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23 July 2017 Keeley Hawes vs Liv Tyler

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Posted by Girls Friday on July 23, 2017, 10:16 am



(Written by Girls Friday/Results BBU)

(Fight Club UK vs Free Agent)

The O2 Arena in London sees two cougars enter the ring in the spirit of the Crossover month, Keeley Hawes fights Liv Tyler.
Keeley is 41 years old, stands at 5'10, hails from London, she holds a record of 1 win, no knockouts and 3 defeats.
Liv recently turned 40 years old, is 5'10 and holds a record of 6 wins, 5 by knockout and 13 defeats, she comes from New York.
After last week saw Maria Cucinotta and Liz Hurley fight, both Liv and Keeley arranged to fight and with their names, they quickly found a big arena to fight in.

Before the fight, both were interviewed together on a BBU set, sitting on a black leather sofa as they smile for the cameras as an interviewer sits behind the camera.
Keeley asked first about her opinion of Liv, she answers "she is certainly cute, I don't know if that means she can fight, I mean she is coming into my yard if you will, I won't be playing nice"
Liv replying "oh I won't be playing either" as the girls faces lose some of that friendliness, looking more seriously at the other as a rival.
The interviewer asks Liv the same question, she answers "me and her have similar backgrounds, we started modelling, showing people that we are stunners, then we started acting and I hear us getting praised, though of course I made it into big Hollywood Movies, while Keeley is stuck on the small screen, where she belongs"
Laughing at Liv, Keeley replies "when was the last big movie you were in? You're a has been, I still get roles you would beg for"
Liv not taking that lying down, slipping her black heels off as she sits in a blue dress with a short helm, Keeley seeing that, knowing what is about happen as she slips off her own heels to just sit in a black dress similar to her rivals.
"I guess we'll see who will be begging soon" says Liv as the two cougars lunge on the sofa at each other, hands in the others hair.
Falling to the carpeted floor, they grapple with each other as security rushes in to separate the two big women, only for them to break free and clash again.
Security manages to pull the snarling women apart, both still wanting a piece of each other, they have to wait though as they get dragged off the set.

Fight night, out comes Keeley first with Katie Price behind her, she's wearing a black one piece swimsuit with matching gloves that shows her still impressive body off.
She looks confident as the crowd roar for the local favourite, though she hasn't fought since 2011, pundits wondering how much rust is on that frame.
Climbing into the ring, she gets the crowd standing and chanting her name, she bows to each side of the ring to say thank you in her way and jogs to her corner to await her opponent.
Out comes Liv with her coach behind her, she's wearing a red one piece swimsuit and matching gloves, smiling even as she gets a lot of boos, though there are cheers mixed in.
Heading to the ring, pundits comment that she hasn't fought since 2014, so she isn't much better on the ring rust side of things too.
Climbing into the ring, she smiles over an Keeley, not a friendly one; more a cocky one as she heads to her corner, bumping gloves with her coach.
Both fighters are brought to the ring centre, they glare as they trade insults, their coaches ready to dive in if these two start trading before the bell.
Asked to touch gloves, they swipe gloves and jog back to their corners, once everything is ready, the referee signals for the bell to ring to start 10 rounds of welterweight action.

Round 1:
Out come the girls, both circling around the other with testing jabs, both scoring cleanly to the others face as they have the same reach.
Liv coming fire to land a right cross, just misses as Keeley moves her head out of the way, then the local hero catches her with two punches to the face of the American.
Keeley presses Liv back a few steps with a flurry of punches, Liv covering up, taking the punches on her forearm as she moves around her.
The girls trading as they circle, Liv again is the one to try to get in close, Keeley fighting off the back foot as she catches Liv coming in with a double jab.
But Keeley misses with a right hook, Liv catching her with a left cross, the girls falling in tight to trade, paying special attention to the others body as they try to back each other back.
They separate as Keeley moves back with a straight punch catching her opponent to the top of the head, then she lands two cross punches to back her towards the ropes.
Liv parrying a right cross to step forwards with a right hook, Keeley getting her head turned as Liv presses her back towards the center of the ring.
The Londoner parries a straight and both girls start to slug it out, the crowd going wild as the fighters throw wild shots, neither is landing flush, but the punches that do land turn the others head to the side.
The bell rings to end the round, the girls staring hard at each other, the referee pointing at their corners to get their attention.
Both head back with their cheeks showing a pink hue, the coaches working on cleaning them up as the fighters look annoyed that they couldn't control the fight from the off.

