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17 September 2017 Amanda Righetti vs Hannah Ferguson

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on September 17, 2017, 5:54 pm



AMANDA RIGHETTI (34 y/o, 5 ft 8, W: 71, L: 26) VS Hannah Ferguson (25 y/o, 5 ft 9.5, W: 15, L: 3)
(Words: Bonzo / Results: Lookout!)

Before: Hannah one of a series of “it girl” models hitting the league in recent times, her generation well on their way to becoming possibly the most successful model generation in the entire fCBA’s history. She started out as a crowd-pleasing JMDD slugger when debuting in 2016, but quickly morphed into a much more complete fighter. It might have been her fifth-round knockout of veteran Mandy Moore back then that should have opened everyone’s eyes about Hannah’s threat level, but it took her debut title win against the bullying, much more muscular champ Gemma Atkinson in March this year to make her the new welter sensation. Since then, she’s separated from fellow model comp Hilary Rhoda in a title defense before falling to the as yet STILL more formidable Kate Upton via an unlucky KO10 loss in May. In her two active years, she’s racked up TWO remarkable seven-straight-fight winning streaks, her only other losses stemming from Tahnee Atkinson. Righetti’s a logical next step for her: “When I hear Amanda talking about me and others, I always get this feeling of her being a little huffy, a little sulky at this new crop of girls ousting “Big Rigs” from her established turf. Well, it’s something she’s gonna have to get used to,” she smiles. “Kate Upton’s already got her bedeviled – now it’s my turn, folks. Look, I brought my magic wand…it’s attached to my right hand, haha!” – Righetti responds, “I guess my view on Hannah and her peers is a bit more sober. They’ve exploded onto the scene, they’re all hot, super tall, right-hand artists, but I’m not entirely convinced by the level of competition she’s faced until this point. Sure, it’s not like she’s been pampered, but watching Hannah and others girls I don’t yet see complete fighters, like, Bridget or Cassidy are. Hannah will be around for years, but at this point, getting brought down a peg or two by someone like me’s probably the best thing that can happen to her, just to put things a bit into perspective.”

Note: Fight takes place at, but not on the beach at a Southern California coastal location.

R1: Girls different in their body structures, translating into different fighting styles, too…Hannah about two inches taller, lean, slender, but toned to the max, a wiry, lanky blonde goddess – Righetti sturdy, built in broader, thicker fashion. Ferguson a bit circumspect, reluctant early on, more subdued than is usually her style, obviously trying to get acquainted to Righetti’s style/power, playing leggy from the outside…and Amanda steps in, firing off! Redhead closes range via hop, hop, step, whacking a very confident left jab designed to impress her model foe. Ferguson’s not overwhelmed, but slowly pushed back from mid-ring…Righetti’s precise chop/chop lefts have her stepping, leaning backward in hasty, volatile fashion. Amanda: very determined, but disciplined, following her game plan – Hannah’s back hits ropes a few times, but she’s retaliating via wide sideway hooks, really using her reach well to get Rigs into trouble. Ferguson SPINS those left and right hooks, tossin’ ‘em more than she’s punchin’ em, then tying up strongly around ‘Manda’s broad back, keeping the redhead busy, on live wire. Righetti snarls in the clinch, separating promptly, being a little pushy, commanding, snapping Hannah’s ribs via close-up hooks inside. Ferguson not finding good range throughout first round…she’s leggy, fast, but Amanda’s usually a step ahead…halting, detaining, propping up Hannah for fierce jabs to guard/mouth/neck/tits. Dizzy round for Hannah: by third minute, she’s getting picked up in clean, painful fashion whenever Amanda’s tik-tok jabs flash up, with Hannah’s clinches growing wobbly, weaker, getting churned, rattled in there. Amanda with fierce body work: ribs, chest, flanks – not much back from Ferguson except the occasional arm toss. Right there down the stretch, Righetti gets the right hand reward for her steady pressure: left, left…Hannah leaning forward to clinch, grabbin’ for ’Manda’s shoulders…Amanda cants her torso to the right to rise into a right uppercut just as Hannah closes in…guuuh, to the jaw! Hannah’s body all JELLY, her eyes flashing in confusion, as Rigs pusshhhes her off to ropes, whacking more lefts to her ribs, but the bell saves Hannah from imminent danger! Righetti in her corner: hard-eyed, impatient, she just wants to get back out there, trainer encouraging her, “Girl can’t take your punch, ‘Manda! Finish her!”

