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26 June 2017 Emilia Clarke vs Amber Marshall

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(from Principality Stadium, Cardiff, Wales)


Posted by Girls Friday on June 26, 2017, 6:57 pm



Results: Lookout Writing: Archer
Emilia: 30 YO, 5’2 (1.57 m) BBU: 4-3-0 (3 KO) since 2012, Lookout Atlantic Boxing vs

Amber: 29 YO, 5’5 (1.65 m) BBU: 1-0-0 (1 KO) since 2017, Foxfire Atlantic Boxing

Before: Amber Marshall fresh from her debut victory over Tatiana Maslany now takes on an even more famous name in Emilia Clarke. It doesn’t help matters that the match with Tatiana was highlighted by the losing fighter being forced to carry Amber around in a bareback body saddle ride.
Tatiana was also a member of LAB and don’t think Emilia Clarke is going to overlook that.
"All of us at Lookout Atlantic were disappointed in Amber doing that,” Emilia says fixing a cold look on the rookie.
"Though I suppose we shouldn’t have been surprised. No matter what side of the Atlantic they are on—Foxfire fighters have no sense of honour. For that Ms. Marshall is going to pay a price. I say that give you fair warning.”
Amber Marshall gives her a stubborn look: “I don’t react well to threats, Ms. Clarke. I would suggest that if you insist on talking to see like that you will be the one ‘paying the price’.”
“I don’t make threats, Ms. Marshall, I make promises. I can ride a horse as well as you and can box a good deal better than you. Lookout Atlantic Honour shall be avenged in this fight. I promise you that,” Emilia said in her most cool,menacing voice.
“I promise to whip your arrogant attitude—and you will learn to respect me,” Amber declared stoutly.
Chilly atmosphere continues to fight night. Emilia in a purple one piece with purple gloves and boots (with gold laces). Amber is in a faux leather “Western look” bikini with brown gloves and boots. Both have their hair in pigtails. Amber stands 3 inches taller than Emilia, but the LAB fighter’s haughty attitude somehow erases the difference. Instructions very correct, but fighters starting to tense up and they clearly want this fight to get started. They don’t have long to wait: back in their corners, the bell rings and out they come…

