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29 July 2017 Jade Thirlwall vs Elizabeth Henstridge

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on July 29, 2017, 8:16 am



(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Frankie's Foxes vs Girls Friday)

Two up and coming English flyweights do battle tonight as Little Mix
singer Jade Thirlwall fights Agents of Shield actress Elizabeth
Jade is 24 years old, stands at 5'3 and holds a record of 8 wins, all
by knockout and 2 defeats, she has beaten the likes of Cheryl Cole and
Camila Cabello.
Elizabeth is 29 years old, stands 5'4 and holds a record of 9 wins,
all by knockout and 2 defeats herself, she's beaten girls like Brenda
Song and Chloe Moretz.

When the fight was announced, both girls met at the press conference
with smiles on their faces, though Jades certainly wasn't a friendly
one as much as a cocky smile.
Both girls shook hands and went to their tables as they got ready to
speak to the press, Jade asked to speak first as the youngster give
her biggest smile she could.
She said "the crossover PPV'S are always big for girls like myself who
have bleed, sweated and I'll admit cried for the BBU, but it moulded
me into the woman I am now"
Adding "I have beaten Cheryl Cole to a pulp, I'll do it again anytime
I get the chance too, but for now I have this girl who trains in my
backyard of the north east of England or Newcastle to those who know"
Now getting more serious, Jade looks at Elizabeth and says to her "I
have been meaning to send a message to your stable, I'm the best
flyweight from that area, take imports like you and get lost, because
Newcastle is the best fighting city in the world and anyone who doubts
that should come into a ring with me, I'll show them anytime"
Elizabeth looks taken aback, she didn't expect so much fire to have
been spat at her by the youngster, she takes a few moments to compose
herself before her own reply.
Henstridge says "well I guess it's not going to be a friendly fight"
getting a chuckle from some in the front row of the press.
Continuing by saying "I have seen Jade several times in the ring, I
have to admit that I have seen her in concert too" blushing slightly
as she admits that, Jade's look not softening even with that.
"But I having come this far to lose, me and my stable are aiming for a
perfect year for me, I don't see it happening I have to say, you won't
be the one to stop me Jade" finishes Elizabeth.
As Jade quickly fires back "Cheryl said that too, before I knocked her
out like that" snapping her fingers to get her point across.
The girls go nose to nose as the smiles have disappeared, Elizabeth
normally friendly, but Jade seems to have pushed her buttons hard,
before they separate and walk over stage.

Fight night, out comes Jade with Myleene Klass by her side, she is
wearing a black and white stripped bikini with white gloves with black
thumbs, her hair is up in a fighting ponytail as she looks stunning as
Walking to the ring with a swagger in her step, the crowd love the
youngster as they cheer and even wolfwhistle her on her way to the
Climbing into the ring, she jogs to her corner, mounting the bottom
rope with arms up in the air, her eyes closed as she looks to be
taking in the atmosphere, before hoping down and finishing her warm up
with Myleene.
Now out comes Elizabeth with Lauren Berlingeri and Eva Carneiro by her
side, she's wearing a grey bikini with a black Shield badge from the
show on her left bra cup, she has grey gloves with black thumbs on and
her hair is up in a ponytail.
Smiling as she heads to the ring, she waves to her fans in the front
row, they always seem to cheer her up before she steps into a ring.
Which she does soon enough, heading to the ring centre to wave to the
fans, before jogging to her corner to warm up.

Both fighters are brought to the ring centre by the referee, their
eyes meet in an intense staredown, the referee keeping close in case
it kicks off as he finishes his instructions.
No worries it seems as he asks for a glove touch, both girls bump
gloves and jog back to their corners, once they are ready; the referee
waves for the bell to begin 10 rounds of flyweight action.

