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26 August 2017 Tractorpull August PPV Comments

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Aug 26, 2017 at 1:01pm

Post by Tractorpull on Aug 26, 2017 at 1:01pm


Prediction wise, I did OK going 14-6. As usual recently, I didn’t do well in the title fights getting two of three wrong

We have a new welterweight champion. There was no question that Rhoda deserved a title shot. I just didn’t think she would win it, but win it she did. She won it in impressive fashion. I like Upton, but another fighter holding the title is a positive development for the welters

When will managers learn not to schedule two fights in two days. Holt is no Theron, who did it regularly in the old days. She lost a thirteen round fight by KO to Mitchell in the PLL PPV. Less that 48 hours later, she had to face VanCamp in a title fight. It didn’t go well. Not unexpected. VanCamp would have probably won the fight anyway

Fox’s defense of the flyweight title surprised me. i think she is no better than an average fighter. Before this year began she had a losing record. She is fighting well beyond her capabilities. Don’t ask me to explain it. Shahi is a good fighter, but at 37 she is beginning to look old

Kendall Jenner has served notice that she deserves a title fight. She is now 9-1 for the year with wins over two Hall OF Fame members. Her KO of Biel was big and solidified her status. Biel, a very dangerous fighter, but she seems to be lost. She is the last of the great lightweight champions of the early days left. Theron, Bell and Garner are gone. Well, Theron is still around, but her abilities are gone. Should  Biel join them on the sidelines?

Mandy Moore exposed Lawley for what she is. A very big average fighter at best. Lawley has yet to beat a good fighter.

Law’s win over Ryan will change the welter rankings. Law will jump back into the rankings, while Ryan will lose her four spot. It’s good to see Law back fighting. Hopefully, we will see her more often than in the recent past. Now that Law is back, where is Bridget Regan? We haven’t seen her since January.  The welters need her to get active

Refaeli beat Gonzales to be the one to give Lima an easy title defense

Decker is becoming active again and looks to break into the top ten with two wins recently. Ren’s win should keep her in the rankings

Johansson suffered her sixth loss in her last eight fights at the hands of Lovato. She needs to consider if it is time to go. Speaking of time to go, Why is Frege still around? She has now lost eight of her last nine and has a 8-32 record. Surely her manager can find someone to replace her

Dobrev, Ratajkowski and Scodelario won their bouts as expected but Santoro suffered a setback at the hands of Pieterse. Lily Collins and Keegan also won keeping the bantams a interesting division

In the flyweights Danielle Campbell won a less than important fight. I am not going to discuss my BFF’s fight

Who are Sylvie Meis and Demi Rose (Mawby)?  That fight should have opened the card. You know, as I have said before, you miss the fight, you haven’t missed anything.

Some very interesting challenges, like Ferguson/Righetti and Yustman/Cuoco, didn’t make it to the PPV. Hopefully we will see them on the next card

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