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31 October 2017 Title Ch Adriana Lima vs Kendall Jenner

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Results: Lookout     Writing: The Wiz


Posted by Boxing World   on Oct 31, 2017 at 10:11pm



"Oh," says Kendall with a smile, "I know a lot of people are shocked that I'm here. After all, my sisters haven't done a thing in the FCBA. Kim was a failure, Kourtney never made it this far, Khloe just lost to an old lady, and Kylie can't even get to .500. But. I'M different. I'M the gifted one, the talented one, the future champion. And, the future is NOW."

"She, obviously, can fight," says Adriana. "But, you know who ELSE can fight? Strahovski, Winstead, Theron, Arterton, Decker, Lively, Biel, and Upton. They can ALL fight. But, not well enough to beat ME. The good news, Kendall, is it's an illustrious club. The bad news is, you're about to join it."


O'Dell: "Back at ringside and that's 'Wild Love' by Elle King, and here comes the star of that video, and the challenger for the lightweight gold, Kendall Jenner!"

McCarthy: "You know, I never thought a member of that Kardashian group would amount to anything, but, THIS girl, I like. She walks the walk and she talks the talk. And, who knows, maybe she's going to wear gold tonight."

O'Dell: "Jenner all business getting down to the ring. She's helped off with the robe to reveal an electric blue number and a body that gets the crowd going. Kendall now standing in her corner and we're all waiting here...getting very quiet in the arena...but not any longer, because that's 'Nightcall' by Kavinsky, and that means that the Unified Lightweight Champion and the first woman in the history of the FCBA to hold three titles at one time..."

McCarthy: "That's not true! I held the bantamweight championship, the Playboy Championship AND the Centerfold Championship at the same time!"

Cassie: "Jenny is talking about OFFICIAL FCBA Titles, not some bogus belts you made for yourself and defended once at The Mansion...."

McCarthy: "BOGUS! Hef is rolling over in his GRAVE hearing that!"

O'Dell (sighing): "AS I was saying, the first woman in the history of the FCBA to hold three titles at the same time, Adriana Lima!"

Tess: "No question Lima's had an incredible run. She's also holding the titles of Mistress of the Body Saddle and Queen of the Ice Hotel. Those not on the line tonight, but, the big one, the lineal one, the Unified Lightweight Championship most certainly IS."

O'Dell: "Lima into the ring and helped off with the robe. She's wearing a canary yellow number that we saw when she fought Swan here nearly four years ago. The place is buzzing and the ladies are about ready. Time for some picks. Tess favors Jenner. Mac?"

McCarthy: "I like this Jenner kid. I'm going with HER."

O'Dell: "Cassie?"

Cassie: "I agree with Tess!"

O'Dell: "There's the bell. Kendall making with the legs early. No surprise if you've seen her fight before. She's rangy and she moves very well. She's circling, jabbing, probing the older champion. Lima staying put, turning with. She's got her hands up and she's popping her own left hand."

McCarthy: "Surprised Lima's not looking to cut. That's what I'd be doing."

O'Dell: "At the moment, she's willing to maintain distance and allow Kendall to use the jab and circle routine. And, that's what the challenger wants to do. Neither fighter getting punches put together at this point, but both landing a solid shot here and there. Good right hand follow by Jenner."

Tess: "I like the hand speed from Kendall. She can get those gloves out and back."

O'Dell: "Definitely can, but so can Lima and there's a SOLID combination from the champion. Right hand in there the best punch of the fight so far. Ten seconds to go in the opening round. Jenner content to jab and circle that time away and there's the bell. Close first, but it's Lima."


O'Dell: "Second underway on the same terms as the first. Challenger circling. Champion not chasing, instead turning with, looking to square and get hard shot home and there's a GOOD combination from Jenner via the stop and pop. And ANOTHER! That got Lima's attention..."

Cassie: "A little more aggression from Kendall now. Have to be careful, though. Don't leave those feet set too long in front of Lima."

O'Dell: "Not a good plan, no. Jenner doubling up on the jab, following on with rights. ANOTHER good combination! Lima covering up and Kendall letting the hands go! Champion getting buzzed right now, fire coming from everywhere! Jenner in rhythm and she's got Adriana completely out of HER rhythm."

McCarthy: "Preempting her with the speed, Jenny."

O'Dell: "No doubt about it. Another good combination, Jenner and the fans starting to get into it here! Challenger taking the champion to SCHOOL! ANOTHER Jenner flurry! Lima covering, backing, getting touched up right to the bell! What a round for Kendall Jenner, who grabs the second wide."

