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17 June 2017 Kate Upton vs Kelly Rohrbach

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(25, 5’10, 35:11 FCBA, Lookout! Boxing)


(27, 5’9, 125, 10:1 FCBA, VIXENs)


Before: It’s been a spectacularly successful time for both blondes, both personally and professionally recently, leading up to this main event bout for the first ever Vixens versus Lookout! Stable War.

For Kelly Rohrbach, not only has she managed to enjoy her own significant success in the modeling world, she has also found some attention from Hollywood as she was recently cast in the role of C.J. Parker in the big screen adaptation of “Baywatch”, a role formerly held by famed Pamela Anderson, although there is no question that Kelly might fill out the red bathing suit even better. This has translated into FCBA success as well, winning the ‘Queen of the Ice Hotel’ title and winning almost all of her recent matches so far. 

But, today will be one of her toughest challenges yet as she is facing none other than Kate Upton, who has not only scored another Sports Illustrated cover shoot, but also managed to successfully regain her JMDD and Welterweight titles, Managing to do so by taking down perhaps her two biggest current rivals in Tahnee Atkinson and Hannah Ferguson, respectively, has been icing on the cake. 

Now, Kate gets to take on another fighter from the extremely talented Vixens stable and not only that, a blonde from the film ‘Baywatch’, where Kate felt she should’ve been cast in the role instead and was actually in talks to take on the role, until Kelly came into the picture, and in her mind, stole the role away from her. Watching both Kelly and rival Charlotte McKinney appear in the film over her has left her seething for months now.

Kelly appears oblivious or at the very least unconcerned over the potential anger from Upton, as she arrives wearing a bright red bikini in an obvious allusion to the film, especially after her recent win over Alexandra Daddario in a classic ‘Baywatch Battle’ at the last PPV. With matching gloves and a blonde ponytail that bounces in rhythm with her jugs as she jogs, seemingly slow-motion, to the ring - it’s hard to deny that the filmmakers made the wrong choice. Seemingly determined to prove that even if they didn’t make the *wrong* decision, a better decision could’ve been reached, Kate Upton comes in wearing a tiny red bikini of her own as her hair is also in a fighting ponytail and matching gloves, making her way to the ring in a eye-catching slow jog of her own. It’s an appreciative crowd for BOTH entrances as fans on Twitter, Instagram and social media in general have a significant number of “Who Wore It Best?” posts trending almost instantly. In the eyes of both Kate and Kelly, they know *they* are the best and the ref can see it in their eyes, asking them to touch gloves and almost instantly, both fighters go to touch jug instead - gloves shooting out to smack into opposing cleavage instead as the crowd roars their approval and ref pushes them both apart before they get more physical. While it’s not a JMDD bout by any stretch, it’s clear that both are proud of their assets and their racks will be a frequent target in this bout. After some useless stern warnings by the ref, the bell rings and this battle begins...




Round 1: Kate the aggressor - eyes bright, legs springy - she spooks Kelly with spicy jabs; whip right hands slash hard above blonde left hip. Rohrbach shying away - flinching as Kate steps-in: Kelly feeling a few first round jitters, remembering the awful shock of Upton's power she witnessed against stablemate Ferguson. Upton hounding, pestering, pot shotting - lashing single right hands to the body, controlling her girl with poke: Rohrbach bouncy, using the ring, spitting back the odd combination to keep Kate from getting greedy in a close first round for Kate.

Round 2: Kelly relaxing, competing with Kate now. Girls fence jabs: Upton stepping in a long, spearing poke from her shoulder - really trying to twist the punch into Kelly's face. Rohrbach flicking her jab rapidly from a raised elbow posture - often doubling it up. Kate looking to lean in a long right to chin; Rohrbach looking to snap off combos, her elbows in close to her body as she chops her foe's torso. Upton coming off second best - repeatedly repulsed and soundly hacked about her chest and ribcage - Rohrbach stands her ground, firms in the second.

