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29 September 2017 Nina Dobrev vs Summer Glau

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on September 29, 2017, 8:21 pm



Nina Dobrev vs. Summer Glau
Words: Front Street / Results: Lookout!


Dobrev's had her ups and downs in the FCBA, but her talent's never been in question, and she now seems to have put it all together. And, on this night, she's going to need to have everything working, because she's climbing into the ring against a former bantamweight champion with PLENTY of impressive scalps in her collection. But, if Nina's intimidated, you wouldn't know it by her pre-fight comments. "Look, Summer was a good fighter...in her day. But. Her day is over. And mine is just beginning."

"You know," says Glau with a shake of the head, "For some reason, people tend to count me out a lot. And, every time they do, I show them just how wrong they are."


Neens wants to box at range early, no surprise, because the Bulgarian is plenty good at it, but, Summer has other ideas. Glau may be 36, but she can still MOVE like she did against Britney Spears back in 2011. She's on her horse early, making Nina pursue. But, Dobrev isn't Britney and doesn't fight like Britney. She uses angles and her own excellent feet to cut the ring and ROCK Glau with a right hand! A minute in and Glau's already HURT! Dobrev quickly all in, winging punches with both hands, backing her rival into the ropes and having at her. Summer showing plenty of veteran smarts and skill as she keeps the gloves high, rolls with, blocks and slips. Still, plenty of solid leather getting through as Dobrev gives the older woman a beating for two solid minutes, building up quite the lead on the cards. At the bell, it's Nina wide to take the 10-9 lead.


Dobrev right after Glau to start the second, but Summer MAKES HER PAY! Glau punishes the younger woman for being overly aggressive with a NASTY counter right hand about 30 seconds into the round and now NINA is hurt. And, the former champ goes to work on her rival, battering her around the ring, forcing her into the ropes, and, when Dobrev gets into the high guard, absolutely ABUSING her to the body. Former champ determined to bring the guard down, but the Bulgarian having none of it. She takes the punishment, keeps the guard high, rides out the storm. And, what a storm it us. Glau just letting both hands go, upstairs, then back down, piling up the points and piling on the hurt. No, she's not finished and she's making that plenty clear to all and sundry right to the bell. It's Glau every bit as wide in the second as it was Dobrev in the first and we're all even at 19.


Glau running rampant. Summer has Nina buzzed, and she's taking full advantage. Glau not coming straight forward. Instead, she's flurrying, moving, flurrying again. Former champ getting to great spots again and again and getting excellent combinations on target. Neens isn't just buzzed she's GETTING buzzed. There's fire coming from everywhere and she can't seem to slow it down or get out of neutral. Dobrev lands counters here and there, but it's all one-punch stuff and none of it is going to do any damage or impress anyone with a scorecard at ringside. All that's being done by Summer, who's simply hitting on all cylinders and hitting Nina in just about every legal place, save the rack, that the Bulgarian can be hit. By the time the bell rings, Dobrev's on the ropes soaking again and Glau has won her second consecutive wide round to take the lead at 29-28.


Glau on the move again. Nina hanging back early, but, as she slowly gets the legs back, the Bulgarian becomes more aggressive. Now she's cutting the ring, stepping to, looking to bang with Summer. Glau willing to trade...briefly, but, then she slips away and is back on the move. This isn't dancing stuff, mind, but veteran use of legs that creates space, forces Nina to work, and allows Summer to play angles. For the first two minutes, it's Glau who's able to gain an edge on these terms. But, in the final minute, Dobrev's able to get in rhythm. She keeps the ring cut, brings Summer to battle, and makes with the heavy leather. Again, Summer fires back and lands some good shots of her own, but it's Dobrev who's getting the better of things. In the final fifteen seconds, Nina lands two BIG punches that put Summer on her heels, and Dobrev's follow up is just enough to get her the round and even the fight at 38.


Dobrev now has the range and the timing and she's using it. She's keeping the older woman in front of her, and, while she's not dominating the resultant exchanges, she is getting the better of them. She's got Glau on her heels, and Summer's spending too much time backing up and covering up. BOOM! Overhand right by Dobrev and DOWN GOES SUMMER! Glau dropped to a sitting position by an awesome right hand! Nina to a neutral corner. Watches as Summer struggles to her feet at six. Former champ takes the mandatory and ON COMES NEENS! Dobrev all OVER Glau, hammering her back into the ropes and then absolutely BATTERING her. Glau hanging on in a high guard as the referee looks closely and Dobrev throws everything in the arsenal at her and THE REF STEPS IN! Summer out on her feet and the referee has seen enough. It's OVER! And your winner by TKO5 is Nina Dobrev!


Nina triumphant in the post fight. "It's like I keep telling everyone," the stunning brunette says, chest still heaving for air. "I'm back. The Bulgarian Bully is back. And, anybody who gets in my way is going to end up just like Summer did. ANYbody."



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