R2: Hannah getting whipped, verbally, by her corner, adjusts tempo/range/style accordingly…she forms a slim, tight stance by a right hand guard and a ticking left arm pump, boom-boom-boom, moving in circles, defending her mid-ring positions now. Righetti unable to penetrate into Hannah’s range that way, with Ferguson’s jabwork growing precise, dangerous: Amanda footing in mid-distance, looking for spots for broadly extended shots to Hannah’s ribs/tits/flanks, but the blonde’s using her reach well, reeling in ‘Manda’s skull/guard via some looooong, whoopin’ jabs, actually pushing redhead off her stance a few times. Ferguson now composed, smoother, much more confident than in the opening round now that she’s found a formula…second minute her best this round – she’s looking good from the outside, refusing Righetti punching windage, her long, straight lefts dictating tempo/position from mid-ring, forcing Amanda to work/move/turn ‘round her, still bellicose, nimble, but shut out of her punching zone comfort. Not much for the highlight reel, but Hannah collects her points – Amanda sneaks in some powerful body rights to tits/torso underneath Hannah’s guard, but Ferguson’s clean jabs cleaner ring her bell a few times, showing legs, precision, power.

R3: Ferguson maintains her stance: she’s being tall, feeding Righetti long, jerky, rhythmic jabs from her solidly planted mid-ring position as Amanda stalks her in circles, active but mostly out of punching range. Hannah’s gait more of a lope, stepping neatly to the side when Rigs pounds out via aggressive, remote right hands, but never giving up that mid-ring turf…she’s a-boppin’, a-steppin’, her punches pin-pointing the crouching, incoming Amanda on her cheeks/guard/neck…it’s a friggin’ leg-show, clearly frustrating the punch-hungry Righetti, unable to let her fists rip. Amanda patiently stalks Hannah on her heels, right arm at guard, left crossed, slinging that left into fast, hard jabs, but she’s not able to fix/hold her foe for punches, as Ferguson bobs and steps and COUNTERS, her revolving jabs spanking Big Rigs’ tits/face to good infuriating effect, her longer left arm tossing over/past Amanda’s outstretched own left. Close round: Rigs scoring points for aggression, clouting her blonde some thick hooks to the breadbasket by mid-round, hoping to gain traction, but she’s mostly just following Hannah’s legs around the ring…blonde legwork masterful now, pivoting in circles, touchin’ Amanda via the left, slicing the right hand to ‘Manda’s tits repeatedly, leaning in big.