Round 1:
Out come the fighters to the ring centre, circling each other with
single punches being exchanged between the two, trying to test each
other out.
Jade showing her aggressive side as she slips under a jab and comes
forwards to land two cross punches to back up Elizabeth.
The Little Mix style star pressing back Elizabeth several steps, but
she misses a looping right up top that Elizabeth leans her out the
Henstridge landing a double jab to the cheek of Thrilwall, then adds a
right cross as now she presses her opponent back across the ring to
the ring centre.
Soon the girls plant their feet and start trading, the crowd roaring
the girls on as they let their hands go, Jade showing her power,
landing two cross punches to either cheek of Elizabeth to back up her.
A bit of good footwork from Elizabeth sees her get out the way of a
follow up right straight punch, then lands a right cross as Jade tries
to get in close.
Elizabeth starting to fighting off the back foot, letting Jade come
forwards and catching the youngster coming in with straight punches
and across her cheeks.
Jade getting frustrated, trying to land a big shot, Elizabeth leaning
out the way of a right cross and snapping a double jab to the face of
her opponent and adds two more punches across her face to back her up.
The older fighter backs Jade up to the ropes, but Jade shows her own
impressive footwork by moving back out the way of a left hook and
moving back into space.
The fighters coming back in close to let their hands go as the seconds
tick away in the round, trying to win the opening round as they work
each others bodies over.
The bell rings with the girls stepping back to head back to their
corners, neither fighter looks too worried as they sit down, smiling
to their coaches as they get washes down and given advice.
Round 2:
Both girls starting to stand and trade more to open the round,
Elizabeth looking to back up Jade as she throws a flurry of punches
that miss.
Elizabeth tries to land a big right cross but Jade ducks and comes
back with an overhand right and catches her on the top of her head,
down goes Henstridge!
The crowd standing looking stunned as Jade pumps her right fist to the
crowd with a big grin on her face, the referee beginning to count.
Elizabeth sitting up and shaking her head, not looking badly hurt,
nodding at Jade whose standing with a cocky grin on her face.
Elizabeth beats the count at 8, banging her gloves together as she
tries to shake off being put down, the referee allowing her to go on.
Jade quickly on the attack, as Elizabeth covers up, the youngster
working on the body of her opponent to try and open her up to finish
She gets Elizabeth onto the ropes, maybe fighting Lily Allen two days
before was too much for Henstridge as she is forced to take a
hammering on the ropes.
Clinching up, Elizabeth frustrates Jade as the fighters grapple on the
ropes, the referee needed to pull the girls apart as Thirlwall spits
insults at the actress.
Separated, Jade is too hyped to finish the job that she starts missing
with wild shots, Elizabeth is countering her with straight punches to
her face.
Jade calms down as she steps back, both girls taking a quick moment to
work out what they are going to do next.
Again Jade tries to go on the front foot, but Elizabeth looks to be
fully recovered, catching her coming in with a counter right, then
steps in to land two body shots to back up.
Elizabeth backing up Jade with two more straight punches, Jade slips
under a follow up left hook and digs a left to the body.
Again they fall in tight as they work each other to the body and slam
shots to the cheeks, pushing each other back and forth.
The bell rings to end the round, Jade giving Elizabeth a bump with her
shoulder as she heads to her corner, Elizabeth shaking her head as she
heads to her own corner.
Lauren checking on Elizabeth to see that she's recovered, Elizabeth
nods that she is as she gets her face cleaned up.
Round 3:
Out come the fighters to the ring centre, trading several shots at a
time as they are trying to knock each other backwards.
Jade starts to back Elizabeth up as she lands a jab and straight to
the lips of the actress, a trickle of blood running from the bottom
But as she tries to press Elizabeth to the ropes, Henstridge slips
past a straight and lands a right hook to Thirlwall to knock her head
to the side.
Elizabeth not going to give Jade another chance by the looks of it as
she slams three punches into her face to knock her head back.
Onto the ropes goes Jade as she covers up, looking stunned that
Elizabeth had this drive in her, the older fighter slamming four
punches to each side of her opponent's body to get a loud groan.
Jade forced to fight her way back off the ropes, snapping two punches
back into the lips of Elizabeth to back her up.
But she can't build on it as Elizabeth moves back and snaps a straight
to the top of the singers head, as she puts Jade back behind her
The bell rings with Jade backed towards the ropes again, her face
telling the story as she looks annoyed, she felt she had Elizabeth
beaten and yet she's let her off the hook, as she heads to her corner
shaking her head to Myleene.
Elizabeth's corner looking much happier, Lauren saying "well that
certainly showed you're OK" smiling as she cleans the bottom lip up.
Round 4:
Elizabeth looking quick out off the blocks as she snaps a few punches
through the guard of Jade, the youngsters needing to use all her dance
training to escape the firing line.
Slipping under a straight, Jade steps inside to land a right to the
ribs and a left hook up top to force Elizabeth to retreat with her
guard up.
She lands three punches onto that guard, trying to press Elizabeth
back, she misses with a left hook and takes two straight shots to her
face to force her back a step.
Elizabeth trying to keep that drive going, but Jade plants her feet,
both girls focus on the body, the crowd roaring both girls on, loving
this back and forth action.
Jade manages to land two cross punches to the face of her opponent to
force her to retreat again, some blood and sweat flying into the air
to show you the power she has in her fists.
But again she gets caught coming in with a left cross as Elizabeth
fights off the back foot, Henstridge looking more focused and really
up for this.
Jade is trying to get control late in the round, but Elizabeth slams
two punches to her face and a right to the body to press her onto her
The round ends with Elizabeth looking like she is ready to skip back
to her corner, Lauren having to calm her down as she looks so full of
Jade has Myleene trying to get her to focus, she looks like she wants
to scream as she points at Elizabeth and is clearly upset that she
couldn't keep control.
Round 5:
Elizabeth starting strongly as she piles the pressure on Jade, rifling
her punches through the guard of Jade to knock her head back.
She forces Jade onto the ropes, pounding the guard of the youngster as
she tries to break it open to do some real damage.
Changing her target to the body, Elizabeth driving the air from Jade,
Thirlwall having to fight back, swinging wildly, managing to create
space as Henstridge wisely moving back out the way of them.
Elizabeth catching Jade with a straight and a left hook, the action
starting to go one way now as Henstridge showing her class.
Jade trying to fight back, stepping in to try to land something big,
landing a glancing blow to the body of the Elizabeth.
But again she gets caught, this time by an uppercut as her head snaps
back and Elizabeth drives her onto the ropes with a flurry of punches
smashing into her face.
Jade clinches up, her face swelling up from the beating it's taking,
the referee having to step in to separate them and wave the fighters
to continue.
Elizabeth finishing the round strongly again with a flurry of punches
that keeps Jade on the back foot, the bell ringing to end the round.
Thirlwall looking to be losing confidence as she heads to her corner,
her cockiness seems to be gone as she sits on her stool, Myleene
working hard to repair the damage to her fighter, physically and it
appears mentally.
Elizabeth sits in her corner with Lauren washing her down, both going
through planning for the rest of the fight, Henstridge looking a good
pupil as she nods at her coach.
Round 6:
Jade coming out looking to try to get some momentum, both girls
starting out with a few jabs to the others face, Elizabeth landing the
better punches as Thirlwall has her left hand too low.
Thirlwall tries to step in with a right hook, but Elizabeth times it
as she leans back and lands a vicious uppercut that rocks the Geordie.
Elizabeth landing two hooks to either side of the stunned Jade's head
and the youngster's legs crumble as she collapses to the canvas on her
The referee begins counting but Jade's eyes are shut and soon he waves
the fight off as she is not going to beat the count.

