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14 July 2017 Zara Larsson vs Katherine McNamara

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Posted by Girls Friday on July 14, 2017, 10:05 am



(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Free Agent vs Free Agent)

Tale of the Tape:
Zara Larsson:
Age: 19
Height: 5'4
Measurements: 34-25-34
Record: debut
Katherine McNamara:
Age: 21
Height: 5'5
Measurements: 35-25-33
Record: debut

The first New Blood flyweight tournament semi final sees Swedish singer Zara Larsson take on the American actress Katherine McNamara for the first spot in the final.
Zara Larsson is best known for songs like "Never Forgot You" "Ain't My Fault" and "Lush Life" she also won her countries version of the "Got Talent" talent show aged only 10.
Katherine McNamara is famous for shows like "Happy land" and "Shadowhunters" but also movies like "Maze Runner: The Scorch Trails" this is both fighters debuts.

In the build up to the fight, both girls seemed to enjoy the spotlight, photoshoots mixed in with open training sessions at the organisers sponsored gym, giving interviews about the tournament, they are the perfect sales people you could say.
Though at the press conference as they go nose to nose, they are only interested in fighting, their eyes look to be piercing through their future opponent, there is a controlled fury behind those eyes.
Both are led to their tables so they can speak to the press, the girls get their smiles back with journalists wondering how forced they are, Zara is told she is to speak first.
"I first want to say a big thank you to those who organised this for picking me, the list of names to win these tournaments in their short live span are not exactly small parts" says the grinning blonde singer.
She continues "I have seen betting odds and we all seem to be around the same levels, but you know what is getting on my nerves"
Waiting for a moment before answering her own question "it's all the press Katherine has had, I've heard Hilarie Burton and the scouts from Foxfire and the PLP will be watching her, I guess they will get to see a real fighter when I put their prized peach on the deck for the count"
The look on Katherine's face is one of "you better apologize bytch" as she stares daggers at Zara, part of her wanting to rip her head off, but she somehow gets her smile back; though it's clearly not as big as it was before.
"Zara is right on the importance of this tournament, I have agents calling me to ask me about my future already, but my future hinges on how I do in this tournament" says Katherine.
Then she almost snarls as adds "but I can see Zara's problem, I mean if no one wanted to see me I'd be upset too" smirking as she sees the look of rage on Zara's face.
Both girls are brought up for the final face off, getting into the spirit of things as they go nose to nose, snarling insults as they tell each other what they are going to do to each other.
Zara shoves Katherine as security lightning speed jumps between the girls to stop them going for each other, the journalists look upset as they watch the girls being taken off the stage.

Fight night in Philadelphia's 2300 Arena, first out is the special referee for this tournament, Lucy Liu is out in a referees top that has been shortened to look like a tank top, she has tight black workout shorts on and black trainers on.
The crowd cheer the Hall of Famer on as she smiles and mouth "thank you" in reply, the ever popular petite actress climbing into the ring and waving to the fans, before she steps to the ring centre and waits for the fighters.
Out comes Zara first, she's wearing a dark blue one piece swimsuit, yellow gloves in a sort of tribute to her home nation, leaving her long hair free and straightened.
Smiling as she heads down to the ring, almost bouncing on her way as she is excited to get this fight started so she can show off her skills.
Climbing into the ring, she raises her fists to the roof and she nods to Lucy Liu, showing her respect as she heads to her corner, starting to go through her warm up with her coach as the crowd turns to see her opponent arrive.
Katherine standing on the ramp with a cheeky smile, the redhead stunner is wearing a one piece swimsuit that matches her flame red hair, as do her gloves that she raises up in the air as she swaggers down to the ring.
The crowd cheer her as she jogs towards the ring, her smile lighting up the way as she goes, before she climbs into the ring and does a lap of honour.
She can be heard calling Zara "C**t" as she goes past her, Zara having to be told by her coach to keep calm, Katherine getting to her corner and running through her own warm up routine.
Lucy waves both to the ring centre, doing as told the fighters come face to face, scowling at each other as they try to keep themselves warmed up by bouncing on the spot.
Asked to touch gloves, the girls give each others gloves a quick swipe, then jog back to their corners, raring to get going, Lucy signals for the bell to begin 10 rounds of flyweight action.