R4: Righetti responds to Hannah’s leggy magic with quicker, more pervasive legwork herself, no longer just driving her stiff, sharp jabs forward, but upping the tempo, whacking hybrid lefts and rights, lowering her head, pounding her girl: Ferguson takes those long, majestic strides, off and to the side, her wide-armed lefts still butting against ‘Manda’s head/neck, but finally under pressure, no longer cutting off Amanda from punching angles, chased backward now in spots. Righetti’s aggression – slim stance, head bowed low, arms tight/close, pumping rhythmic stick up top – finally turns Hannah’s legs dizzy, spreading out via chop-chop lefts, humbling right hands to Hannah’s body core. Ferguson backtracks and side-steps, defending via the wide, dangerous lefts but Righetti’s able to hold her in place for bits now, clutching her blonde for fierce work to the bod, doing damage inside grueling clinches against Hannah’s slimmer frame as blonde struggles, trying to get away from the punishment to her ribs/flanks. Solid two minutes for Amanda: she’s stopped the leg show, slowing down the action to mid-ring or rope-side body-to-body tussles where she can punch, do harm via tappin’ lefts, clouting Hannah upside her head via sneaky rights…Ferguson’s taking substantial hits now, getting bruised inside and out. Third minute: Rigs works angles, throbbing lefts to Hannah’s left shoulder, raising her right into jarring punches on Ferguson’s mouth, ribs, arms…blonde dragging herself into clinches, no longer dictating her redhead via long-drawn left hands from the outside. Down the stretch, Amanda erupts into a fierce combination that PUTS DOWN Hannah for the count: the left taps her mouth thru the mitts twice, the right brutally shoves to her neckline, making the blonde stutter-step backward with crossed arms, bowed, in uneasy stance, before Righetti’s follow-up right CRASHES into all of the unprotected left side of Hannah’s face, corkscrewing the blonde into a full-bodied collapse! Hannah’s rickety…she’s jelly, taking deep, heavy pants on all fours, propping up on canvas for support. Ferguson beats the friggin’ count, though: blonde rises, a-hoppin’, a-steppin’ at six, seven, eight, shaking’ and noddin’ her head at the same time – ref lets her in. Righetti: she’s ON her with one long step, hound-dog mode, her sturdy jabs already battering against Hannah’s guard again and again, as blonde rides it out, her butt in the ropes, eyes glassy, lips parted, until the bell.

R5: Hannah looking shabby on her stool, physically, but her eyes are hard, focused. “That was her best punch, baby,” her coach says slyly, “You gotta be tall again, feed her with the jab, feeeeeed her with your punches, girl, until she quits!” – blonde Hannah forms her stance accordingly, levering her lefts over/past Amanda’s outstretched arms, starts pumping them to redhead’s face/guard, but she’s a little rigid, a little tired, a little slow…she’s not keeping Rigs outta range this way now…Righetti stalks her, hovers on her heels to point her aggressive punches toward Ferguson’s mouth/neck/chest, taking apart Hannah’s counter defense via speed/power, blocking, counter-countering with crossed hooks on either side, sending shivers down blonde’s body, rocking her off stance all throughout the round. Ferguson’s back hits ropes inevitably at some point where she forces more clinches, thrashing around under Amanda’s grinding mill as redhead jerks upward short, beefy hooks to Hannah’s ribs/tits, punching her dizzy again. Shut-out, Righetti, beat-down at ropes: Hannah able to dodge, step out sometimes, but it’s Amanda smothering her with punches from a strong, wide-legged mid-ring aspect, always tapping, tapping via the left, jolting her right hands to Hannah’s core. Lanky blonde panting for breath at bell...as Righetti storms into the lead after five, up a knockdown. Coach to Rigs in her corner: “Don’t play around now, ‘Manda, pound this girl out!”

