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30 June 2017 Kyra Santoro vs Rachele Brooke Smith

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on June 30, 2017, 10:33 pm




(24, 5’7, 118, 6:2 FCBA, VIXENs)

(30, 5’6, 0:2 FCBA, The Fighting Academy)

Before: Kyra looking eager to get back into the ring, and against such a determined opponent no less. Rachele hasn’t won a fight yet, but who can blame her when she’s paired against the likes of Taylor Swift and Ashley Greene, both semi-legends in their own right. Here she faces the relative newcomer in Ms Santoro, who’s looking smashing as usual in a white bikini with blue highlights, black gloves, ready to brawl. Rachele no slouch either, dressed in camo-bikini, green brown and black hues all mixing in potent combination, finishing with classic red gloves to match.

In pre-fight taping, Kyra once again portraying goody-two-shoes persona, claims she loves seeing Rachele on television, and that it was a shame that Rachele were not on screen more often. Uh oh - catty remark detected? Rachele certainly thinks so, firing back with her own verbal jab at the newcomer: “I *really* enjoyed Kyra’s photo shoot in this year’s SI magazine - she really sold herself well!”

Kyra’s face flushing at the insinuation of her selling her body for monetary gain, but decides to gulp the insult down. Nonetheless, tense weigh-ins and now tenser staredown in the ring as both girls reluctantly touch gloves but follow up with a mutual taunt. Referee’s ready and it looks like these girls are too. Here we go with ten rounds of Bantamweight action:

Round 1: Kyra starts the match on right footing, going straight for her strengths by trying to get in close to brawl with Rachele, relying on her slight height advantage to put some power behind those punches to the gut. Rachele gacking and gurgling early, stunned when Kyra skips the jabs up high and goes straight after her toned mid-riff with pounding shots, but Kyra also ignoring the one thing Rachele has going for her - her incredible physique. Rachele holding her own in close quarters, taking the punches to her tummy but not looking like she’s much hurt. Instead, Rachele firing back with effective punches of her own, tagging Kyra on the cheek multiple times and going after her own toned tummy late in the round. Result is both girls scoring much but Kyra coming ahead just slightly, but more so a defeat for Santoro who was hoping for a quick victory here.

Round 2: Instead, second round sees the Vixen’s hopes dashed when Rachele gets warmed up enough and gets used to the idea of brawling with her. Girls get in close and chop blow after blow to the face then chest, then bang on the body and sides as they almost completely ignore defenses and seem more interested in testing the limits of the other’s resilience. Unsurprisingly, Kyra the one who’s starting to groan and moan more loudly towards the end of the round, Rachele burying lefts and rights deep into her midsection, folding the Vixen over as she packs some momentum behind those uppercuts. Kyra rushes forward to clinch like she’s taught in training, manages to stem the American’s assault momentarily as they wrestle for control till the bell. Brooke’s round, undeniably, looking stronger and giving Kyra a run for her money. Perhaps this here’s the fight where she finally breaks that pitiful losing streak?

Round 3: Kyra’s decimation continuing in the third, her confidence shattered the moment her game plan goes to pieces. In-between round pep-talk from trainer Corey Saucier does little to change her mind-set, not when the Vixen starts eating a barrage of jabs to her nose and lips in the opening ten seconds as Rachele again charges forward throwing shade. Santoro relies on her instincts instead, scoots away and gives up on trying to brawl with this raven brunette, instead lets her chase her around the ring to expend her energy. Kyra shooting the occasional jab that lands on chest and cheek, but Rachele still the one throwing the big bombs, hoping for third round knockout. Unfortunately for her, they rarely land, but when they do, they pack enough punch to drive Santoro back to the ropes, where Rachele eagerly stampedes in to work Kyra’s body over in the last ten seconds, though it’s still not enough to put the Vixen down for the count.

Round 4: Here we go with the start of the fourth - Rachele still has a big, condescending smile on her face, but keen observers noticing her more-sluggish movements as she rushes in to engage. Clearly Brooke’s stamina dwindling after her adrenaline-filled three rounds - how long can she keep up this advance though Not that long, it’s soon revealed, when Rachele gets in range and takes a big swing at Kyra’s head - wild hook is wild off, swishing harmlessly pass Kyra’s head. Instead, Santoro takes the cue to attack, swinging back with a swipe left across Rachele’s cheek, then another side-swiping across the brunette’s chest, bringing a loud squeal to her lips, only to have it cut short with a final WHIP across her face in the opposite direction! Rachele’s getting beaten down in all different ways. Brunette goes sprawling into the ropes, hangs there mouth open as Kyra strides in, both arms still up just in case, chugging her gloves left right left right into every opening presented with. It’s a sudden, complete rout by the Vixen… Rachele’s completely exposed and dominated by her shortcomings! Fortunately for her, the bell rings before Kyra can finish off the assault - look of disappointment on Santoro’s face evident as she realises she could have won the fight right there and then but got carried away by letting thoughts of murderous revenge get a little too far. Rachele though not complaining, falling to all fours after the bell rings and has to be helped back to her corner.

Round 5: To everyone’s surprise, Rachele comes charging forward at the bell, hoping to catch Kyra off-guard at her own game, much like the second round. Kyra slightly surprised but resolves herself to see it through. If she wants to brawl, let’s brawl! Repeat of first round as girls take turns sending punches hard into the other’s body and into chin, sending shockwaves cascading throughout the rest of their toned bodies. Kyra grunting hard but shrugs off the pain, slowly landing more and more punches than Rachele can herself - Brooke’s the one being driven back to the ropes, her midsection eating stiff right hands one after another, Kyra’s punches just slowly but surely breaking down that ab-wall. This time, Kyra stops the abuse early once it’s clear that Rachele’s about to tip over - her body bending over, hands clutching her tummy as she falls down to her knees and stays there. Crowd roars with approval, referee begins the count but it’s useless - Rachele continues being curled up in a ball, unable to make it back up to her feet, much less straighten out her tortured tummy. It’s over!

Official Decision: Kyra Santoro defeats Rachele Brooke Smith via KO5!

After: Kyra’s turn to be on a roll here with consecutive wins, though pundits question the calibre of the Vixen from wins over fighters such as Rose Bertram and Mila Kang - rookies just like herself. Her win over Rachele Smith tonight not likely to change many minds, but Ms Santoro forever the optimist, smiling at reporters after her victory lap in the ring.

“Sure, my opponent’s may not have been in the top ten… but a win’s a win, and I’m slowly climbing my way up the ladder. Who can ask for more?”

Rachele herself looking dejected once she recovers well enough to speak to the press. Steaming, she reiterates her earlier point that Kyra’s just another swimsuit hoe. “She’s NOTHING, you hear me? I had stomach cramps this morning - that’s the ONLY f*cking reason I went down so easily…” Rachele tries to continue, perhaps not realising the damage and embarrassment she’s doing to herself, before her trainer quickly intervenes, herding her backstage and muttering ‘No more comments’ to reporters, but not before Rachele can be clearly heard protesting further as she’s led away: “DID YOU HEAR ME, KYRA? You’re NOTHING COMPARED TO ME!”



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