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18 August 2017 Jorgie Porter vs Chloe Moretz

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Posted by Girls Friday on August 18, 2017, 5:23 pm



(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Kear's Kat's vs Free Agent)

The opening bout of tonights FNL card on Miami beaches lush sand sees a rematch between two young stars, Jorgie Porter meets Chloe Moretz in the ring again.
Jorgie is 29 years old, stands at 5'2 and holds a record of 13 wins, 12 by knockout and 6 losses in her career on both sides of the pond.
While Chloe is 20 years old, 5'4 and holds a record of 3 wins, all by knockout and 2 defeats, she is a former winner of the New Blood flyweight tournament.
These two little stunners met in a BBU crossover event, Jorgie came out on top with a stunning fourth round knockout in her home town of Manchester.

But the bad blood started before the event as the girls sniped at each other and ended up fighting at the press event outside the arena they were going to fight in.
This time the organisers wisely kept the girls apart, they were interviewed in their gyms to stop any chance of one of them getting injured in the build up.
Jorgie sat on the edge of the Kear's Kat's stable ring and told the reporter "I am stunned that Chloe actually has the guts to fight me again, I mean you saw how I embarrassed her in my hometown"
Grinning as she thinks back to that moment, she continues "she also clearly didn't see me beat Jessica Parker Kennedy on the beach in the Bahamas, I beat her badly and Chloe isn't in her class" laughing as she says that bit and goes back to training.
Chloe gets to see the tape and tells the reporter herself "I'll admit that the crowd made me nervous, it sounds stupid, but when sixty thousand are on your back, hoping you get beat, it plays in your head and well she beat me"
"But I know I am the better fighter, one lucky punch does not make you better then me bytch, you'll see that soon enough" says Chloe as she walks up to a punch bag and slams her right into it on her way to the gym lockers.

Fight night, Jorgie comes out first with Myleene Klass by her side to coach her, she's wearing the same green skimpy bikini she wore in Manchester to beat Chloe and the green gloves, maybe trying to get to the youngster early.
She does a quick lap around the outside of the ring to loud cheers and wolfwhistles from the fans, clearly enjoying seeing the absolute stunner.
Soon she is in the ring, jogging to her corner and shadow boxing with Myleene telling her "you've got this babe"
Out comes Chloe, her coach is behind her as she bounces on her toes on the sand to get used to the feel of it, she is wearing a red bikini and matching gloves.
She marches to the ring with her eyes purely focused on Jorgie and getting her revenge as she climbs through the ropes into the ring and looks to march over to Porter.
Coaches and the referee stop any early start to the contest, the girls wanting to get this show going early as they spit insults at each other.
Chloe is herded back into her corner and forced to warm up by her coach, before the referee warns both girls to keep things clean.
The referee doesn't bother with a glove touch, instead he checks his watch and waves to the timekeeper to ring the bell to start 10 rounds of flyweight action.