R6: Rigs seizes Hannah mid-ring from the bell, tackling her via push-‘n-shove, extending straight left hands to tits to prop her girl up, then clobbers fergy upside the head via rights, wham, bam! Blonde jolted, jerking under the assault, but grimly, somehow, struggles through into second minute, her legs gliding sideways to extend range, hoping to catch Amanda with snapped-off, wide left hooks/jabs. Ferguson’s conditioning for the fight obviously impressive…despite the knockdown and the shellack, she’s finding some grrrooooove back in her legs now, cuffs Amanda a seamless straight right on the mouth just as Rigs bobs on the spot and leans in aggressively for a rising left hook, then neatly side-stepping her as Rigs stumbles on the spot, momentarily disoriented, before Rigs turns right to stalk Hannah via the long jab again. Righetti: bobbing, crouching, her arms crossed – right at mouth/left tucked into armpit – she’s pursuing Hannah, fists rising into powerful hooks as Ferguson attempts to sidestep, walk around her punches. Hannah’s found some rhythm back here, circling the redhead around ‘Manda’s brawny mid-ring positions, bullying Righetti’s guard via flicking lefts, some rights now spanking off Amanda’s cheeks. Righetti: she’s looking slightly puzzled by Hannah’s resistance this round, but not yet concerned – she ups the jabbing tempo during third minute, leaning/lunging her body forward into aggressive lefts, pop, pop, pop, then draws a right hook across Hannah’s tits to good thumping effect, but still has to walk/move around fergy’s seamless left counters, bobbing out to reset instead of charging back in. Down the stretch, Hannah’s irritating counters got Rigs a bit spooked, allowing blonde to dictate range again, the tossing left-armed hook across Righetti’s guard particularly effective. Once Rigs powers closer inside, Hannah’s able to suspend, holding her up in tight clinches – Ferguson’s reclaiming some mid-ring turf here, looking dangerous outside via long jabs, proving tuff/resilient under Righetti’s clinches/grasps…Hannah’s turned the sixth round into an unanticipated draw.

R7: Ferguson taking those long, elegant strides again, her groove recovered: she’s working Amanda angles via kicking straight jabs, rising into left and right hooks across ‘Manda’s mid-section/boobs, always staying on those bobbin’ legs, poppin’ those hips to lean/arch into belly-ripping right hands as Amanda turns-with in circles, still in her brawny, pursuing stance, left ready to pump, but always a step late, hunching forward in pain when Hannah’s booming jack-knife right detonates in her ribs. Hannah’s range management’s the secret tonight, when she’s got it, she’s got it, when she doesn’t, she doesn’t…and now she’s got it, circling Righetti in that rotating, swirling gait, always keeping Rigs busy/cautious via that nasty long-armed jab that does a good job in finding spots throughout Amanda’s guard, the accurate aggression not really putting her redhead wobbly-butt, but frustrating, annoying her, clearly not used to getting led through the ring by a nimble, faster fighter – leggy shut-out, Hannah Ferguson! By mid-round, Righetti’s got enough of it, laying/storming into Hannah with blunt, buzzing uppercuts bashing into Ferguson’s head/guard/arms, freezing the leg-show, forcing Hannah to commit into legit trade! Rigs catching Hannah upside the head via extended lefts to brows/forehead, yet eating chockfull receipts to jaw/cheeks via blonde’s short straight jabs thru the middle, as girls each stumble around on the spot, battered, recharging. Down the stretch, Righetti’s got Hannah hoppin’ backwards, semi-circling to turnbuckles/ropes…still in reverse, blonde times a SPANKING right hand counter to Amanda’s lower jaw as ‘Manda socks a hook to ribs/tummy, securing a close seventh round, closing in on Amanda’s lead on the cards.

R8: A battle of fighting styles ensuing again…Hannah with the long, circular steps, the straight back, the wide, precise, tossed jabs, Amanda in pursuit, arms crossed, bobbing, weaving, throwing fast, rhythmic hooks across Hannah’s ribcage/tits. Ferguson defends her mid-ring stance, turning with the circulating Rigs, trying to out-position Amanda via her hip/leg movement, via quick, sweeping jabs. During the first minute, girls cancel each other out – Righetti mostly scoring to the body, dropping brutal straights, hooks across either side of blonde’s torso, Ferguson looking to counter against Amanda’s guard, pin-pointing jabs to nose/mouth/cheek, forcing Rigs to batter through the punches in sullen fashion, just to keep up the pressure against the elusive, leggy Hannah. Righetti’s used to girls falling off her pace by now, but Ferguson’s got spunk, stamina after eight rounds, not fading at this point. Second minute, momentum change: Amanda mounts offense, hammering her way close inside via thick, fierce jabbing-to-chest, jabbing-to-gut, suddenly stacking up an open-mouthed Hannah at ropes after five, six serious hits! Amanda working patient, methodical: she’s pushing on fergy’s guard, dipping her shoulders to dig in hooks behind blonde’s left elbow! Hannah folding forward, allowing Big Rigs to wade in big-girl, dipping torso to either side, buryin’ them inside gut – but Ferguson trades back soon! Blonde sponging up those whacks to the bod, seeking to clinch, then batters out via counters, smacking ‘Manda a violent right near her left ear, whup!

