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30 November 2017 Elodie Yung vs Tamaryn Payne

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Posted by Girls Friday on November 30, 2017, 6:42 pm



Elodie Yung vs Tamaryn Payne
(BBU Independent vs Marti's Maulers)
(1-0, 1 KO vs 0-4)
Results: BBU; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Elodie Yung is a new name on the international boxing scene but she's taken full advantage of the Netflix series 'Daredevil' which elevated her status to a potential TV star in the making.
This also fits with the suddenly crowded BBU French bantamweight scene where veterans Marion Cotillard, Elodie Frege and Clara Morgane haven't been threatened by a new challenger for a very long time.
Elodie introduced herself by knocking out Eva Green last month and that was as impressive debut as any 36 year old can dream of!
Despite Yung's free agent status, she's found surprisingly little trouble securing a valuable spot on the montly PPV undercard where she faces the otherwise unfortunate Tamaryn Payne. The former 'Hollyoaks' actress is widely regarded as simply being too cute for the BBU shark pool and her dismal 0-4 record seems to prove that regardless of the Marti's Maulers backing.
Tamaryn has lacked that competitive edge so far but BBU TV's Denise van Outen points out that her schedule suffered from no easy outs whatsoever featuring the likes of Rose Byrne, Camilla Luddington and Poppy Drayton.
Can she upstage the new French boxing heroine for her maiden BBU victory?
Elodie Yung wears a yellow crop top, brown knickers and red gloves. Long black hair tied in a wavy ponytail. Tamaryn Payne wears a red sports bra, white knickers and brown gloves. Long brown hair straight. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the bantamweight division.

Round 1:
Tamaryn succumbs to the older girl's jabbing onslaught early on; Elodie is just thirsty for more aggressive action and outworks the Brit in a close range tussle before sticking her leather into Payne's body.
The younger actress doesn't have the footwork to avoid the spiking assault and gets stranded in the middle of the ring while Yung simply powers ahead and drills her midsection in a hurry.
A couple of swings upstairs find the target but that's nowhere near enough to tame the French assault and Tamaryn gets backed into the ropes down the stretch where she disappears behind a desperate earmuff.
Elodie finds herself in a dominant position and keeps blasting the Berkshire lass to the body which leaves Payne gasping for air at the bell.

Round 2:
Elodie jumps into another trigger-happy assault and Tamaryn only lands single punches up the middle to offer minimal response to the older brunette's high-flying attack.
Payne is one of the slimmest bantamweights around BBU and chopping her to the body is a great way to further neutralize her offensive potential which isn't exactly elite based on evidence in first place.
All Yung here in the second as she traps the English brunette on the ropes come the half-way mark and just hauls in the juice while briefly working upstairs to knock Payne's head around for a good measure.
Tamaryn gets reduced into a classic punchbag once she begins to scowl in pain but all these shots marking her ribcage are truly punishing and most of the Cardiff audience knows that very well. Elodie shouts in her native French at the bell and gives the cumbersome foe a really long stare before smiling back to the ref.
She's in a great mood here but has every right to be proud of her tonight's performance thus far!

Round 3:
Payne tries to find a competitive edge and throws several wayward hooks which Yung avoids without breaking too much sweat before moving into the counter-punching response that brutalizes the younger brunette's face come the one minute mark.
The French babe switches her targets and digs her gloves deep into Tamaryn's cute flesh where she camps in for the long haul and sends the poor girl reeling onto the Marti's Maulers corner where interim trainer Tamzin Outhwaite simply loses her temper and screams out in horror when Elodie draws blood from her opponent's nostrils.
The upgraded head hunting attack leaves Payne in spasms and soaking up vicious abuse to the point she gets pounded into a bloody standstill come the bell.
Elodie's eyes glare in delight as she has the other woman on the verge of a physical breakdown but the referee refuses to halt the otherwise one-sided contest and coach Outhwaite seems equally reluctant to throw in the towel.

Round 4:
Tamaryn gets up for the next round but resembles a boxing zombie out there according to Denise van Outen in the booth.
Meanwhile Elodie's in full destruction mode now and hammers in vicious assault straight up the middle which snaps Payne's head back & forth on the spot while sagging her on visibly jelly knees.
Eva Green couldn't survive that kind of pressure and Tamaryn just folds underneath it as well, she drops her arms by her waist and there's no mercy shown from the French brunette who puts her away with yet another left/right combo on the badly swollen nose... TAMARYN COLLAPSES FLAT ON HER BACK with eyes closed and well, she's been thoroughly roughed up here tonight. The ref doesn't even bother with the count! Merciless KO4 Elodie Yung!!!

AFTER: All eyes on the Netflix babe who parades around the ring while waving to the cheering audience. Who cares if she's just another foreigner ready to take BBU by storm, these fans simply want to see a good performance and it's not like Elodie just wrecked the partisan heroine Imogen Thomas! Denise van Outen believes Yung can really make some noise in the upcoming months and both Clara Morgane and Elodie Frege must be very careful not to ignore the new girl in town.
The exotic sexpot herself confirms she's ready to challenge the 'other' Elodie for the national title within the next few months but wants to make further statements against the local British opposition first.

On the other hand things simply couldn't get any worse for the embattled Maulers crew who have just witnessed another horrible performance from one of its members. The questionable Payne match-making is one thing but Denise van Outen suggests some structural changes need to be made if the stable is ever to recover from the current misery.
Tamzin Outhwaite's tenure as interim head trainer is nothing short of disaster and the talents of Amelle Berrabah are simply being wasted under the current regime.
Right now this stable hinges on Bianca Gascoigne and Lucy Mecklenburgh JMD exposure and that's hardly a front page content result-wise.

Final result: Elodie Yung def. Tamaryn Payne KO4.



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