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28 October 2017 Paige vs Alexis Ren

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28 October 2017 Paige vs Ren.jpg


Post by Lookout! Boxing on Oct 28, 2017 at 2:25am


Alexis Ren versus Paige
(Words: Vixens / Results: Lookout!)

(21, 5’9, 10:2 FCBA, VIXENs)


(23, 5’8, 1:1 FCBA, The Dollhouse)


“Say it with me now… BRITTTTAAAAANIII KNNIIIIITHING. You get it? YOU GET IT??”

Alexis Ren is being Alexis Ren, giggling to herself at the conference table whilst the rest of us scratch our heads and wonder if this girl’s mentally sound. Paige, her opponent tonight, the Albino Assassin, the One and Only, the Queen of the UK, rolls her black eyes at her antics from the other side, legs crossed lounging casually on the press conference table, with her arms folded across her chest like she doesn’t give a sh*t.

“Seriously, Alex… I thought I was the mental one. I hope you fight as bad as your jokes. Because I am going to wipe that silly smile clean off your--HAAAGGHH?!!?”

Paige however not displaying much streetsmarts there by turning her back on Alexis, who’s known for her craziness also in physical form. Before Paige could even complete her sentence she’s tackled off her chair and SHOVED off the announce stage, her back slamming into the metal railing barricade WWE-style. Look of pain and shock on her face as she looks up, one hand cradling the small of her back, at Alexis who’s standing above her hands on hips, halo effect on top of her head from the glimmering spotlights.

“Huh - maybe I should join the WWE one day and kick your ass as well…”

“WHY YOU LITTLE--” Paige screeches as she immediately springs back to her feet, ready to charge at the overly-skinny blonde (in her opinion), but officials are already on hand to get in between the girls and force them to head to the ring instead, Ren flashing a wink and tongue at getting away with opening murder.

Paige in her classic black and black sports attire, eyes now flitting back and forth every few seconds worried that she might get tackled again at any moment. However, Ms Ren stretching calmly at other end of the ring, body hugged in faded amber bikini tonight, with red gloves emphasising that summer look and hair braided into single bundled pigtail hanging out back.

Referee quickly rings the bell to begin the match when Paige bellows at him, “COME ON, REF. WHAT IN THE BLIMEY BLAZES ARE YA DOIN’?”

Newly signed Dollhouse member Paige looking to make her mark, quite literally, striding straight for Alexis and slapping leather into her face repeatedly from the get go. Alexis not used to such aggression, gets herself cornered early in the round when she tries dodging around Paige’s long jabs but uncomfortably eats a few that manage to get through. Paige like a newly invigorated demon, looking comfortable in this new fighting style, as is usually the case when you’ve got a new benefactor and a locker room full of stablemates who have your back. Alexis though always that lone wolf of her own roster, finding herself getting pushed back repeatedly until the last minute. Suddenly however she seems to say to herself ‘F*CK THIS SH*T,’ stops her retreat, stands her ground and JACKS a right hand straight into the Brit’s toned tummy. Paige didn’t see that coming till too late, before another right hand snipes her in the cheek. Paige staggered for moment but immediately rebounds: counter punch rattles off the side of Alexis’ head, and the two girls take turns going at it for remainder of the time, wailing away like an unstoppable force meeting immovable object.

More high octane hounding from the raven-haired beauty and this time Alexis tries to play the same brawlin’ game but forgetting that she’s just not built for such close quarters in-your-face action. You’d think her time in the ting with Alyssa Lynch would have schooled her better. Apparently not: early exchanges see both girls firing shots into the face and body but Alexis making mistake of getting in too close. Paige exploits this with glee, smacking big hooks across the bow of her forehead, then BURIES a right hand or two under the guard, slipping firmly into the gut. Paige dominating for the first half of the round - BOY can this girl punch, but what more would you expect from a trained wrestler who’s used to both agility and strength? Alexis finally getting the f*ck outta there but clearly damaged from this early exchange - she’s panting hard as she recuperates at distance. Paige teasingly gesturing with one hand at her, cheeky smile goading her to do her worst. The blonde looking hesitant in a long while, perhaps the stress of ongoing feud with Ms Lynch proving too much to bear. Lost in her thoughts, she’s surprised again when Paige’s suddenly in her face for second time this round. Too late - Ren tries weaving to one side but stomach gets pounded on thud thud, making her groan. Return counter-hook misses Paige’s face by a mile, the pale wrestler retreating back to safety almost as quickly as she advanced. Hard to watch - Paige toying with her food as she repeats these hit and run tactics, leaving Alexis in a smoking ruin by the end of three minutes. Paige in all-out showboating mode, as anyone who’s familiar with WWE programming will know what she’s known for: crouching low and beckoning at Alexis to “COME ON, DEARIE, COME ON…” with both hands, and is *almost* surprised when Alexis does just that - grin smacked off the Brit’s face as Ren charges in and hooks a glove into the side, then tries to take advantage of Paige’s awkward footing with a further flurry of blows to her chest and body, drawing an outraged squeal from her instead. Seems like this fight is far from over folks as the girls CLASH again center ring, and the referee has to pull the apart when the bell finally rings.

