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7 June 2017 Michelle Williams vs Vanessa Hudgens

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on June 7, 2017, 7:27 am



{{{ OOC: Before we get started, we genuinely would like to apologize for the delay as while the Academy Awards clearly took place months ago, this story is just reaching you now due to a myriad of factors.   Hopefully it's worth the wait, however, and that you can enjoy another installment of one of the best rivalries in the world of the Female Celebrity Boxing Association (FCBA) between Vanessa Hudgens and Michelle Williams, in a rematch of one of their most memorable encounters at the Academy Awards at an unforgettable ceremony.   As you can read, in more ways than one - so have fun and read: }}}

Michelle Williams versus Vanessa Hudgens
Another Night At the Academy Awards
(Words: HISC / Lookout!)

The 89th Academy Awards took place on February 26, 2017 and will go down as one of the more memorable Oscars in history, though perhaps not in the way that the The Academy of Motion Picture, Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) might’ve hoped. This is a huge moment for the industry as they reward the best of the year in a number of different categories in film, recognizing those both behind the scenes and on screen. Taking place at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California, the front-runner for the evening was La-La Land, which had tied the all-time record for nominations at 14 (fourteen) and at this point in the evening, had won six. Nobody was surprised when it was announced as the Best Picture winner of the evening.

But, as the world knows by now, that was a mistake. A number of errors were made, including giving the presenters the wrong envelope, which resulted in the wrong winner for Best Picture being announced, which instead was independent film sensation Moonlight. It was a tragic series of events, pictured best in the photo seen around the world, in which a number of celebrities in the first few rows look on at the series of unfortunate events with confusion and shock:

Unfortunately, it was also not the only serious gaffe the Oscars made that night and the other was in the “In Memoriam” section, where deceased costume designer Janet Patterson was featured as tribute to her contributions and legacy to the world of film, but instead of her picture, still alive producer Janet Chapman was used instead. The Academy has since apologized for both of these significant errors and as a result of the Best Picture issue, big changes are ahead.

But, as you all know, bad things typically tend to occur in threes and so far, only two have been revealed. Tonight, we’re here to reveal a third in the as-of-yet untold story regarding another mistake in the Academy Awards that night. Whether the Academy will acknowledge or address this issue will be determined in the near future, but we’ll put the facts as we know them in your hands and let the readers decide.

Once again, Michelle Williams was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, due to her talented performance in the acclaimed Manchester By The Sea and this was perhaps her best opportunity yet. Coming to the Oscars in a Louis Vuitton black dress with a plunging neckline and embellished skirt, the blonde actress looked like a pixie with her short hair and stylish look. Tonight, Michelle was accompanied by her best friend, Busy Phillips, on the red carpet as they attended the Academy Awards.

Not only was Busy her best friend, but she also served as her bodyguard from the lines of one Vanessa Anne Hudgens, who was her biggest rival and had a tendency to show up at award shows in a bid to humiliate her. Frequently, Vanessa had been successful but Michelle vowed that tonight would be different. Tonight, she would take home the Oscar statuette that she had been so cruelly denied in the past and if Hudgens dared to try to rain on her parade tonight, Vanessa would pay. The horrors of Academy Award shows past filled her mind, but she shook it off as she amicably made her way through red carpet interviews and finally made her way to her seat.

Michelle Williams looked around for Vanessa, shivering a bit in anticipation about seeing her most hated enemy here tonight and marveling at how thoroughly she despised the former Disney star. Thus far, their rivalry had transcended the FCBA (Female Celebrity Boxing Association) into complete and utter loathing, with their battles taking place on a number of different venues, even here at the Academy Awards the last time she had been nominated. But, that would not occur this evening and as Jimmy Kimmel took the stage to open up the show, Williams was able to settle back and relax.

Never completely, but as the show went on with no sightings of Vanessa, she was able to enjoy the show more and more. Even Vanessa wouldn’t commit career suicide by showing up on the Oscar stage uninvited, although there was one or two points where she was certain that she could see Vanessa backstage with the accountants from Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC). But, when she looked again, there was no sign of Vanessa and she chalked it up to a mirage. At one point, she considered asking Busy to go back and check, but she refused to give in to her paranoia and focused instead on the upcoming Best Supporting Actress race.