Round 1:
Out come the fighters with similar stances, up on their toes with loose guards as they move their heads out the way of their opponent's jabs in the early going.
Katherine stepping forwards to land a double jab, but as she tries to land a left cross, Zara ducks under and comes back up with a right cross of her own.
Both girls letting their fists do the talking now, ripping shots into each others bodies as they step into each other.
Zara though gives a little nudge that the referee Lucy misses to the jugs of Katherine, opening up room to dig two rights to the redheads cheeks.
Now she drives forwards with several shots to the cheeks of Katherine, who looks a little surprised by the straight forward aggressiveness of her opponent.
But Katherine smartly parries a right and counters with a jab straight to the lips of Zara, before landing two body blows as she opens up some space.
The crowd enjoying this already as the girls dance around each other but are throwing some hard punches, Katherine landing the better punches due to the slight height advantage.
Zara again slips under a left hook to get back inside, landing a left of her own up top and retreating out the way of a right hook.
The singer just looking that little bit faster, both girls having success but it's Zara who is starting to take control of the round as the final minute.
Katherine forcing a hard exchange with seconds to go as Zara looks happy to get stuck in, both slamming in thudding little punches as the girls look to win the round.
The bell rings to end a tight round, Zara looking the happier as Katherine nods at her, as if admitting she lost the round on their way back to their corners.
Round 2:
Katherine looking to learn from her first ever round of boxing, starts fighting more off the backfoot, jabbing away at the smaller fighter.
Zara a little too aggressive, trying to get to the inside and the redhead steps out the way of these lunges and catches the blonde with clipping punches to her cheeks.
A right catching Zara to her cheek and Katherine steps forwards to land a follow up left and right, the singer being pressed back and for the first time this fight, Katherine is showing why people are rating her very highly.
But Zara parries a right and steps in to land a right hook, Katherine gets knocked back a step as the Swede starts to comeback at her.
Katherine shows some good footwork and a left jab digs to the top of Zara's head to create the space again, with both fighters taking a second to wire each other up.
Again Zara slips inside as Katherine tries to land a straight, she lands a right across the jugs of McNamara, Katherine groaning out in pain as she takes a left across them.
Shoving Zara back and paying her back with a right hook, Katherine looking upset that her opponent would use JMD tactics.
The girls slipping back in close, slamming to the body of each other, Katherine pulling Zara in close with her left and digging two punches to the face of Zara as she shows frustration.
Lucy separating the girls and warning Katherine to keep things clean or points will be taken off, the youngster nodding at the legend and the fight continues.
Zara looking upset herself now as she comes forwards again, but Katherine seems to have her focus back as she controls the final thirty seconds of the round with some precision long range punches.
The bell rings with both fighters giving each other a quick glare, annoyed that they are facing someone who seems so close to themselves in talent, not helping the bitter feelings the build up created between them.
Katherine though looks relieved that she seemed to get more of a foothold in the round then the first, as Zara isn't too bothered, she just let's her coach do his work to clean her up.
Round 3:
Again the fighters come towards the ring centre, moving on their toes as they probe for openings, Katherine once more using her height to keep digging away at Zara with cleaner punches of the two.
Zara trying to move inside again, is mistiming her attacks as Katherine steps back quickly enough and catches her opponent with a right across the top of her head.
Then she steps to the side and lands a double jab to start pressing Zara backwards, the younger fighter is getting smacked to her cheeks and needing her own impressive footwork to get out of this.
The problem for her is that Katherine isn't far behind, digging her punches towards the face of Larsson, who is forced to cover up more tightly then she'd probably like too.
Changing tactic, Katherine works the body of Zara, raining in four unanswered punches to either side of the body.
But Zara almost springs forwards with a right cross, not landing cleanly, it's enough to force Katherine to back up a step and defensively land a straight to the singers face as she tries to plug the gap between them.
Again there is a small lull in the action as both fighters move around each other, Katherine annoying Zara with those long range punches, almost prodding a bull as the Swede charges forwards.
Katherine looks ready though as she blocks a right up top and digs a straight through to the nose of the blonde, before she adds a left across the jugs as payback for Zara's attack to her own jugs.
Zara grunts and groans as she is forced back again, her cheeks starting to redden up as she is forced back around the ring.
Not long left in the round, Zara slips under a left but almost eats an uppercut, just getting her head out the way of certain doom.
But she's slightly unbalanced and can't get her guard fully back up as Katherine catches her with two hard lefts across the top part of her cheek, making her groan as the bell rings to end the round.
Cameras catch that cheek is starting to look puffy and marked up, Zara needing her coach to work on it as scouts must be putting points next to Katherine's name, like the judges should be after that round.
Round 4:
Katherine starting strongly again, dancing around Zara, whose covering up more, maybe getting hit as hard is starting to get into her head as the redhead digs away at her guard.
A right to the ribs of Zara makes her grunt and swing a left hook that Katherine steps out the way and digs a straight to the top of her head.
Katherine controlling the smaller girl, bouncing around her and using her extra reach to keep Zara back and on the defensive.
Two rights land around the guard of Zara, knocking her towards the ropes, the redhead looking to press her fully onto the ropes.
But Zara blocks a straight and steps to the side, Katherine trying to keep her in front of her, but Zara uses quick feet to go one way, then change direction to confuse her opponent.
The blonde landing a left hook, then as Katherine tries to snap a jab to her face to push her back, instead Zara ducks under it and comes back up with an overhand right.
Suddenly the momentum of the round changes, Zara is powering forwards and Katherine is forced to cover up while retreating.
Zara lands a hard right to the abs of Katherine, leans out the way of an uppercut but takes a jab to her lips as both start to trade.
Knowing the round is close to it's conclusion, both girls let their hands go, neither getting much of an advantage as the fight becomes scruffy.
The round ends with both girls just about holding back their punches, staring at the other with a look that almost says "go ahead and give it a go"
Lucy is between the girls before one takes the offer up, sending both to their corners as both have reddened faces now, Katherine though should still feel confident though as she has fought well up to now.
Round 5:
Katherine tries to come out strongly again, dancing on her toes as Zara is looking more aggressive again, that success at the end of the last round seems to have gotten her confidence back.
A few jabs catch Zara to the top of her head and it looks like Katherine is going to press forwards again, she lands a right cross to get Zara to take step back.
But a follow up left misses and Zara comes forwards with a hard right hook to the ribs of the actress, who groans out loudly.
Zara backing up Katherine as she let's her hands go, catching Katherine with three punches to the centre of her face, before she gets caught with a right across her cheek to slow her down.
Katherine trying to get back at Zara, both girls fighting hard to try and land something to get some control over this fight as it keeps changing.
It's Zara who gets the punch she was looking for, parrying a left cross and stepping forwards with a right hook, Katherine stumbling back two steps as the blonde sticks to her.
Pounding Katherine to her face as the redhead is trying to cover up, ending up on the ropes as Zara looks to have hurt her.
Katherine forced to clinch up as the crowd stand and try to get a closer look, Zara digging her right into the kidney area of her opponent.
Till Lucy pries the girls apart, warning Zara to keep things clean, she nods to the special referee as she is focused on hurting McNamara.
Stepping forwards to keep the pressure on, Katherine though is fighting back from her guard, trying to move out the way of the aggressive blonde.
The bell rings as Zara lands a left cross up top, she has a cheeky grin on her face as she knows she finally did some real damage to Katherine, who glares at her in reply and looks like she's about to go for the Swede.
Lucy again does her job as she steps between them and warns them not to try her patience, pointing both to their corners as they jog back to get cleaned up.
Both have puffy cheeks now and their bodies show some marks, the girls starting to breath a little harder, going into the final part of the rounds now.
Round 6:
Zara coming out quickly with a real steely look on her face, Katherine doing her best to keep her back, maybe still feeling the effects of some of the pounding punches she suffered in the last round.
The redhead landing a nice straight punch to the lips of her opponent, but missing with a left hook as Zara ducks under it and goes to work on the body with three hard shots that drive the air out of her body.
Then she lands a hard right hook that puts Katherine down to her side, the crowd up cheering her as Zara raises her gloves to the crowd, clearly thinking this is over.
But as Lucy starts to count, Katherine is stirring, 4...5... Katherine pushes herself to her backside, staring up at Lucy with a determined look.
At 8 Katherine beats the count, pushing herself up to her feet and banging her gloves together, trying to get herself mentally back into this as Zara looks hungry to finish this.
As Lucy orders to continue, Zara looks to hunt down Katherine, the actress though is coming to meet her, both working each other over with belting shots.
Zara takes a hard right up top and it looks like Katherine may get back into this as she backs up the smaller fighter.
But Zara slips under a straight and digs a right to the ribs of Katherine, then follows up with a left hook that rattles McNamara once more.
Forced to clinch up, Katherine looks to be leaning onto Zara, she's clearly hurt now as Zara digs away with several body shots as Katherine can't hold onto her.
The bell rings to save Katherine from further punishment, she stumbles slightly as she heads back to her corner, her coach trying to waken her up for the next round as she shakes her head.
Zara standing in her corner, looking ready to get straight at Katherine, not wanting to give her any chance to get back into this.
Round 7:
Katherine shows her toughness by coming out, but she is stuck trying to fight off the back foot as Zara stalks her back around the ring.
A straight smashes its way through the gloves of Katherine knocking her head back, Zara lands two more right crosses that rocks Katherine.
Zara slams an uppercut that puts Katherine down to her back, Lucy checking on the redhead, beginning to count her out, Katherine blinking but hasn't the wear with all to push herself up, the count reaches 10 and the fight is over.

