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29 September 2017 Title Ch Emily VanCamp vs Chloe Bennet

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on September 29, 2017, 7:25 pm



Emily VanCamp vs. Chloe Bennet (Unified Bantamweight Championship)
(Words: Front Street / Results: Lookout!)


The last time these two fought, we said, "No hype needed for this one." Well, there's even less hype needed this time. These are, after all, the fighters who engaged in a seventeen-round instant classic in their first bout, and now they're back together with VanCamp's Unified Bantamweight Championship on the line.

"I'm really tired of hearing about the last time," says Chloe with a shake of the head. "'It was such a great fight! People will be talking about that for years!' Well, THAT sucks, because I lost. So, tonight, I'm going to give people something ELSE to talk about."

"The mistake I made the last time," says Emily, "Was letting her hang around too long. I needed to put her away and I didn't. I won't make THAT mistake tonight."


Unlike the last time, no recon in THIS first round, because there's no recon needed. After seventeen rounds in the same ring, the ladies know one another well. And, nobody surprises anybody. Bennet wants to close early, but, EVC sets up at range, works the jab, then angles to middle distances, where she likes to operate...and ROCKS BENNET EARLY WITH A RIGHT HOOK! Emily's seen something in the video, because she pulls that one out of the playbook early and it's plenty effective. Bennet immediately covering up and VanCamp, true to her pre-fight promise, goes all in to finish early. Bennet battered back into the ropes as the blonde lets the hands go. EVC landing hard left hooks and solid straight rights, ignoring the on-sale body in an all-out assault to finish. Ref watching closely. From seventeen rounds to ONE? No. Bennet survives to the bell, but when the blonde pushes up off her as it rings, it's clear who's in control of this one. It's Emily with a shutout first and the 10-9 lead.


VanCamp to work, looking like the champion she is. She's cleaned up and now she's going to consolidate. Bennet's still buzzed and the blonde's taking full advantage. She's setting her up with that accurate left jab and following on with hard rights. Chloe's in retreat from the opening seconds. She's giving ground grudgingly, but still giving it. Emily so efficient, so accurate with everything. Nothing sloppy here, just a beautiful, clinical beating being laid down by the best bantamweight in the world. Late in the round, the blonde gets the brunette to the ropes again and opens up a can of whip-ass, thumping away with both hands as Chloe covers up again, rolling with punches, blocking what she can, but taking another beating at the hands of the champion. When the bell rings, another push up off from the dominant Emily, who's won it wide to lead 20-18.


Bennet hearing it from Campbell in the corner, but she's not hearing anything she doesn't already know. She's getting her fanny tanned and she needs to do something about it. And, the first thing is establishing a little offense. She gets that done by planting the feet and working the jab. She's not coming forward now. Instead, she's willing to box at range. And, on those terms, she has her best minute of the fight so far. Then, Em begins adjusting, angling to those middle distances she loves, and getting her own offense rolling. At that point, the tide turns, though not very dramatically. It's a gradual thing, with VanCamp getting the better of the exchanges, making up Chloe's early stagger, and pulling into the lead late in the stanza. When the bell rings, it's close for the first time, but it's VanCamp, meaning that, for the first time in the 20 rounds these fighters have competed, one of them has established a three point lead. It's Emily 30-27.


More of the same. Chloe wants to box at range, use the jab, follow on with right hands. Em's OK with the boxing, but, she wants those middle distances, and, again, she's able to use angles and footwork to get to her spots and score. The result is, for the second straight stanza, a two-way, tactical three minutes that are almost all about geometry. The difference this time is that Bennet is just a hair more aggressive. She's got the legs under her now, and, while she's remaining both sound and careful, she's extending flurries and sitting down on some punches. And, that's what makes the difference on the cards. Because, again, it's very close, with both fighters getting their touches in, especially when they're operating on favorable terms, but, in the end, Bennet does JUST enough to avoid total scorecard disaster. She claims the points close and cuts Emily's lead to 39-37.


More of the same. Ladies have found things the like, and they're sticking with them. And, now we're beginning to see why it took a record number of rounds to separate them the first time around. That these two fighters are very, very evenly matched has been evident for a long time, but it's never been more evident than in the first two minutes of the fifth round, with Bennet getting her points at range and Emily getting hers at mid-range. Back and forth, back and forth, with absolutely nothing in it. BOOM! Emily lands the right hook and DOWN GOES CHLOE! VanCamp's set the punch up perfectly a second time and this time Bennet's dropped to a sitting position. EVC to a neutral corner as the brunette looks up glassy-eyed at the referee. At six she begins moving, and at nine she's on her feet. Referee gives the challenger the mandatory, then waives on the champion. Emily goes to work immediately, absolutely abusing her rival with both hands in an effort to finish. Bennet's taking on the ropes down the stretch, but she hangs on and survives the round. The blonde has the round 10-8, however, and now has a four-point edge 49-45.


