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29 July 2017 Jenna Louise Coleman vs Anna Kendrick

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Jenna Louise Coleman vs Anna Kendrick
(Words: DBC / Results: Lookout!) 


Before: Anna Kendrick always eager to stay on theme for the PPVs. Bit of a layoff for the Diamond fighter. Remains to be seen if she can recapture the magic that led to her FCBA Flyweight Championship. Jenna Louise Coleman looking for a bounce back herself, after losing her BBU Flyweight Championship just a few months back. The former JMD Champion might also be eager to re-establish herself in that division as well. Two well regarded flyweights both looking to get the ship headed in the right direction again.

The press conference held in a beach front tent specially constructed for the event. Hundreds of journalists and more than a few lucky fans in attendance as the girls take the stage. Jenna looking breezy and stunning in a bright blue summer dress. Anna opting for a more conservative soft green halter top, but looking no less beautiful.

Jenna: “I am so proud to get this matchup. And I know Anna will put up a good fight. But she just can’t measure up, can she? Many of the FCBA fighters look down on us girls in BBU. I always love a chance to… correct that misconception.” Asked about her strategy for the fight, Jenna smirks and looks over to stare down Anna. “Well… you know my fighting pedigree. I box girls in the BBU and I LOVE fighting JMD. Anna Kendrick is certainly not British, so the fight might lean towards my... other interests.”

Anna Kendrick blanches as she hears Jenna’s fight plan, and subtly crosses her arms over her chest. Flustered, she tries to respond. “Well… you know… obviously… everything above the beltline is fair game, you know? I’m ready for that. And I know that I can stand up to any girl in the ring. No matter where her punches land.” Jenna has put her hands on her hips and thrust out her chest, where her top really puts her assets on display. “But you don’t get any extra points for turning fights towards the salacious. I’ll box Jenna just like I box every girl. Straight up. She’ll know exactly what’s coming. And in the end, the match will go to the girl who wants it more.”

Beach setting another sticking point for negotiations. Neither girl wanting to cede home sand advantage. Anna offering neutral settings in Southeast Asia, Australia. Jenna counters with Brazil, the same beach where Kendrick suffered her last KO loss. Coleman makes a few concessions on judges (“We won’t need them anyway.”) and the split of the purse (“What’s money compared to a timeless knockout?”) to get her venue. She hopes the sand is still haunted by memories of Kendrick’s last knockout defeat. 

Bikinis are required for the matchup, with each girl sporting their nation’s flag on their attire. Jenna to the ring first, soaking up the rays as she throws off her robe and reveals her union jack bikini with gloves to match. Anna takes a few extra minutes before she begins her march to the ring. Veteran tactics? Or a case of nerves? Her figure is definitely fight ready, as she looks fantastic in her red and white striped bikini with blue star accents. The girls meet at center ring with Jenna all smiles, while Anna is laser focused. Kendrick offers the professional touch of gloves and Coleman agrees, blowing a kiss as well for good measure. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1: Jenna closing with a big grin on her face. Kendrick offers her glove for a quick touch, but Jenna jabs at it quickly. The girls circle with Coleman forcing Kendrick to give a little as the jabs begin to fly. Quick and fast as the girls jockey for position. It’s Coleman taking initiative, snapping out her jab and following with work to the body. Kendrick constantly moving her gloves to pick up the first punch, while the second punch is skirting her guard. Jenna’s trying to tuck those strong, short uppercuts under Anna’s elbows. Coleman clearly trying to get inside Anna’s bra early. Kendrick finally wises up. Starts guarding her precious chest and throwing straight shots back up the middle. She’s catching Jenna and landing relatively clean, but not with enough power to deter her. Battle lines have been drawn. Jenna cups her chest for emphasis as the bell. “Didn’t even touch the girls, did you, love?” Anna giving a hard stare back in response.

Round 2: Diamond corner offers a clear directive for Anna, “Get off first!”. Kendrick knows she can’t let Jenna dictate terms of the fight, and Anna starts fighting on the front foot. She’s jabbing hard now, spooking Jenna out of places and forcing Coleman to try and counter. Jenna ducking low under the jab and stepping in to work inside. She’ll feast on body all night, but Kendrick knows the meal that Coleman is really after. Anna keeps that guard in nice and tight over her chest, looking to catch any punch on her elbows. Jenna rears back for a big shot and Anna braces for impact… but Coleman comes over the top!! Feint to the chest draws the guard down and a looping hook catches Anna Kendrick flush on the cheek! Kendrick is down in the sand and seeing stars for sure! Woozy rise for Anna as she can only ride it out until the bell. Jenna Louise-Coleman grinning from ear to ear as she stares down Kendrick. “Your cheeks a little puffy? Just helping you get into character Squirrel Girl!”

