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12 August 2017 Barbara Palvin vs Erin Heatherton

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Posted by Caspian on August 12, 2017, 3:16 pm



(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)


(24, 5’9, 6:2 FCBA, Alpha Boxing Club)

(28, 6’0, 0:4 FCBA, Free Agent)


The Victoria’s Secret tournament continues with Barbara Palvin taking on Erin Heatherton, the winner advancing to the last 16. Barbara is 23 years old, stands at 5'9 and holds a record of 6 wins, all by knockout, and 2 defeats. Erin meanwhile is 28 years old, stands at 6'0, her record is 0 wins and 4 defeats, though she's fought girls like Kate Upton, Adrianne Palicki and the likes of Hannah Ferguson. The girls met up at the press conference, shaking hands but staring hard at each other: winning this tournament means a lot to both fighters.

Going to their seats, both smile and wave to a sea of journalists. Barbara is told to speak first - she pushes a loose hair behind her ear. "Wow! I am so excited to be in this tournament, I look around at the names and boy is it going to be tough to win this," says the girl, known by her friends as ‘Barbie’. "I mean look at Erin: she's bigger than me and I bet she punches like she has bricks hidden in those gloves.” She grins as she nods at her future opponent, finishes by saying: "I am hoping tonight to show that my stable is one of the top leading stables in the FCBA, and to do that I have to win this tournament. F*ck I'm nervous, but know I can do it.”

Erin gets her chance to reply, when she says, "While I appreciate that Barbie knows I can punch hard, I think when she says she can win this tournament, she doesn't fully grasp what I can do to her.” She adds with a sly smile: “While yes, I haven't won yet, this tournament is the perfect chance for me to do that and end this unlucky streak I’ve been cursed with so far.”

She finishes off her statement: “Oh, and Ms Upton better watch out. Once I prove myself to be the best Victoria’s Secret model there is, I'm coming for the FCBA Welterweight title to complete my perfect year.”

Both girls go nose-to-nose for their face-off, before they go weigh in at the podium, the fighters being of different weight divisions agreed to a 132 lbs Catchweight, with Erin right on at 132 lbs and Barbara revealed to be 129 lbs.

Fight night is tonight, and out comes Barbara first onto Muscles Beach’s legendary sand. She’s wearing a black Victoria Secret satin bikini, with white gloves, and her hair is tied into a neat braid. She has Sophia Bush with her, friend and coach for this fight, who is wearing a matching red bikini that hugs her body and makes the guys in the crowd go wild at the two-for-one deal here tonight. Security has to hold some of them back as they try to get close to the fighters.

Climbing into the ring, Barbara pumps her right fist to the crowd in beat with the bubblegum pop track being played in the background, before jogging to her corner and warming up with Sophia's assistance.

Next to emerge is Erin - she's got a pair of red shades on and a white sarong around her hips as she makes her way to the ring with her coach in tow. She struts towards the ring, getting the crowd roaring for her as well, a grin curving on her lips as she steps onto the ring steps, turns towards the fans and pulls her sarong off with a dramatic flourish, to reveal a tight-fitting white bikini. In the ring, her coach puts her white gloves on and takes off those style-over-function sunglasses, revealing a cruel look is on her face aimed directly at Barbie, who stares back from the other corner of the ring in pure defiance.

The fighters are brought to ring center, eyes leveled at each other, the crowd chanting their names as the young models have clearly caught their hearts this evening. Asked to touch gloves, they hesitate for a moment before respectfully obeying, before heading back to corners. The referee gets the rest of the proceedings sorted, then signals for the bell to start 10 rounds of Catchweight action. Here we go!

