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26 August 2017 Brooklyn Decker vs Nina Agdal

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Brooklyn Decker 10.jpgNina Agdal 07.jpg
Aug 26, 2017 at 1:22am
Brooklyn Decker vs Nina Agdal
(Lioness Club of America vs VIXENs)
(30-11, 19 KO vs 12-3, 12 KO)
Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: This is a high-profile rematch which Nina Agdal has been seeking ever since going down on her FCBA debut to the then-Front Street member back in July 2015. A lot has changed during those two years, Brooklyn Decker has switched over to the Lioness Club of America following a shocking axe from the Philadelphia-based stable while Nina has jumped on an incredible 12 fight winning streak and threatens Kelly Rohrbach's status as the Chief Lightweight Vixen. However apparently no winning streak is satisfying enough without taking revenge on Brooklyn Decker which sets up tonight's contest as a true grudge battle in the making!

Brooklyn Decker wears a yellow bikini set and black gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a sleek ponytail. Nina Agdal wears an orange bikini set with white trim and red gloves. Long blonde hair wrapped in a loose bun at the back of her head. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the lightweight division.

Round 1:
Nina's on the move early as if she wants to show everyone why she's the better fighter right now; she outworks Brooklyn in a close range dispute and begins to stack up the punches against the older blonde's face. Brooklyn's guard is usually bulletproof at this stage of a fight but perhaps the latest Kendall Jenner battle took more out of her than most of the fans and pundits anticipated. She looks rather sluggish while trying to deke herself out of trouble and finds no match to Agdal's uptempo swinging. The Vixen blonde barks in her efforts to reel Decker into the corner and she finally succeeds in the final minute when she beats the fellow model for a quick left-on-left and smacks her across the face with a well-timed cross hook. Ugh! Brooklyn sinks on her knees down in the corner and has to survive the dying seconds covered in a desperate earmuff.

Rounds 2 & 3:
Nina made a huge statement in that opening round but perhaps her performance was actually too good and trapped her in a false sense of security. She jumps at the older blonde looking to add immediate punishment but gets countered each time as Decker finally finds some speed and rhythm in her execution. She beats the Danish blonde for a solid cross hooking tangle before driving her mitts into Nina's body and that's something the younger model didn't anticipate at all. She lowers her arms too late to avoid getting reeled on her heels and Brooklyn is one girl who can issue a nasty punishment when required. She harpoons Agdal to the body and drives her into the ropes while clipping the jugs just to keep her opponent wary of additional routes where she can hurt her. Nina swings back from behind the guard several times but lacks the precision displayed in the opener and wilts under the body assault to the point she can only clinch the Ohio native in order to survive the onslaught.

Round 4:
Despite losing her momentum Nina just doesn't abandon her pursuit and that is written in any Vixen's DNA indeed. This time she actually beats Decker for the initial tangle and whoops her across the nose with a brutal hook that is quickly followed with another one on the left temple. Brooklyn gets stuck in the sand as she tries to maintain her balance but drops her gloves alltogether and can do little about Agdal resuming the head hunting drill within a split second. The Danish blonde just pours punches into Decker's face during a frantic second minute and only her overzealous approach prevents her from cashing in full. She still traps Brooklyn on the ropes and keeps her covered behind a tight earmuff thereafter but the lack of a proper body assault may yet come back to haunt her according to ESPN's Erin Andrews. Decker is one stubborn customer and gives her foe a lenghty bytch stare at the bell. That's as impressive as she's looked during the last three minutes though.

Round 5:
Nina just doesn't know how to back off and earns herself more success by clipping Brooklyn's jugs and she finally camps inside the older blonde's midriff. However Decker is quick to strike over the top as both girls engage in a phone booth-like dispute which leads into a lenghty groaning effort as they struggle to stretch their elbows properly. Brooklyn manages to move around a little faster though and steps back just in time to deliver a crunching left hook on the jaw that has Agdal tripping over the sand in a hurry. However the Danish lass refuses to bide her time in retreat following that nasty punch and tries to leap forward still fuelled by the revenge mission. And she makes a crucial mistake as she meets another crunching hook from Decker that nails her on the nose AND SENDS CRASHING DOWN ON THE SAND moments later. Ugh! Nina hits the loose surface flat on her back and suddenly the clock is her biggest friend as she beats the count at seven and avoids Brooklyn's follow up at the last second. A brief mid-distance scuffle brings out a high earmuff defense from the Dane however Brooklyn has all the experience behind her and realizes when she's got a wounded prey in front of her. She winks back at the fellow blonde and nods back to coach Claudia Schiffer.

Round 6:
Even the knockdown doesn't stop Agdal from charging at the American and this tactics leaves both the LCA entourage and the audience stunned... Nina shows no signs of cracking under pressure and loops immediate aerial assault that connects with Decker's temples and traps her on her heels. Brooklyn gets stuck in the sand and leans over to the left just as the younger model harpoons her on the navel and follows up with a quick uppercut on the chin. Ugh! Decker wobbles forward and completely misjudges her hooking approach which leads into another stunning uppercut from Agdal... Decker trips back to the ropes and bounces off them however she's got little control over her movements now and fails to embrace for another cross on the nose. AGDAL HITS THE JACKPOT as she sends Decker crashing down on her left side. The American's legs looked numb as she simply couldn't fend off the heat and it's a lenghty recovery here for the former divisional champion. Brooklyn eventually gets up at eight and stares straight into Nina's glaring eyes. Both women jump at each other so quickly they effectively clash heads and stumble back which pours some cold water over their intentions but as the bell sounds they approach each other and bump jugs signalling this one is far from being over!

Round 7:
Decker matches Agdal's fast start and beats her for the right-on-right strike that tears a patch under the left eye and wobbles the younger blonde on her heels. Nina still tries to jump from the back foot but doesn't have the speed neccessary to perform the trick and Decker crashes down on her with a jabbing galore that snaps her head back and digs her deeper into the sand in the proccess. Nina's arms are slow to get up and Brooklyn cashes in on the head hunting drill before clocking her foe's left ear with a vicious hook. Nina half-spins to the side and wobbles forward straight into a monster uppercut on the chin THAT TURNS HER LIGHTS OUT!!! Ugh! The Danish blonde crumbles into a heap and is left motionless on the sand with eyes closed. Her right arm slowly collapses across her breasts while her left one is raised above her head. The ref performs his duty but waves off the count at six when there are no signs of a looming recovery from the Vixens woman. KO7 Brooklyn Decker!!!

AFTER: Brooklyn plants her foot on top of Nina's tummy and can barely contain the giggles: "Better luck next time! Maybe three is your lucky number?" She then glances over at the Vixens entourage but is disappointed to learn that Kelly Rohrbach didn't make the trip to witness this exceptional performance. "I really wish they'd tell me who is their Alpha Blonde out there? I've beaten Nina twice now, that's enough evidence for me to say she's not the one... but Kelly Rohrbach? Now that sounds like a challenge! If only Tahnee Atkinson stopped buggin' me on twitter! She's getting really desperate out there! Guess I shall do something about it really soon!"

Final result: Brooklyn Decker def. Nina Agdal KO7.

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