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7 July 2017 Robyn Lawley vs Gena Lee Nolin

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Posted by Punchaholics Anonymous on July 7, 2017, 2:02 am



Robyn Lawley vs Gena Lee Nolin

Results: Lookout!; Words: Anon

During the lead up to the fight, Robyn Lawley spoke of her opponent's career many times. "I still remember screaming when she knocked out Mariah Carey in the first round for the middleweight title," the model excitedly recounted. "They both deserved that one." Of course, Lawley was all too aware of the demise of the middleweight division, describing it as a much more natural fit for someone of her size. Still, she stayed focused on the task at hand. "Gena is dangerous, and she's going to get herself in the ring one way or another due to her cult following," commented the model. "So I'd like to beat her and get her off of the list of people seen as my competition."

Nolin herself seemed more focused on the present. "Robyn isn't a pushover, but beating her puts me in the top ten. So this is a serious fight for me!" The blonde actress had mixed feelings on Lawley's call for a revived middleweight league. "Even at it's peak, there was always a shortage of girls. But I think there are a few girls who can compete at that weight, and I'm happy to knock out any of them!"

At noon, on a secluded beach, the two fighters, their entourages, and a select group of onlookers assembled. Lawley, assisted by a few Punchaholics Anonymous underlings under the direction of Amy Acker, made her entrance in a blue one piece. Nolin, accompanied by a small group, entered wearing a white monokini. The ring consisted of four wooden posts embedded in the sand, with the vague suggestion of ropes promising to keep the boxers penned in.

Round 1:
Both boxers struck a fast pace early on. Nolin maneuvered well enough to overcome her opponent's reach advantage at times, but Lawley was hardly a pushover even with her most obvious strength temporarily cancelled out. Though both women fought hard, Nolin spent slightly more time on offense, and both emerged in about the same shape that they began.

Round 2:
Nolin was just as eager to get into the action in the second round. Lawley had other ideas, preferring to hit and run. The tall model got her way as Nolin absorbed a right cross to the mouth, then faltered in her best attempt to give chase and punish her rival. The scene played out several times over the course of her round -- Lawley would land her bomb, then move and drive Nolin away when she tried to counterattack. While Nolin seemed more frustrated than hurt at the end of the round, there was no question that it had been difficult to endure.

Round 3:
Having examined her failures in the break, Nolin emerged better prepared. This time, she stuck to Lawley more persistently, and the tall brunette was forced to fight on her terms. Lawley herself didn't seem to mind, trading swings up close and constantly repositioning to potentially break away. Nolin didn't let it happen, and late in the round, she caught the model up close with a rising fist to the midsection with enough strength to bend her slightly at the waist.

Round 4:
Nolin left her winning strategy alone in the fourth round, with predictable results. Lawley struggled, holding her own for a moment as Nolin applied the pressure, before the shorter blonde got the break she was looking for. Nolin slipped her right fist through Lawley's guard and thumped her ribs. As the model tried to drive her off, Nolin avoided her swing, then caught her under the chin with a rising punch. Her best efforts shut down, Lawley retreated, covering up and responding weakly to Nolin's follow ups. The tall model managed to stabilize for part of the round, only to fall victim to Nolin's attacks again as the blonde boxer struck her jaw with a right cross and countered her replies.

Round 5:
Lawley braced herself as Nolin charged her again at the start of the fifth round. The two women attacked each other fiercely, but neither could make any headway. Lawley was able to break the stalemate; one step ahead of Nolin, she landed a solid left hook to the head as the blonde misread her opponent's move. Lawley proceeded to give Nolin a taste of her own medicine, slugging her up close and shutting down her attempts to recover. Nolin pushed back, her attack falling short as Lawley struck her on the chin with a sudden right hand. Soon, Nolin was driven back and Lawley gave chase until the bell.

Round 6:
Anxious to give her faltering opponent some more punishment, Lawley eagerly initiated the early clashes in the sixth round. She did not have to wait long for a reward; after a short, intense battle, Nolin committed to a punch that Lawley was able to deflect, the tall brunette threw a right hook back, and Nolin's momentum carried her onto it, face first. Midway through her stumble, Lawley's left hand collided with the side of Nolin's head, and the blonde tipped over on her side, groaning. She rolled back and forth in the sand, but did not rise before the end of the count, giving Lawley the KO6 win.

Lawley, smiling despite being out of breath, stood over Nolin with her hands on her hips while the officials recorded the obvious result. Once Nolin had been counted out without interference, the tall model flipped her hair back and rolled her eyes, then pounced on the beaten woman. Securing the bruised blonde's head under her arm, Lawley lay beside her, forcing Nolin face first into the sand in a tight headlock. Nolin, kicking her legs, placed her hands firmly on Lawley's body and shoved with all of her might, only making the brunette tighten her grip and bounce up and down in the sand more violently. This was the last straw for Nolin's body; her fell straight down and lay limp. Lawley knelt in the sand, rolling the blonde on her back, where she lay still, eyes shut and lips parted. The tall model beamed and sat astride Nolin's stomach, flexing her biceps -- but not before arranging the unresponsive loser's hands above her head for a more impressive picture. Her triumph well recorded, Lawley hoisted Nolin over her shoulders and dumped her into the arms of her entourage.

"I respect Gena, but... we're on the beach, in swimsuits, with nobody to break us up. I have to show her who's boss." The victorious model paused. "I'm very glad I pushed management to hold the fight on the beach. Lots of people know me for my swimwear line and my Sports Illustrated appearances, and the sorts of women who probably want to fight me usually end up here sooner or later. Now, if you'll excuse me, this is my patch of sand, and I only share it with the lovely Ms. Acker. I'm going to coat her in however many gallons of sunblock it takes."



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