Round 1:
Out comes both girls, Erin starts off quickly as she lands long-range punches, using her height advantage to keep the distance at her comfort zone. Barbie forced to cover up early on, but soon times an attack: slipping under a jab, she lands two body shots to the sides of Erin’s body, then lands a right to the chin to press her opponent back a step. Erin has to retreat a few steps back, Barbara keeping in close, working the body of the bigger girl, looking to chop her down to size. Nudging the smaller girl back with her left arm, Erin slams a right and left across the cheeks of Barbara to start pressing her back in turn. She slams several punches into the guard of forearms of Palvin, hoping to break and hurt her opponent. But Barbara sidesteps away from the ropes and lands an overhand right to the cheek of Erin as she turns around, knocking her onto the ropes. Not wasting any more time, Barbara steps in close to work over the body more, the older fighter grimacing, forced to cover up as Barbara lets her hands go, sending flurries of punches into the body and around the guard. Erin pushes off Barbara though to show her raw power, catches Barbie with a left cross to turn her head, then lands two more straight punches to her face to knock Palvin onto her heels. The round ends with Erin coming into the fight late on, Barbara looking slightly uneasy as she sits on her stool. Sophia praises Barbie, but the fighter looks deep in thought, she is thinking of how to beat this bigger fighter, while Erin glares at her as she can't believe she got pinned to the ropes by a smaller girl. She resolves to show Barbie not to mess with her in subsequent rounds.

Round 2:
Erin controlling the pace early in the round, moving around more freely on her toes as she tries to keep her footwork as sharp as Barbie's. Barbara though is the faster fighter - she ducks under a right hook and steps to the inside to land a left and right to the ribs of Erin. The bigger girl nudges Barbara back, landing two punches through the guard of the smaller fighter to press her back towards the ropes. Again though it's Barbara's speed that saves her from being pinned down - in a flash she’s back inside to land a right hook to the face of her opponent. Back and forth go the fighters in the ring center as they try to control each other. Erin getting in some good long range punches as she fights off the back foot till Barbara can get inside to go to work.

Barbara lands an uppercut to knock Erin's head back and presses her towards the ropes, the crowd cheering the smaller fighter onward. This time though, Erin uses her strength to wrestle Barbara around to the ropes, both letting their hands go as they slug it out. Barbara is forced to cover up as Erin pins her on the ropes with a flurry of punches, Palvin's head getting knocked back. She clinches up with Erin to stop the onslaught, but blood drips from the nose of Barbara as Heatherton presses her into the ropes yet again. The girls are separated, with Barbara coming back at Erin as she slips under a left hook and lands an overhand left to turn her opponent's head. The bell rings with both brawling in close - they nudge each other back and have an intense stare down, before the referee gets in between them and orders them back to corners. Both are showing marks of abuse now as Sophia has to stop blood flowing from Barbara's nose, while Erin's body is reddening up after such a close round.

Round 3:
Both fighters come out quickly: Erin presses Barbara back with a double jab, then she misses a right cross as the youngster slips under and digs two body punches in. The fighters in tight, working each other around the ring, the crowd roaring as they chant both girls’ names. Erin pushes Barbara back - she misses with a right cross and takes a right to her ribs. She grunts out in pain as she's pressed back onto her heels. Palvin looking confident as pushes her opponent back behind her guard, Sophia shouting her on as she works the body and moves her head out the way of counter punches. But Erin catches her to the nose after throwing a feint left, landing the REAL straight punch, causing Barbie's nose to start bleeding again. Barbara covering up as she is hammered back towards a corner - the youngster tries to move to the sides but she is caught by looping punches from the bigger fighter. Erin finishes the round strongly as she pins Barbara into the corner. The bell ringing sees Erin strutting back to her corner, whilst Barbara is shaking her head as she heads back to hers, wiping blood from her nose as Sophia does her best to clean it up, telling her "Keep your chin up babe.”

Round 4:
Erin is starting to get momentum now as she backs up Barbara early with her long range punches, with Barbara covering up and trying to get in close. But Erin is fighting off the back foot, forcing Barbara to try to move side to side. Heatherton is timing her better now, knocking her back with looping hooks. A right hook catches Barbara cleanly, knocking her back several steps. Erin's eyes lighting up, seeing her chance to do some real damage - she comes forward and pounds the head of Palvin. Barbara in full-on retreat as she is pressed back around the ring behind her guard, Erin's supporters in full voices as she is knocking the guard of her opponent back into her face. The youngster slips past a straight punch to finally get something in this round as she slams a right up top and then three punches to the body of Erin. Erin's face grimaces as air is driven from her body, Barbie pressing forwards to try to drive her backwards, but is caught with a left to the side of her head that gives Heatherton the chance to create that space she wants once more. Barbara struggles to get out of her shell this round, Erin controlling her with straight punches and backing her up towards the ropes, with the youngster escaping by ducking and moving out the sides into space. Sophia in her corner urging her to get on the front foot, but as she tries to, Erin catches her with a left cross that opens her up late in the round and beats her onto the ropes. Now lip of Barbara is also bleeding as she takes three punches. The bell rings with Erin smirking while Barbara looks to be becoming a total mess, blood running down the lower part of her face and onto her jugs. Sophia working hard to clean her up, looking close to tears herself as she patches up her friend, shouting in her distraught face: "You can do this! Kick her ass, babe!" to try and motivate her. While Erin has her body iced by her coach, she nods thanks, though her eyes are focused purely on Barbara in the other corner, this shaping up to be the best chance she's had in awhile to win a match.

