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31 July 2017 Hunter King vs Meaghan Rath

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Posted by The Grand Wizard on July 31, 2017, 8:48 pm




"We celebrated the 150th birthday of Canada to start this month," says Meaghan with a smile, "And, what a better way to end it than with an all-Canadian card at Asylum and my FCBA debut? I just can'tWAIT to show everybody what they've been missing, you know?"

"Meghan's a girl with a lot of tools," says Hunter with a nod. "No question about that. But, I've got plenty of tools myself, as she's about to find out."


O'Dell: "Back at ringside, and that's 'Started From The Bottom' by Drake, and here comes Canadian beauty Meaghan Rath!"

McCarthy: "You know, I have to ask, where DOES Weirdo find these girls? Another random tomato can with NO FCBA wins..."

Cassie: "Well, Mac, in THIS case, as this card is called 'Canadian Invasion At The Asylum', he found all of them in CANADA!"

McCarthy: "You know what I me...SHUT UP, SCABBO!"

O'Dell: "Promising to be a LONG, LONG night already. Rath down the aisle and into the ring to be helped off with the robe, and, quite the body being shown off by that coral bikini..."

McCarthy: "I GUESS she's ok..."

O'Dell: "And, that's 'Shake It Out' by Florence + the Machine and that can only mean that the Ventura County Volcano, Hunter King is on her way to ringside..."

McCarthy: "And, that's STILL a stupid nickname!"

Tess: "Worse than Agent 00DDD?"

McCarthy: "No, NOTHING is as bad as THAT!"

O'Dell: "King down the aisle and into the ring. Helped off with the robe by Jewel and Neve. She's wearing that navy blue bikini she likes. And, we're about ready to go. Time for some picks. Tess favors Hunter. Mac?"

McCarthy: "NO FCBA wins. King."

O'Dell: "Cassie?"

Cassie: "I agree with Tess!"

O'Dell: "And, we're underway. Rath quickly making with the gams, and no surprise there. She's an athletic girl who has plenty of boxing skills. King also moves well, and she's showing plenty of leg at the moment as well. Definitely a war of movement early, as both fighters look to do some recon."

McCarthy: "I just LOVE fighters who can MOVE. They're entertaining to watch, unlike slow, plodding tanks...like Campbell."

Tess: "BFF, you want to take this one?"

Cassie: "As I recall, that slow, plodding tank ran YOU over several times..."

McCarthy: "I. WAS. ROBBED!"

O'Dell (sighing): "About half way through the first, and both ladies showing plenty of speed and athleticism. Blonde and brunette both on their toes, bouncin' and misbehavin'. Neither landing anything particularly hard at the moment, but both ARE landing with both hands and scoring points."

Cassie: "I like what Rath is bringing right now. She's moving, but not afraid to stop and commit."

O'Dell: "Definitely is not. Final thirty seconds of the first. Not a ton in it right now. Meaghan a NICE combination right there. Best punch of the fight so far was the right hand that finished that flurry. Ten seconds left. Good right from King, and there's the bell. Close. Meaghan Rath gets her first FCBA round."


O'Dell: "Second begins the way the first ended, with lots of movement by both fighters. Rath working off a very quick left jab. She sort of SNAPS it out there like a snake strike. King moving the head, keeping the gloves high, wants to pick that off or slip it, then step forward into punching position."

Tess: "Little bit of cat and mouse going on right now as both ladies try to create terms to their own liking. Question is, which one is the cat?"

O'Dell: "That, indeed, is the question at hand. Tactical stuff continuing as we move to the half way point of the round. Meaghan snapping that jab. Hunter slips past and lands HER best flurry of the fight. Hard right hand in the middle of that got the Canadian's attention, that's for sure."

McCarthy: "King needed to keep pressuring there, not go back to moving. Of course, it's not the kid's fault. She's got CAMPBELL as a trainer."

O'Dell: "Twenty seconds to go in another close round. King again slips the jab and lands a good flurry. Rath covered up for the first time and Hunter responded by going body. Ten seconds left. Good left hook by the blonde and there's the bell. Close again, but it's King's round this time."

Cassie: "And, we're even at 19."


O'Dell: "Third underway and the terms remain the same, in that nobody's been able to dictate and both fighters are looking to find ways to do that. Rath all about that sniping left, landing a sharp one there and following on with a solid right hand. King covers up and RATH SHAKES HER WITH A RIGHT HOOK!"

McCarthy: "Kid put that right on the chin! Blonde's in trouble!"