Round 3: Kelly circling right, eyes narrowed - spearing the jab, then slide-stepping back and looking to counter the Upton pounce. Minute mark - Rohrbach gets it right, catching Upton that vicious left upside the head off the right (back) foot: Kate's hurt. Kelly over to offence: right hand blocked as Upton bars the doors upstairs; Rohrbach pops hips-right - weight on her front (left) foot - brunette fits her left hand flat-n'-loud to toned blonde tummy TUP! Kelly jabs Kate back, chases her down another searing right; back into the body that cranking left hook. Upton to ropes - dukes up, elbows in - she's shaken, but alert - Kelly can tell Upton's poised to counter. Cat and mouse - Kelly Rohrbach clearly with the upper hand, but wary - penetrating with her jab to Kate's face or chest, slashing a vicious right in behind Upton's left elbow - but Kelly never overstaying her welcome, bounces back out to regroup. Upton grimacing, holding herself together - she shuffles to her right, blocking and absorbing punishment - well touched to the bell.

Round 4: Kelly methodical, working in and out, patiently chipping away at her foe. Rohrbach able to pound her jab in between Upton's mitts to spank back blonde face; Kelly also spotting imperious poke to tummy, stooping to reach it in, then scooting away. Rohrbach's eyes flashing, lips curled in just the hint of a smile - she's showing caution, but clearly relishing Kate's discouraged aspect. Upton sullen - more defensive than we've seen her: she's very reluctant to jump-in now and she's forfeiting initiative as a result. Kate keeps back off ropes, but she's hounded and harassed throughout: more points for Rohrbach. Kelly flashing a sultry grin into the Lookout! corner at the bell and then at her own, winks at Ferguson in the audience, who’s frowning at her fellow stablemates’ success so far at the expense of hers. Kelly then sashays off, leaving Upton looking shopworn and pensive.

Round 5: Upton back on top - jabs to the chest, then a quick jump in with a headlock or bear hug - anything to wrap Kelly up, then it's the cloying, stumbling clutch and punch. Rohrbach cheek-to-cheek, struggling to get off with combinations inside - Upton's idea is to make this a single punch contest where her bigger one shot power can dominate and it's working beautifully. It's a hard-fought, grinding, awkward round that sees Upton bully, smear, and rough-house her way to points - Rohrbach reduced to laying in with the big blonde and trading as best she can - Round to Kate close.

Round 6: Kelly's jab POUNDING at Kate's face in first minute - beautiful, stepped-in pokes rocking blonde skull back, shaking blonde legs - Rohrbach setting the table like she wants to eat right now. Kelly also stepping in a heavy left jab to body, pushing Kate to ropes - midway through, Upton defending on the perimeter, looking worried, gets feinted out of her socks. Kelly leaning in off the feint, drops the right hand in around Kate's left wrist; digs an evil, rising hook to Kate's midsection from the front foot; shifts weight to right foot, pulling the hook across Kate's right temple. POOR KATE'S SHOOK! Upton sprawling to the sand all limp - eyelashes batting – but manages to make it to her feet for a weepy 8 count. Immediately, Kelly she slides to her right under a raking series of hooks - Kelly pursuing at the hop, gleefully ripping at her foe. Upton hits the neutral corner and ROHRBACH'S ALL IN! Kelly focused again, baring her teeth and SHREDDING her blonde. Gloves pelt and bounce off skull and shoulders, buffeting Kate terribly; dip-n-rip left uppercuts carve up underneath, taking Kate in the meat of her tummy. Upton screaming behind her gloves, shuddering under a monstrous pummelling, but muscular legs hold her up. Kate managing to clinch as the two of them wrestle against the ropes as the ref attempts to warn them both, when suddenly, out of the lock up, Kate with her left riding over Kelly's shoulder - blonde jerks a playground right hand directly into Rohrbach's belly and KELLY IS HURT! Kelly now trying desperately to clinch, stumbling forward with her arms loose about Upton's waist – Kate stepping back and WAILING at ribs with both arms chugging - DOWN GOES ROHRBACH!! Kelly makes it back to her feet as Kate is on her instantly, just pounding away at her jugs and tummy like they are on sale. Bell: seething Upton pushed back by ref; Kelly hugging herself, both of them blinking back how-could-you tears after a wild round as both corners rush to support their fighters.