When it came time to award Best Supporting Actress, the entire theater was buzzing with anticipation and as the moment arrived, a sense of shock and confusion took over Michelle as it wasn’t her name that came out of the mouth of Mark Rylance (the winner of Best Supporting Actor from last year), but instead, Viola Davis. It’s not like it wasn’t completely unexpected as Viola had won a number of races leading up to the Oscars, but she was certain - just so certain - that she was going to be successful this year. Instead, Michelle Williams clapped and smiled graciously, Viola Davis gave an amazing speech and the rest they say is history.

Or is it?

If only Michelle could see the buzz backstage, where confusion reigned as both accountants from PwC were understandably shocked. Before the Oscars, they are required to memorize all the Oscar Winners and they were both under the impression that Michelle Williams would be announced as the Best Supporting Actress. However, in checking the red sealed envelope, it clearly said ‘Viola Davis’ and ‘Fences’. Whether this contributed to the confusion or insanity in the evening, we’ll never know, but this incident was chalked up to award show nerves. Of course, as we all know, this was obviously overshadowed by the later ‘Best Picture’ mix-up and was forgotten in the grand scheme of things.

Nobody paid attention to the fact that Vanessa Hudgens had spoken to both accountants earlier in the evening. If they had, the entire night could’ve turned out much, much differently.

But, afterwards, all anybody could talk about was the ‘Best Picture’ fiasco and that was indeed the subject of conversation between Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips, as well as which Oscars after-party to attend. Currently, they believed they had settled on the Amazon event at Delilah in West Hollywood, when Michelle received a text message. A series of text messages, in fact, with accompanying pictures.

The first, was a picture of two (2) red, sealed envelopes with the words ‘Best Supporting Actress’ written across the front in golden letters.

The second was a picture of the envelopes opened to reveal the name of none other than ‘Michelle Williams’ and ‘Manchester by the Sea’ inside.

Third, there were selfies of Vanessa Hudgens backstage with both of the star-struck PwC accountants.

Last but by no means least, there was a final photo of the envelopes being held by Vanessa Hudgens, who was wearing a gorgeous red dress (similar to this) that matched the red carpet she was standing on currently and a confident smirk on her face.

Michelle Williams’ eyes flashed with rage as she felt her entire body shaking, but taking several deep breathes as she turned to Busy for a moment with a smile and said, “Excuse me - I need to take this…”. Not able to respond to Phillips’ concern at the moment as she immediately dialed the number from the text message, her temper rising as she heard Vanessa Hudgens’ familiar laughter and voice coming from the other end.

Mishy walks toward the nearest alcove, promising Busy she’s be back in a few.

“How does it feel?” Vanessa chuckles.

“You…” Williams growls in a stammer into her iPhone.

“Me. How does it feel to be beaten by me…again? Battle of wits. Of course, you’re unarmed, but still, no else figured it out either so I am rather proud.”

Michelle tugs at her platinum bob with one hand, the other shudders with the phone still in her palm, Williams managing to contain herself from throwing the device against the wall.

“Are you going to be proud when I tell everyone what you…” Michelle responds before being cut off by Hudgens.

“Tell them what? Price Waterhouse will deny it with every breath after they’re getting raked over the coals for their Best Picture screw-up. That leaves me and you. And everyone knows how bitter you get when you lose.”

“You’re going to find out just how much,” Michelle fumes. “I’m going to do more than conquer you. I’m going to kill you.”

“Blah, blah, blah,” Nessa barks. “I could have stopped at ruining your night by preventing you from getting the statue you didn’t deserve, but I’m going to do so much more. I’m going to make sure you don’t even think about retaliation.”

“And how in the hell are you going to do that?” Mishy queries, incredulous. “Because that’s all…”.

Michelle lurches forward, sent through a door slightly ajar. Thankfully, she gets her hands up in time to prevent headbutting the door open, but in the process she’s lost touch with her phone.

The blonde spins to face the person attached to the hands that bum-rushed her into the room. Dimly lit, she sees a figure close the door behind and the area gets nearly pitch.

“This is it, Mishy. The cherry on top.”

Williams doesn’t need any illumination to recognize the voice but Hudgens provides it, flipping a switch and locking the door behind her.

The area seems to be a coat check chamber for the club, mostly empty, but with a few gaudy garments neatly hung, each with its number attached.
The tawny-skinned and fantastically fit vision in red grins at her archrival.

