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Global Boxing Syndicate

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Global Boxing Syndicate
Stable Information
Owner gbs
E-mail contact gbs1965@yahoo.com 


On April 3rd, 2019 the following statement was given to announce the arrival of the Global Boxing Syndicate to the FCBA:


The ballroom of a major metropolitan hotel in the city of Manhattan, New York is filled with people. A spread of food and drink is laid out on a long table where dignitaries from the FCBA are having it served to them by members of the hotel staff.

A few moments later, a bell sounds, a fight bell. This brings the guests to a kind of attention as this is their area of expertise.
A young man and woman in the late 20s come out from behind the curtains onto a long stage and invite the guests to be seated in the chairs facing this stage with a runway like for a fashion show.
The assembled are soon seated and the press conference begins. Both have note cards to read from and the woman begins.

"Ladies and gentlemen welcome and thank you for coming. This is the beginning of a new day at the FCBA. Today we are all here to announce and celebrate the launching of a new stable. The Global Boxing Syndicate is a new stable opening its doors today."
"This stable is the idea of one man, a self-made billionaire who is a long-time fan of the FCBA. He has decided to form a stable. But that is all we are going to say about him."

"The GBS will have 3 absolutely gorgeous women who will be the faces of the stable. And here they are."

"Lady Elizabeth Hurley, Miss Jennifer Aniston and Signora Monica Bellucci."

Out from behind the curtain came the 3 international superstar actresses, who walked out from different directions before coming to the catwalk as 1. Then each of them took a turn on it.
After that was done, they linked arms and walked to a long table that had just been set up in the middle of the stage.
All 3 seemed happy and talked and answer questions freely from the gentlemen and gentlewomen of the press.
All 3 of them said they were all excited for this opportunity and were looking forward to this stable going into action in the ring.

Then they all said that they would be available for cougar bouts. They also said that they liked and missed the sport.
Next the 3 faces announced the staff of the GBS and there were some surprising choices there.

“First our press officer, she will put out our press releases and field interview requests and other press matters. Of course all of our fighters will be available for interviews themselves. Here is our press officer Lisa Guerrero”

Out came the former sportscaster, Playboy cover girl and now press officer of the GBS.
“Now for our trainers, all 3 have had boxing experience and more will be brought on board as soon as we can. So here are our first 3 trainers; Yancy Butler, Salli Richardson, Charisma Carpenter.”

The 3 television and film stars who now are trainers appeared and had their time in front of the press and cameras.
Not too long later, "I think you have waited long enough," Hurley said.

Monica went first announcing, "Milana Vantyrb."

Out came the commercial and television actress who walked to the catwalk and took her turn on it. She worked the cameras before going to the main table. The 3 faces had moved to a smaller table to the right of it.

When the applause and attention died down, Jennifer then announced, "Victoria Justice."

The former Nickelodeon starlet emerged and walked the route. She likewise worked the room before joining Milana.

Elizabeth then announced, "Lindsay Lohan."

The tabloid darling and Hollywood star appeared and made her way to the catwalk and through it. After pleasing the cameras, she joined her 2 stablemates.

Hurley announced, “Kim Kardashian.”

The reality and internet superstar came out and did the walk to and including the catwalk. She shook her world famous behind as she played for the photographers. Then she joined her 3 new fight friends.
“The Global Boxing Syndicate” is the next announcement as all four stand and accept the applause and flashes of light from cameras.


On January 4, 2021 GBS announced the signing of Welterweights Megan-Thee-Stallion and Emma Corrin as Bantamweight Yvette Monreal. In addition, it was aounced that Jennifer Connelly and Kim Kardashian will henceforth compete in the Cougar Division.


On February 26, 2021 Eliza Taylor wins  "Contract Bout" over Cardi B and is signed to a GBS contract.




Weight Division









Rachel Brosnahan (04/24/21 to Present)

Jenna-Louise Coleman (03/30/20 to Present) (co-managed with Lookout! Boxing)

Phoebe Dynevor (03/20/21 to Present)

Isabela (Moner) Merced (07/23/19 to Present)

Christina Ricci (04/24/21 to Present)

Debby Ryan (04/30/20 to Present)

Paige VanZant (09/10/20 to Present)



Jennifer Connelly (12/30/19 to Present) (Cougar)

Kim Kardashian (Cougar)

Yvette Monreal (01/04/21 to Present)

Sydney Sweeney (09/10/20 to Present)

Eliza Taylor (02/26/21 to Present)



Savannah Chrisley (03/30/20 to Present)

Kaia Gerber (06/12/20 to Present)

Margaret Qualley (04/30/20 to Present)



Danielle Herrington (04/30/20 to Present)

Megan-Thee-Stallion (01/04/21 to Present

Emma Corrin (01/04/21 to Present)


Management Staff

Elizabeth Hurley

Jennifer Aniston

Monica Bellucci


Training Staff

Salli Richardson

Jeri Ryan

Daisy Fuentes

Cindy Crawford

Yancy Butler

Leah Remini

Andie MacDowell

Anne Hathaway (09/10/20 to Present)


Former Members

Milana Vayntrub (Exit: 01/05/20)

Victoria Justice (Exit: 01/05/20)

Lindsay Lohan (Exit: 01/05/20)

Dakota Johnson (Exit: 01/05/20)

Elizabeth Gillies (Exit: 01/05/20)

Kylie Jenner (Exit: 09/10/20)

Victoria Pattison (Exit: 09/10/20)

Cardi B (Exit: 09/10/20)

Lacey Chabert (Exit: 09/10/20)

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