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18 August 2017 Brooke Hogan vs Gena Lee Nolin

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Posted by Girls Friday on August 18, 2017, 5:26 pm



(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Free Agent vs Free Agent)

The next fight sees Brooke Hogan and Gena Lee Nolin fight it out as it's a battle of up and comer versus a veteran of the division.
Brooke is 29 years old, she is 5'9 and holds a record of 3 wins, all by knockout and she's lost 2 fight.
While Gena Lee Nolin is 45 years old, she is also 5'9 and holds a record of 131 wins, 87 knockouts, 73 defeats and 3 draws in a legendary career.

Both fighters meet at the press conference and both being very aggressive as they go head to head and bump bodies.
Finding an opponent who won't back down, Gena starts smiling as these are the type of girls she likes to ruin, organisers having to help step in with security to calm matters down.
Both are led to their tables, with Brooke told to speak first, she smiles as she says "I have to admit, it's fights like this that get me excited, Gena is a legend, but a flawed one" Gena's nose crinkling at the slight she's been dealt.
The younger blonde adds "beating her allows me to step up the rankings, maybe even get a stable to take a punt on me, all I know is that I have the power to push my way up the rankings"
Gena seen smirking before she gets her chance to speak "I am sick of this new breed of fighter, they claim they can take gals like me down, yet they have no clue what they are getting into"
She adds "there's a reason girls like me, I hate to utter this but Charlize Theron are the golden girls around here, we are ageless, powerful and perfection roll into a goddess like package, so Brooke honey, go back to living under daddies shadows"
Finishing by saying "if Tess Valmore is around, no I am not retired and I am going to remind people why I'm the true greatest to ever fight"
Storming off as she clearly doesn't believe she has to waste her energy on staring down a girl like Brooke, upsetting Hogan; who stares daggers at her rival.

Fight night in Miami, the bleachers are full and the ring has been set up in the sand, the crowd relaxed now as the action has them excited for more.
First out comes Brooke, she's wearing her favourite yellow bikini top, red bottoms and red gloves, her coach begins her as she starts her walk to the ring.
Before stepping into the ring, she turns back and cups her right ear with her glove, waving with her left for the crowd to cheer as they stand and show their support for her.
Climbing into the ring, she jogs to her corner, flexing her arms as she smiles for the crowd, then begins her warm up to get ready for the legend.
Now out struts Gina, she surprises the crowd somewhat by coming out in her famous Baywatch one piece red swimsuit and has matching red gloves.
She poses with her hands on her hips as she gets wolfwhistles from the crowd, even in her forties she is stunning, Pamela Anderson might be throwing her TV out if she's seeing the reaction her old rival is getting.
Climbing into the ring, she jogs around the ring, giving Brooke a quick scowl before finishing up in her corner, warming up with her coach.
Soon both are brought to the ring centre by the referee, both women staredown the others hoping to see an inch of give in the other, finding none.
Asked to touch gloves, quickly they swipe them together with no real look of meaning to show any respect, before they head back to their corners.
The referee looks happy with what he is seeing and waves for the bell to be rung to start 10 rounds of welterweight action.

