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2 September 2017 Camila Mendes vs Chloe Moretz

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Posted by Archer on September 2, 2017, 8:43 pm




Celebrity Boxing After Dark

Results: Lookout Writing: Archer

Camila: 23 YO, 5’2 (1.59 m) 1-1-0, 1 KO since 2017, Free Agent
Chloe: 20 YO, 5’4 (1.63 m) 3-1-0, 3 KO since 2016, Free Agent

Before: It is never easy for an unmanaged fighter, even one who have shown some evidence boxing talent to find her next bout. This edition of C-BAD has been underwritten by “Fighting Ingenue” a publication specializing in celebrity fighting newcomers. For tonight’s card Camila Mendes of The CW show RIVERDALE. She won her first fight against Front Street’s Jane Levy, but lost her second to the PLP’s Danielle Campbell. Chloe Grace Moretz is well-known to action movie fans for her appearances as “Hit Girl” in the “Kick Ass” movies and more recently she fought alien invaders in “The Fifth Wave.” She entered the FCBA in 2016 winning the “New Blood Flyweight” Tournament that year, defeating Taylor Spreitler and Ariel Winter, In 2017 she added a win over Mia Wasikowska, but suffered her first loss to Elizabeth Henstridge.

“Well, there is no doubt that I’m the favored fighter,” declared Chloe, “I have a solid winning percentage and my only loss was to a solid fighter. What’s Camila got? Nothing as mine and what’s more I’m the ‘big girl’ in this fight, which is kind of funny since I’m only 5’4. No way does that ‘titty bitty starlet’ beat me!”

Camila’s dark eyes burning as she listens to Chloe’s non-top dissing. However she restrains herself until she can get to the podium: “I am not ‘titty bitty’—and whole inches doesn’t make you a ‘big girl’. What you have is a big ego! Well, it’s about to get the beat down it deserves! You are going to learn never to underestimate an opponent.”
Chloe making a face at this, but otherwise restrains herself, but she and Camila are glaring at each other once they make it to the ring. Chloe in a white one piece with gray stripes. Gray gloves and small boots with white laces. Camila in a dark blue one piece with matching gloves and small boots (light blue laces). Both have their hair pulled back in ponytails. Tense, though correct ring instructions and they soon are in their corners. Bell rings and out they come…

R1: Chloe and Cami both eager to show what they can do and can’t resist a scrambling rush to mid-ring. Quick exchange of hurling rights catches both on the jaw. Mutual head swivels and tremors shoot down both sets of legs. Pause then they go back at each other. Chloe striking first with hooks to the midsection. Camila bending forward and gets uppercuts lifted up into her face. Camila pulling back in some disarray. Chloe lunging in pursuit scores to the side of Camila’s head with a strong right, but Camila swings back and catches Chloe on the cheekbone with a right hook of own. Again, there is a pause to regroup and within moments they have closed back in together with hard-hearted pounding of breasts, ribcages and bellies. Stays very close, but then Chloe sneaks in an right uppercut into Camila’s chin. Camila falling back, gloves high, but Chloe in pursuit working over Camila’s chest. Camila gets a jab going and gives Chloe of unpleasant shots to the face. Chloe hammers back to the body forcing Camila into a stubborn retreat at the bell, Close round but Chloe wins it on points.

R2: Camila showing much more movement as this round opens and it allows her to light Chloe up with quick hits to the head. Chloe trying to get in close but Camila’s not easy to corner and she adds some body work to further keep Chloe off balance. Chloe not liking this but can’t seem to deal with Camila’s quickness. Camila stuffs the gut with some meaty hooks as the round closes and leaves Chloe panting hard after the bell, Round to Camila Mendes wide.

R3: Chloe making a determined effort to cut off the ring on Camila and then put pressure on the brunette with power shots to the body. Camila banged up hard by these, but she comes right back at the blonde and it sets up a crowd-pleasing toe to toe battle with mostly straining bodies getting the punching attention. Then Camila backs off, circles before Chloe can react and smacks her to the side of the head so hard that it puts the side of the blonde’s head against her shoulder. Chloe staggering away as Camilla tries to get in front of her. Chloe sees Cami coming in and surprise her with a desperate straight right to the nose. Camila rocked as blood spurts from a nostril, but she comes back battling despite her aching nose. Chloe backing up, trying to jab, but not stopping Camila. Camila wins this one close as blood drips down her chin, but Chloe not looking very triumphant as she turns away.

R4: Camila’s nose quickly repaired by her corner crew and she is looking vengefully across the ring at Chloe who is leaning back against turnbuckle eyes closed. Break ends and Camila comes out with determination, but not recklessly. Chloe trying to keep her defenses together, showing no interest in the offensive as Camila closes in. Camila now using quick feints to confuse the blonde and then bringing crashing rights into her head. Chloe staggered and then Camila just pounds her to the belly sending shudders down Chloe’s legs. Chloe punching back very little, She’s just covering up and trying to ride out Camila’s rampage, but Camila working the side ribs to add to the blonde’s misery. Then starts hammering at Chloe’s high guard. Finally forces her gloves in and bangs Chloe hard in the face. Chloe’s lower lip split and nose dripping blood by the time the round ends. Camila allowing herself a smile of satisfaction as a smashed up Chloe Moretz slowly makes her way to her corner.

R5: Camila looking like rather shark-like as she circles a clearly dazed and hurting Chloe. She’s shaking the battered blonde with quick pops to head and body that Chloe is increasingly unable to block or evade. Chloe looking forlorn as Camila finally goes for the kill , pumping uppercuts into Chloe’s chin and finishing with one-twos to the jaw. Chloe frozen for a moment then topples to one side, hits the canvas and sprawls onto her back, arms and legs outflung. Camilla marching to neutral corner with a grin and she watches as Chloe struggles to rise, but cut can’t get off her back as the count marches to “TEN! YOU’RE OUT!”


After: “Oh this was a very satisfying win,” Camila tells reporter from FIGHTING INGENUE. “She thought she was so much better than me and I knocked her cold. Oh, wait, they have her awake. Excuse me, I’ve got some business to attend to.”

Camila (now minus her gloves) hastens over to Chloe’s corner where the blonde has been revived, but looks stricken at the realization she has lost. It doesn’t get any better for her when she realizes Camila is standing over her, arms on hips, looking down at her impatiently.

“On your feet, ‘Big Girl’, it’s time to demonstrate who dominated you out there,” Camila says in a commanding tone.

Chloe looks ready to say something in defiance, but apparently decides to accept what’s happened. She nods and slowly rises. Camila slides and arm around Chloe’s waist and off they go. Chloe can’t hide the misery as she is paraded around the ring, but keeps her head up. Camila with a big smile, waving to her fans, and clearly enjoying every moment of this. Finally, Camila deposits Chloe in her corner and struts away. Chloe glaring after her.

“She got the better of me this time,” Chloe bitterly tells FIGHTING INGENUE scribe, “but I’m young and so is she. We haven’t seen the last of each other and next time, I swear this will be different!”

Rookie flyweight slugfest with plenty of young and eager punching from both Chloe and Camila. However Camila seemed to have the better footwork tonight and that helped her wear Chloe down in only a few rounds. KO was a nice demonstration of the “killer instinct” in promptly finishing off a hurt opponent. Loss no doubt a shock for Chloe, but, as she noted, she is young and can learn from mistakes and weaknesses. Hard to say when these unmanaged fighters will return to an FCBA ring, but “new blood” fans should keep a watch for if and when they do.



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