Round 2:
The girls come out similar to the first round, measuring each other up as they move around the other, looking for that change to land a more meaningful punch.
This time Keeley is the one to get onto the front foot, throwing a left feint before stepping in to land a right hook to the ribs of Liv, who grunts out in pain.
Keeley starting to back up Liv, the New Yorker is covering up as she gets backed up towards the ropes, the home favourite keeping Liv pressed onto the ropes with her jab, landing her right around the guard.
Liv swipes the jab of Keeley away and fights her way off the ropes with three punches to the face of her opponent, Hawes retreats back to the ring centre.
The girls trading again to loud roars from the fans, Liv lands a right hook and left hook that rocks Keeley back a step.
Liv starting to back Keeley back now, she looks to have more power of the two fighters, Keeley trying to fight back as the two girls land to the others faces.
A left hook misses from Keeley, Liv catches her with an uppercut that knocks Keeley onto her heels, Tyler pressing Keeley back onto the ropes.
Keeping her pressed onto them up till the bell.
Liv jogging back to her corner as Keeley scowls as she heads back to her own corner, Katie cleaning her face up, seeing a small cut under the left eye of her fighter that makes her shake her head.
"Fight harder" is the "helpful" advice from the coach, the fighters staring hard at each other across the ring, wishing that they could tear their gloves off and go at it.

Round 3:
Liv and Keeley coming towards each other, a few single punches exchanged to start the round, before Keeley nearly barrages into Liv, landing several body shots.
She knocks her opponent back, Liv forced to fight back, leading both to nearly bump heads this time, the fighters separating themselves.
Keeley again tries to get in close, this time though Liv moves her head out the way of a left cross, then lands two punches that knock her opponents head back.
A right knocks Keeley back a step as the cut under her left eye really starts to flow down her cheek, Liv really starting to knock the fan favourite back.
Keeley ends up on the ropes, the crowd willing her to fight back, she tries to as the crowd get to see another fiery exchange between the two.
Liv is the one getting the better of it as she rocks Keeley with a hard straight that knocks the head of Keeley back, a follow up right hook puts the Cockney down to the canvas.
Boos ring out as Keeley lays on her side and Liv jogs to a neutral corner, the referee counting as Keeley pushes herself up to her front and then up to her to beat the count at 8.
As the fight is ordered to continue, Liv comes on to attack, the girls fighting it out in close as the seconds tick away in the round.
The bell ringing before Liv can truly press her advantage, Katie looking relieved as Keeley heads back to the corner, looking banged up as blood runs down her left cheek.
While the other corner looks relaxed, Liv smiling as she chats with her coach, her face slightly reddened but she looks in much better shape then her opponent.

Round 4:
The girls come out and Keeley is looking to try to get back into the fight, both landing hard punches to each others faces.
Liv though ducks under a right hook and comes back up with an overhand right, that rocks Keeley back several steps.
She adds two cross punches and an uppercut to put Keeley onto her back, Keeley's eyes are shut as the referee checks her over and waves the fight off as she's knocked out!

Winner: Liv Tyler KO Round 4

The fans in the arena look upset, most silent with only a few cheering the victor, she raises her fists as this is the first win she's had in years, grinning wildly as she stares down at the wreck that's Keeley.
The ringside doctor comes in to check on Keeley, getting the smelling salts under her nose, she awakens and shakes her head to clear it.
Staring up at the ceiling, it dawns on her that she's lost as she covers her face with her gloves, till that is she feels a foot on her chest and uncovers her eyes to look up at Liv posing over her for the cameras to boos.
She doesn't care as she looks down at Keeley, mouthing "I beat you bytch" after all the bad blood between them, it seems fitting that one stands over the other.
Katie asking Liv to get off her fighter politely, knowing she isn't a match for the big girl if she tried to threaten her, Liv does as asked, happy she's made her point as heads back to her corner.

Keeley needs to be helped up, the referee helping Price to get her onto a stool, clean up her bloody face and get the gloves off of her.
While Liv high fives her coach, he helps get her gloves off and both girls were brought to the ring centre for the final results.

Even after losing, Keeley still snipped at Liv, who fired back her own venom ladened insults, after Liv had her hand raised, Keeley nudged past the referee to square up to Liv, the two going nose to nose as the crowd chant fight, though neither feels ready to go round 2 yet.
Keeley saying to Liv "I want to pull your hair out you Yankee bytch before you retreat back to your dump" Liv almost laughing as she hears that.
"Really? You want to go with me again, without the safety of the gloves?" She asks in a mocking tone, knowing Keeley wants this as badly as she does.
"Come over to mine bytch, I'll message you the address, just make sure you turn up in your best lingerie, as I plan kicking you out into the cold knowing who the better woman is bytch" replies Keeley as she turns to leave the ring.
"You're on bytch!" Is the stern reply from Liv, Katie Price looking astounded that Keeley is so desperate to fight.
She's been happy to train the new fighters these past few years, but Liv seems to have gotten something going in Keeley, jealousy maybe, just a natural urge to fight each other.
Now they are going to be in a common catfight, like girls half their age would get into, Katie hopes she can get a ticket to this show as she heads up the ramp with Keeley.
Liv doesn't stay in the ring much longer herself, her mind elsewhere now as she stares hatefully at the leaving Keeley, the crowd are happy to see the American go too.
With all these cougars fighting in the BBU, maybe more old feuds could be settled in the ring.



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