Round 7: Did Kate punch herself out? Upton loping outside, not pressing the action - Rohrbach able to come forward with authority. Kate not used to having the ring cut off on her when she wants to stay away - Rohrbach's scooting bounce up to the task: blonde able to hound Upton to ropes, then engage her as girls exchange toe-to-toe for the first time. Torrid two-way - crowd roaring as both snarling vixens lay their licks in - brutal, ripping spank sounding out loud from both taut bodies. Kate's back to the ropes - she's getting the worst of it, and down the stretch, she starts to clinch. Kelly WON'T HAVE IT! Rohrbach showing her upper body strength, wriggling out of Kate's grasp, then DIGGING tuff rights and lefts into Upton's belly and ribcage. Short, chugging bursts shake Kelly in response as Upton won't back down either, just pounding away at her body as sweat sprays off them both. Both girls lashing their rival to the finish line, belting wildly against those ribs and rack and at the bell, the ref pulls them both apart as they fight to a mindless draw.

Round 8: Kelly shying away, wincing and cringing: SHE'S HURT TO THE BODY! Upton coming alive at the sight of hurt and reluctance from Rohrbach - momentum sloshing all the way over to the vixen as Kate resumes her usual gambling approach. Kate pouncing into Rohrbach - hitting her lead uppercuts or hooks; slugging from close in as Kelly's backing away; lashing vicious sidearm rights across the ribs as Kelly sags into ropes. Rohrbach crippled, right hip in the ropes, face in her gloves - she's not punching back, not competing - KATE UPTON'S HAVING HER WAY WITH HER! Upton squares up brawny, beating a steady lather against Kelly's heaving flanks; stepping up into Kelly's jugs as Rohrbach's guard loosens; treating herself to Kelly's quivering tummy and throbbing tits – and KELLY GOES DOWN!! The count passes ten and Upton bounds away, shrieking in exultation - she's the KO8 victrix!

Official Decision: Kate Upton defeats Kelly Rohrbach via KO8!

Final Tally: VIXENs leads Lookout! Boxing by 4:3.


After: Kate is jumping for joy, much to the adoration of the crowd as well, as Kate is bounding and bouncing from one turnbuckle to the next, high-fiving her stablemates and any lucky fans. Those who are present see Kate barely able to contain her joy and her red bikini barely able to contain her jugs as she heads immediately over towards Kelly, who is waking back up in her corner. Parting through those assembled around Rohrbach as she snarls and goes to stack her up against the corner, beaming as she looks into the confused gaze of Kelly Rohrbach. 

Taking a few steps back, Kate raises her hands into the air and the crowd responds, the sand shaking underneath their feet as it seems to stir Kelly slightly. Eyes widening as she looks up in sudden shock as suddenly Kate hits her foe with her patented full-body splash, with Upton hammering her with a tummy to tummy, tit-to-tit and body-to-body full splash as the sound of the splash echoes around the ring with a loud, sweaty SMACK, accompanied by a loud groan from Kelly and a loud triumphant grunt from Kate as she steps back. Like a felled tree, Kelly pitches forward to the sand with a damp thud and Kate rolls her to her back. Kate steps forward, one foot across her foe’s jugs as she bellows into the crowd: “WHO BELONGS IN BAYWATCH NOW, BYTCHES?” 

Kelly is out as Kate appears motivated today to do insult to injury, stepping forward as she positions her posterior over Kelly’s gorgeous face and lowers her butt down for a front facesit. Thighs pressing in on either side as she grinds her butt back and forth, yanking up on Kelly’s hair to pull her deeper into her bikini bottoms. Kate just smirking, licking her lips in obvious enjoyment over her foe’s predicament as she takes a moment to look out into the crowd - locking eyes with rivals such as Hannah Ferguson, Tahnee Atkinson, Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Brook, Gemma Atkinson, Charlotte McKinney and future potential rivals like Brooklyn Decker, Adriana Lima, Bo Krsmanovic and Hilary Rhoda in the crowd, who are all reluctant to intervene and even more hesitant to celebrate their rival’s victory dance. Kate realises the domination she has over the rest of her ‘competition’, as she blows them a kiss and purrs out in sultry fashion “A throne fit for a Queen…” 

With a laugh and another spirited twerk of her butt across Kelly’s unconscious face, Upton then pushes herself to her feet with a mean-spirited squeeze of Rohrbach’s rack and struts off, smirking as she takes the opportunity to jog slowly by all of her rivals and a roaring crowd that is chanting her name as she soaks in both adoration and hatred. While Lookout! Boxing may have lost the Stable War and this particular battle between the two organizations, it’s abundantly clear from the end of this bout and the aftermath of many of these matches that the war between these two stables will be one that is ongoing for quite some time. Things are far from settled between Lookout! and VIXENs, so you can definitely expect to see them go after one another - in or out of the ring - very, very soon! 