“I’m not only taking your Oscar. I’m making sure you won’t ever want get in my way EVER again.”

“And exactly HOW are you going to do that?” Michelle responds, pulling off her long glittery white skirt, leaving her in the remaining black top and a matching pair of panties below.

“I’m going to leave you lying in here, out cold, beaten to a pulp, waiting for someone with the right ticket to pick you up and take you home. If you’re lucky, maybe Clooney will get in a fight with his new bride.”

“Do you see me shuddering, Nessa? Or do you see me getting ready to take your head off? For this night. For everything you’ve ever done to me in the FCBA and out. You’ve never been sorry a day in your life. By the end of tonight, you will be.”

Relieved of the long, leg-covering portion of her dress, Mishy moves swiftly and smoothly, charging Nessa, claws bared, ready to dig into her adversary and get a lost Oscar-worth of revenge.

But instead of getting defensive in response to Michelle’s charge, Vanessa surges forward and sends a knee thrusting DEEP into the oncoming Mishy’s tummy, doubling the nominee over with a gasp.
Nessa adds a pointed elbow between the lowered shoulderblades of the partially crumped platinum blonde, the force of the blow dropping Michelle to one knee.

“Don’t you get it? Every year, I’m getting stronger. I’m in my prime. And you’re closer to playing bit parts as a maid, not to mention being fodder for any top flyweight, myself mostly included.”

Vanessa delivers a booming right knee to Mishy’s chin that sends Williams sprawling, knocking over a box of empty hangers that spread with a cacophony of clangs.

“I almost miss it when you don’t get nominated,” Hudgens purrs as she stalks the downed and dazed platinum blonde. “These little get-togethers are SO much fun.”

Nessa sinks her right set of nails into the scalp of a seated Mishy and drags her up by the silvery bob. But with Williams rising comes an uppercut fist that digs deep into Vanessa’s flawless tummy. Fit or not, and even Michelle had to admit she’s as fit a Disney princess as had ever made a buck for The Mouse, the balled digits make an impact.
Hudgens ‘ooofs’ as she folds slightly around the brunt of the blow, her grip loosening on Mishy’s locks in response. On her knees, Michelle drives a straight right follow-up into Vanessa’s abdomen, this one with a little more bite behind it. Nessa staggers a few steps back, gasping.

Her left arm reflexively wrapping around her tummy, the hostess of the evening blurts out a snippy “BYTCH” as the knot in her tummy unwinds. Her midriff was steel, all you had to do was ask Nessa and she’d tell you. But within her hyperbole, there’s a solid truth, it would take a lot more tummy abuse than a few pot shots to the belly to keep her from coming back for more when it meant ruining another Oscar gala night of her mortal foe.

Nessa retreats a few steps, going to swiftly slide out of her dress to reveal herself in a leopard print bra and panties, revealing her toned body and slightly reddened midriff, recipient of a few hard shots from Mishy. Hudgens quickly tosses the dress onto one of the coat racks, knowing that if anything would be shredded tonight, it wouldn’t be her dress - it was going to be the pride and dignity of Michelle Williams.

Michelle, of course, was reading from a different script altogether - one that ended her award show torment from Vanessa in hopefully a cathartic and crushing fashion. Williams launched herself towards Hudgens as she hung up her dress, unleashing a huge backhand that sent Nessa sprawling backwards with a thump against the wall.

Mishy went to press her advantage quickly, but Hudgens got up a foot to press into the alabaster abs of Williams with a soft ‘thump’ that doubled over Williams and sent her staggering backwards with a grunt as air rushed past her lips. Hudgens presses off the wall, coming forward as she uses her momentum to lunge forward and send a forearm flying out, compressing Mishy’s cleavage and hopefully knocking her off balance.

Mishy falls back against the door, shaking her head as she gulps in air and pushes off of it quickly, eager not to give Nessa any momentum. The two of them charge towards the middle of the room. Both of their hands come up, their palms pressing together, fingers interlocking as the two of them engage in a test of strength and work to push each other back aggressively.

Biceps flexing, the two of them are nearly nose to nose, glaring into one another’s eyes with total enmity. The two plant their feet, trying to gain leverage in their bid to push the other towards the wall. Neither of them will be accused of having the biggest jugs in the FCBA, but certainly both possess pairs to be proud of. At the moment, Mishy’s and Nessa’s cleavage press together, mushrooming out to the side as their bodies fit snugly together in this battle. Both of them have competed in JMD in the past, albeit Mishy with a bit more success. It’s a sore point of contention between them and actual sore spot between them right now as Mishy uses her cleavage to try to work on Nessa psychologically as well as physically.

