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21 June 2017 Tahnee Atkinson vs Hannah Ferguson

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Before: So whose fault is it? Who’s the one responsible for handing the JMDD and Welterweight titles back to Kate Upton? At least publicly, neither camp is pointing fingers: Tahnee: “If we didn’t go after Kate the question would be why were we ducking her? Best to get it out there and let everyone know we aren’t afraid of her!” Hannah: “We’re all the same age, same size and power punchers. We’ll be stripping belts off of each other for years to come. Might as well get it started.”

Tahnee in a black and white fur bikini, hair back in a battle bun. Hannah in a black leather monokini, hair long and loose down her back. Black gloves all around.

R1: Hannah very aggressive early, coming at Tahnee’s body with wide right hands, Aussie working behind a stubby jab, picking at the face as the blonde comes forward--spirited give and take through 2/3s of the heat. Down the stretch, Atkinson lets her back touch the ropes and Ferguson takes over--bruising lefts and rights thump in behind brunette’s elbows as Hannah’s punishing the stooped over brunette to the bell.

R2: Hannah fighting without respect, just walking Tahnee down to bang at her and it's not working. Atkinson stepping smartly behind a brisk, stinging stick - she's showing off an improved jab like it's a new Porsche. Ferguson held at the end of Tahnee's punches, picking off jabs with her right hand, weaving her head side to side, but flustered. Midway through, Atkinson doubles up the jab, shifts her hips, and leans into a driving right cross that catches satisfying wallop off Ferguson' jaw. Hannah sent stamping to her right well smote. Hannah circling, eyes flat with hate, but she's backing off and being walked down as Tahnee's the boss on the outside bell to bell.

R3: Hannah getting bolder, potshotting Tahnee's body with swinging right hands under the jab, brunette stiffening, enabling her to step inside and work with more authority, now initiating trade and getting the better of two-way slugging. Atkinson keeping her elbows in, but Ferguson's outworking her, finding ways to put leather on belly and scoring with uppercuts to the chin. Middle minute, both girls leaning into rights, coming back with hooks - dangerous biting trade and TAHNEE GOES DOWN! Concussive hook upside the head drops Atkinson to her backside - she's up, but swaying badly for a shaky 8. On comes Hannah and SHE WANTS RACK! Ferguson pinning Atkinson’s ears back and bringing the crowd to it's feet - helping herself to heaping handfuls of jug as brunette slouches hurt in the ropes. Tahnee paralyzed with pain, reaching forward to clinch: Hannah nice n' compact, twisting side to side to get tidy lefts and rights just a-clubbing jugs and jaw, stepping back in good order to pile up the points. Atkinson clocked, tagged, and walloped as she stumbles forward - Ferguson sidesteps to let big brunette flounder face-first into the ropes at the bell. Tahnee's legs gone - she's holding herself up by the top rope - Hannah pounds away to the buttocks with chugging mayhem - grinning wildly until ref pulls her away. Atkinson badly rattled, woozy and embarrassed as she wanders back to her corner.

R4: Hannah up on her toes, showing her versatility. Blonde beauty bopping to her left, dressing Tahnee up with jabs, brunette turning, hands at her chest, staring, getting her face spanked back almost at will by a smirking Ferguson. Hannah fresh with the punch, spotting it around Tahnee's torso and tummy, feinting the right hand to get her prey flinching, then stepping in strong with the jab. Breezy Ferguson round until late: blonde's jab just misses over Atkinson’s left shoulder, brunette winds up and plugs a right to ribs underneath, drawing a wince and cringe from Hannah. Tahnee reloading, clubbing the overhand right against Ferguson's jaw, getting it in again as blonde stumble-steps in a little semi-circle to her right, and HANNAH GOES DOWN! Shock in Ferguson's eyes - the numbing POWER of Atkinson's beefy rights! Smoldering satisfaction from Tahnee as she looks down, struts saucy to the neutral corner.

R5&6: Glorious exchanges, non-stop work as curvy battlers grind away hip to hip, shoulder to shoulder..Fifth in particular features excrutiating two way body punching - girls just wrapping the lefts behind the head, taking turns leaning in and swinging underneath. Blind, mindless brutality, tangled battlers stumbles into the ropes, girls tugging one another off balance, reversing positions. Right hands thump home, leather on belly, fitting in above the left hip, curling up snug to jug. Savage stuff - hardest punches of the fight, sustained for much of that round. 6th is less intense - fighters are visibly weary now, shabby from constant body work - they're holding more, pushing each other off balance, tucking in shots for snug hold-and-hit. Still robust work whenever one girl gets her hips back - fighters showing plenty of energy in spurts, beating each other senseless in spots. Bells ignored - girls holding each other tight, cheeks sealed wet against each other as right hands wreak plunging havoc downstairs. Both crying upon separation, aching chests heaving with hate. Hannah takes that brutal 5th, but Tahnee's stronger in the aftermath, taking the 6th.

R7: Groggy battlers stumble-to: each almost needing to brace against the other to remain upright. Hannah insisting upon jug now - crowding in cheek to cheek, then shrugging short, stuffing punches into Tahnee's rack. Atkinson’s been rugged to this point, but determined Ferguson jug-mugging clearly gets to her here. Hannah finally winning the shoving match, Tahnee pushed hard to ropes: blonde atop her foe, securing her with the left arm under Atkinson's right, slumping her forward for pumping rights belly and jug. Crude, cruel, plugging stuff - but it's blunt and effective. Tahnee butt in ropes, sobbing, ref pulls Hannah away after the bell as she’s mindlessly plowing in extra.

R8: Sleepy sluggers zombie-walking towards each other, Tahnee able to get in a lead-off jab that surprises Hannah, jerks a short right uppercut to chin, wobbling leather-covered backside as she stumbles backward. Atkinson slops a rangy right hand to jaw – then steps in, back underneath with the right uppercut. Hannah's head flinging back, hands low: she's rocked, eyes closed, mouth open. Atkinson stepping in with another clapping right to jaw, really bending into it and DOWN GOES FERGUSON! Hannah on her back all busted up, beaten-down and KNOCKED OUT! KTFO8 Tahnee Atkinson

After: Tahnee bellowing in elation, hauling Hannah outside by her hair in a punch-drunk parody of a walk of shame. She’s standing at the top of Lima’s ramp, showing her prize off to the hootin’, hollerin’ onlookers WHEN SHE’S TACKLED FROM BEHIND! 


Kate Upton plows into the pair, sending all three tumbling down to the bottom! Upton first to her feet, kicks Ferguson in the jaw as the blonde is sitting up, sending her back down to the pavement. Kate unzipping her jacket to reveal the white fur bikini she stubbornly insists on wearing at the Ice Hotel, leans forward to pull her into a breast smother, AND GETS CLOBBERED BY AN ATKINSON AXEHANDLE! Upton jackknifes forward, Tahnee grabs her by the hair and clonks her skull off the ground just to be sure, spins her around and STUFFS her face between her breasts! 
Atkinson already on her knees, settles her rump down on top of Ferguson’s face. Bikini bottoms slipped a bit during her tumble, but, sorry blondie, her hands are busy holding Upton! Three 25-year-olds with six titles between them, these three will be busting each other up for years to come. But the tableau tonight that will be the story as far as most people are concerned, is the sight of Tahnee Atkinson simultaneously delivering an extra-cheeky facesit to Hannah Ferguson while dealing out a breast smother to Kate Upton, whose flailing arms are rapidly getting slower as she gets smothered out at the Ice Hotel for the THIRD time!



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