Winner: Elizabeth Henstridge KO Round 6

Elizabeth smiling proudly as she receives a loud cheer, raising her
arms up as she heads to her corner, with Lauren and Eva waiting to hug
While Jade is checked over by the ringside doctor, she stirs awake and
as she sees the that she's flat out on her back, she bangs her fist on
Before Myleene helps her up and over to her stool, Jade sulking on the
stool, getting her gloves taken off and her face washed up.
Elizabeth soon heads over to check on her, Jade just staring at her,
she's the last person that Thirlwall wants to see, just ignoring
The winner looking confused why she won't reply, just shaking her own
head as she heads back to her own corner.
While Jade is helped out the ring by Myleene, she gets a big cheer
from the crowd, but she isn't in the mood for any of it as she storms
to the back.
Elizabeth leaves the ring not long afterwards, making sure to stop to
high fiving fans on her way to the back.
Getting to the back, the press wanting a word from Elizabeth as she
smiles for the cameras in the back, saying "I hope Jade isn't too
upset, she gave me a hard test"
She adds "I can see Jade coming back from this defeat stronger and
maybe it isn't the last I've seen of her in that ring, I just hope
next time she catches me she doesn't knock me out"
Changing the subject, she says "after this busy month, I am in two
minds whether to rest or fight, I've had such a fun year up to now,
but I won't lie, this has been tiring to say the least, so I'm going
to give a week to see how I am for next months PPV"
Thanking the press, Elizabeth heads off to her stable locker room with
Eva and Lauren following behind her, the run this year continues for
Elizabeth, 7 months unbeaten, maybe needing a step up in competition
to show she truly belongs in the top 25.



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