Winner: Zara Larsson KO Round 7

The crowd stand and cheer Zara who bows to them, though she feels sore after that war, her eyes staring down at the beaten Katherine.
Zara strutting over to Katherine and putting her right foot onto the bust of the redhead, posing over her as she tells her "I told you I'd put you down, the scouts at least got to see a real fighter"
Pressing her foot in to Katherine's bust to get a low moan from her, smirking as she flexes her arms, proud of this moment, one she hopes is the start of many more.
The interviewer coming into the ring let's Katherine get some respite as Zara steps off her and goes over to him, Lucy helping Katherine up and to her corner to get cleaned up.
Zara smiling as she tells the interviewer "I hope this finally changes the view of me and her" pointing over the ring at McNamara.
"I knew that I'd pound her to the canvas, while I have to give her she gave me a good fight, I hope that the scouts in the crowd enjoyed my performance and I am willing to sign up for you guys"
She nods her thanks to the interviewer, before strutting off to leave the ring, tossing her gloves at the feet of Katherine and smirking at her.
Katherine has to be helped out the ring by her coach, tears starting to roll down her house as she hopes this hasn't ruined her chances of finding a stable.
Some wondering if this can be classed as an upset after the hype for Katherine in the scouting circles, but both fought closely and Katherine had her moments, but the scouts may be watching Zara more closely as she heads to the final on PPV.



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