Before: This is a hotly contested rematch between Vanessa Hudgens and Lily Collins, who just had themselves a war in the April PPV - over thirteen (13) rounds for the unofficial title of “Fittest Flyweight In The FCBA”, a title long self-designated and successfully defended by Vanessa Hudgens. But, Lily Collins stormed onto the scene recently, putting her own special emphasis on fitness, ending Hudgens’ “reign” and claiming the title for herself. It was an upset of the highest order, at least in the world of Vanessa, and the two flyweights haven’t been able to keep taunting the other back and forth with regards to their fitness. 

As if the match needed any higher stakes or intensity, Vanessa mentioned the ‘Abs of Mass Destruction’ in one of their increasingly snarky exchanges and from there, the battle for the unofficial title of ‘Abs of Mass Destruction’ was ON! While not a lineal title or one officially recognized by the FCBA, it is a matter of serious pride for the fighters involved and one that has added to the already swirling hatred between the two fighters for this bout. Vanessa has amassed a number of rivals in her time here in the FCBA, but the recent addition of Collins is one of her most serious threats yet and Vanessa treats her as such.

Vanessa is at the podium, eyes filled with rage as she declares furiously: “There is no question, in my mind, that I’m the fittest flyweight in the FCBA! Unfortunately, after that win by Lily and all of her trash-talk out there, she’s put a lot of doubt into the minds of the rest of the league and the fans too. That is something that cannot stand - I am going to break her abs, her spirit and bring things back to where they are supposed to be. I won’t tolerate another minute of listening to that British bytch talk about how she is in better shape than me, how I’m inferior or how I’m her bytch. It’s time for me to take her down and prove why I am…”

A loud cry suddenly escapes her lips as her hands shoot down below the podium and between her thighs, crumpling towards her knees and the reason is quickly abundantly clear, as Vanessa was so focused on her rant against Lily that she hadn’t noticed her rival coming up from behind her to cut her off with a well-placed knee between her legs! 

Lily smirks, remarking in her proud British accent, “That’s enough of that, dearie” as she reaches down for Nessa’s hair, spinning her around to face her as she brushes her face across her own tummy and holds her firmly there for a moment, listening to the muffled cries, then tossing her to the side, watching Hudgens curl up into a ball. It’s a strange tableau for the pre-fight conference as Lily steps over her rival, flexing her muscles for a moment and patting her stomach before she addresses the press, grinning, “I’m not sure how you tolerated all of that nonsense for so long and by that same token, I don’t know how the rest of the league allowed her delusion to continue unchallenged for such a long time. It’s clear to me that there are plenty of flyweights, myself included, who are MUCH more fit than Vanessa and the idea that she could claim that title is laughable. I’m here to give Nessa and the rest of the division a serious reality check, because I’M the fittest flyweight and I’m f*cking here to stay!” as she then goes to turn around, giving Nessa a swift kick to her tummy, sneering at the loud wail coming from Hudgens’ lips before sauntering off-stage.

Later, Vanessa arrives in a tiny pink bikini with matching gloves and hair in a fighting ponytail - while Lily comes in a snug purple bikini with matching gloves and hair in a battle bun - both of them seeking to show off their toned tummies and tight bodies in the process. Come fight night, it’s all the ref can do to keep the two from charging at one another upon sight and he wisely doesn’t ask the two of them to touch gloves, instead electing to keep them on opposite sides of the ring, as far from one another as possible. The ref asks them, perhaps in vain, for a clean fight, before ringing the bell although neither actually agreed to those terms, the two of them looking ready to start this highly-anticipated rematch between two of the proudest flyweights in the league...