Third minute: MAJESTIC strides, Hannah, feeding Amanda the long jab again…Rigs aggressive, bobbin’, hookin’ through long-range herself but Ferguson points those lefts home, socking the jabs onto Righetti’s mouth/nose before wrapping up combo with a POUNDED right, poppin’ it shrewdly underneath Rigs’s outstretched left punching arm, finding redhead jawline in clean, big-hitting fashion for the first time tonight! Righetti: she’s still planted strong, legs sustaining, her dukes up in earmuff, but she ain’t punching back, her torso bending slightly forward, improperly staying in Hannah’s range, though slightly back-pedaling – blonde arches her back, tucking vicious hooks in behind ‘Manda’s right elbow, chup, chup! Righetti unable to move out of the punishment zone: she’s still baby-steppin’ on the spot, her legs seeming numbed! Ferguson sidesteps to left, palming Amanda’s tits via the straight left to shove her faltering foe upright, keeping her girl measured right there…and wow, the blonde drifts a short-range straight right INTO AMANDA’s face, knocking her head back from mitts. Oh, Righetti’s eyelashes start fluttering as Hannah steps-to with another hop, DIGGING into Amanda’s tummy/ribs now via the left, the left, the left, keeping her weight on left foot, then smoothly rolls into a rising right uppercut past Amanda’s left arm, finding the jawline in ‘Manda’s face, again, CHUP! Righetti’s sleepily head tilts rightward on impact, her legs stiffening entirely…she’s dropping! Big Rigs floored by Hannah’s perfect strike duo, getting flattened … poor Amanda: she’s on her back parallel to ropes, arms flopping overhead, lips slightly parted, eyes so glassy, staring up helplessly, murmuring softly, her body not reacting… just her shoulders giving little jerks. Hannah’s in INSTANT realization, shouting out words of triumph…she knows she’s just PASTED Righetti out in knockout-of-the-year fashion, KO8 Hannah Ferguson!

After: “I was a bully in there,” Hannah shrieks out, jumping into her trainer’s arms after a HUGE victory for her, storming away with the upset over pound-for-pound veteran Righetti. “I studied Amanda’s fight with Charlize Theron, July 2012,” Hannah explains later, post-fight. “If you let her lead you to the ropes, she’ll beat you up. I’ve got faster legs, though, and I intended to use ‘em. Of course, the knockdown wasn’t planned and it took me a while to recover, but once I did, I knew all I had to do was wait for the right opportunity. It’s those body hooks just before my rights started flowing that did it. ‘Manda just ain’t used to girls going that shabby on her body, round eight…switched her right off, man, I think. Oh, and Hilary Rhoda, your time as placeholder will be short!” – for Righetti, the loss feels like a disaster… she’s now lost to Upton twice in one year, and lost her debuts to Kloss and Ferguson despite doing most things right in each fight. With dominance over the new generation her self-imposed ambition, she’s forced to turn things around now, just two fights away from the hall of fame. – Pundits going to length to explain the fight, focusing on Hannah’s strategy – legs, legs, legs – as key tonight, allowing her to rest/recover throughout rangy phases of some outside control (bits of R2–3, R6–7) despite Righetti’s superior ground strokes along the way, ending the night with one of those brusque welter specialty slap-bang knockout finishes, her best power shots emerging late for a surprising KO8 that Righetti just didn’t seem to anticipate after walking through most of Hannah’s punches tonight.



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