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26 August 2017 Title Ch Megan Fox vs Sarah Shahi

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Post by Lookout! Boxing on Aug 26, 2017 at 1:11am


Megan Fox versus Sarah Shahi (United Flyweight Title)

(31, 5’4, 114, 29:23:1 FCBA, VIXENs/Mirage)


(37, 5’3, 26:12 FCBA, Odds & Ends Fight Studio)


(Words: Caspian / Results: Lookout!) 


BEFORE: “Megan’s made her *final* mistake as Flyweight champ - she challenged me for a rematch,” Sarah smiling at reporters before their title fight tonight. The gorgeous brunette is decked out in a silky-smooth black bikini and bottoms, lounging calmly on her chair whilst she lets her body language do the talking. “I beat her before. And she went down without much trouble.l, let’s be honest. I don't think tonight will be any different.”

Megan snorting in response before retorting. “Yeah, I know one difference: you got old, grandma. And look where you are now - at the bottom of the food chain fighting for scraps from MY table. You were f*cking LUCKY I even offered you a title fight, Shahi.”

Sarah’s nostrils flare at the perceived insult but the mature fighter has been here long enough to know how not to embarrass herself in this arena. She smiles and shrugs, brushing off Fox’s words. “One thing’s for sure - I’m gonna be a classier second-time champion than you’ll ever be. I promise not to humiliate you, Megan, once I’m through with you tonight… well maybe not *too* much,” Sarah concludes with a wink.

Megan notorious for her temper and she’s still red-faced as both girls face off on the middle of the stage. Megan cradling that title belt firmly around her waist with both hands, taunting Sarah with a swish and flick of her chin in dismissive fashion. Sarah smirking back, hands on hips as she gets her face in so close to the champ’s that both girls could literally kiss. But none of that nonsense here, folks.

In the ring finally, referee does his preliminary checks and then waves for the title fight to commence. Here we go with ten rounds of Flyweight action for the Unified Flyweight Championship!

Round 1:
Eagerly anticipated rematch for both fighters makes headway as they get in range of each other’s fists and let loose, lighting up opppnent’s face almost immediately with mutual jabs and thundering blows . Out come the grunts and baring of teeth as the pain starts shocking either girls’ circuits - both seem more eager to dish out punishment rather than mitigate incoming damage, looking to outwork the other and prove their superiority the hard way. Not enough to simply win the match here tonight, it seems, but more importantly is making a statement over the other girl. Megan is the over-eager of the pair, especially in the opening seconds, firing off as many punches as she can at lightning speed, most blocked by Sarah’s guard but more than a few grazing the chin and cheek as they manage to get inside. Sarah grimacing by firing back, easier targeting of Megan’s face as the champ’s guard is barely even up as both her hands fire in and out, so Sarah has easy pickings in lightning up Megan’s face as and when she likes. Girls scoring aplenty in this first round, but judges giving the edge to the *former* champion tonight in a good sign that she might very well just reclaim her title.

Round 2:
Of course, Megan fuming at the thought of Sarah even possibly winning one round tonight - the proud Vixen didn’t come all this way, fighting through opponents like Natalie Portman and Sienna Miller only to get downed by Sarah Shahi (no disrespect meant to Ms Shahi or her stable, of course). Megan more calculative in the second, firing off jabs at similar speed but paying more attention to her guard and footwork as she allows fewer of Sarah’s punches to get through. Sarah showing signs of frustration in turn, her attempts at powerful hooks aimed at Fox’s head bare little fruit as Megan too sharp to be caught by such slow-churning moves so early. Instead, the champ turning Sarah’s cheeks pink, contorting them in wild shapes by sticking her gloves in whenever Sarah misses a wide hook off the mark. Last minute however sees Shahi trapping Megan in a tight spot. In desperate move, Fox swings a hook, which Sarah easily ducks under. The challenger grins and buries her fists into her toned tummy - Megan gasping as her body rocked by thunderous pounding left right left before she manages to clinch the remaining seconds of the round away.

