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9 September 2017 Stacey Solomon vs Sam Faiers

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Posted by Girls Friday on September 9, 2017, 10:04 am



(Written by Girls Friday/Results BBU)

(Free Agent vs TOWIE)

The next bout sees former X-Factor star and now TV presenter Stacey Solomon fights TOWIE star Samantha Faiers in London's O2 arena.
The 27 year old Stacey is 5'5, she is from Dagenham, London and is most famous for coming third in the X-Factor in 2009 and winning I'm a Celebrity in 2010, this is her debut.
Samantha is 26 years old, 5'6 and is from Brentford, Essex; she is most famous for TOWIE and holds a record of 0 wins in 4 attempts.

The girls meet face to face at the press conference, Stacey has her trademark smile on, as Samantha looks at her with real contempt.
Brought to their tables, Stacey is asked to speak first, she says "oh my God! I honestly can't believe I'm getting a chance to fight, I honestly grew up doing boxing so this is my heaven" giggling as she looks over the sea of journalists.
She finishes by saying "I know Sam will be looking to beat me up badly, so don't damage my mug too badly honey" smiling over at the glaring Samantha.
Who now gets her chance to speak, "drop the act bytch, I have heard the rumours for years that you wouldn't do TOWIE because you thought you were too good for us"
Stacey trying to deny it but Samantha continues "I don't care if you were in the scouts growing up, I'm going to black both your eyes and knock that goofy smile of yours off your face!"
Now the Dagenham girl looks upset, that smile gone as we suddenly see a serious Stacey, a very rare sight indeed as she throws the microphone down and looks ready to start now with Samantha.
Security though learning off earlier instances stops the girls before they can go for each other and pulls them off the stage to the backstage area through separate doors.

Fight night, out comes Stacey first; she is wearing a white bikini with matching gloves and her brunette hair is up in a ponytail.
Her smile seems to have returned as it seems to take a lot to bring her down, waving to the crowd who seem to love her, she looks in her element.
Climbing into the ring, she heads to her corner; climbing up onto the bottom rope and raising her fists to the crowd.
Out comes Samantha now, she is looking serious as she stares into the ring, beginning her walk down to the ring with her coach right behind her.
She is wearing a violet bikini with black trim to go along with her hair tied up into a ponytail.
Climbing into the ring, Samantha pumps her right fist as her fans cheer her and she turns to stare right into the innocent looking face of Stacey with real malice in her eyes.
Both are brought to the ring centre, eyes meeting as Stacey's smile seems plastered onto her face, pissing off a determined Samantha even more.
Asked to touch gloves; Stacey holds her gloves out and Samantha swats her gloves on top of her rival Londoners, knocking her fists down to show there isn't any respect between these two as far as she is concerned.
Stacey is still smiling though as she heads back to her corner, Samantha getting more annoyed as she waits in her corner and as if reading her mind, the referee signals for the bell to begin 10 rounds of bantamweight action.

Round 1:
Out come the fighters with Samantha looking to stalk Stacey back, the slightly bigger girl is trying to jab to work her opponent back.
Stacey though shows some of the skills she has with her head moving out the way of the jab and steps inside to land two punches to the right cheek of Faiers and leans out the way of a right hook.
The singer looks slick as she moves around Samantha, moving back and forth out of range, digging through the near enough non existent guard.
The TOWIE star has to get right into Stacey's face to finally land some meaty punches, landing to the sides of her opponent's body.
Solomon groaning, but with a little nudge of her left into the bountiful chest of Faiers and lands an uppercut that shoves Samantha back onto her heels.
Stacey landing straight punches through the gloves of Samantha to knock her head back, already the botton lip of Sam is bleeding and she needs to clinch up with her opponent.
The referee separates the girls, with Samantha looking upset, clashing into the body of Stacey with her right digging into the abs of the singer.
With the round heading into the final moments, Stacey digging her fists into the sides of her opponent's head to dislodge her from her, then digs a straight punch into the top of her head just before the bell ends the round.
The crowd cheering Stacey, whose smile returns as she waves to the crowd on the way back to her corner, her coach having to tell her to stop smiling and focus on the fight.
In the other corner, Samantha is fuming, she's had the displeasure of her sister being stretchered out after she lost just before this fight and now she is being humiliated, her coach needing to calm her down and clean her up.
Round 2:
Samantha moves out quicker to meet Stacey, pressing her back behind her guard with a flurry of punches and forcing Solomon onto the back foot in retreat.
But Stacey moves out to the side as Samantha throws a wild right, allowing the singer to dig her right into the face of the stunner to turn it around.
Now it's Stacey driving her backwards towards the ropes, Samantha covering up now and as her back hits the ropes, her eyes grow wider, clearly getting worried.
The Dagenham girl starts slamming her punches around the guard of Sam, knocking her head side to side, Sam needing to clinch up again.
Stacey and Samantha grappling in close, Samantha digging her right into the side of Stacey but regrets that as Stacey breaks free and lands a hard left hook to put Sam down to her side!
Samantha pushing herself up to all fours, shaking her head before punching the ground, then she beats the count at 8.
The referee checks her over and let's the fight continue, Samantha now fighting on the defensive, Stacey hunting her down with her jab digging at the guard of her opponent.
Stacey looks in no hurry to end this, working Samantha back, maybe worried about getting caught if she goes in hard.
It allows Samantha to survive the round, wiping sweat off her head as the bell rings to end the round, Stacey still grinning to herself, that may get her into trouble with opponent's wanting to wipe it off her in future.
Samantha certainly wants to wipe it off her face if she gets the chance to do it, up to now though she has nothing by the looks of it, Stacey looking too good for her.
Round 3:
Samantha this time is on the defensive, Stacey picking her punches around the guard of her opponent as she looks for the key to unlock the guard and do some real damage.
The TOWIE star lands a straight to the face of Stacey, looking to start to come back at the singer, but the reflexes of Solomon allow her to lean out the way of the slower Faiers.
Stacey catches Samantha across her cheek with a right cross and digs a left to the body of the Essex girl, Samantha grimacing as she is worked back to the ropes.
Samantha taking a flurry of punches to her face once again, she looks to be losing confidence by the second as she looks to run away from her opponent.
But that leaves her open and Stacey catches her with a right hook to rock her, Samantha's legs wobbling and Stacey lands a right and left across her face, before landing a right to the centre of Faiers body and down to all fours she goes!
Stacey jogging to a neutral corner, watching as Samantha spits out her gumshield, the count reaches 10 and the fight is over!

Winner: Stacey Solomon KO Round 3

A super performance from Stacey from start to finish, the level of opposition isn't great but she showed off her movement and skills to win this.
She of course has that trademark smile as she can be heard showing "oh my God!" Not believing she actually won her debut as she races over to her coach to hug him.
She turns and waves to the crowd, who applaud her, making her somehow smile wider, while her opponent pushes herself up and scowls at her as she leans against the ropes.
Stacey heads over to thank Samantha for the fight, but the Essex star just brushes her off, waving her hands up in the air and turning her back on her to head to her corner to get cleaned up.
The winner looks stunned, then shrugs her shoulders and heads back to her own corner to get her gloves taken off, winking to her man Joe Swash whose in the front row.
Samantha needs help to leave the ring and off to the back, she will most likely be seeing her sister soon enough, maybe the news they both want to go into the JMD division is the right place for them to go at this moment in their careers to save them.
While Stacey bows to each side of the ring, blowing kisses to the fans, before she leaves the ring herself, she will be wanting to build off this win of course, maybe a stable might look at her as shake ups normally happen around the later part of the year, could Stacey's name be in there as a "draft" pick?



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