Desperate times for the challenger. Yes, Bennet's becoming well known for being able to get out of holes, but this is a whole different ball of wax, down big to, arguably, the best bantamweight in the world half way through the fight. And, things get worse in the sixth, as a still-buzzed Chloe gets taken to the woodshed early. Emily's thinking "finish" of course, but she's also looking to consolidate and further pad her already considerable lead. And, while the first minute and a half of the round doesn't allow her to do the former, despite landing some solid shot, she certainly does the latter. Bennet begins to firm up in the second half, landing some solid right-hand counters, but it's still Emily calling the tune until...BOOM! EVC is ROCKED by a big right from Chloe! Emily staggers, nearly goes down. RIGHT HOOK AND DOWN GOES VANCAMP! Place going nuts as the champ is deposited on her posterior with 45 seconds to go! Now, it's Bennet to a neutral corner to wait and watch. But, Emily's up at six, and, after the mandatory, there are only about 30 seconds left. The brunette makes good use of every one, pounding away at a wobbly Emily right to the bell. 10-8, Bennet. And, VanCamp's lead is now 57-55.


Chloe Bennet is a dangerous fighter at any time and in any circumstances. But. There is no time when the brunette is more dangerous than when she has her opponent in trouble. There's never any hurry, never any sloppiness. It's always clinical, surgical, with an absolute laser-focus on bringing the hurt in the service of finishing the fight. It's just that Chloe Bennet that the champion has to deal with in the seventh. And, it takes all of VanCamp's guts, grit, savvy, and competitiveness just to make it to the end of the round on her feet. Emily's on the defensive and in retreat from the opening seconds to the closing bell. She takes a ton of hard leather both to the head and the body. And, by the time it's over, she's scuffed, lying on the ropes in a high guard, just willing the seconds away. They finally do pass, but, when the bell rings, the brunette's pitched a shutout and cut Emily's lead to a single point, 66-65.


More Chloe. Emily's starting to get the legs under her now, but it doesn't matter. Bennet's locked on, the big guns have their fix, and there's plenty of ammo at the dump. Again, it's all retreat and defense for the blonde. She's countering more now, able to score the odd solid shot, but Bennet's the one controlling the round and the one landing the bigger blows. If there's one positive for Emily, it's that she's at least slowed the brunette offensive some. Not a lot, but some. Cold comfort, however, as she's forced back again and again by heavy flurries from a challenger who seems to actually be getting stronger as the fight goes on. In the final seconds, a HUGE exchange sees both fighters land solid shot and send sweat flying. At the bell, it's Bennet wide, and that means that, after eight rounds, incredibly, we're all even at 75.


Unbelievably, here we are, dead even again with two rounds to go. Last time, it took seventeen rounds to separate these two, and, the thought in everyone's mind, everyone's, no matter what they'll tell you later, is that we may be going overtime again, especially when it becomes obvious that Emily's legs are back under her. Bennet sets up at range, but the champ is again confident enough in those legs to begin angling to middle distances. The round quickly settles into the terms we saw in the third and fourth, with both fighters getting some but not enough of what they want. Things are even in the round, just like they're even in the fight. And, then it all turns on a dime. Shovel. Hook. It comes out of, seemingly, nowhere. Emily angles forward, Chloe steps to and BOOM! Shovel hook to the liver and DOWN GOES VANCAMP! Emily dropped in a ball on the canvas. Chloe quickly to a neutral corner. VanCamp down and holding her midsection as the count begins. She gets to her knees at seven, and crumples back to the canvas! It's OVER! VanCamp can't get off the deck and it's OVER and your winner and NEW Unified Bantamweight Champion is 'The Next Big Thing', Chloe Bennet!


Bennet shaking her head. Still not sure she believes this. 26 rounds to get to this point, but she got there. "She was my white whale," Bennet says, a smile playing at her lips. "It was never about the title for me. It was always about HER. That last one has been with me ever since. I needed to come in here tonight and prove what I knew then, that I was better than her, and I just proved it." She then holds up one of the belts and smiles. "And, these are kind of nice to have, too."



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