Round 1:
Out come the fighters, both with loose hands as they dance around each other in the sand and throw single punches to test out their range.
Jorgie darting to the inside to land some digging body shots and dancing back out, but she gets caught with a right across her cheek as she tries it once too many times.
She looks stunned by the aggression of Chloe, who bullies her back to the ropes, Jorgie covering up as Chloe rips away to her body and around the guard.
Jorgie has to shove back Chloe to create separation and moves out the way as Moretz tries to force her back again.
The British soap star gets serious as she moves around Chloe and rifles her jab up and down her target, trying to keep Chloe from getting settled like their first fight.
Chloe though catches her with a right cross and a left to knock her onto her heels, the youngster really taking it to her rival.
Jorgie forced to fight harder, stepping in close to work the body of Chloe, but she takes another hard right up top and finds herself being pressed towards a corner.
Planting her feet, the fighters stand and trade as the crowd get one hell of an opening round to start the night off, the bell ringing with Chloe just about holding back.
She looks almost at Jorgie with a "f*** you" kind of expression, Jorgie not looking impressed as she stares right back at the youngster.
the referee having to remind both to return to their corners, both do as told, but as they sit on their stool, they only have eyes for each other.
Round 2:
Jorgie looks more focused as she heads out, throwing more accurate punches now as she moves around Chloe.
But the Hollywood star comes forwards with a double jab and a right cross to push Jorgie back several steps.
Jorgie though parries a straight and counters with a right hook to turn Chloe's head, building off that; she steps forwards and lands a two body shots to force a groan to escape the lips of her fellow blonde.
The Brit starts to force her American rival back around the ring, pumping her fists into her forearms as she tries to break her guard open
Chloe sidesteps Jorgie and lands a left hook to knock her head to the side, now it's Moretz who back on the front foot.
Rifling her punches into the face of Jorgie, there's some swelling forming around the left eye of Porter, who nudges her opponent with her left shoulder and slams a right over the top of her guard to knock her back and create space to work in.
Chloe a bit too anxious to get back on the front foot, misses several times as Jorgie moves her head and lands a right cross up top and three body punches to press her back.
Jorgie ending the round strong as she knocks Chloe towards, the bell just stopping her on her drive to the body, she pumps her fist in the air as she heads back to her corner.
Chloe looking annoyed as some flash backs from the first fight must be playing in her mind, she sits on her stool with her coach wiping her face down and telling her to calm down.
Round 3:
Chloe comes out head hunting early, straight and jabs finding their way over the guard of Jorgie, who ducks under a straight and works the body of the youngster.
Both fighters start trading in close, planting their feet in the sand, the crowd standing and cheering the fighters on.
Jorgie starting to back Chloe up, her body shots are making her rival grimace, but this time Chloe nudges her back with her right.
Then Chloe lands two punches across the cheeks of Jorgie, then she lands an uppercut to put her onto her heels, the Kick Ass star is powering her rival back to the ropes.
Once she has her on them, Chloe rips away at the body of Jorgie, paying her back for the attention her body has been receiving so far.
But Jorgie starts firing back, Chloe regretting losing her focus for a moment as she gets knocked back towards the ring centre, soon she has to step back to create space with her jab.
Jorgie though keeps close as the fighters exchange some real vicious punches to the others faces, sand being kicked up as they move around each other to try and get a better angle to attack from.
With 10 seconds left in the round, they both just step in tight and let their fists go, wild shots being thrown by both as they get desperate to win this round.
The bell rings though and both girls go head to head, Jorgie telling Chloe "you are not in my class bytch! Just give up!"
Chloe firing back "f*** you! I'm going to take your bra for my trophy cabinet!" The girls continuing to spit venomous insults as their coaches are needed to pull them back to their corners.
Round 4:
Both fighters circle as they jab away at each others head, Chloe landing the cleaner punches, till Jorgie ducks under a jab and lands two hooks to each sides of her body.
Chloe groaning as she is being pressed back by a barrage of punches to her body, Jorgie trying to knock her out early once again.
The youngster covering up as she retreats to get out the way of Jorgie, snapping a defensive jab into her fellow blondes face.
Jorgie swings a right hook that just misses and she gets caught with a left cross as Chloe steps back in and looks to try to back her up.
But Jorgie slips under a right and lands an overhand right that knocks Chloe back onto her heels, Porter smirking as she pins Moretz behind her guard with a flurry of punches.
Chloe ending up on the ropes as Jorgie continues to drive forwards, the girls slugging it out as Moretz tries to fight her way off the ropes.
Jorgie getting caught across her cheeks as she gets backed up, she tries to catch out Chloe like the first fight with an uppercut, but Chloe leans out the way and lands a right hook in reply.
Porter is being knocked back to the ring center, Moretz driving her back, till Jorgie catches Chloe with a right to her ribs and an overhand left.
She powers forwards as she catches Chloe with another left hook to end the round, Jorgie heading back to her cornet looking relaxed.
Chloe heads back to her own corner with an annoyed look on her face, both fighters faces are reddened up and they look sore just sitting.
Round 5:
Jorgie coming out strongly, pushing Chloe onto her heels early with several short sharp punches to the body of her rival.
She takes a right to the eye that forces a yelp from Jorgie's lips, her left eye is swelling shut, Chloe starting to target it as she snaps straight punches into her face.
Jorgie slips under another straight though and lands three short sharp punches to the left side of Chloe's body.
That forces the younger fighter back as she gasps, forced to cover up as Jorgie is pressing forwards, trying to work the body.
But Chloe lands a right hook as Jorgie comes forwards, Jorgie's legs wobble as her rival's eyes open wide, seeing her chance to push forwards.
She powers forwards, knocking the head of Jorgie back as she's pressed towards a corner, Chloe swinging hooks around the guard of the older fighter, trying to finish her off.
Jorgie shoves herself out the corner to clinch up, Chloe looks frustrated; Jorgie digging her left into the kidney area of her rival.
The referee separating the fighters, both scowling as he steps between them and warns them to keep things clean.
The action starts up again with Chloe catching Jorgie with a jab between her eyes and just misses with a vicious looking right hook that may have taken Jorgie's head off her shoulders.
Jorgie landing a right to the body and a left up top to end the round, both girls shoving each other back, glaring at each other as they head to their corners.
Leaning against their turnbuckles, their coaches work hard to clean them up for the next round.
Round 6:
Jorgie tries to get to the inside, she tries to move around Chloe, but her left eye is giving her bother as het vision is impaired.
Chloe catches her with a straight that opens a cut above the eye of Jorgie, Porter howling in pain as she is knocked back onto her heels.
A right hook catches Jorgie hard on the side of her head, her head turns as sweat flies into the air from her hair as she is knocked onto her side.
Sand splashes up into the air and sticks to Jorgie's body as the referee kneels down and checks her, before waving the fight off as she's knocked out.

Winner: Chloe Moretz KO Round 6

Chloe gets her revenge as she looks up to the sky with a look of relief as she finally proves that she can beat Jorgie.
Medics rushing in to check on Jorgie, smelling salts needed to wake her up, spluttering awake, Jorgie turns to her back and looks up to the sky with a tear coming down her good eye.
She's surprised, probably shouldn't be as Chloe comes over after tossing her gloves into the sand, mounting Jorgie and slapping her rival and shouting "I told you I'm better then you!"
Before she reaches for Jorgie's bikini top, Jorgie tries to stop her but another slap causes her to scream and Chloe finally rips off the top.
Jorgie's coach rushes with his towel to cover his fighters modesty, as Chloe pays Jorgie back for the embarrassment she suffered back in Manchester.
Chloe strutting around the ring with the bra above her head like a title belt, a wide smile on her face as the crowd roar their support.
Her rival is helped out the ring by her coach as she concentrates on covering herself up, she can't believe she lost to the youngster, a true hate seems to have been born between these two women.
Soon Chloe leaves the ring, she winces as she heads to her changing room, she throws the top into the crowd to a group of young men, nearly causing a brawl as they scramble to get it.
Chloe has struggled lately to get a win, she will be hoping this is a chance for her to step back up the rankings and show the potential she has isn't wasted.



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