R1: Amber taking the fight right to Emilia striking hard and fast to the head and body as she rushes in.
Emilia using the jab, trying to circle away from her attacker, but Amber blocking her way, forcing Em to fight in close.
Amber moves to concentrate on the LAB fighter’s head, but now Emilia using that jab to work the FAB fighter’s chest and ribs. Amber ignoring the body blows so that she canget more leather into Emilia’s face. Emilia forced back by the head shots, but she keeps working the jab, making the rookie pay with punishment to the chest and ribs. First round ends in a close win for Amber Marshall but Emilia remaining defiant as they exchange looks at the break.
R2: Emilia not letting Amber grab the initiative this round, she is across the ring and working Amber’s chest and ribs before the rookie takes more than few steps fromher corner.
Amber seems flustered by the intensity of the attack and her counters are looking erratic. Emilia constantly on the move, darting in and out with punching flurries that now are banging up Amber’s head and face. Amber does manage keep to the middle of the ring and her jab grows stronger late to help her avoid being shut out onthe cards.
Nevertheless Emilia Clarke wins this one wide.
R3: Emilia trying to up the pressure this round as she gives up the hit snd run in favor of standing toe to toe with the rookie. Amber seems to be countering better this round, she's getting the jab into Emilia’s chin and some hooks to belly to rattle the LAB fighter, Emilia not staying rattled for long as she strikes at Amber’s head,. But gets her jaw popped repeated answering shots from Amber, but Em hanging in with hooks to the midsection.
These force Amber back, but it’s a sullen retreat behind that stubborn jab. Emilia looked annoyed at this resistance keeps backing Amber up to the bell and finds she’s only run the round narrowly.
R4: Amber meets Emilia’s next charge with a hard right hook to the belly that brings Em to a stunned halt. Amber smacks the left off her opponent’s chin.
Emilia’s head gets whipped around with pigtail slapped across her face. Em falling back insome disorder as Amber tries to keep to the pressure. Emilia ducking and feinting, trying shake loose from the persistent Amber, but it is her jab that finally allows her establish some measure of stability.
Emilia’s face is lumped up reddening by the bell. Emilia slipping away quickly to her corner as Amber allows herself to smile for the first time en route to her own corner. Judges give this one to Amber Marshall—wide.
R5: Emilia accepting Ambers challenge and she plunges right into a furious battle from the start of the round.
Amber able to strike first, again swiveling Emilia’s head with the left to the chin and she follows up with a steady attack to the stomach. Emila jabbing hard gets Amber in the face with several good short rights.
Amber seems determined to back Emilia up despite Em’s strong counters to the body. Amber gets a right to the jaw late that seems to stun Em, but she takes too long to admire her work and gives Emilia the chance to clip her on the chin with an uppercut at the bell. Amber looks rubbery legged getting back to her stool.
Judges decide Amber’s the winner this stanza, but Emilia made it close.
R6: Amber Looking slow getting off her stool and heading for Emilia. A sluggish opponent is just what Emilia wants as she comes flying in with quick footwork and snappy punches the chin.
Amber having trouble keeping her guard up when Emilia shifts her leather to the midsection with hooks that have the rookie doubled up. Then Emilia goes for sweeping rights and lefts to the head.
Now it is Amber’s pigtails getting splashed across her swiveling face. Amber’s cheeks getting red and puffy as the punches keep coming.
She does manage to keep moving backwards and avoids being trapped against the ropes, but finishes the round very badly banged up to the face and breathing hard. Emilia smiling wickedly as she books a shutout round.
R7: Foxfire Atlantic corner works hard to patch up Amber Marshall during the break, but she is only slightly faster off her stool as the new round begins.
Emilia right back in there with the baffling footwork and explosive shots to head and body that keep catching Amber by surprise.
Emilia carefully works to punch Amber groggy as she sets her up for the finale.
Em first feints to the midsection to draw down Amber’s gloves, then she plants the ol’ one-two onto the point ofAmber’s chin. TIMBER! Amber just topples straight onto her back, arms flungover her head, legs spread in an excellent starfish. Emilia skips to the neutral corner waving to her cheering fans. Referee is counting. Amber is trying to push herself up into a sitting position but that’s the best she can do as she hears the painful words:


Tatiana Maslany and Jenna Coleman rush into ring to congratulate Emilia on avenging Tatiana’s loss to Amber. They look over at the Foxfire Atlantic corner where Amber is being worked over by the medical staff. Juno Temple and Pooja Shah look ready to defend their stablemate, but Emilia leads her friends away.“I knew Amber Marshall was in no condition to give me the bare back body ride I had considered. Poor thing just couldn’t take the pressure,” Emilia says later to the press. “She got lucky with Tatiana, but I was her reality check. Well, yes, she did give me a few bad moments, but I remain convinced she is just another poor flyweight product from those Foxfire Atlantic people. Beating her down was not all that difficult.”
It is the next day before Amber Marshall is able to talk to the press. Her face is swollen and black and blue in a good many places, but she speaks with determination: “I suppose you could call my first loss a reality check. I suppose I could even call it a ‘learning experience’, but that would be glossing it over. Emilia Clarke beat me down and that’s the fact of it. It is also a fact that I hate losing especially to someone from Lookout Atlantic and as arrogant as Emilia Clarke. I assure them that they have not seen the last of Amber Marshall and next time they won’t be the ones gloating!”
The rookie did look good a lot of the way in this bout, but Emilia Clarke was able to use her better development footwork to keep Amber Marshall confused. Then Ms.Clarke was able to pour on the hurt until the rookie went down for the count. Nice win for Emilia. A setback for Amber. We’ll have to see where each of themgoes from here.



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