Round 3: Anna still showing hurt from the last round. She’s skittish and not eager to engage on Jenna’s terms. Jenna stalking her prey behind rolling gloves, looking to claw away that guard and get inside. It’s a winning strategy to be sure, especially as Anna looks nervous to plant and counter. But Kendrick is eyeing the British lass closely. Searching for a key to turning the tide. In the meantime, Jenna content to keep coming forward. She’s nipping and biting at Anna’s defense. But in the final minute, Kendrick starts to fire back up the middle again. She’s aiming a bit lower, practically jabbing at Jenna’s chest trying to keep Coleman off her. No major ground gained for either girl, but each thinking she learned valuable clues.

Round 4: Kendrick comes out and circles to her right, forcing Jenna to chase. Anna using her legs effectively to keep her away from any power shots that Jenna tries to dial up. But the sand is certainly limiting her lateral movement. Coleman stalking her girl. She rolling her shoulders, looking to land something big to shake the spring out of Kendrick’s legs. The Brit cuts off the ring, looking to spring her trap… Oh! And Kendrick goes body! Muscling in the hard shots to shock Coleman to the gut! Jenna’s gloves drop to cover her violated tummy and Anna is swinging hard off the ropes! Kendrick popping her hips into heartless body work, and coming up over the top to hook to chin and cheek. Jenna in disarray! She’s trying to fight through it, but Jenna is missing as her punches skid off target while she eats punches clean! The crowd is loving it and they roar until the ref dives in at the end of the round! Jenna Louise-Coleman quickly collected by her corner as they help her stumble to safety. Kendrick banging her gloves together as she bounces back home. The Diamond corner working to calm their girl down and keep her focused when Anna proclaims, “Dammit! When she called me Squirrel Girl, I should have called her a chipmunk! That’s like a thing with her… right? Or like, is that too mean? Or, like, body shaming or something? I don’t want to be too mean...” The Diamond corner smiles as they are sure their girl is back in control.

Round 5: Anna brimming with confidence as she looks to press her advantage. But Jenna shows no quit, bravely looking to engage in the center of the ring. Punches start to fly in a rising tide as gloves crash into soft, supple skin. Anna takes some hard shots that shake her, then fires back to rattle Jenna. On and on, neither girl wanting to back down… and head swivel Kendrick! Jenna just LAUNCHING a shot and cracking Anna clean! Kendrick knocked wobbly butt as she’s desperate and stumbling! Lunges for Jenna, wraps arms around her and holds on for dear life! Coleman temporarily smothered, squirming, trying to shrug off the dead weight hanging on her. Anna looking spent as she is forced to take short, thudding body work from Jenna. But Coleman wants rack! She’s thrusting quick uppercuts bouncing Kendrick’s precious chest. Each punch drawing moans of ache from Anna, which are sweet music to Coleman’s ears. At the bell, Jenna shoves Anna off her and Kendrick stumbles back, hanging in the ropes. And Jenna Louise-Coleman leans in on Anna Kendrick, whispering venomous threats into the brunettes ear. Kendrick can only take it as she hangs in the ropes and weakly pushes to get Jenna away from her. Corners enter to escort the girls back, and the ref finally regains control.

Round 6: The Diamond corner soft and sweet with a battered Anna Kendrick. They know how to work their girl to get the best from her. Kendrick just nodding, the will and determination returning to her eyes. She’s out of the corner like a shot, no fear in her body as she engages Jenna. She’s grinding at the guard of the British lass. Coleman still using her legs and head movements to avoid punches, but she’s catching less and less of the attack on her guard. Jenna’s body caving around each punch, sobbing softly as the hurt piles up. Kendrick’s arms working like pistons, slamming and pounding Jenna, stacking her up and working her over. Coleman hanging in the ropes, sponging up the damage to body and chest. Anna frothing at the mouth as she throws and throws and throws.... And there’s the bell! Jenna cramping and hugging her body as she wobbles away on shaky legs. Kendrick stomping her feet in the sand and shouting in Jenna’s face, “ARGH! Why won’t you go down!!”

