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31 August 2017 Sophie Turner vs Yasmin Verheijen

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Posted by Vassago on August 31, 2017, 9:54 pm




Results: BBU Writing: Archer

Sophie: 21 YO, 5’9 (1.75 m) (BBU : 1-0-0, 1 KO since 2017), Foxfire Boxing

Yasmin: 23 YO, 5’11 (1.81m) (BBU: 4-1-0, 1 KO since 2016), Lioness Club

Before: “Kelly Gale was a good start here in the BBU, but I think this fight could be even more import_ant. I understand that Yasmin in a successful young pageant boxer. One of my reasons for coming to the BBU is to fight different types of boxers so that, no matter how the fight turns out, I’ll be broadening my ring knowledge. I understand I’ll be the first actress Yasmin has fought. So I think she might learn a thing or two from me.”

Yasmin eyeing the friendly redhaired actress with suspicion: “Yes, Sophie will be the first actress I have boxed. I really don’t see what an opponent’s occupation has to do with their boxing. Actress, model, beauty pageant girl—they all fall down if you punch them hard enough. I don’t see as Sophie will be that much of a challenge as long as I can get to her with my punching. If I do she will fall down and not get up.”

“Unless I knock you down first,” Sophie says with a smile,

Yasmin is not amused: “Rest assured, Sophie, you will go down to me and that will end your night.”

Sophie frowns: “It is not going to be that easy to knock me down.”

“We shall see,” Yasmin says allowing herself a grim smile. “We shall see.”

Fight is held in the gardens of an elegant hotel. Ring is set up under the shade of some tall trees with comfortable seating arranged around it. Tents have been erected for the two fighters. Sophie emerges in a light gray with black trim string bikini. Black gloves and boots with grey laces. Red hair pulled back in a battle braid. Yasmin appears in a purple string bikini with matching gloves and boots. Hair is pulled back in a ponytail with a purple ribbon around the black hair. Both fighters calm, but ready to go. No nonsense ring instructions. Polite taop of the gloves. Back to their corners. Bell sounds. It’s on!

R1: As Yas and Sophie move towards each other, Sophie gets her first taste of Yasmin’s mid-range punching skill. Taking advantage of her superior reach, the 5’11 former Miss Netherlands pops Sophie in the mouth, then clips her chin and then puts one between the redhead’s eyes. Sophie seems startled and Yas keeps moving in as Sophie falls back. Yas dropping down to smite Sophie’s ribs and hook her tummy. Sophie seems off balance and struggling as Yas pops her again and again to the face. Sophie finally gets her jab going to make Yasmin’s pay for her aggression with punches to the brunettes face and stomach. Yas seems to be ignoring these as she keeps coming forward close enough for her mid-range punching to strike home. Sophie not at all comfortable as she struggles to cope and she’s eating way too much of Yasmin’s leather. Round ends with Sophie bleeding from a swollen lower lip and reddened swollen patches on her jaw and cheekbones. Sophie breathing hard after the bell. Yasmin gives her a smirking “You weren’t so tough” look before turning away.

R2: Action resumes with Yasmin going right back to her mid-range bombardment of Sophie. Sophie has been getting advise from Foxfire Atlantic trainer Sophia Myles and so she’s trying to work her way in closer, but Yasmin drives her back with quick rangy shots off Sophie’s head and some nasty straight rights and lefts to into the cups of Sophie’s bikini top. Frustrated, Sophie tries another tactic, using footwork to draw Yasmin off balance so Sophie can get in her counters with more effectiveness. The tactic proves quite successful as Yas can’t match Sophie’s nimbleness and gets her own face popped when Sophie begins to land on her face. Yasmin’s turn to look frustrated as she tries to freeze Sophie with some clips to the jaw. Sophie stung by these, but is only slowed down in her constant movement. Time runs out on the round. Judges give it to Yasmin, but Sophie able to make it close.

R3: LC trainer Melanie Brown urgently talking to Yasmin during break. Yasmin’s frustration apparent but she nods and leaves stool looking determined. Not positive what Mel B’s instructions were, but Yasmin starting to bounce punches off Sophie’s skull. Sophie having to duck down and stay on the defensive. Yas settling in at her favorite mid-range distance to fire shots into Sophie’s body and then off her head whenever the opportunity presents itself. Yasmin now looking more relaxed as she resumes control of the young actress. This doesn’t last long as Sophie starts moving around again and employing feints. Yasmin’s starts missing with some her punching and starts lunging to get at Sophie. Sophie now able to employ her jab to bang Yasmin back with stinging punches to the jaw and then down to pound her belly. Yasmin falling back, gasping for air from those belly shots and Sophie happy to make it worse by clouting Yasmin’s breasts to knock more air out of her lungs. Yasmin retreating in confusion as the round ends and Sophie smiles triumphantly. As well she should., That late flurry has enabled her to steal what had seem to be another Yasmin Verheijin round.