“Nessa, there isn’t any aspect of you where you compete with me. You know that I’m a better actress, a superior fighter, I’m stronger and hell yes, I’m fitter. Even my body is better - can’t you feel it?” Mishy says with a grunt and a grin, just managing to shove Hudgens back a few steps as she attempts to get into Nessa’s head and bra.

“Shut up, Mish!” retorts Vanessa with a flash of her eyes and a loud pant. Fingers tightening as she glares into Williams’ eyes with a flex of her bicep, “You are, as always, full of it! You’ve had a better career so far, but I’ve got plenty of time to catch up and I’m already overthrowing your legacy in the FCBA. That’s because I’m fitter, better and trust me, you sure as hell know my jugs are better because you’ve spent SO much time breathing them in.” Nessa manages to shove Williams back dangerously close to the wall.

Michelle manages to halt her foe’s advance close to the wall, planting her feet and spreading her thighs as she glares at her, “But, last time we met in the ring, who was drooling, quite literally, over my jugs? That’d be you or did I beat you so badly that you don’t recall? You tried to block my return to the FCBA and here I am, stronger than ever, back. And you are going to end up at my feet over and over from now on.” Michelle responds with another shove that sends Nessa perilously close to the coat rack as Hudgens squeals in outrage.

“Mishy, as usual, you don’t know what you’re talking about. For the record, I’m glad you’re back in the FCBA. Just like I’m glad you’re back here at an award show. It gives me another chance to show you how inferior you are to me, in every way that counts. All the Oscars you might have won, including tonight, don’t matter when it’s just you and me - woman to woman - because I’ve run you out of the league before. And guess what? When it pleases me, I’m going to do it again, bytch!”

Nessa sends Mishy backpedaling, but it’s short-lived as the two of them are pushing at one another hatefully in the middle of the room and snarking at each other while they do so.

“You are going to rue the day you ever met me, because I am going to RUIN you!” Mishy snarled as she slammed Nessa up against the wall with a loud grunt.

“I already rue the day I laid eyes on you..” Nessa shot back, “But I am going to own you and your career will end on MY terms, not yours….” Vanessa managed to push herself off the wall and spin them around, showing off her own impressive strength.

“I came back to make sure you understand I’m your Conqueror Nessa and when people talk about me and you, you are going to be a freaking footnote in my career, another pretender who fell to the one and only Michelle Williams.” Mishy hissed, managing to jut her tush back and push her foot against the wall to shove forward as the two of them tumbled into the coat rack. Coats and hangers went flying as the two of them fell to the floor, shrieking and slapping, the test of strength broken.

“Screw you, Mishy…” Nessa panted out, “I am your conqueror, I’m the fittest flyweight and when all is said and done, I’m going to be the one they talk about. I’m like the freaking meteor that killed off all the dinosaurs and you’re going to be the first to be extinct…”

“Funny thing is, you don’t look like a conqueror, you tubby little bimbo…” Michelle responded with a smirk, managing to end up on top as she bounced her posterior slightly into Vanessa’s proud abs for emphasis, “And the only thing you have in common with a meteor is that your career is headed down pretty damn fast.” Williams wound up to deliver a stunning backhand across Nessa’s cheek to send her head whipping to the side.

Vanessa shrieked angrily, immediately planting her feet to try to buck her rival off of her To add to her bid for freedom, she curled her claws toward Mishy’s cleavage. Mishy’s bra didn’t have much to offer in the way of protection as Vanessa squeezed, fingers crushing Mishy’s proud orbs. Surprised, Vanessa manages to topple Mishy off to the side but Williams doesn’t wait long to retaliate with her own nails going to claw at Nessa’s cleavage. The two of them lay on their sides, tormenting one another jugs amidst loud grunts and squeals, eyes narrowing as their assets have been used to humiliate the other over the years and now they seem all too eager to take it out on one another.

But after approximately a minute or two of such attacks, the two of them shove each other backwards and roll away from each other to rest on opposite walls, massaging their bruised cleavage and adjusting their bras, panting heavily. The women blink hatefully as they breathe in and out, sore chests rising and falling as they start to glisten with sweat. By the looks in their eyes, both of them seem like they’re just getting started.

