms, pink gloves

R1: Exactly as advertised, brawny battlers trading thump as they close, bulling into each other, bumping off, repeating. Neither girl too concerned about her chin, both swinging away righty, looking to come-back with a looping left, brawling their way off balance, then jumping back in. Crashing give and take spills to the ropes where girls hunker down mouth on shoulder and shorten up, morphing into compact in-fighting that sees both girls pack tummy and jug with stuffing leather in between ref’s breaks. Non-stop sloppy, albeit entertaining, slugging leans a little Hayley’s way as Briana has trouble standing her ground in the wrap against thrust generated by Texican hips, leaving herself open to the straight right off the bump.

R2: Sturdy girls swinging lusty, staggering around with over-swings, piling into each other and muscling their opponent strong to the ropes. Haley found a serviceable right to the face last round, Briana takes it away with a rigid forward guard, then rams her forearms into the youngster to drive her ropeside. Chugging lefts and rights have Orrantia wincing, reaching up high on Evigan to tie her up. Briana with her right cheek on Haley’s right shoulder, hands just pumping away mindlessly to the offending belly at the bell. Ref tugs ‘em apart: heaving racks, flashing eyes--girls bringing out the beast in one another.

R3: Back to back rounds for Briana, hotly contested by Haley this round. Grinding work midring - pace alternating from furious criss-cross straight hands on approach to a more methodical bump n' slug as they crunch together. Orrantia getting a nice, nice hook in under Evigan's right elbow, but California girl responding with vigor - picking Texan's chin up with tidy right uppercuts, wedging into the flanks behind either elbow. Briana coming forward for the most part as Haley gives up bitterly contested canvas.

R4: Hayley brawls back, leaning into bludgeoning right crosses - great clocking blows on the chin - Briana's head and torso thrown to the left, lips pursed in a walloped 'o' as she soaks up the shots. Right hand howitzers soften Evigan up, moving her back, Orrantia scooting in close to harm the body with that chugging two-mitt attack. Gloves stuffing into trembling, still winter-white midsection, buffing up those ribs and constantly mashing melons, following through with plenty of forearm as she brings the fight to Briana all round long. Heaving chests, glaring eyes at the bell - furious four rounds of trench warfare has both vixens mouth breathing, quivering near exhaustion.

R5: Haley jabs Briana's mouth, bending at the waist, misses a right hand over top. Evigan jabs jug, then jabs face, spoiling Orrantia's right hand. leans into HER right hand punching Texan's head back with authority. Haley backing up: Brian hopping forward, keeping dukes up - again she locates with the jug-jab, dropping a straight right hand over top to punch her prey sideways. Orrantia scampering to ropes a little rocked: she shows earmuff, bending forward behind her mitts. Evigan touching her jab to Haley's guard - just tapping contact, then a BIG right uppercut! Bri muscling it in tight - weight on right foot as she picks up chin, ORRANTIA'S SHOOK! Still in her earmuff, not answering back: Evigan reloads, leans in, carrying the right hand thick and flat to Haley's tummy: AND SHE’S DOWN! Orrantia immediately dropping to all fours, sobbing with body-throb and it's OVER! Haley can't beat the count - that's KO5 Briana Evigan!

After: Briana channeling Brittany Snow after her own first loss, making a "Number 1" with her index finger and putting it inches from Hayley's nose, following her face as Texan tries to avoid it, finally forcing Orrantia to get pushy and defensive. "Kids keep trying to come in at the top," a flushed and happy Briana says in postfight. "I gave her a big NUH-UH! I knew I was too tuff for her. She needs to dial way back and work her way up.”

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