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26 October 2017 Bridget Malcolm vs Caroline Austin

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Posted by Girls Friday on October 26, 2017, 6:13 pm


(26, 5’11, 0:1 BBU, BBU Free)

(25, 5’10, BBU Debut, BBU Free)


Results: Vassago, Story: Caspian


‘A good match-up’ is what pundits are calling this fight, with newbies Bridget and Caroline set to go for ten rounds of big-girl action.
Not often you get to see girls of such size entering the ring and doing battle with one another - the Welterweight division chugging along all this while as most of the popular girls choose to dominate the smaller divisions.
Not tonight though, especially with the announcement of a PPV such as this.
Bridget hailing from sunny Australia and a veteran of the catwalk way before she entered the ring.
The strawberry blonde may have lost her debut match all those months ago but that just leaves her wanting to get that bad taste out of her mouth.
If it means doing so at the expense of a fellow Aussie tonight, so be it!
“She’s shorter, smaller and she’s fought a total of ZERO times. I think that says a lot about Caroline’s chances tonight.” Bridget saying loudly to reporters with a smile.
“We may both be from Australia but that’s not gonna stop me from knocking her about tonight.”
No significant comment from her opponent, but mild-mannered raven-haired Caroline Austin seems to come with a short fuse despite her equal fame in the modeling world.
Bridget’s words must have rubbed her the wrong way, and the face-off at center podium finally turns nasty after Malcolm goes one step further and starts berating the brunette to her face and poking a finger in her chest, receiving a tight SLAP to one cheek for all her tough talk.
Audience lets out an audible GASP - they were NOT expecting that from soft-spoken Austin.
Neither did Bridget, it seems, and the blonde stands there clutching her face in shock, before retaliating with a hard SLAP of her own that reverberates through the arena.
And the unexpected catfight IS ON!! Girls lunge at each other tugging on hair and wrestling to the ground, at one point even straddling the other girl’s shoulders, but both are of equal strength and it takes more than a few men to pull these girls apart.
Finally herded to the ring, Bridget is still spewing insults loudly at Caroline’s direction. Malcolm is dressed in baby blue satin lingerie, blonde hair tied back in ponytail, whereas Austin’s shorter hair also bundled up tight and high, dressed in a pearly-white two-piece set, red gloves. No touching of gloves for this contest. The referee rings the bell and here we go!