Round 1: Lily storms in, feet swishing on canvas,, bodies up and gets driven step by step back into her corner, bullied and pushed up on as Hudgens gets brawny from the start. Nessa with a big, breezy smile, bumping Collins roughly, then leaning forward to slug at her waist— brutally with rights and lefts bashing away at toned goodness. Lily grimacing, covering up to wait her turn, then when it comes, desperately clinching around Hudgen’s waist or tying up the brunette’s toned arms. No other way to see it—Hudgens on Collins, having her way, brawling and banging to win the first round in wide fashion - Vanessa chesting up and forcing eye contact—Collins smoldering, sullen, pushing the offending brunette beauty away as the ref jumps in.

Round 2: Lily’s not too proud to adjust—shows her experience in taking the initiative. Her cut-off footwork not conducive to cute lateral moves—but Collins showing a sharp jab, beating Hudgens to the punch and exposing a flaw as Vanessa covers up and waits for her turn. Lily’s turn to put punches together off the jab, going to the brunette’s glorious midsection, clustering rights and lefts in the firmness of Hudgen’s gut, biting blows off the ribs. Collins able to jab, slug and advance, finally putting Hudgens back on the ropes where Lily can really go to work. Brunette palming brunette shoulders back, pressing up, then ROMPING TO TUMMY AND JUG! Fists tidying up Nessa’s pleasing puppies and tawny tummy — Hudgens open mouthed, momentarily shutting down mentally as the brunette helps herself to tummy and tits like she owns them. Hudgens wakes up late to start banging back — savage to and fro but Lily won’t be backed off — bodies and breadbasket scalded as both girls take delicious shots in torrid trade which continues on past the bell as Lily takes the round wide. 

Round 3: Identical action — Lily bringing Hudgens to heel with a straightforward but stinging jab up the middle — Nessa covering up and posing, Collins able to go gut with pumping zeal. Hudgens slowly beaten across the ring to ropes and once again — Collins squirming in between mitts, pushing for room and going jug with rising, chugging two-gun action. Nessa whimpering, reaching to clinch — blonde working hard to writhe free, punching Nessa’s body with crippling force, landing in bunches, then working her way up-torso. Hudgens’ face comes under attack as she leans forward, dukes at her temples — Lily able to dip and dig multiple short left uppercuts, spilling a dazed brunette against the ropes. Once again, rousing exchanges late punctuate a largely Collins round — Lily forced to work hard for her supper as Vanessa proves spirited quarry despite being worked over.

Round 4: Girls smudge together mid-ring, and it’s Hudgens pushing, walking, wrestling Lily back step by grudging step, Nessa close n’ sweaty, drumming away in Collins’ golden ribs and proud stomach — brunette with nice firm spank, digging up belly with 2 and 3 punch bursts. Lily with her back to the ropes, bug-eyed with surprise — she can’t push her way clear, can’t punch with Hudgens — brunette rival reduced to covering up as punches pound away on shoulders and flanks, tying up Hudgens’ arms for breaks. Vanessa effervescent, going at Collins like she’s just another brunette, when both girls know she is anything but — however, no respect in a busy, shutout fourth, fought entirely on a little patch of ring near the VIXENs corner.

Round 5: Collins recovering nicely from the last round beaming, colour high, she just steps-to Hudgens and starts working her over. Hudgens covering up, teeth grinding rightly — she’s just not punching enough, allowing her aggressive rival free reign to plug away. Collins standing up into her body shots, shocking brunette midriff, landing flat n’ sticky against the ribs, always backing Hudgens up. Nessa suffering against the ropes and it’s really just a beating — Lily crowding in close, turning to wedge in tight right hands to the breasts, twisting back to clock hook to jaw, batting at the flanks, digging into the tummy. Down the stretch, Hudgens catches a second wind, finally punching with Collins — brunette wins a brief exchange of hooks to finally earn a little respect at the bell but can’t prevent the shutout for Collins.

Round 6: Savage action continues as Collins marches to mid-ring, butts shoulders with Nessa and starts to trade in a phone booth like she has no other choice. Blockbuster punching from both girls, jaws are stroked, rocking one or the other onto her heels for a moment, but each are taking a great punch thus far, shaking it off and coming right back with slinging punches from the hips. Hudgens coming on late, backing Lily to the ropes and this time, hard overhand rights set up for those juicy left uppercuts square to belly and breasts. Collins pouting open-mouthed at the bell as Nessa helps herself to some extra punches before referee intervention in a close round that goes Hudgens’ way.