Round 7: Anna’s chest heaving in her corner as she burned lots of gas trying to finish Coleman. Kendrick is now circling again, trying to pick her battles and recharge her batteries. Jenna still cramping up from that body assault, pawing with her jab to keep Anna off her. But if Kendrick won’t be the aggressor… it looks like Jenna will! Coleman coming forward now, shoving spirited body work at Anna. Drawing groans of hurt on receipt, each sound motivating Jenna to keep coming forward. Keep punching, Keep attacking. As Anna fades back into the ropes, her punch count drops. Jenna Louise-Coleman pries open her guard. And Jenna. Wants. Rack. Coleman delightedly working inside the bra of the damaged beauty, working those short, hard uppercuts and bouncing Anna’s chest, practically popping her out! Kendrick wilting under the assault, sitting in the ropes as Jenna grinds her down. Oh! A bolt from the blue! Anna Kendrick with a wide angle hook that catches ALL of Jenna Louise-Coleman’s chin! It’s like hitting the off-switch and Jenna COLLAPSES down to the canvas! Anna can only hang in the ropes as she’s severely damaged herself. The ref has to usher her to the neutral corner, buying Jenna a few extra, precious seconds. Coleman woozy as she’s scrambling to rise, clutching to the ropes for dear life! At eight, she pushes with everything she has left… and she makes it up! Ref checks her over, but there’s never a doubt that Jenna wants to keep fighting. The round ends before Kendrick can press the advantage, but it’s Jenna who is in real trouble at the end of the seventh.

Round 8: Kendrick nodding in her corner as she bangs her gloves together. She knows she’s winning and has to push now. Jenna helped off her stool as she composes herself, but the tell-tale wobble is still in her legs. The wounded prey is often the most dangerous, a painful lesson that Anna has already learned the hard way. She’s approaching and jabbing strong, trying to loop her other punches around Jenna’s crumbling guard. Coleman taking shot after shot… it forces Jenna to swing for the fences, putting her all into big, swinging punches. Kendrick able to read Jenna’s body, avoid the damage, and land devastating clean punches! Coleman fading back into the neutral corner as Anna starts scrubbing up Jenna’s rack! Then it’s two quick hooks and Jenna nose dives, splashing down to the Brazilian sand! The count is a foregone conclusion and she is out! It’s over, folks! Coleman is done! And your winner by KO8 is ANNA KENDRICK!!

After: Kendrick jubilant as she can barely raise her arms. She’s momentarily spent as it took almost everything she had to finally dump Jenna to the sand. The ring fills with spectators and well-wishers as Anna makes a beeline for Jenna’s corner. Kendrick’s blood still up from that finishing flurry and she looks determined as she stares down at the defeated Coleman. Her head lolling to the side as she tries to recover on her stool. Anna takes a long considered moment, and reaches down to take hold of Jenna’s tie string for her bikini top. Her fingers toy with the string, gently tugging and pulling on the fabric, loosening the knot bit by bit. Tears begin to well up in Jenna’s eyes. She’s pleading with the victor. “Please… please… you don’t have to…”

A memory flashes in Anna’s eyes. One year ago. This same beach. The roles were reversed. Kendrick was the vanquished girl. And her tormentress made her feel so… powerless… humiliated…

Her face softens. “Gloves.” The confused looks bounce around the corner for a few moments. “Her gloves. I want her gloves.” Jenna warily offers up her hands and the corner quickly has the gloves removed. The laces are tied together and Anna slings them over her shoulder. 

“Remember this. It was my privilege as the winner. My right. You remember that I let you keep your dignity.” Kendrick turns on her heel to return to her corner… before stopping and returning. She quickly adds “But that is a really great top, and I kind of want one like it because you look really cute in it. So, if you could like, send me the name of your designer when you get a chance, I would really appreciate it… ok, bye…”

Anna Kendrick returns to celebrate with the Diamond corner, leaving a bewildered and hurting Jenna Louise Coleman in her wake.

Days after the fight, a package arrives at Diamond Boxing Club. It is the ring worn, Union Jack bikini top worn by Jenna during the fight. It is accompanied by a note. “You are a tough girl. And will be a champion again one day. You earned this. I expect you to lose with similar grace when I beat you in the rematch. And if you ever get the itch to fight JMD, you better call me first! xoxo -Jenna” 



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