Round 5:
Erin bangs her gloves together before she heads out, looking to hurt Barbara badly and get her win. She jabs away at the face of Barbara, who covers up and tries to dance around her, but Erin is stalking her around the ring, taking a few jabs to her body, when a right around the guard of Barbie stops that as she knocks her head to the side. Erin starting to drive Barbara back to the ropes for the umpteenth time, the youngster forced to retreat quickly and move away into space as the slower Heatherton gives chase. Barbara starting to make Erin miss, the bigger fighter looking slightly desperate at her needing to win bad seems to be playing on her mind too much as her controlled punches before are starting to become more wild. Landing a stiff jab to the nose of Barbie, Erin looks to be calming down and focused again, till she steps in to land a right hook... Barbara ducks under it and lands a hard right to the liver area of the bigger fighter - Erin GASPS loudly and her face grimaces. She's hurt! Barbie not needing to be told to attack, keeps in close and lands several more body punches, Erin's eyes squeezed shut and soon she takes a knee!

The crowd stunned by the turnaround in the action, Barbara heading to a neutral corner as the referee begins his count... Erin breathing hard - she took one hell of a punch to the body, her eyes watering as she looks up at the referee in desperation, maybe wishing he could take the pain away. At 9, she beats the count, her corner looking relieved, and the referee lets her continue with Barbara nearly bulldozing through her.

The girls throwing wild punches with Barbara landing the better of the two. Erin seems to have lost her power as Barbara seems to easily swat her punches aside to pound her back. The bell rings though before Barbara can finish her off, Erin rubbing her stomach as she stumbles back to her corner. Both girls looking hurt as they sit on their stools, their coaches working to get them ready for the next round, with Barbara looking more keen to come out as the confidence seems to have been driven out of Erin.

Round 6:
Barbara coming forward, Erin trying to fight back, but the younger fighter ducks under a jab and lands a left to the body of Erin. Heatherton seems to crumble around the punch as she holds her body in agony and collapses to the canvas! Barbara nudged towards neutral corner as she looks ready to dive on her opponent to make sure she's done. The referee counting, but Erin is sobbing and is curled up in a ball. The referee’s counting reaches 10 as he counts her out, and the fight is over!

Official Decision: Barbara Palvin defeats Erin Heatherton via KO Round 6!

Barbara pulls it out! An amazing comeback as the crowd roars and chants her name. She grins as she can't muster up a full smile as she's too sore. Sophia rushing out to help her back to her stool, getting her gloves off and cleaning her up. Bush is full of praise for her friend, shouting and laughing, "You kicked her ass! You’re going to win this tournament and I'm going to be with you all the way!" Barbara nods and finds the energy to beam a warm smile as a thanks.

Meanwhile, Erin is helped up by her coach to her corner, the tears flowing wildly as she's hurt from the pain of defeat, and being so close to victory makes things even worse. Erin getting her body iced, but she just wants to leave the ring, her coach helping her up and out one side. He acts like a clutch with a medic holding the ice pack to her body, Barbara watching her leave as she stands up from her stool, looking genuinely concerned for Erin. She turns to Sophia and says, "I'll go see her later." As Sophia knows there's no point trying to stop her, she just nods and knows she’d better go along, in case Erin kicks off a tussle.

But Barbara has one message for a certain rival as she speaks to the cameras on her way out the ring: "Nina (Agdal), you had better get to the Semi finals. I want the pleasure of eliminating you myself.” Smiling as she and Sophia head to the changing room to get cleaned up, Barbara knows she has to pick up her game in the next round. Time to hit the gym hard with Jaimie Alexander to try to win this tournament!



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