Vanessa leans against the wall as she catches her breath. Surprisingly, it’s Mishy who scrambles to her feet first. The blonde manages to extend one of her toned legs to press her foot against Vanessa’s throat, her rival rasping, eyes bulging. Immediately, Vanessa pushes at her foe’s sole and tugs at her ankle.

Mishy smirks, “Doesn’t this feel more natural - me standing over you? This is the way it should be, right? I can’t hear you, Nessa - speak up!”

Swiftly, Mishy pulls back her foot and sends it slamming forward into one of Nessa’s jugs, flattening it under her sweaty sole. She’s rewarded with a loud yelp as Hudgens slides along the wall and tries to roll away. Vanessa rubs her breast, adjusting her bra and gulping in air as she works to get to her feet and face her foe, knowing she can’t give Mishy a further avenue of attack.

Not about to settle until Nessa is left a battered heap, Mishy tries to land another stomp to keep her long-time rival from reaching vertical. This time Vanessa is able to block and snatch Williams’ leg at the ankle before any more damage is done. Michelle yips with worry as Nessa is finally able to reach her feet. Hudgens gets Mishy skipping on her one remaining planted stem.

“Actually,” Vanessa hisses, tossing Michelle’s leg to the side and forcing the nominee to spin 180 degrees. The self-proclaimed fittest in the FCBA latches on to a shoulder strap and waist band of the blonde’s remaining wardrobe and bum rushes her to a bar, heaving her over. Michelle disappears behind, a huge clatter accompanying her landing as does a mournful groan.

“THAT is what feels natural, Mishy, Nessa continues. “You re-learning I own you. I know with your age and the accompanying failing memory, you require that from time to time.”

The sound of movement from behind the bar sets Vanessa on the balls of her feet, ready for Mishy to reappear for more of the pounding she’s due. But the first sight to poke into view is a wobbling cardboard box. Confused for a moment, Vanessa chuckles when she realizes the head of an obviously dazed and confused Mishy is stuck inside.

Nessa hops to the top of the bar, swing her legs over and sits, her stems dangling down the side nearest her partially packaged foe. With a rickety and blinded Mishy in front of her, the raven-haired minx grabs either side of the box and shakes it from side to side. Delighting in the sound of Williams’ head banging about inside. Nessa continues for a good half-dozen seconds before slamming the box, and its contents, down into the bar. Though the cardboard provides something of a cushion, the head of the hidden Mishy snaps back and she drops to her backside.

Vanessa hops off the bar next to her seated foe and removes the box, tossing it aside. Left is a bedraggled and bruised Mishy, hazel eyes glazed.

Hudgens takes a quick look to see if there’s anything handy underneath the bar. The inventory finds more unused hangars and tickets, but also a back-up supply of water bottles, three cases full. And what? It’s a small refrigerator, probably for use by the employees who normally manned this area.

With Mishy still in a daze, Nessa breaks open a case of the bottles, opens one and takes a big swig.

“We both know I’ll be the one to finish you. Tonight AND for your career.”

Vanessa takes another healthy gulp of the H2O then pours the rest of the contents on the blonde, dousing her platinum locks and the black garb that remained. Though not chilled, the liquid is enough to break through Mishy’s daze and bring her sputtering back to life.

Michelle sweeps the remaining water off her face with both hands and combs them through her soaked, silvery bob. Unfortunately, Vanessa sinks her fingers into Mishy’s moistened locks as well. Her digits twist and tug, yanking Williams to her feet.

“Glad you could rejoin me,” Nessa growls. “As I was saying…UNGHHH.”

Mishy, not waiting for Nessa to repeat herself, delivers a pointed elbow to the cleft of Hudgens’ bosom. The shot loosens Vanessa’s grip, allowing Michelle to turn and face her rival.

The most bitter of FCBA foes light into each other with firing forearms. First they take turns sending rights to the opposite woman’s chest before each starts travelling further up her foe’s body and cracking them into the jaw and cheek. Head snaps are the main course, dark locks flying then platinum blonde as each thumps into the other.

Neither giving an inch or a flinch, Nessa and Mishy exhaust themselves until the salvos are spent. The women lean against each other to remain upright, bruises emerging on made-up faces. With chins on shoulders, they breathlessly insult each other, assuring themselves and their rival they were and would always be the conqueror.