R4: Both fighters come shooting out of their corners and clash at mid ring. Furious exchange of leather as they take turns swiveling each other’s heads before settling down to pounding each other to the body. Sophie able to work in so close her sweaty forehead is nearly touching Yasmin’s forehead as they look each other right in the eye as they try to punch their way to domination. They are actually fighting in a very small box, hardly moving more than a foot or two, This is just grinding punching as ribs, breasts and bellies take more and more punches with neither fighter wanting step back. Crowd fascinated by this maximum effort from two young women, holding its collective breath to see who will give way first. Bellies are taking it very hard as the round ends, but referee actually has to jump between them as neither fighter seems to have heard the bell. Yasmin and Sophie then stand there, bodies shuddering from the effort and the ache, they stare at each other blankly, then turn away and slowly return to their corners. Crowd likes this and gives them both a hearty round of applause. The judges total it all up and record this round as a DRAW.

R5: Both corner crews work hard to get their girls ready for the new round and they both come off their stools quickly (though not so quickly as the previous round). They go right back to the toe to toe body slugging battle. Again they are forehead to forehead, eyes boring into eyes as they search for signs of wavering and at first all seems stalemated in a battle of attrition. Then Sophie starts working the pit of Yasmin’s stomach with punch after punch as though this is only part of Yasmin she can hit. At first, nothing seems to change, but then a shiver goes through Yasmin and a gurgle comes from deep within her throat. A look of hurt comes to her eyes and like a wolf sensing weakness, Sophie punches belly even harder! YASMIN GOES DOWN! Yasmin folds to her knees clutching her midsection, a look of agony on her face and trembling all over. Sophie marches to neutral corner and referee starts to count. As soon as she hears the count, a look of desperate determination comes to Yasmin Verheijin’s face and she forces herself to stand just in time to beat the count. Referee looking doubtfully at Yasmin, but Yas insists she can continue. Referee finally waves Sophie back in. Sophie comes marching at Yasmin who backs away and tries to hold Sophie off with her jab. Sophie not able to get at Yasmin’s midsection but she works over Yas’ flanks putting fire into her ribs as the bell rings. Yasmin avoids looking at Sophie as she trudges back to her corner. Sophie watches stone-faced then turns back to her on corner.

R6: Yasmin slow coming out of her corner and all hunched up, trying to be a small target, but her 5’11 frame is just not built for that, Sophie now circle and countercircling as she punches away at the plodding and clearly hurting Yas. Yas starts trying to counter this torment by lunging forward with wild, lashing punches, but Sophie has been waiting for this. Sophie charges in and pounds away to Yasmin’s wrecked belly. Yasmin trying to back up when Sophie steps to her left and brings a right hook crashing deep into the pit of Yasmin’s gut. Yasmin knocked off her feet, doubled up and thrown onto her back. She lies there and then curls up around her blasted belly. Sophie again marching to neutral corner, but this time Yasmin is only able to raise her head and look in Sophie’s direction as the referee begins to count. A look of agonized defeat crosses Yasmin’s face before she turns away and places her cheek on the canvas as she accepts her loss even before the count reaches “TEN!”


After: Sophie wearily saluting fans by taking a solo walk around the ring. She keeps an eye on Yasmin Verheijin who has been brought back to her stool and worked on by the Lioness Club training staff. Sophie’s gloves are removed and she goes over in the distraught Yasmin. Much to Yasmin’s surprise, Sophie gives her a hug and some comforting words. Yasmin hugs Sophie back and the two weary warriors separate.

“She gave me a lot of trouble,” Sophie tells the press, “but fortunately when we got into that body punching battle, I was able to hang on long enough to break her down first. I will be using ice packs for days from this fight, but it feels wonderful to have been challenged like that and still emerge victorious. Why did I hug her? Because we looked each other in the eye and I knew she was a true fighter. I wanted her to know I respected her. It’s that simple. What’s next? I have no idea when or where I’ll be fighting next, but once my body has stopped aching, I am eager for it!”

The understandably subdued Yasmin Verheijen admits to the press: “I will not deceive myself—Sophie Turner got the better of me. Once she started using her footwork I just could not keep up and then I was drawn into body punching with her. I tried so hard to break her first, but my body gave out before hers did and that was really the end of me that day. I hope to do much better next time, but this fight was very draining especially because I lost it. I will be back—never fear—and I will start winning again. This is the second fight I have lost. Both are bitter and I don’t want to lose another for a long time to come!”

Sophie Turner’s BBU tour has netted her a second win in a grueling fight. She certainly proved her toughness as well as her maneuverability in this bout. If this tour was intended to be educational, it seems to be accomplishing that purpose. Meanwhile, this was a painful loss for Yasmin Verheijen, but it may have served to identify a weakness with her footwork and perhaps this loss will benefit her in the long run. In the meantime, fans of international boxing can savoir the memory of an exciting fight fought in a beautiful outdoor setting.



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