O'Dell: "Meaghan going all in immediately, looking to try to finish this thing. King covering and being backed up. Rath showing a great deal of soundness and patience. Not getting wild or sloppy. Still working the left hand to set up hard rights, but she's looking for one more right hand to finish."

Cassie: "King tying up, trying to slow the Canadian down."

O'Dell: "Meaghan shoves off, gets back to work, using the jab for distance and landing ANOTHER good right that shook Hunter. King's sturdy legs getting a test. Rath another nice flurry, pinning the blonde against the ropes. Hunter in a tight ear muff. Ten seconds to go. She'll get out of the round. There's the bell. But, a BIG round for Meaghan, who takes it wide."

Tess: "And leads 29-28."


O'Dell: "Fourth begins with Rath looking to press the advantage. King firing right back and HERE WE GO! Firefight in the center of the ring! Meaghan wants to consolidate here, but Hunter having none of it and both women landing some BOMBS in there! GOOD right from King and a BETTER one from Rath!"

Tess: "Crowd getting into this one, Jenny!"

O'Dell: "And, they have reason. Both fighters sitting down on everything and squaring just about everything up. Rath hearing it from the corner and now she's back to movement. Not going to slug with King, who's got plenty of power for this weight. Instead, going to use those legs and make Hunter use hers..."

McCarthy: "MORE good stuff from Rath. Tried to force the issue, couldn't, now see if the blonde's legs are far enough back to move with you."

O'Dell: "They appear to be, as King's moving well and we're back to early terms, with Hunter looking to work past that snappy left and Rath looking to control the blonde with it. Down to fifteen seconds left in another competitive round. Meaghan doubling up on the jab and will run out the clock with it. Close again. Rath again."

Cassie: "And, Meaghan has a 39-37 lead."


O'Dell: "Rath right back to that left as we start the fifth. She's found something that works, and she's going to stick with it. King again moving the head, keeping the gloves high, looking to work past and get into punching range and she ROCKS MEAGHAN WITH A RIGHT HAND!"

Cassie: "KEYHOLED IT! Great punch!"

O'Dell: "Dropped it in right over a solid left and Meaghan's legs did a shimmy! Now Hunter stepping to and going to work with the heavy leather. Meaghan backing and covering as King works body and then back up to the head. Rath tying up, trapping Hunter's arms, but King shoving off quickly..."

Tess: "I'd point out the fact that every bantam on the Front Street roster loves to work the body, but, considering who trains them, that's no surprise..."

McCarthy: "And, maybe if they had REAL trainers, they might WIN something."

O'Dell: "Rath staying off the ropes, showing quite a bit of ring awareness for a girl in her first FCBA fight. King, though, piling up the points and the hurt, as she's landing hard shot to head and body. Ten seconds to go in the fifth. The Canadian going to last out the round. There's the bell. King. Wide."

McCarthy: "But, Rath still leads 48-47."


O'Dell: "King pushing the pace now. Blonde looking to finish this thing. Rath giving ground, playing defense, trying to get some time and space, but Hunter not about to give her any. Blonde very active, throwing bombs, looking to find the 'off' switch. She's working both head and body while Meaghan's reduced to the counter at the moment."

Cassie: "Just like we saw from Rath before, King a young fighter showing nice ring sense. Not getting too aggressive or sloppy."

O'Dell: "She is not. Instead, just a steady, effective pressure with one goal in mind, putting her rival on the canvas. Rath again showing the ability to stay off the ropes despite having less than optimal legs at the moment. Good right hand from Hunter that shook Meaghan. Rath covers up and KING DROPS HER WITH A STRAIGHT RIGHT HAND! Down goes Meaghan!"

McCarthy: "Got a little lucky there, I think..."

O'Dell: "Rath dropped to her right side. King quickly to a neutral corner. Referee's count at three. Four. Five. Meaghan rolling to her belly now, trying to push up to all fours. Six. Seven. Eight. Rath on hands and knees. Nine. TEN! It's OVER! Canadian can't get off her knees and it's OVER! And your winner by KO6 is 'The Ventura County Volcano', Hunter King!"

Tess: "Good fight between two girls without a lot of experience. We'll definitely be seeing more of King, and maybe we'll see more of Rath, too."


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore!"

Tess: "I have our winner, Hunter King, and, Hunter, she gave you a fight tonight."

Hunter (nodding): "Definitely expected that. She's a talented girl who has some boxing skills. The only thing she doesn't have is experience. If she gets that, she'll beat people around here."

Tess: "You're already beating people around here and you've got a date with Torrey DeVitto next month..."

Hunter: "And, I'm starting to think about that one right now. I'll be ready."



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