Round 3:
Sarah looking for more bullying work as she tries to trap Megan in a corner again, but finds little success as Megan gets wise to her plan, scoots out of the way and dissuades her by sticking her gloves into nose and cheek. Sarah doing her best to catch the taller brunette in a bind, but Megan has surprisingly agile legs for her height, showing some good agility in bobbing and weaving out of the way of incoming fists. Second minute sees Fox get cocky as she takes one too many swings at Sarah, swiping at her chest in obvious taunting after pushing her face to the other side with a right hand. Sarah however shrugs off the jug blow, consolidates and DIGS a right hand up into the champ’s body, folding her over in half and then following up with more wicked tummy blows put put put puh. Megan’s mouth opened with painful gurgles, immediately clinches forward, but Sarah attempting to piston more punches into the body and side whilst Megan attempting the opposite trying to deny space. Ends up with either girl assaulting each other’s sides over and over, mashing the flesh and then scrapping over skin with leather, reddening their waistlines considerably. Close round yet again but the champ edges out the challenger from her earlier offense.

Round 4:
Girls taking a mutual step to their rights as they start out of corners - both wary of the other and preferring to play it cautious as they approach, which is strange strategy for someone like Sarah especially, who’s known for her muscly-clinch brawling technique and simply out-powering her opponents with shocks to the gut. In fact, all part of her strategy as she allows Megan to get in range before firing a right hook at the champ’s head out of nowhere - MEGAN IS STUNNED as the blow crashes clean into the side of her face, wobbles her on her feet! Champ looks like she’s in trouble - Sarah sees her moment and takes it, rushing in close with lefts and rights aimed into the body and then torqued upwards to root Megan to the spot - Megan’s body jerking as well as literally lifted off her feet from the impacts to her sternum, then Sarah finishes with a right uppercut that crashes into the chin and sends the champ sailing to the canvas on her back! Is it over already?!

Crowds chanting their approval as though it’s decided, as Sarah raises one hand in her own self-assured victory, eyes glaring down at her fallen foe sprawled out on her back. Referee herds her to neutral corner and begins to count out the champion! Megan groaning, moaning as she wills herself back up, face reddened from the blood flowing to her head and legs still shaky as she rises back to her feet with the help of the ropes at the count of 8. It’s a glorious opening minute for Sarah as she makes ready to finish her off and secure her second title run!

As soon as the referee’s hand waves here she comes charging... Megan grimaces as she takes another one-two gut shots to the tummy before she manages to clinch with Shahi, both arms wrapped around and under the brunette’s arms, allowing her to control the challenger quite surprisingly well. Sarah finding her momentum blunted all of a sudden, her face pressed firmly into Megan’s sweat-soaked chest as the champ clamps down on the back of her neck, stopping her from aiming and punching with no space in between. Now all she can do is bounce her mitts off Megan’s sides in wild and blind aim for Megan’s chin. Fox knows this too - whether by blind luck or sheer skill she will never reveal, but the unique position allows her to rotate hips on the spot, secretly sinking her kneecap into Sarah’s thigh below rotate her rival along the ropes with her, then pinning Shahi’s body to the ropes instead, leaning in firmly using her own body weight. Sarah of course fuming as all this happens, frustrated loud grunts and gritting of teeth with hot exhalation of air on Megan’s neck as she struggles back. But soon Megan shoving a hand directly into her face, leather further obscuring her vision. Sarah is pushing and swatting it away iin order to get a clear shot, but she doesn’t see Megan’s other hand come SCREAMING in from the side till it’s too late - NASTY HOOK to the face swivels Shahi’s head to the side, her body following along for the ride as she rotates along the ropes in a dazed blur. Megan following after her, shocking her again and again - Sarah being knocked senseless, until final CLOTHESLINE flattens her down to her back! IT’S A COMEBACK KNOCKDOWN FOR MEGAN FOX!!

Sarah left blinking up at the lights, chest heaving up and down in that slick bikini, arms stirring by either side of her head, but just barely. Megan herself too tired to even move from her position, both arms draped on either side on the ropes to keep the rest of her body upright.

Referee starting the count, and Sarah lets out an acknowledged grunt, manages to rise to her knees and then straightens her body up whilst grabbing onto the ropes for support. Both girls showing championship material here for sure as Sarah too powers through the pain, getting back up just as the referee shouts the 8th count!

That’s enough knockdowns for one round, and I would think both girls would also agree!

Round 5:
We’re effectively tied going into the fifth, and both girls seem to have recovered enough to remind themselves why they need to take the lead here. Dull, shocking stuff to the head and bodies as neither having the energy to run circles around the other any longer, having just recovered from a mutual knockdown. Sarah doing some damage in the early minute with shocking licks off of Megan’s toned mid-riff, but Megan returning the favour with a double-whammy of fists up into Shahi’s chest, stunning the beauty, before knocking her head back with snap uppercut to her chin. Sarah shaking on the spot but hell if she’s gonna retreat now - deftly avoids a follow-up uppercut swing from Megan by weaving to her right. Instead, challenger now JAMS a fist straight into Megan’s mouth, making her eat a mouthful of leather. Both girls back away simultaneously, swaying from the blows and checking their bodies for permanent damage.

