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26 July 2017 Liv Tyler vs Keeley Hawes

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Posted by Girls Friday on July 26, 2017, 11:00 am



Cougar Clawing
Liv Tyler vs Keeley Hawes

Liv had come to the UK and the BBU to show she still could fight, she had beaten Keeley Hawes earlier in the week, but the bad blood that had been created in the build up had not disappeared.
In fact Keeley had challenged her to a rematch, this time not a boxing one, just a fight between them to have another chance at each other.
The American had slightly regretted letting Keeley make the terms of the fight, instead of them fighting at a neutral venue, she had agreed in her anger to fight at her rivals place, first mistake she thought to herself.
Pulling up to the lone big country house that Keeley had in her rental car, she saw that it was certainly as posh as she expected, stepping out her car in her heels onto the driveway, she saw a curtain flicker and knew Keeley was waiting for her badly.
A smile formed on her face as she stepped up to the fancy door, knocking with the ornate knocker on the door, soon Keeley answers the door wearing a long black satin dressing gown and heels.
Liv herself is standing with her hands on her hips wearing a long white coat to hide what's underneath, with black heels of her own.
"Glad you came, I expected you getting on that plane and fleeing you Yankee coward" says Keeley as her hands curl up into claws.
Liv scowls as she replies "and miss the chance to kick your fat ass again, no chance" she looks ready to slap her rival.
When Keeley turns around and tells her "save your anger till we are outside in front of the crowd" Liv looking shocked as she pulls the turning Keeley back around by her arm and says "I never agreed to a crowd"
Laughing, Keeley says "it's just a small group, let's say they are interested in this type of fighting as we are" before she turns and shouts "just come and see"
Thinking "I must be stupid" Liv walks behind her host to the garden, her eyes widen as she sees girls like Liz Hurley, Tamara Ecclestone and Pippa Middleton are drinking red wine, Pippa and Tamara scowling at each other, but all turn to see Tyler and Hawes.
"Welcome to the catfight club, we meet up once a month and this month it's my turn to host and I knew after we boxed that I wanted to tear your hair out" explains Keeley to Liv about what is going on.
Liv looks stunned, then she starts smiling as Tamara hands her a glass of wine, she says "so basically you all come to play kiss chase"
Keeley, Pippa and Liz all look upset as they stare hard at the visitor, Tamara though laughs and winks at Liv, clearly enjoying seeing someone with a sense of humor.
Hawes though steps to further into the garden and tosses off her gown to reveal a black bikini and kicks her heels off, the time for talking over it seems.
Tyler dropping her coat down behind her and stepping out her heels, she's wearing a red bikini as she steps towards Keeley.
Both girls suddenly charge each other, the crowd cheering the girls as they latch onto each others hair, dragging each other around in a small circle, there's some real vicious yanks between exchanged.
Liv more used to brawling, starts throwing her right fist into the side of her body, Keeley following suit as the smack of knuckles to flesh rings out.
Soon they shove each other away and lift their fists, the crowd of onlookers urge the girls on, not needing much encouragement, the girls step in and start swinging.
The action is wild as the girls miss most of their shots, the ones that do land turns heads and force the other back a step.
Liv landing a double jab to the lips of Keeley and a right across her cheek to put her down to her side, she doesn't waste time as she tries to mount Keeley, who kicks her in the stomach to drive the air out of her and down goes Tyler to her bum.
Keeley wipes some blood from her bottom lip, before the fighters get to their knees, the English fighter dives at her for, knocking both down to the grass in a catball.
Grass sticking to their bodies as they wrestle around, Keeley looking more in her element as she sneaks punches into the body of her rival.
Soon as pins down Liv and starts to slap her face, screaming at her "you don't f*** with me bytch and get away with it!"
Liv though is far from finished, she pushes Keeley's head back by thrusting her hand under her chin, Keeley grunting as she tries to push the arm away.
Soon though Liv pushes Keeley off to the side and after a few kicks to the others legs, they separate again and stare at each other.
Back to their feet they go, Liv scoring early with a few good jabs to those bloody lips of Keeley, but she misses a right hook and Keeley grabs onto her.
Throwing knees into the body of Liv, she's hurting the American who groans loudly, Liz and Pippa cheer her on, while Tamara looks upset.
Liv manages to grab the left leg of Keeley as another knee lands, she trips her rival to the ground and both girls start kicking out at each other.
Till Liv swats a kick from Keeley aside and dives on her, soon they are rolling around again, this time though, they don't notice the swimming pool further down the garden, that is till they fall into it and separate.
Both spluttering as the crowd rushes to pool side, Liz commenting "I've always wanted to toss you in there" to Pippa, who glares at her.
Liv and Keeley both splutter as they look at each other surprised, the anger quickly returns though and after swimming to the shallow end, the girls raise their fists again.
Stepping towards each other, each lands some vicious punches to the others face as this is very personal between them.
Both are bleeding from their lips now as Keeley lands a hard right to them, then she steps in and shoves Liv's head under the water.
Keeley looks almost demonic the way she is enjoying trying to drown Liv, then her face changes to a pained look and she howls, under the surface, Liv is raking away in the front of Keeley's bikini bottoms, hurting the Brit badly enough to escape from her clutches.
Liv coughs out water and looks rightly pissed off, Keeley has tears in her ears and after she takes a right and a left to her cheeks, she is being backed up in her own pool.
Keeley gets pressed back against the wall of the pool, Liv looks in cruise control as she beats her with her fists, in desperation, Keeley tries to rake the eyes of Tyler, Liv shutting her eyes in time, but holding her face as she yelps out.
Needing to escape, Keeley climbs out the pool back onto the grass, feeling the swelling under her left eye as she crawls away on all fours.
Liv gets out the pool and gives chase after Keeley, soon she catches the crawling Brit and pulls her back by her hair.
Trying to fight back, Keeley digs her fist into Liv's tummy, but Liv knees her in her jugs to put her onto her back and then mounts her.
The three spectators rush to surround the fighters as Liv lands some ground and pound style punches to the head of Keeley.
Soon they see Keeley is knocked out and pull Liv off of her, the winner crying in frustration as she wants to ruin Keeley.
Tamara hugs Liv and tells her "you won, calm down babe OK?" As Pippa and Liz rushes to check on the beaten Keeley.
"Damn! I've never had such a brutal fight like that! Can Liv fight me next month?" Asks Liz as Pippa rolls her eyes and says "you can't beat me, how do you expect to beat her" causing both to scowl at each other.
After a few seconds, Keeley stirs; Pippa and Liz help her back into her house, putting her to bed so she can sleep off the beating.
Then they come back out with two champagne bottles, stolen from Keeley's private cellar as Liz says "complements of Keeley ladies"
Liv starting to smile as she calms down with Tamara's help, each of them starts drinking as they comment on the fight, Tamara and Pippa start wrestling later with Liv and Liz cheering them on.
Before they all hug Liv and let her get back into her car and away, the American shaking her head as she can't believe she actually did that, brawled in such a brutal fight, her lip is sore, she is going to have a black eye and her body might bruise, but she won! That gives her the biggest smile of the day.



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