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22 September 2017 Hitomi Aizawa vs Lacey Banghard

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(from Tokyo Dome City Hall)




Posted by Vassago on September 22, 2017, 10:57 pm



Hitomi Aizawa vs Lacey Banghard
(Front Street Japan vs This Is Glamour)
(1-1, 1 KO vs 8-3, 8 KO)
JMD Value: 37G (Natural) vs 30G (Natural)
Results: BBU; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: It's the Main Event of the International Jewels Vol. 3 PPV and the one fight that would allow Front Street Japan owner Ayako Hamada to forget about the troubled demise of both Chisato Morishita and Yumi Sugimoto earlier tonight. There's nothing more satisfying than a triumph in jug muggin' competition but the odds are much higher for Hitomi Aizawa as she battles the rumours of Rio Natsume joining Front Street Japan on trial following her destruction of Miri Hanai last month. The full-time contract requires Natsume to beat a current member of the team and Ms Hamada has ordered Aizawa to step in against the triallist next month so tonight's contest serves as the dress rehearsal for the 35 year old gravure model.

Meanwhile Lacey Banghard doesn't care about the Japanese in-house bickering, she just wants to win and prove that she's still one of the most dangerous JMD experts around BBU. She got handed the short end of the stick during the BBU JMD Title tournament where she faced future champion Rosie Jones in her opening fight. She still pushed the fellow glamour model nine full rounds which is particulary impressive given the weight difference between the two and the gruesome damage factor that comes along with the jug pounding tactics. She promptly wrecked Charley Webb in her next outing to underline her status as one of the most dangerous flyweights around the country. Now it's the time to showcase her talents to the Asian audience!

Hitomi Aizawa wears a white bikini set with red trim and red gloves. Long dark brown hair straight. Lacey Banghard wears a light blue bikini set with silver trim and silver gloves. Long dark brown hair straight. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division. JMD rules apply.

Round 1:
Hitomi hasn't graced the ring since 2012 and BBU TV's Kate Abdo reckons she'll be out of the Front Street Japan line-up in case Rio Natsume blows her away next month but for the time being the Japanese model has to worry about the 5'1" pocket rocket from Bedford who squares up to her and beats for the initial uppercut tangle that immediately lifts the 37G assets into the familiar north-south pattern. Aizawa pierces through Banghard's jugs as well but doesn't have as much strenght - or Lacey is seemingly superior in soaking up such a drive - and the mindless pounding during the opening minute has one clear winner and it's not gonna please the Tokyo Dome audience! Hitomi's boobs are shoved against her chin as she's unable to embrace the full force of the Banghard heat and she just drits away onto the ropes when the Bedford babe whoops her from point-blank range and works the high-octane attack. Kate Abdo reckons there's hardly anyone so effective in jug pounding around Front Street Japan gym and Hitomi gets wrenched sideways into the ropes which caves her into nothing but desperate defense come the final minute. Lacey rains punches like skittles but becomes too cute in her execution as if she wants to squeeze Aizawa's mounds into then open instead of just blasting her away any which way possible! Utter dominance from the English tourist still leaves TIG manager Melinda Messenger upset at the bell. Did these girls make a bet Lacey can score a KO1 victory on hostile territory tonight? The body language suggests something has escaped the experts along the lines here. But does it really matter anyway?

Round 2:
Lacey keeps pounding away and outworks the brave but unfortunate opponent who gets her 37G assets shoved into her slumping chin again. Maybe the age difference plays as much of a factor as Hitomi's lenghty absence from the ring but Rio Natsume is surely loving this as she watches her next opponent crumble under the Bedford brunette's heat! Banghard shows the local heroine no sympathy whatsoever and just plugs her mitts into the sizeable target while watching Hitomi yelp her heart out in numbers. The Japanese model tries to land something... anything on the younger girl's boobs but fails to match the high-octane intensity of these attacks and bellows out behind a desperate half-guard come the final minute. Lacey traps her right along the TIG corner and it's almost like she stares Melinda Messenger straight in the eye instead of eye-balling her subdued rival. So much confidence from the English babe here; on the other hand even coach Kei Mizutani looks to have given up on Aizawa's recovery plan as she watches the hapless compatriot walk back to her corner with eyes glued onto the boards. Not a single word is spoken in the Front Street Japan corner during the interval and that's a very bad sign for the partisan audience indeed.