But almost immediately they step forward to clash yet again. Megan ducks under a wide cross from Sarah, fires off a reactionary right hook aimed at the cheek, but Sarah herself DUCKS sideways in the nick of time, spanks her fists against Megan’s waistline left-right left-right puh puh puh puh. Megan taken one too many body shots, moaning as she cradles her torso and is beaten slowly back to the ropes, the challenger just sinking her fists in and out over and over. Fox’s back hits the ropes and Sarah swings for the fences with a knockout hook aimed at her face… BUT IT’S MEGAN’S TURN TO DIP UNDER at last second. Sarah wide-eyed, but goes for broke, torques her OTHER hand in opposite direction! But mid-swing, Megan digs down and BURIES a right hand deep into the challenger’s paunch: Sarah wilts as the punch pierces her abdomen - her attack falters midway and body folds over Megan’s glove with a strangled HHGGHHH, before she’s wrestled about again, body pinned against the ropes by Megan’s. Megan not taking any more chances here, one hand reaching out to hold Sarah’s neck in place whilst the other glove SMASHING into her face over and over again dull WHAP WHAP WHAPP as Sarah’s beaten completely senseless in final verdict! Sarah’s mouth already hanging open, arms limp and barely tugging on Megan’s vice-grip - she’s rapidly losing consciousness, and before the ref can call it off, final wind-back of right hand lands square on Sarah’s cheek - her eyes spiral upwards, lets out a long groaaann before falling down to her knees and hits the canvas face first! It’s f*cking over!!

Official Decision: Megan Fox defeats Sarah Shahi via KO5! Megan Fox RETAINS the Unified Flyweight Championship!

AFTER: A dominant display from the champ tonight as she holds onto her title, though she was in danger of losing it at various points. Rumour has it that Fox wants to continue pursuing this road of redemption by going after either Lea Seydoux or Cheryl Cole next, two ladies who have beaten her decisively in the past.

“As I showed tonight, things are clearly different. Sarah defeated me before but tonight? She didn’t stand a chance. I’ll save her from the further humiliation of a walk of shame. Some would say going down in a blaze of wreckage tonight was shameful enough,” Fox rubbing salt into the wound as she closes her remarks to reporters.

No post-fight humiliation tonight then from the champ. Some commentors would say that indeed, Fox has mellowed as Champion, giving the office some much needed due respect and sportsmanship-like conduct, but those who know the Vixen inside out laugh out loud whenever they hear such theories. The fact of the matter is that Fox did face one of the toughest challenges of her life in the ring tonight, and was simply too exhausted to attempt another wrestling match with Shahi post-match.

Nonetheless, others say karma has a way of finding you out… Just as Megan turns to head backstage, she’s confronted head on by a certan Demi Rose, appearing seemingly out of nowhere and is the first one to ‘congratulate’ the starlet with a sucker-BLAST of a right hand straight to Megan’s temple, knocking her down to the canvas in shock. “Remember me, b*tch??” Demi quips before quickly pouncing down on the girl who ambushed her the last time in the ring. Demi’s tight black cotton undies giving her remarkable agility and ability to straddle the spent Fox without breaking a sweat, Megan still reeling from the shot between the eyes and has trouble buckling the bigger girl off her. Smiling sweetly down at her trapped prey, Demi coos down: “Remember this, sweetie? Here’s a taste of your own medicine… and you’ll TAKE it, even if I have to shove it down your throat good!”

Megan’s yelps out loud as Rose tugs hard on her dark hair, pulling her face deep into the fabric of her bikini briefs. Crowd roaring their disapproval at the sudden ambush on their champ, but curiously Megan’s fellow stablemates are nowhere to be found, leaving it up to the ring officials to come to her rescue. Demi’s pulled and tugged off her perch, not screaming nor protesting but ushered away with a smug look on her face. Could Megan’s title plans be thrown a spanner in the works here with this new development? Certainly looks like a new target just presented herself as Fox finally manages to sit up, glaring at Demi’s fading figure through deep, choking breaths - the last thing she sees is the insolent girl blowing a kiss in her direction.


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