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2 August 2017 Alesha Dixon vs Lucy Mecklenburgh

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(Beever's Babes vs Marti's Maulers)


Posted by Knowlesey on August 2, 2017, 2:24 pm



Following her double defeat by bitter rival Jessica Schwarz, Alesha is back in the ring, this time against Lucy, who has a chequered boxing record, but who has told her supporters that she intends to have Alesha stretchered out of the arena tonight. Alesha bears the attitude of someone who has heard it all before, and suggest that she will let her fists speak for her.

First into the ring is Lucy, the gorgeous 26 year old in a black bra and black satin shorts, and she is soon joined by Alesha, who is 38 now, and who’s curves are kept in pace in a yellow bikini, the girls both ready for this fight.

Round 1

The action has started slowly, with Lucy surprising Alesha by being defensive, and the older girl’s in command in the opening seconds, Lucy’s lack of aggression letting Alesha get through, with some good punches, and Lucy’s having to cover as she gets poked backwards, but she’s not hurt, and now she starts to pop Alesha’s head backwards with good jabs, the former champion suddenly rocked onto her heels, and Lucy hurts her with a lovely combination, Alesha taking more punches late in the round, and she’s backed into a neutral corner with Lucy cuffing her face left and right with some ease, to steal the opening round.

Round 2

Still the action hasn’t really picked up, playing into Alesha’s hands, and she looks bright early on in the round, Lucy again backing off, making Alesha come to her, and probably trying to tire the older girl out, Alesha prodding the lovely model backwards, looking the better girl - but once Lucy lands a couple of good right hooks, it all changes, and Lucy’s dominates the fight , her right hook clearly troubling Alesha, who has a little bump rising on her left cheek as she backs off, Lucy hurting her with a good right hook to her gut, which brings her guard down, and Lucy swats her face with another right hook and floors her. Alesha gets to her feet at 7, looking shaky, and she’s lucky that there’s only time for Lucy to land two more punches before the round ends.

Round 3

Lucy wants to finish Alesha off, but she’s started the round as though she’s already got Alesha on the ropes, but she needs to slow the singer down first, drain her energy with some bodyshots, and by not setting a firm base, she can’t get her punches landing as she would like, and Alesha gets clear, stabbing out her left jab, so that Lucy’s unable to get close enough either to slow her down, or to bang her face with big hits, and maybe her chance is slipping away as Alesha skilfully starts to control the fight with a defensive display, getting her wits back together, and landing some decent punches in between as well, Lucy seemingly angry with herself

Round 4

Now the girls are speeding the action up a little, and Lucy’s aggression is more targeted as she gives Alesha a couple of solid left hooks to her body, and she’s hurt the singer again now, switches her attack, and pops her head backwards, Alesha responding with a left and right jab, but she’s vulnerable, and gets caught with a solid right cross, and she’s certainly felt that, her movements really slowed down, and she gets trapped and beaten against the ropes, and goes down again after Lucy hits her with another right cross – she’s up again at 7, but her left cheek has been cut and Alesha’s in trouble as Lucy unloads, and the model wobbles her again, Alesha swooning backwards, stuck in a neutral corner, and Lucy has to be more or less dragged off her at the bell, Alesha stumbling to her corner

Round 5

After being patched up, Alesha seems more urgent, and she stands and trades with Lucy in the opening moments, but again she comes second to the younger girl, and she backs off, with Lucy all over her again, trying to put her away, nailing her with a pair of lovely bodyshots, then a left hook over the top of Alesha’s defensive guard, and she’s got the singer on the ropes again, but this time around an almost desperate Alesha getting back at her, and she hits her firmly with good counter punches, and she’s turned Lucy around, and now Alesha has Lucy backed into the ropes, lifts her head up with a short right uppercut, and although she can dish out punishment, Lucy can’t take it, and she goes down in a heap, getting up gingerly at 7, with Alesha getting into her stride at last, and zapping the tired model with good right hand shots, Lucy dazed and unsteady at the end of round 5

Round 6

Alesha senses that Lucy’s there for the taking now, and certainly the younger girl’s tiring, and Alesha hits her a couple of times before she’s even out of her corner, Lucy barely looking ready for round 6, and she’s soon in trouble, backed into her own corner, her head smacked up and back with another uppercut, and Lucy’s down again, takes her time getting up at 8, her corner urging her on, but she’s easy meat now, has nothing left to offer, and she takes more punches, her face bruised and sore, Alesha giving her hard hooks to the body as she raises her gloves too high, and Lucy goes down again, and she’s not getting back up, meekly taking a 10 count on her knees, tears running down her cheeks.

Result: Alesha Dixon knocked out Lucy Mecklenburgh in round 6

Alesha hasn’t had much success in recent times, but she’s making the most of this victory, dragging Lucy off her stool, and snapping off her bra, parading the topless beauty around the ring, before making her kneel and kiss her feet., before proclaiming, "I'm back! And I'm gonna whup some asses!"



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