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29 July 2017 Michelle Keegan vs Allison Scagliotti

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on July 29, 2017, 8:13 am



Michelle Keegan (England) vs Allison Scagliotti (USA)
(Beever's Babes vs FCBA Free Agent)
(13-11, 11 KO vs 8-3, 6 KO)
Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Allison Scagliotti returns to boxing action for the first time since her I.F.F.I. stable folded back in November of last year and it has to be said, she's chosen a very tough opponent for her official FCBA comeback. Former Coronation Street bombshell Michelle Keegan emerges as the European crossover target and there's immediate bad blood between the two brunettes. It's said every single British woman is jealous of Keegan's looks and despite hailing from Monterey, California, Scagliotti follows that script on this side of the Atlantic as well. Of course she's jealous of that sublime 30E rack and vows to punch Michelle's boobs all the way back to Stockport tonight! Huh! That's a bold statement but we're not fighting JMD here as much as some of the fans in the audience would like to see one of these women rendered topless at the of the day.

Michelle Keegan wears a navy blue basque top - revealing some tummy, black knickers and matching black gloves. Long black hair tied in a curly ponytail. Allison Scagliotti wears a red basque top, white knickers and silver gloves. Medium lenght brown hair wrapped in a bun at the back of her head. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Most of the fighters coming off a lenghty spell on the sidelines suffer from rustiness in the early stages of their comeback bout but that doesn't seem to be the case with Scagliotti who roars into action from the bell and catches the English babe by surprise wholesale. Allison connects with several heavy jabs and splits Michelle's gloves to snap her head back and immediately assume control of the proceedings. Michelle tries to swing back but lags on her heels and lacks the intensity neccessary to match the American who rips more punishing jabs from the front leg and easily outworks the fellow brunette in close range. Keegan lands her punches down the stretch when she finally resumes her balance but still gives away a visible amount of intensity against Scagliotti who's seemingly very thirsty for some boxing drill. That is truly a mild surprise here which raises questions whom the American was working with during her post-IFFI spell? Keegan gets shut down on offense during the opener and just shakes her head in utmost shock over the high-tempo assault from her opponent.

Round 2:
More of the same in the second, Scagliotti's ferocious approach is simply too much for the English brunette who gets nailed with a swift combo on the nose and wobbles back to her heels where she just can't fight through the aerial attacks that pile on against her face. Ugh! Allison promised to punish Keegan's boobs but apparently that was a smoke screen after all, she clearly intends to take her head off instead and lashes out from both sides so aggressively that Michelle's gloves are shoved against her nose and swivel head head back under the aerial pressure. Allison barks with every shot she lands on target and there are plenty of them slicing through onto the older brunette's face. Michelle must yield real estate come the final minute but this time she gets unlucky as she trips over her own feet during a hectic retreat and drops on the ropes where Scagliotti wrenches her with a first meaningful punch to the body that is quickly followed by a gut-checking drive against the navel. Michelle groans in her efforts to fight back from the dangerous position but Allison keeps drilling her belly button until the bell and leaves her gasping for air in visible discomfort thereafter.

Round 3:
Michelle finally scores some early success as she beats the American for an overhand swing but Allison soaks up the heat and responds with a wicked right cross that nails the older brunette on the lips and makes her scowl in pain on the spot. Both girls lean onto each other but Scagliotti forges ahead thanks to a drilling series on the body which gives Keegan's tummy more problems. The former Corrie babe winces repeatedly when Allison ravages her midriff but it then gets worse when she finally camps inside that impressive English cleavage. Ugh! An uppercut drive lifts Michelle's boobs against her slumped chin and makes her gurgle in pain and Allison seeths in delight: "You like that, bytch?" before thumping more hooks from each side that squeeze Keegan's bumpers against each other. A late hook catches Scagliotti on the eye but she still wrestles her foe back to the ropes and settles into pounding some fine English tummy reducing Keegan into a yelping punchbag come the bell. That's three in a row for Scagliotti who looks like she's never been away during those last few months!