Perhaps surprisingly, it’s Michelle retaking the physical initiative, lifting a knee into the fittest abs in Hollywood. And although Nessa’s midriff is steely, the thrust of Williams’ right kneecap makes some headway in impaling Hudgens.

Nessa groans and gulps, doubling over around Michelle’s invading joint. With a bit of time to work with, it’s the platinum blonde’s turn to grab a bottle of agua. But Williams uses it to THUMP Nessa over the top of the head. It’s hardly a crowbar but it brings a squeak from the raven-haired cutie as it bounces several feet away.

Mishy’s second snatched bottle is quickly uncapped and the entire contents pour over the yipping Hudgens, Nessa doused, joining Michelle in being not only a hot mess but a wet one.

Vanessa spits some of water from between her lips, fuming even as she’s been cooled off by a smirking Mishy.

“DEAD!” Nessa screams, her hands flying toward Michelle’s throat.

The nominee bats them away in the nick of time. Williams dips her shoulders while surging forward, wrapping her arms around the chiseled tummy of the Lookout legend. She tries to lift Vanessa up and over, perhaps hoping to lay her atop the bar in severely uncomfortable fashion.

Mishy gets Nessa up to tiptoes but Hudgens manages to fight her would-be flight and settles back to her soles. With Mishy thwarted, Nessa locks on a front facelock, trapping the blonde’s head next to a hip. Hudgens can’t drop to the floor and DDT Mishy. There isn’t room. But she does backpedal swiftly and THUMPS the crown of the platinum blonde’s skull into the plaster of a wall behind.

Williams groans loudly, her legs giving a shimmy, but the helpful Nessa is there to make sure Mishy doesn’t drop to her knees.

“How about another, blondie?” Nessa asks, the question purely rhetorical.

Nessa finds a confident smirk spreading across her lips as she tugs Mishy up to gaze at her, enjoying the glassy look in those usually hateful pools of hers, just delivering a confident backhand across her face that sends Mishy’s head whipping to the side. Nessa then lunges forward, snickering as she launches one of her tawny thighs upwards to crash into Michelle’s midriff as she watches Williams teetering in shock, snarling “Now, you can kneel, you worthless bytch…”

Against her better judgment and willpower, in front of her hatred rival, Mishy finds herself doing just that as she curls her arms around her waist and slumps down to her knees.

Nessa purring now as she stands over her foe, adjusting her leopard print bottoms as she lifts up one foot to press it against Mishy’s cleavage to push her towards her back, “Time to finish this and remind you once again, here at the Oscars, who is your Conqueror, Mishy…”

Nessa pushes her foot forward, but surprisingly, Michelle does not fall backwards but instead reaches up to grab Hudgens’ ankle. Pulling her foe’s foot forward, Nessa is yanked off balance and Mishy’s head shoots forward, crashing right in between Nessa’s thighs.

Nessa’s eyes widen, a loud scream escapes her lips as both hands shoot down to her crotch as she moans out and blinks in shock. Perhaps energized by the agonized yelps coming from her rival, Mishy starts to push herself back to her feet as Nessa, in a rapid role reversal, seems to start to lose her balance and slump towards her proud posterior.

But, Michelle, eyes flashing, isn’t ready to let Nessa go down quite yet. She shoves backwards with her grip on Nessa’s waist until Hudgens is pressed back against the same wall where Mishy’s head so painfully thumped so recently. Now, it was Nessa’s turn to slam up against it as she cradled between her legs for a moment, trying to draw in breaths Mishy had no intention of letting her catch. Keeping her up on one leg, forcing her to balance uncomfortably against the wall, Mishy suddenly starts slamming in rapid-fire punches into Nessa’s abs.

Knuckles dig in swiftly and expertly to Nessa’s abs, Hudgens’ tawny torso is exposed to powerful shots crashing into her abdomen and ribcage, tattooing her body as Mishy’s fist ensured no spot was left unattended to. Mishy snarls, breathing hard and eyes filling with malice as she keeps up the pressure with fierce punches to her rival’s abs, occasionally drifting shots north to Nessa’s jugs, with Hudgens’ top offering her little protection. Nessa finds herself gurgling, struggling to draw in air as her perky chest is pancaked. Every time she thinks she finds a little breathing room she finds out differently, cradling her tummy and tits for some limited cover.