Round 1:
Out come the fighters, both have tight guards as they circle each other, Gena looks the more mobile in the sand, her experience in beach boxing allowing her to move around Brooke and land the cleaner strikes.
Brooke soon gets in close as she wants, both girls slamming punches into the others guard, Gena though catches the younger fighter with a right hook that puts her on the back foot.
Gena rolling back the years with a jab that is almost pinpoint through the guard of her opponent, then swings her right under the left elbow of Hogan.
Brooke groan but as Gena tries to step forwards to attack, the younger fighter catches her with a left hook that turns her head.
Suddenly it's Gena on the back foot as she gets rocked back, she covers up and has to move out the way of a charging Brooke, who misses with a follow up right hook.
Brooke though keeps in close as she bullies Gena to the ropes with straight punches to her face, the legend fights back as the crowd get to see both girls slug it out.
An uppercut by Gena though creates space between the two fighters, Brooke stumbling back a step as she finds out that Gena isn't some little girl, she can hit hard too as she snaps the head of Hogan back again.
Though as she tries to step in again, Brooke parries a straight and digs a right to the body and follows with two left punches to the side of her face.
She presses Gena back to the ropes, snapping her punches into the guard of Nolin, trying to break it open, then changing her target to the body.
That opens Gena up and allows her to land two hard punches to her head to end the round strongly as the bell sounds.
Some in the crowd saying they were surprised by Gena starting so well, Brooke looks slightly annoyed, but the way she ended the round has her somewhat happier then she would have been.
Round 2:
Brooke this time seems to have learned her lesson after the first round as she bolts out her corner quickly, looking to pressure the older fighter from the start.
Starting with her a jab, she steps forwards and lands two straight punches over the guard of Gena to put her onto the back foot.
Gena tries to move to the side but Brooke catches with a left hook to knock her back in front of her and presses her back towards the ropes with a flurry of punches.
Most land off the forearms and gloves of Gina as she covers up, as Gina's back touches the ropes, she starts firing back, knowing she can't be stuck on the ropes too long with this powerhouse raining down punches.
Both land some good punches across the others face, Gena lands a hard right to the side of Brooke's body and a left up top to push her opponent back to create space.
The girls separate for a moment, moving around each other as they kick up the sand, Brooke lands a stiff straight but misses with a right cross as Gena leans out the way and lands a counter right to her nose.
Gena moving to the right to land a hard left as she starts to get the momentum, forcing Brooke to cover up as she presses her back across the ring.
But Brooke lands a sneaky straight through a gap in Gena's guard to her lips, then fires another two punches to the face of Gena, blood trickles slowly from the nostrils of Nolin as she presses her back.
The bell rings with Brooke looking happy, returning to her corner more relaxed, maybe starting to get the demons out of her head from her defeat to Romee in the first round last month.
Gena meanwhile wipes the blood from her nose, still smirking as she stares across the ring at Brooke, her coach cleaning her face up.
Round 3:
Coming out towards each other, both land several jabs through the others guard, till Brooke pushes her way forwards to land three punches to the face of Gena to rock her onto the ropes.
Brooke's fans cheering her on as she presses her opponent back, snapping her right into the arms of Gena, then swings her left around the guard to continue to knock her back.
Gena is onto the ropes again, Brooke starts throwing bombs to try to knock her out, the older fighter leaning her head out the way of Brooke's punches.
She counters with a straight to the lips of Brooke, but the younger girl fires back with a right to the side of Gena's head, Gena's eyes shutting for a moment as Brooke pounds her.
Suddenly as Gena seems to be fighting back by working the body, Brooke yelps and retreats, she's pointing between her legs, claiming Gena hit her between the legs, the puffy cheeked Gena doesn't seem to care at the moment as she snaps a right across the face of Brooke to remind her to defend herself at all times.
Gena lands another two straight punches to the face of Hogan, who covers up and ends up pressed to the ropes on the other side.
The bell rings before Gena can do more damage, the referee quickly between the girls as they scream at each other, Brooke claiming Gena is a cheat, Gena saying that Brooke is a f***ing liar.
Their coaches are needed to drag both fighters back to their corners, replays show that Gena landed her punch somewhere on the waistline of Brooke's bikini bottoms.
There's already arguments in the crowd as the big screen shows the footage, maybe unwisely as both fighters seem to think it confirms their arguments, leading to anger stares between both fighters.
Round 4:
The fighters come forwards and start slugging it out, Brooke takes a right to the body that upsets her and Gena steps back as Brooke starts swinging wild punches.
Gena digs a short sharp punch to the abs of Brooke, forcing a gasp from the younger fighter, then lands a right hook that makes her opponent stumble to the side.
The legend keeps the pressure on Hogan, knocking her onto her heels with a flurry of punches, Brooke covering up, but grimacing as she is being beaten back with precise punches slamming into her body and face.
Brooke tries to fight back, but misses with a right cross and takes an uppercut that knocks Brooke to the ropes, Gena pinning her back with her left, then slams her right into the side of the body.
Gena looking to finish the fight, Brooke pushes her back to open up space for her to get off the ropes and retreats, throwing a jab out defensively.
But she is being pushed back again by Gena as she just can't get going, she looks hurt as she gets knocked towards a corner.
The bell rings though before she gets knocked into it, Gena shouting "you're not in my class! Just admit it instead of bullshitting everyone!" Brooke shoves her and again they have to be pulled apart as they start trading.
Brooke winces as she sits down on her stool, her coach ices her body as it is reddened up, her cheeks are puffing up too.
Gena looking in better shape, banging her gloves together as she looks pissed at Brooke, this fight has become truly personal between both girls.
Round 5:
Both fighters stand up and head out with both of sets of fans chanting their names, since the "low blow" incident, the crowd has really took sides.
Brooke tries to take the fight to Gena, both landing single punches as they circle, then Hogan comes in with a right that just misses.
Instead she takes a right to the stomach and a left hook up top, Brooke let's out a loud yelp as she is rocked back.
Another two rights lands to the body of Hogan and down to her knees she goes as she holds her stomach, Gena standing with her arms raised over her head.
The referee nudges her back and points towards a neutral corner as he begins his count, Brooke with tears of frustration in her eyes as she can be heard breathing hard.
Soon enough the count reaches 10 as Brooke hasn't the will it seems to get up and take more punishment to the body, the fight is over!

Winner: Gena Lee Nolin KO Round 5

There is a loud roar from the Gena supporters, while the Brooke Hogan supporters look at each other in utter shock, not many thought that in 2017 they'd still witness Gena Lee Nolin kicking ass!
Gena of course has never doubted herself as she tosses her gloves off and decides she hasn't finished with Brooke.
She pulls the gloves off her younger rival and pulls her up by her hair to shove her into a corner, the referee lets whatever is going to happen take place as he doesn't want the wrath of GLN.
"See what liars get! I didn't low blow you! You're just a cheap w****!" Roars Gena as she clearly feels Brooke was playing on her reputation to try and get a break.
Brooke replies "you know you cheated" which leads to Gena punching her with a tapped fist to her already sore stomach, Brooke coughs as more air is driven from her body.
Gena looks almost like she wants Brooke to fight back, but smirks as she sees nothing is going to come back, instead she drags Brooke by down to all fours and tells her "crawl bytch!"
The beaten Brooke is being led around by her hair, as if Gena was walking a dog, Brooke being humiliated by the veteran who clearly feels disrespected by her rival.
After doing a full lap, Brooke's arms give way and she turns her head just before she gets a mouth full of sand, instead it's in her hair and over her jugs.
Gena placing a foot on her back to press her down flat, shouting "bring on the best! Hell bring on Charlize! I did what she couldn't, I have won while she can't anymore" smirking as she finishes that statement.
Stepping off Brooke, she leaves the ring to a mixed reaction, but she doesn't care, whether your name is Tess, Charlize or Brooke, she thinks she's the ultimate blonde and that's all that matters.
Brooke has to be helped by a medic and her coach out the ring, she looks utterly humiliated and her fans must be worried for her as she heads to the back.



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