Round 3:
Hitomi's two inches taller than her opponent but it makes absolutely no difference when the pure boxing peformance is so uneven. Allthough the Japanese vixen drives forward to connect with Banghard's ample cleavage, she's too slow to react for an overhand swing that nails her on the chin and drops her guard to the point the English tourist can slam unanswered rally straight up the middle. There goes Hitomi's rack again! The veteran gravure model gets stuffed in the center of the ring and bellows out into punchbag mode as she just can't match Banghard's uptempo swinging... Ugh! You can almost feel Aizawa's pain by just watching her getting annihilated and she gets mopped back to the ropes when she doesn't maintain control over her limbs anymore... she bounces forward straight into yet another vicious uppercut and this time it's too much even for the most resistant of Japanese fighters - and that's not Hitomi's shtick anyway - DOWN SHE GOES at Lacey's feet!!! "Hah! Got you now, you ugly sucker!!", the English tourist gloats over the fallen cougar and it's a slow and nearly impossible recovery for the local starlet here. Hitomi pushes herself up from both arms and sits down on her heels at seven. She makes it back upright at nine but looks wobbly at best... still, Ayako Hamada demands her to continue!!! She refuses to throw in the towel despite Kei Mizutani asking for a permission... Lacey doesn't need a second opportunity and she blows past the jelly guard to lift Aizawa's boobs into another miserable ride... the Japanese woman is almost battered into a standstill on the ropes but somehow the clock expires before Lacey can finish her off for good! Good lord, that was so close! But Hitomi slumps to her bums after the bell and is declared fit to continue. Kate Abdo calls for the corner decision here but apparently the Asians don't quit on the stool on home territory!

Round 4:
Aizawa is send to be executed now and her bikini top barely survives the initial tangle, she raises her arms only as high as her tummy - that's anything hut a raised guard anyway - and Lacey dissects her rack from point-blank range which renders the cougar completely exposed. Ugh! Just frickin' knock her out! Oh-oh... Lacey's relentless pounding cripples Aizawa and removes the last ounce of resistance just shy of the half-minute mark. The banged up woman simply SLIDES DOWN ONTO HER KNEES and collapses face-first at Banghard's feet for the second time tonight. Even the referee knows it's all over and waves it off on the spot. KO4 Lacey Banghard in utterly dominant fashion!!!

AFTER: Once again the Front Street Japan hosts have been extremely generous to the guests from Europe with only new prospect Sayumi Michishige coming out on top of her opponent tonight. Kate Abdo wonders if the Ayako Hamada-led stable needs a roster overhaul soon but for now Lacey Banghard steals the show as she dances around the fallen Aizawa and prevents the medics from attending the aching woman. She's joined by Melinda Messenger who swiftly removes both Lacey's gloves and Hitomi's bikini top! Lacey wastes no time to crash down on the Japanese rack and digs her nails into the exposed flesh. This move results in a sign of life from the defeated brunette but her scowling only fuels Lacey's desire to rip her tits off with her bare hands!!!

After mauling Hitomi's rack for almost a full minute, Lacey that begins to jump on her tummy and clearly enjoys the painful look on the cougar's face: "Who stopped your jugs, mug? Who??? Say it!"

Poor Hitomi acts like she doesn't speak English and cries out something in native tongue before betting face-slapped by the Bedford babe: "Shut up, slut! Say I stopped your jugs or just shut the hell up!"

But there's no other reaction from the vanquished woman who gets slapped across the boobs for a good measure and Lacey soon loses interest in tormenting her so she swiftly applies the breast smother to send Aizawa down the street of dreams. She gets up and plants her foot across Hitomi's exposed rack and pierces her heel deep into the bruised flesh: "Stay down, you filthy whore! My wonderful jugs stopped your sagging melons and that's all that matters!"

Kate Abdo has no doubt that Rio Natsume really enjoyed this result as Lacey Banghard inadvertently improved her chances of joining the Front Street Japan crew now. For Aizawa to recover from this beating and actually give Nastume a proper fight next month would border on elite boxing status! And tonight's result proved that Hitomi is anything but elite these days her epic win over former BBU champion Dannielle Brent not withstanding.

Speaking of champions, Melinda Messenger wants Lacey to try out against former flyweight dominatrix Mikie Hara next. JMD rules or conventional style, you name it! More specifically Ayako Hamada should name it! There's no immediate response from the FSJ owner but she promises to consider this challenge which is a welcomed change from the usual ducking show at the expense of the 30 year old former champion. If this match-up somehow goes ahead next month, the upcoming International Jewels Vol. 4 PPV could be even more exciting than originally planned!

Final result: Lacey Banghard def. Hitomi Aizawa KO4.





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