Nessa manages to find some ability to gasp in air, her eyes flashing with determination. She raises her right arm to shoot it for a forearm to Mishy’s chest. However, Mishy manages to intercept it with a breathy grunt. She grips Nessa’s bicep, tugging her foe forward ever so slightly, just in time for a well-placed knee to her rival’s abs. She hisses right into Hudgens’ face, “Now, it’s your turn to kneel, you pathetic bytch…”

Nessa’s eyes widen, but unable to respond as she finds herself expelling air instead of a snarky comeback. Even worse, she finds herself slumping to her knees against her will as she hugs her torso.

But, just when you think things couldn’t get any worse for the recently dominant Disney star, Mishy doesn’t let her fall to her knees. Not yet anyway, as Mishy instead shrugs her black bra off her shoulders to slightly expose her generous cleavage. She pulls Nessa’s protesting features between her breasts. With Nessa’s squeals muffled, hands working to leave her tenderized tummy, she pushes at Mishy’s hips then forearms, trying to pry them apart as she struggles to turn her head free of her rival’s rack.

Mishy smells blood in the water. Relentlessly, the platinum wraps her biceps tightly, squeezing her forearms close around Nessa’s head to draw her deeply into her breath-taking breasts. She pushes Nessa forward like a blonde bully shoving her into a seated position on the mini-fridge that they had been battling over a few minutes ago.

Nessa squirms uncomfortably atop the mini-fridge but has far more pressing concerns at the moment - namely Mishy’s chest pressing into her face as she squeals for air. But her curses, cries and screams of rage are muffled into the bosom of Michelle Williams.

Mishy isn’t content with just putting her foe out. She adds a healthy dose of trash-talk to her greatest rival, eyes flickering furiously, “Nessa, I don’t know why you think you’re able to walk the red carpet with the rest of us. You’re not a star, you’re not on the A-List and you never will be. You don’t deserve to be at the Academy Awards. That’s reserved for the best of Hollywood and that’s something I feel supremely comfortable saying you never will be…EVER.”

Nessa moans out in protest, eyes flashing angrily but also struggling to stay open as her face is a deep shade of scarlet both in embarrassment but also from the lack of air, her nose and mouth pressed tightly into Mishy’s exposed chest.

“You don’t deserve to walk the red carpet and you don’t deserve to breathe the same air with the elite of Hollywood, which is why I’m not going to let you. The only thing you’re going to breathe is exactly what you’re getting right now - you deserve to breathe in my jugs. Instead of champagne, which you haven’t earned, you get to drink in the sweat of my gurls. Just drink it in, breathe ‘em in and know that this is as good as it gets for you, Nessa…”

Nessa is frantic and enraged by this point, panicking fully as she starts to flail and squirm desperately. Hudgens hugs around the small of Mishy’s sweaty, pale back above her butt and tries to twist her foe off of her, but to no avail. Vanessa also attempts to pry her foe’s surprisingly strong biceps off from around her head and shoves at her foe’s tummy to pop her head free, but with similar results or lack thereof. Nessa slumps forward into her rival as Mishy’s breathing grows more composed, the blonde growing more confident as she feels Nessa’s fingers trailing down her forearms, coming to rest on her hips. She purrs, enjoying the sensation of her enemy getting smothered out underneath her in glorious revenge.

“If you ever dare to come to a red carpet again where you aren’t invited and let’s face it, you won’t have any invitations coming your way anytime soon, then you better make sure I’m nowhere to be found within a hundred miles of the event. Because if I even have a hint of you showing up to embarrass the legitimate contenders on the A-List, then there is zero question of where you’re going to end up. Your days of humiliating the real talent in Hollywood and especially me are over. Understand, Nessa?”

Hudgens is too deep in the throes of jug-shock to respond, but Mishy ensures she responds with some sharp tugs of her hair in a puppeteer’s “yes” as Williams smirks even more broadly. “Breathe ‘em in one more time…”

She forces Vanessa to motorboat her cleavage with a confident little snicker. Sitting down across Nessa’s lap, she uses one hand to tug Nessa’s face into her chest. Mishy reaches down into the mini-fridge and she pulls out a bottle of water and takes a deep, well-deserved swig, gulping it down greedily.

