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18 November 2017 Mollie King vs Katya Jones

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Posted by Vassago on November 18, 2017, 11:58 pm



"Strictly Come Fighting"
Mollie King vs Katya Jones
(Double A Boxing vs BBU Independent)
(13-10, 10 KO vs 0-1)
Results: BBU; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: BBU returns to Blackpool Tower where Strictly Come Dancing headlines the boxing show instead of the usual ballroom blitzes. Katya Jones might have lost the battle of the dancers versus fellow pro Ola Jordan last month but she intends to take Mollie King to the cleaners tonight, at task deemed nearly impossible by BBU TV's Georgie Thompson.

Mollie - of The Saturdays fame - has elevated herself into elite flyweight contention during the past couple of seasons which culminated in the ultimately failed championship battle vs then-P4P runaway leader Jenna Coleman. However the blonde singer plans to thrive on her Strictly Come Dancing opportunity this fall - and maybe outperform bandmate Frankie Bridge's result from 2014 - while stacking up more wins on her boxing record in the proccess. The ballroom dance show still remains the hot spot for front page coverage in the UK!

Mollie King wears a yellow bikini set and black gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a sleek ponytail. Katya Jones wears a violet bikini set and silver gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a curly ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Katya channels her Russian spirit and jumps into a jabbing frenzy hoping to subdue the blonde through sheer work rate in the early stages of the fight. However she could use landing some of these punches on target and Mollie's guard proves superior which neutralizes Jones' assault down the stretch. The Russian dancer refuses to back off despite the lack of outright success and swings over the top several times but finds little joy when Mollie rallies in a counter-punching effort that snaps her head back in repeated fashion come the final minute. Mollie steps up her own production when Katya begins to feel the heat and manages to reel her onto the ropes where a classic gut-wrencher cripples the otherwise aggressive brunette into a stagnant earmuff just as the clock expires.

Round 2:
Mollie's one of the most experienced flyweights around and she almost second-guesses Katya's aggressive plan, she doesn't try to beat her in a war of attrition display and trusts her footwork and defence enough to embrace another slugging show from the brunette. These pro dancers should own supreme mobility around the canvas but perhaps the 'red mist' mode affects Jones too much here? Georgie Thompson doesn't like the tactics with such a minimal success rate but the Russians approach hardly changes during a heated close range combat here in the second. Mollie just weathers the storm in a veteran fashion before exploring her foe's questionable guard come the final minute. She lands a couple of nasty hooks straight on the nose and reels the brunette on her heels but the Blackpool crowd believes the blonde still hesitates to pull the trigger in elite fashion. Jones' boxing status remains a great unknown but King doesn't underestimate her potential upside which indicates she's done her homework and doesn't mark this bout under the 'W' column for granted.

Round 3:
Mollie begins to crank it up and doesn't give up the opening minute of the round by default anymore; she outworks the brunette in a close range dispute but then eats the most promising punch from Katya all night. She wobbles to her heels and for once Jones is right there to punish her with a big uppercut on the chin. Ugh! Mollie scowls in pain as she loses her balance and yields real estate when the Russsian blasts her across the mouth a couple of times. Mollie's guard is slow to raise this time and she soaks up another quick hook which allows Katya to increase the aggressive work load. She thumps the English foe back to the ropes where Mollie struggles to stretch her elbows and Jones is all over her come the final minute. She splits the singer's mitts repeatedly and gives her that familiar bruised look at the bell. And that's not what the Blackpool audience expected and Mollie herself is furious to see Katya shaking her glove right in her face.

Round 4:
That was a huge round for Jones but it even gets better here in the fourth when she skips the blonde's aerial approach and smacks her with another counter-punching uppercut straight on the money. Ugh! Mollie's hitherto supreme defence gets exposed on the fly as Katya thumps her with more strikes in close range and bullies back to the ropes come the one minute mark. The slugging affair puts more pressure on the Surrey singer and she surprisingly fails to match the dancer's intensity which allows Katya to haul in several crisp punches up the middle and give the blonde more bruises in the proccess. In fact King begins to bleed from a small cut under the left eye while Katya just keeps picking her off in the corner. This bout turns into a speedy head hunting pursuit but Jones still lands a belter of a hook on the navel right at the bell to cripple the singer into spasms on the spot.

Round 5:
Katya jumps into another trigger-happy assault but Mollie's guard shows up again to force a clinching stalemate which drags into the second minute when the referee simply refuses to step in. It's almost like he wants to see which girl has more core power in her but Georgie Thompson wants these babes to box it out! Eventually Katya shakes off the blonde and nails her with a cross hook on the nose that results in another painful yelp from the attacked woman. King tries to drop back to mid-range to avoid more punishment but Jones is too fast for her now and bullies her onto the ropes with another head-hunting pursuit. Mollie's face is truly worse to wear at this stage of the fight and the brunette's aggression appears to have upset some odds. It's a slugfest at the ropes as we head for the bell and Katya tears the singer's lips into more bloody nightmare but has to accept a nasty cut under her left eye as the battle wounds begin to mount on both girl's faces. Given how many punches were thrown upstairs, that's hardly a surprise!

Round 6:
Mollie might be more bruised of the two but that cut lip truly upgraded her determination to destroy the Russian foe. Another brutal exchange between the two girls knocks Jones back before a cross hook lands on her temple and wobbles her into a quick uppercut that drops the guard for good. Katya refuses to back off but her arms are slow to raise - too slow for King anyway - and a vicious left hook finds the nose to DECK THE PROUD RUSSIAN ON HER BACKSIDE!!! Mollie really needed that and she shouts at the fallen dancer but Jones gets up in no time and wants to jump right back into action again! Georgie Thompson reckons that Katya should have waited a little longer just to recover from the sudden meeting with the boards and her intended assault gets toppled by another left cross from Mollie who adds a belting hook on the exposed tummy. Ugh! Katya briefly loses her breath but she can't lock a clinch of any sorts and gets whacked with another piercing uppercut on the jaw. And Mollie is merciless against a wounded prey! She pounds the dancer into the corner where she lays it into her and snaps the head back repeatedly to the point Katya drifts into moaning spasms and just can't fire back anymore. Another drilling series to the tummy bends the embattled girl forward before an uppercut blasts puts Jones out of her misery; SHE SLIDES ONTO HER BACKSIDE WITH EYES CLOSED and her head just slumps forward to render the count a foregone conclusion. KO6 Mollie King!!!

AFTER: That was as tough as it gets for the designated favorite! Mollie might be guilty of taking it easy early on and she truly didn't adjust to Katya's fast-paced opener and nearly paid the heavy price for it. Thankfully she kicked into a higher gear just in time to prevent the upset but still, that looked awkwardly uneasy for the Surrey blonde. And she knows it herself looking downright annoyed during the post-fight ceremonies.

Meanwhile Katya needs to be revived out of her slump and let's make no mistake here, that was a bad knockout in the end. While she faced a better opponent than on her BBU debut, she was in control of the fight for most parts taking advantage of King's defensive tactics. Georgie Thompson thinks that the Russian babe will become a real handful for most of her opponents going forward and would like to see her battle it out vs Frankie Bridge one day. Katya might be 0-2 for now but if she can earn herself some favorable match-ups, her record will improve very quickly. Most of the BBU fans and pundits believe the pro dancer can eventually become a solid gatekeeper and that's as promising prediction as possible for a winless fighter!

Final result: Mollie King def. Katya Jones KO6.



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