Round 7: Girls fall inside, mouth on shoulder — Collins with poor hand positioning outside Nessa’s shoulders gives up her body as Hudgens crosses her arms at her stomach, blocks shots inside and rips away short and mean to the brunette’s sensational midriff. Hudgens leaning on Lily, walking her around the ring, beating her at will, steamrolls to the final minute when Collins starts to get off. LIly stepping back, walks Nessa into stunning short right uppercut off the mouth — Hudgens’ legs give way as she falls into her rival’s arms for support. Collins stepping back again, allows Vanessa to lean into the exact same punch and DOWN GOES HUDGENS! Nessa on her hands and knees, eyes woozy with shock — Collins all smiles as she struts away, lapping up the sight. Lily steals a Nessa round with late power.

Round 8: Lily in total command following the knockdown, rolling Hudgens up and loving it now, Vanessa shabby at the ropes, mournful expression, posture defensive — she’s just trying to protect herself. Collins bright eyed, going at her foe without fear — it’s thick body punching, brawny palming and shoulder bumping, tough uppercuts — just a robust, full-torso shellacking which beats Hudgens almost to her knees at the minute mark. Hudgens takes a blubbery bid for freedom as she tries to dart to the side, but Lily jumps back in, bodying up sweaty to press Nessa into the ropes, Lily reaching in under Hudgens’ arms, wrapping her wetly with one limb while plugging away with the free mitt. Nessa slumped and punished, struggling to tie Lily up, but spirit seems broken. Collins at her swarmy best, pouring it on with a clobbering, slogging tempo — just stuffing it home as Hudgens sops it up at the ropes. Late the round: Hudgens crossing her wrists at her chest to protect her goods — Collins simply prying away at the guard with her left hand, shoving in sidearm rights to chest and abs with wedging action.

Round 9: Girls meet mid-ring, Collins jabbing, but immediately taking a clubbing right upside the head - they fall in together and Hudgens won’t be walked back. Hammer and spirited tongs mid-ring - girls squirming and wrapping each other, tugging and pushing as much as punching, but both are serious about slugging to one another’s straining bellies. Thick, sultry action, feet stomping in sand - girls taking the time to really bury punches into the opponent then body up on her - Collins quicker-mitted than this, but she’s embroiled in that slugging tit-for-tat tempo. Down the stretch girls trade rights, girls trade lefts and Lily’s legs give a quake! LILY GOES DOWN as Collins spills to her knees, shaking her head as her chest heaves in and out, trying to catch her breath as she staggers up at a shaky 8 count. Nessa immediately eager and able to come forward, slugging overhand lefts and rights, face breaking into a smile as Lily staggers back to the ropes suddenly shaken. All Nessa at the bell - sunny smile - eyes bright with simple glee, zest for for punching — fists swinging away at a confused Collins at the bell.

Round 10: Collins looking concerned in her corner — all she has to do is stick and move, but it’s easier said than done with her spent legs and aching tummy. Hudgens trudging forward, punching right hands over Lily’s stick and landing clubbing blows high on the head — Collins tottering to her right with a sappy don’t-hurt-me expression, eyelashes fluttering. Nessa fearless and determined, sweeping crazy punches, rarely landing flush, but stepping forward into haymakers and blows to belly until suddenly LILY GOES BACK DOWN! Lily crashing to the hard canvas, rump dusting against the ground, sitting up on her elbows and then making her way back to her feet, tears in her eyes as she struggles to blink them away and refocus. Nessa is on her instantly for a FINAL BEATDOWN! Hudgens unleashing — landing a thick left hook so jarring in behind Collins’ elbow that brunette cries out, to the delight of crowd. Vanessa ROASTING that ribcage — bending side-to-side, shifting her weight from foot-to-foot, putting it into Collins with murderous thump — Lily wilting, eyes going glassy, lips pouting — she’s going out! Nessa sees it — face triumphant as she pours it on muscular — great strapping lefts and rights, now bashing against Collins’ flanks, pounding her head back. Lily swooning, hands at her chest. She’s groggy at the ropes, head swiveling, body swaying forward and back under the pounding, legs frozen from shattering body shots and THE REF JUMPS IN! Collins bludgeoned under a hail of ferocious brunette leather - Lily just sitting on her haunches, staring open-mouthed and it’s OVER! Good Lord - A TKO10 - for the inaugural Abs of Mass Destruction (ABD) Champion - Vanessa freakin’ Hudgens!