Malcolm dominates the early exchanges as Caroline looks overwhelmed in her BBU debut when Bridget comes out of her corner swinging hard.
She’s only got one fight under her belt but that’s not stopping her in the confidence department.
Malcolm bringing the fight straight to the fresh face, snapping jab after jab into her shaky guard and scoring more than once on that button of a nose. Caroline is getting wrecked in this opening round, scooting backwards but never quite far enough as Malcom hounds her.
I think can literally count the number of punches Austin threw back in this opening round.
Not a promising sight to see for the newcomer like this. Malcolm on the other hand still lacking that power and experience to finish her off.
Experts notice that both newbies are still newbies for good reason: Bridget’s sloppy jabs could have done more damage if she had executed them better.
First two rounds past in exactly the same manner, with Caroline’s corner wilting in confidence with every passing moment.
Kudos to the big brunette though: no sense of panic/distress on her face but she’s staying focused. Can she do this for the next eight rounds though?
We’re already in the first minute and HEY THERE - KNOCKDOWN FOR BRIDGET MALCOLM as she hooks a nice and clean one straight to the side of Austin’s pretty face.
The brunette doesn’t go down immediately though - takes another wild hook to her cheek before she’s finally swung down on her side, landing hard on canvas.
Bridget already celebrating, two hands held high to acknowledge the Aussie crowd.
But Caroline is already stirring, body trembling as she get to her knees and then slowly manages to get back to both feet by the count of 8.
Bridget knows how this works: she’s got another two minutes to score the biggest win of her career if she can put her foe away right here and now.
Bell rings to resume and predictably SHE CHARGES! Austin bracing in corner, tummy eating a few hard shots but her guard is holding firm from the pounding.
Malcolm of course doing her best, swinging hook after hook intending to find that sweet chin music, but gets careless and tired - a third right hook ducked under by Austin, who SURGES forward with a surprise clinch.Malcolm’s party getting spoiled big time when she’s forced to wrestle with this powerful bull.
Blonde gets pushed backwards, of course still raining blows into Austin’s sides and back, but doesn’t manage to secure that coveted victory here in the third round, especially after that knockdown.
Bridget roughly shoving at Caroline’s shoulders when the referee gets in there to break things up, bellowing “FIGHT ME, B*TCH!” But Austin is just glad to have survived another round and avoided a rout.
More cocky taunting from blonde Australian bombshell in the opening seconds, shouting at Caroline from across the ring “Come on yer[ little slagger, COME AT ME!”
but suddenly gets caught with a wild straight hand that SLAMS into her face! OUCH! Crowd is on their feet as the action picks up as promised. Austin now revitalised and firing off her punches left and right.
Bridget now the one who’s dazed and wondering where this monster’s sprung from.
Second minute however sees Malcolm let out a guttural roar and charge right back - damned if she’s about to let her momentum slip away so easily.
Girls exchange hard shots to the face and tummy in center ring, refusing to retreat an inch.
Last few seconds of brawling action however see Caroline parry a left hook from Bridget, knocking her arm awkwardly out of the way - perfect opportunity to SNAP uppercut into baseline of chin, knocking her head back, then JAM another one-two into the belly hup hup to steal the round from behind! Malcolm looking more enraged than hurt when the bell rings, forced to admit defeat for this one battle.
Bridget looks mad as hell about letting Caroline off the hook and it affects her precision in the opening minute when she again tries to charge the newcomer and gets her nose and lips jabbed at repeatedly - Austin merely backs out of the way and stays at distance.
Caroline using that knowledge from the first two rounds to establish awareness of how Bridget fights: predictable jab-jab-hook always coming from the same direction and timing.
Malcolm groaning mid-round when her attack gets swatted away and face gets contorted by counter-hooks from Austin.
Last few seconds see desperation on Bridget’s face as she surges forward in last-ditch effort to retain the lead: blonde manages to snag a few punches on Austin’s tummy and chest, which stun her, then clinches up with the brunette to try and torture the body some more with right hands digging into side and paunch.
Austin trying to use her weight to exert dominance, but she’s just not experienced enough in clinch warfare to really score effectively… her body continues to eat shot after shot until the bell rings and the referee has to physically intervene.
It’s still Austin’s round, by our estimate, but who has the momentum is another question.
This is what happens when you let total newbies fight it out - all that strategy and training and poise goes flying out the window especially when the fight drags on and exhaustion starts setting in.
They barely exchange jabs before both girls are in each other’s faces, lacking the energy to dodge and instead bodies crashing into each other.
They loop arms over shoulders or around trembling waists, then JACK free hands into the body or chest, occasionally shoving glove up into the face or right under the chin.
Both girls going at it in sloppy, wrestling action for a good minute. It’s only when Caroline starts repaying the blonde with chest torture: a one-two straight punches bunch into her orbs that draws an UMMPHH OUGHHH from Bridget’s lips, leaving her open for final cross that DISAPPEARS INTO HER FACE! UGHH! DOWN SHE GOES! The force of which being hammered firmly in the mouth from that clotheslining sending her crashing straight down canvas! Caroline showing off her big girl power right there with that nasty blow.
Malcolm is trying to recover but she can barely get off her back - eyes blink up at the bright lights and mouth speechless, working in pain . Referee hits the 10 count and IT’S OVER!

Official Decision: Caroline Austin defeats Bridget Malcolm in shocking come-from-behind KO6!

WOW - the crowd can’t believe it either - it’s a rare sight that a brand new gal comes in, gets away with murder and then still CLEANS HOUSE after! Caroline still looking like she can go another ten rounds, soaking in the victory with an arm raised and looking like a force to be reckoned with in the future of the BBU.
Quiet and reserved chick looks nothing like what’s underneath. She’s not contented to leave it here, but has audacity to silently walk over to fallen blonde, mount her and begin raining deliberate punches down into her forehead! Where the f*ck is this rage coming from?
Bridget of course saved by ring officials but not before her nose is reduced to a bloody mess and in no position to speak to reporters.
After Caroline’s done with her, she merely collapses back down to canvas, spread-eagled, and the medical teams jump in once Caroline makes her own exit.
The champ tonight ignores all the press junket’s questions thrown at her as she slides back into the darkness from whence she came.
We certainly hope that we’ll be seeing more of this gal! Grrrrrrhhh!



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