Round 4:
Beevers' coach Denise Lewis tries to somehow prevent the whitewash but Allison's intensity has clearly left the Europeans flat-footed. Michelle looks as animated as ever as she examines the shape of her basque top but more worryingly, those patches on the tummy must be hurting plenty themselves. Meanwhile it's all smiles for the American free agent who jumps into more hectic action and yells out at the fellow actress: "You're going down now, s###!". The initial tangle gives Allison the edge as she harpoons Michelle's midriff while soaking up a jabbing heat over the top but then she jars her left wrist against the fellow brunette's hip and drops it on the spot as she aches out in pain. This brief stoppage in her offensive drive gets immediately punished as Michelle lands a big left/right combo and knocks Scagliotti further back when she beats her for a quick swing and finds the left temple exposed. Ugh! Allison drops on the turnbuckle and fails to react in time when the English babe jumps at her and blasts another vicious cross against the nose that makes her squeal in pain. A swift change downstairs adds pressure on the ribacge and Allison simply doesn't look so impressive anymore while trapped on the ropes and Keegan cleans out shop for remainder of the round to finally notch a 'ten' on the cards.

Round 5:
Apparently there's something wrong with Allison's left wrist following that shot against the hip in the previous round but the English entourage doesn't care about that whatsoever and Michelle connects with some meaningful jabs in the opening minute while the American struggles to put much weight behind her shots. A huge left hook nails her on the lips and drops on the heels which only fuels the English comeback. Keegan barks through her swollen lips and punishes the younger brunette to the body before stacking her up with a swift hook on the liver area. Scagliotti manages to clip Michelle's boobs but lacks the shear intensity of the previous rounds and suffers a nasty cut against her nasal ridge when Keegan blasts through her high guard again. Both women lock each other in a lenghty clinch thereafter but Keegan manages to break free just before the bell and deliver one last combo that further opens the cut on Allison's nose leaving her in spasms of discomfort at half-distance.

Round 6:
Perhaps Michelle got a little lucky with that nasal cut she gave Scagliotti in the fifth but the lack of proper weight coming from the American's left arm is more of an issue here and the American reverts to single-hand approach from the right as she still claims there's something wrong with it. What's worse, she keeps her gloves too low in general as she fights through the pain and gets outworked in a close range tussle before trying to make progress against Keegan's tummy she was so successful at before. However she bounces her nose off the older brunette's shoulder and winces in pain again while Michelle nails her with a nasty hook on the lips and adds a quick uppercut on the jaw! Ugh! Allison sinks on jelly knees and for all the offensive success, she really struggles to take a good punch tonight. She tries to swing back on the spot but is beaten by the all-important split second and Keegan gets there first... she blasts a right hook on the wounded nose and oh my lord, Scagliotti's face gets splattered by that familiar red liquor next... Disaster for the free agent who bends forward with a loud yelp and she just can't keep her gloves in tact anymore so Michelle wrenches another brutal uppercut on the jaw TO DROP THE FELLOW BRUNETTE DOWN ON HER KNEES... and Allison's nose is almost certainly broken now... she sits down on her heels and swallows tears of defeat as she just can't handle the bloody stream that marks her lips and chin. She bends forward across the boards and allows the referee to count her out! What a mess we have here now! Bloody KO6 Michelle Keegan in come-from-behind fashion!!!

AFTER: What a nightmare for the former IFFI fighter. She looked in complete control of this fight after three rounds before disaster struck, first the wrist injury and then her nose just got busted up into a stream of blood. No wonder she wants to leave the arena as quickly as possible. Michelle can only sit back and enjoy the scene as Allison storms past her with her face covered behind the gloves. Not that it stops the blood spillage, mind you. "So much for stopping my jugs, tramp!", the English babe whispers to herself before accepting the official verdict and exchanging hugs with coach Lewis.

Michelle dismisses the notion she got a little lucky in victory tonight: "Look, did you see all the blood there in the end? She got lucky I didn't break her nose... I don't think I did anyway... yeah, she came out flying... but she gassed out after just few minutes! (...) Wrist injury? What injury? She faked it or else they'd be giving her the oxygen mask come the eight round. Okay, so she was impressive during those three rounds. But the fight was scheduled for ten rounds! Did she knock me out in three? No, she did not! Did I bust her nose up like a true pro? Sure, I did! That ought to teach her some manners! She won't be so vocal next time I see her around! I can promise you that (winks)."

Final result: Michelle Keegan def. Allison Scagliotti KO6.



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