Looking over at the dress rack, Mishy gets to her feet with a laugh and releases Hudgens, not even caring as her foe just crashes back into the wall, sprawled across the mini-fridge with a little pouty, breathless look upon her face. Williams uses Nessa’s dress to wipe off some of the sweat and even a little saliva as Mishy wrinkles her nose, muttering “Gross…”.

Eyes flickering around the room, Mishy spots Nessa’s purse as she goes to retrieve the two Oscar envelopes that had meant to award Michelle the Academy Award. The win had been cruelly denied her over her career and again tonight by her rival. But, having finally defeated Nessa at an awards show, Mishy began to think of what to do next. Mishy can hear her phone buzzing frantically - which is no doubt Busy wondering what happened to her - but she can’t answer it just yet.

Picking up her phone, she goes to reach for Nessa’s hair and drags her towards the coat rack, pulling her unconscious rival up towards the rack as she hangs her across it by her bra. Nessa’s leopard-print is stretched out, struggling to contain her chest as she is oblivious and out cold. To the pure enjoyment of Mishy, she takes photos of a defeated Nessa. Several of them, of course, have Michelle included as she proudly displays not only the Oscar ballots that would have awarded her victory but also her humiliated rival. Mishy snickers as she puts on a finishing touch, stuffing a “claim check” into her rival’s rack, scribbling across it “Property of Michelle Williams.” as she sneers, “As if anybody would want to claim you anyway, Nessa. Don’t ever try to conquer me again.”

Taking one or two final photos, Mishy slides back into her black Louis Vuitton dress, which at one point in the evening had matched her mood, but now she felt supremely vindicated. Contemplative, she wonders how to make a graceful exit as she can hear celebrities continuing to buzz outside the locked room. Then, with a sudden burst of inspiration, she dials Busy and tells her to meet her outside once she sees a signal. When asked what the signal would be, Mishy can only laugh, “You’ll know it when you see it…”

Opening the door swiftly, the platinum blonde shoves the coat rack, Nessa still a dazed beauty hanging off of it, out into the ballroom where the celebrities, interviewers and media are shocked to see a nearly naked Nessa suddenly sliding out to center stage. It’s not quite the red carpet entrance Vanessa hoped to make, but regardless, it makes quite the sensation, especially once a reporter from PEOPLE MAGAZINE sees the claim check featuring the name of Michelle Williams.

The same Michelle Williams exits stage left unobtrusively, laughing uproariously with her best friend and confidante Busy Phillips into a waiting limousine, where she is all too happy to share her Oscar night experience, the evening turning out much better than she could’ve anticipated. The mystery of Vanessa’s arrival to the biggest post-gala party is punctuated by the potential involvement of an Oscar nominated actress and the surrounding scandal doesn’t quite top the buzz from the Best Picture mix-up, but it comes close.

Later, photos from their alleged altercation leak to the media and some of them feature what appear to be Oscar envelopes declaring Michelle Williams the ‘Best Supporting Actress’.

The Academy of Motions Pictures, Arts and Sciences, already embroiled in controversy, aren’t eager to court any more and decry the photos and ballots as false. The media, and of course avid fans of the Female Celebrity Boxing Association (FCBA), who are well aware of the red-hot rivalry between the two starlets, are confident they are legitimate. Not only are they more than happy to fan the flames of this contentious Academy Awards but more than willing to stoke the hatred between these two actresses with plenty of photos, videos and coverage, which will no doubt lead to another match-up between them.

In the meantime, even if Michelle doesn’t waltz away with a well-deserved Oscar win for Manchester By The Sea, she does emerge victorious with an equally well-deserved awards show win over her tormentress, Vanessa Hudgens. And while she may not have an Oscar statue to place on her mantle, those Oscar envelopes, along with Hudgens’ dress and a poster-sized photo of her posing next to a thoroughly dominated Nessa certainly earn a place on her wall.

No doubt, she also earns, if she didn’t have it already, the undying enmity of one Vanessa Anne Hudgens and there would be no question, whether on the red carpet or in the ring, these two would meet again soon. Not soon enough for Nessa, but she had quite enough to deal with at the moment with this the lowest moment or her since Mishy returned from retirement. As for Mishy, with her racking up wins in the Awards show aftermath, in the ring and over her rivals, she has no plans to retire just yet. In fact, Williams’ future is looking quite golden…

-To Be Continued-



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