Official Decision: Vanessa Hudgens defeats Lily Collins via TKO10!

VIXENs leads Lookout! Boxing by 4:2.

After: Loud cheers erupt from the Lookout! corner, although Nessa is not immediately able to participate as she sways and slumps back into turnbuckle, accepting the hugs, high-fives and support from her stablemates. Vanessa has her eyes closed for a moment, chest rising and falling, skin glistening from the intense battle waged as she listens to the crowd chanting “A-M-D”, “A-M-D.”, A-M-D.”, with accompanying hand claps and roars of approval as there is a standing ovation going on for both fighters. The jubilation and eruption from the crowd brings Nessa back as she opens up her eyes, lips curling into a confident smirk as this has been one of the hardest-fought but most-rewarding matches of her career, and she can’t let Lily go without paying her back in kind. 

Vanessa immediately approaches her rival, seeing her make a mistake she will soon regret as Hudgens witnesses Collins trying to get to her feet, facing her stablemates, who warn her too late as Nessa pounces - driving a knee up between her thighs from behind to return the favor, as Collins crashes back down in a heap.

“How do you like it??” Vanessa shouts, sending a swift follow-up kick to Collin’s abs to send her flipping towards her back as Nessa immediately steps over her, positioning herself perfectly as she drops her proud posterior down into the battered belly of Lily Collins. A series of gurgled yelps escape Lily’s lips as Nessa starts to bounce up and down, crashing her butt down over and over into her bruised breadbasket, legs jack-knifing and bicycling into the air as she tries to roll free. Hudgens keeps bouncing, making her way upwards as she sends a few well-placed crashes of her butt into Collin’s cleavage, listening to her foe cry out and lips curling into a smile as she enjoys the sound.

But, as the crowd keeps chanting, she knows she needs to seal the deal as she lays down to press her sweaty, slick abs down into the face of Collins, as she whispers down coolly and spitefully: “Time for you to meet the true Abs of Mass Destruction, you stupid snooty wanker…” as she starts to lift up her tummy and then dropping her belly down like a bomb - over and over - slapping her foe’s face with her abs with loud, damp CRACKS as her abs smack in repeatedly. 

Collin’s muffled moans and sobs are filtered through Nessa’s tawny tummy as she repeatedly brings it down to bear, just battering her foe’s formerly smarmy face as she leaves it greasy, covered in sweat and tears. Lily’s make-up and day ruined, struggles slowing as Nessa smirks, going to plant her abs down against her face and squeezing her foe in tight, just scrubbing her face back and forth in excruciating, humiliating fashion. It’s a bitter end to a classic fight between the two for Collins as Nessa keeps up the pressure psychologically as well, taunting her with “Who has the better abs, huh?”, “Whose abs just stopped yours?” and “Whose body just broke yours? Who, bytch??” as she orders Lily to kiss and lick her abs clean. 

It’s impossible to tell whether she complies under the steady stream of tummy scrubbing from Nessa, but Hudgens does laugh in triumph and maintains the ab-domination until Lily goes limp underneath her. Hudgens keeps up the pressure, just grinding her abs back and forth until a tap from the referee on her shoulder catches her attention as he is holding the inaugural golden sports bra for the ‘Abs of Mass Destruction’ champ. It’s quite a sight: a golden sports bra with glistening letters across the chest that read ‘Abs of Mass Destruction’ with a prominent arrow pointing downwards towards the abs of the wearer, in this case, one Vanessa Anne Hudgens, who puts it on immediately as she makes her way to her feet and plants one foot across the defeated tummy of Lily. Pumping a double bicep flex and showing off the sports bra declaring what she already felt was hers, Vanessa poses confidently after this huge win. 

Despite her victory this time, it is clear to everybody watching, both those lucky enough to be there and the millions watching around the glove, that this battle between them is far from over and Lily, sooner rather than later, in some fashion that even the insanely creative and devious Vanessa Hudgens won’t anticipate, will be back for vengeance. But for now, Vanessa believes she has put things back to how they should be, as she is once again the “Fittest Flyweight in the FCBA” and has the title to prove it!

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