Tess: "And ties this fight up at 19."


O'Dell: "Jenner feeling her oats now. She's getting to her spots, getting off, forcing Adriana to cover up, then slipping away when she does so. Champ can't get going. ANOTHER combination by Jenner! Kendall circles away, stops, pops, GETS ROCKED! A right-hand counter from Lima and Jenner is HURT!"

Cassie: "Hung there too long and Lima squared her up!"

O'Dell: "Did she EVER! Jenner's legs went a wobblin' and now Lima's going all in, hammering away at the younger fighter, backing her up, letting her have it with both hands. Kendall quickly pinned to the ropes and the champion is absolutely thrashing her at the moment, banging away to both head and body..."

Tess: "Ref isn't going to watch much more of this..."

O'Dell: "He is not. Jenner leaning back in a high guard, rolling with, hanging on, now listening to the corner shouting for her to counter. She's throwing back in spots, doing enough to keep the ref from stopping this, but no more than that. Ten seconds to go. Challenger going to survive. There's the bell. Lima. Wide."

McCarthy: "And, the champ's back up 29-28, but she may wish she'd been able to finish."


O'Dell: "Lima coming forward to start the second. She's not going to allow any kind of legging by Jenner, and Kendall doesn't seem to have the legs to do it even if she did. Adriana stepping to, thumping that right hand home, backing Kendall up. Challenger game, trying to hang in there as best she can..."

Tess: "Not going to hold canvas, though. Not against Lima with her legs wobbly."

O'Dell: "No, she is not. She's being steadily forced backward despite her best efforts. Good right from Adriana. Another good right from Adriana. BIG flurry from Lima and DOWN GOES JENNER! Kendall dropped to her back by a four-punch combination to the head and that might do it."

McCarthy: "It just might."

O'Dell: "Lima to a neutral corner. Count at three. Four. Five. Six. Kendall sitting up at seven. Eight. Nine. JENNER ON HER FEET! Somehow the kid beats it. Referee gives her the mandatory. Waives on Lima. Adriana just going to empty the magazines on this kid. Jenner a wreck, backed to the ropes and hammered for the second round in a row. Just 20 seconds to go and I'm not sure she'll make it. Referee looking in closely. Jennier hanging on. GOOD right by Lima wobbles the challenger...BELL! Somehow, Jenner survives again."

Cassie: "But, Lima's now up 39-36. That's a pretty big lead against a girl who's almost certain to be Lightweight of the Year when the year-end magazines come out.


O'Dell: "Lima right back to work. She's walking down Jenner now, getting physical, using that weight of shot to back her rival up, force her to cover, keep her on the defensive. You know, Mac, I think Jenner might be beyond this at this point, having come this far, but this is the kind of a fight that can hurt a young fighter..."

McCarthy: "You're right, Jenny. In there with a girl more physical, more skilled, more experienced, and you just can't come up with answers. It can set a young fighter back. But, I think Jenner IS past that."

O'Dell: "Lima in complete control as we head into the final minute. Adriana a solid combination that backs up Kendall again. Lima a left hook and ADRIANA'S HURT! Jenner a blazing right hand and she wobbled Lima. Kendall all in now, hammering away at the champion and DOWN GOES LIMA!"

Cassie: "WOW!"

O'Dell: "Kendall to a neutral corner. Count at three. Four. Five. Six. Lima shaking it off. Getting to her feet at seven. Referee gives her the mandatory, then waives Kendall forward, and Jenner just swinging for glory now, winging away with everything she has. Lima backed to the ropes, taking, guard high, and she'll run out the clock. There's the bell. But, a HUGE turnaround for Kendall!"

Tess: "She was less than a minute from down 49-45 at the half. Instead, it's 47-46 and she's back in this thing."


O'Dell: "Jenner out after Lima. She's very aggressive now, looking to press this advantage. Veteran champion willing to allow this. She wants to manage right now, play for time. She's willing to stay on the defensive, keep the guard up, counter here and there, let Kendall fight lead."

Tess: "And, give credit to Jenner here. She got a little overly aggressive last round, but, now, she's very sound. Setting things up, not getting sloppy."

O'Dell: "And, it's working for her. She's getting the left hand on to set up hard rights, keeping the champion on her back foot, keeping her in a defensive posture, mostly preempting her. Lima, for her part, punching when she can, giving herself time to get those great legs back under her."

Cassie: "And, she's doing that. Moving better late in the round."