Paige still acting cocky, even thinking it appropriate to berate her corner team for attempting to offer her some advice, leaving a red-faced Carmen Electra seething and wondering what’s she gotten herself into by signing this brash heel. Paige confidently striding forward, guard barely up, when Alexis Ren CRASHES into her by breaking into a sudden sprint! Paige going UGHHG as the devious blonde lifts her knee at the very last moment, giving the wrestler a taste of wrestling-action with a hidden knee-lift to the gut. Audience audibly goes OOOOUHHHH at that illegal move, Carmen Electra even letting out a loud “WHAT THE HELL REF” from the apron, but there’s nothing the old man can do if he didn’t see nothing… Paige however felt *everything* - now folded over in Alexis’ arms with the blonde sporting a sly grin as she continues mashing her fists in and out of tummy in pistoning, pumping action PUH PUH PUH PUH, then targets Paige’s face when she tries to cover up. All the Brit can do is wrap arms round and push forward, trying to tackle the blonde and tie her up. It’s effective though - Alexis now only wailing away at Paige’s bareback, and gets herself controlled towards the ropes. Excellent use of her wrestling experience right there - now Ren is trapped against the ropes, knows she’s in trouble when Paige manages to completely manhandle her in the tight embrace. Suddenly, the blonde SQUEALS loudly and for a moment, we don’t notice why, until we see Paige grinning evilly in the blonde’s face, her arms locked and straining along the Ren’s waistline: she has Alexis caught in a tight bear-hug, arms snaked around and just CONSTRICTING the poor blonde’s body! NOW what the f*ck ref?? Is this a wrestling match or a boxing contest?? Ref seems to agree, quickly pulling and slapping at Paige’s shoulders to get her to release the hold. Meanwhile Alexis is close to tears, yelling out in pain each time her opponent gives a little squeeze of her arms.

“You wanted to wrestle, Ren? How ‘bout I break your little body in half??” Paige hissing in her face.

FINALLY Paige relents after the referee threatens to disqualify her completely if she doesn’t. Alexis crumples to the ground, body shaking in pain - uh… is this counted as a knockdown, ref? As expected - foul card awarded to Paige, who doesn’t seem to care much, already back in neutral corner observing the damage done. Alexis has to take a little time to recuperate and straighten up in her corner, look of hatred directed at her foe, who simply smooches and blows an air kiss in her direction. An illegal move for an illegal move, I would say? Who knows WHAT ELSE these girls will do to each other at this stage??

Alexis out of gate like the wind in opening seconds and suddenly MAULS an unprepared Paige in the face with a big right hand, straight to the kisser! UGH! Paige completely stunned, eyes reacting in shock, but not nearly enough when Alexis follows with more punches into her nose, rapid-fire revenge for ever laying hands and humiliate her in front of her fans. Paige trying her best to block the incoming shots, but harder to do so when Ren’s fists start to travel southward, smacking into the Brit’s abs and generally keeping her guessing. Paige trying to fight back in minute two: left hand looped in hard and fast, grazing the cheek as it’s Alexis’ turn to grunt, but she easily sidesteps the next two straight punches, surprising Paige again with an upturned right uppercut: straight into her chin! Paige’s head snaps back, body follows, stumbling backwards with eyes shut! Closed in belly shots hup hup hup keep her rooted for Alexis to do more damage, her guard brought down to cover chest is just the cherry on top for Ren: final BLAM up into the chin seals the WWE star’s fate as she CRUMPLES into a heap on the spot!! IT’S BLOODY OVER is what they say in England!

Official Decision: Alexis Ren defeats Paige via Round 4 KO!

“How’d you like DEM’ fish & chips, biatch??” Alexis cockily taunting at the fallen starlet, sticking her tongue. Paige rolled over onto her back, chest rising and falling as Ren’s silhouetted head fills her vision from above.

Parading around the wrestler’s prone body and showing off her own, Alexis ponders a move into professional wrestling when she succumbs to temptation: final LEAP into the air and she comes crashing down into Paige’s prone body, knee-drop piercing the poor girl’s mid-section. Paige lets out a strangled YELP as her body shudders and contorts into fetal position from the impact.

“Always wanted to be a wrestler…” Ren teases. “Never thought the first ass I kicked would be yours…”

“F*cking wanker!” is Paige’s pained reply, spitting as she’s curled up, hugging her body.

Paige’s stablemates have seen enough at this point, though, with Hayley Williams and Katheryn Winnick rushing the ring to try and disrupt Alexis’ post-match party. Alexis however immediately getting outta there once she spies them rushing the apron.

As for Paige, medics soon check on her condition in the ring, but we suspect it’s the WWE star’s pride that is most hurt tonight: not used to suffering such humiliation at the hands of someone as cocky as her. Is this the beginning or the end of another infamous rivalry? Either one of these girls might tell you, but only if you ask nicely!


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