O'Dell: "No question about it. Twenty seconds to go now, and Lima looking much more solid, but Kendall keeping up the pressure, keeping her on defense. Jenner's completely controlled the round from beginning to end. And, there's the bell. The challenger has pitched a shutout, ladies."

McCarthy: "And, we're even at 56."


O'Dell: "Four rounds to go in this one and there's nothing in it. Challenger has erased the champion's once-significant lead and we've got 12 minutes to decide who's going to walk out of here with the title. Jenner making with the pressure early, but Adriana holding canvas and firing back now..."

McCarthy: "Jenner wants to change tactics. She can't stand in front of Lima..."

O'Dell: "And, that's precisely what she does. Kendall back to the jab and circle we saw earlier. She's going to see just what Adriana has in those legs at this point. Lima stepping forward, cutting, wants Jenner in place at range, all the better to extend on punches. Kendall keeping the exchanges short, slipping away."

Cassie: "Both these girls in great condition. Not only have they shaken off knockdowns and punishment, but, this is the seventh round. And, still, they're moving very well."

O'Dell: "No signs of fatigue, that's for sure. Jenner circling, giving ground, landing the jab. Lima cutting, landing a good combination, but Kendall slips away to open ocean again. Ten seconds to go in a close seventh round. Jenner circling away and there's the bell. Close. Kendall."

Tess: "And, Jenner's got the 66-65 lead with three to go. Quite a fight so far."


O'Dell: "Jenner back to moving. Adriana looking to match footwork, square, get the left on, follow with the rights. Kendall hard to find, but Lima very, very skilled, and she's finding ways to do that without closing. She's staying at range, getting punches put together in spots, but, only in spots."

Tess: "Has to make good when she can, because Jenner keeps those exchanges short."

O'Dell: "Sure does. Leggy challenger using those long, athletic legs to roam the ring, circle behind the jab, stop and pop here and there. Fight has returned to the good, tactical stuff we saw earlier, with both fighters getting some of what they want, but not nearly enough of it for their respective likings."

Cassie: "Especially in a fight this close. And, both of them KNOW it's close."

O'Dell: "I suspect that's correct. Every point key here, and the point in this round still in question. Lima stepping to now and landing a good combination. Forces Jenner to cover up. Kendall quickly circling away, but Adriana cuts, closes, lands another nice one-two at the bell. Very close. Lima on the strength of those late efforts."

McCarthy: "Smart, veteran fighter grabs a close round in the last thirty. And, we're all even at 75."


O'Dell: "Six minutes to go in regulation. Jenner still has plenty of leg, and she's using it, jabbing, circling, making Lima work hard to barrel her up. Adriana, though, is champion for a reason. She's playing the angles, cutting the ring, landing solid shot, forcing Jenner to back and circle away."

McCarthy: "If Lima can keep this up, she can win the fight like this. She's solved the equation. All she has to do now is keep after this kid."

O'Dell: "And, that's what Adriana's doing. Not stepping to, just cutting, squaring, landing, scoring. Jenner again, covering, circling away. Lima right back to the feet, looking to cut the ring. Kendall jabbing, circling, RIGHT HAND LEAD AND LIMA'S HURT! Kendall Jenner just pulled a new arrow out of the quiver and hurt Adriana Lima! Jenner going all in now, and DROPS LIMA WITH A RIGHT HOOK!"

Cassie: "Where did that come from?"

O'Dell: "Jenner to a neutral corner. Lima on her back. Referee's count at three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Lima sitting up. Eight. Nine. She's back on her feet...AND THE REF WAIVES IT OFF! HE WAIVES IT OFF!"

Tess: "He's ruling Lima didn't beat the count and this place is going crazy!"

O'Dell: "Lima and her corner going ape right now, but the ref shaking his head, holding firm that she didn't beat it. Jenner corner going nuts. Kendall leaping into the arms of her corner crew, being carried around the ring. It's OVER, and your winner by KO9 in controversial fashion and NEW Unified Lightweight Champion is Kendall Jenner!"


O'Dell: "Still plenty of pademonium up in the ring, but Tess Valmore can take care of herself and she's up there with Kendall Jenner!"

Tess: "Kendall, what a finish. Where did that right hand lead come from?"

Kendall (shaking her head): "It was nothing we game planned or anything. I just kind of wanted to land something to get her attention while she was cutting the ring and I figured I'd try it. She didn't see it coming."

Tess: "And, you made no mistake after you landed it..."

Kendall: "No way. I let her off the hook once, and I wasn't letting it happen again. It was time for the future. And, like I said before the fight, I AM the future and the future is NOW!"


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