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23 December 2017 Pixie Lott vs Jesy Nelson

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(from Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle, UK)


Posted by Vassago on December 23, 2017, 9:40 pm



Pixie Lott vs Jesy Nelson
(Double A Boxing vs Frankie's Foxes)
(0-8 vs 0-6)
Results: BBU; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: A fight between two winless competitors happens very rarely but it's happening in the Metro Radio Arena tonight. Little Mix's Jesy Nelson and solo artist Pixie Lott are ready to rumble and BBU TV's Charlie Webster believes these two will put up a proper boxing show next!

Pixie is slightly favored to win, she's four inches taller than her opponent and has fought better competition during her eight-fight losing streak. On the other hand Jesy enjoys the Geordie crowd support as Jade Thirlwall's bandmate buddy and claims Pixie's glass jaw will be tested to the extreme as quickly as possible. Both girls have made plenty of loud statements before but trash-talking on social media has led to exactly fourteen defeats combined and it's hard to sell this one as a vintage classic.

Jesy Nelson wears a violet bikini set and black gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a half-up ponytail. Pixie Lott wears a light blue bikini set and white gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a curly ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the bantamweight division.

Round 1:
Pixie wants to stamp her authority on the fight early on and easily beats the brunette for the opening punch thanks to her superior reach, she stalks Jesy in close range and forces the fellow singer back but she lacks core strenght and precision neccessary to put her rival into serious trouble. Jesy promised a wild offensive scramble on social media yet there's no sign of that in the opener as she fails to navigate the blonde's slugging and gets picked off by repeated single punches. A more qualified performer would have hurt her already but Lott doesn't deliver the goods despite outworking the hapless brunette in numbers. Jesy shows some nifty footwork to escape the overhand rush come the final minute but her sub-zero offensive production leaves Frankie Cocozza yelling out in disgust at the bell.

Round 2:
More of the same in the second, Pixie lays it from the front (left) leg and snaps Nelson's head back several times before she settles into a proper body assault that cripples the brunette on her heels. No place to hide in the ring and Jesy learns the truth the hard way as she gets pounded to the ropes when the taller singer crashes into her solar plexus with a somewhat fortunate swing that actually does the damage. Jesy disappears behind a high earmuff and soaks up more abuse as Pixie tries to throttle her from point-blank range. However she fails to mount a truly punishing drive and bounces off the mitts too often to make a difference. Still, she keeps Nelson completely caved in on the ropes and takes the second round almost by default.

Round 3:
The Metro Radio Arena audience support finally spurs Jesy into a meaningful attack as she beats the blonde for the quick punch and scythes her across the lips. Ugh! Pixie is notorious for leaking punches like skittles and she almost wobbles to the side on the spot yet Jesy is right there to cash in with more quick uppercuts on the exposed chin. Speed is one area where Nelson can make some progress but the pure performance is downright absymal during the second minute when both girls misfire badly and find the guard instead of human flesh. Ugh! It's perhaps fair to see them tangled in a clinch thereafter but the pushing and shoving contest along the ropes leads to some early jeers from the audience. The bell mercifully ends the stalemate yet Frankie C. seems genuinely happy about Jesy's "comeback".

Round 4:
Pixie roars into a stubborn attack, she lacks quality but knocks significant juice into the smaller girl's face and traps Jesy on the back foot; she barks in her efforts to reel the East Londoner to the ropes yet Nelson swings one from the back foot and somewhat unexpectedly tears a patch under the blonde's left eye. Both girls keep pounding away at each other in close range thereafter; Pixie delivers the superior numbers but once again is guilty of mediocre accuracy which allows Nelson to escape the heat down the stretch and circle away to safety. Another aggressive tangle ends in a clash of heads during the final minute and Lott is too exhausted to mount another run at the defensive-minded opponent before the bell.

Round 5:
The Foxes' defensive plan teases the blonde into another attack but this time Pixie cashes in with the left/right combo on the temples which folds the brunette forward into a brutal uppercut on the chin. Ugh! Jesy scowls in pain as she tries to duck away from more trouble however Lott bangs one in straight up the middle to split the mitts and BLAST her with a left cross on the nose... DOWN GOES NELSON!!! The suspicious punching resistance is finally exposed and Jesy tumbles over in the center of the ring to silence the Metro Radio Arena audience on the spot. Pixie stands over the fallen rival and shouts at her before she gets shoved back to the neutral corner; Jesy looks a little rattled but battles back to her feet at seven only to find the blonde dishing out more punishment after the command. Pixie is committed to the head hunting assault and if Nelson was riding a defensive wave before, she basically runs around the ring in avoidance, refusing to brawl herself out of trouble. Thankfully for the Foxes crew, Lott doesn't have the speed to trap the smaller girl again but the writing is on the wall now with the brunette looking misty-eyed at the bell. Charlie Webster believes her confidence has hit rock-bottom following that knockdown.

Round 6:
Jesy remains affected by that knockdown as we open the sixth and Pixie camps inside her face with more hooking shots that simply drop the brunette's guard by the wayside. Ugh! Nelson's knees turn into jelly mode as she swivels back & forth under the barrage and as Lott gets vocal in her pursuit for that KO punch, she adds more bruises to the smaller girl's face and shuts down her power supply about thirty seconds into the challenge... Jesy lets out a painful shriek AND SLIDES DOWN ON HER BACKSIDE with eyes closed having landed no punches whatsoever since the bell.. She remains laid out on her back as the count passes her by and it's KO6 Pixie Lott!!!

AFTER: That's not what the Metro Radio Arena audience wanted to see and they make their feelings clear booing the blonde out of the ring. Pixie actually wants to stomp the fallen brunette's chest but gets tackled by the referee and Jesy's bandmates Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Perrie Edwards then grab her by the arms and hair to literally throw her out of the ring. Pixie might have won her maiden BBU contest tonight but she's won no friends in Tyne & Wear while doing so and her angry post-fight tirade disappears amid a wild booing & jeering response from the crowd. Meanwhile both Pinnock and Edwards try to revive the semi-conscious Jesy who needs all the extra attention she can get right now. It's another bitter pill to swallow for the sultry Romford babe who simply can't break out of her losing funk. Maybe 2018 will finally bring some joy? Charlie Webster believes Nelson is long overdue to knock one of her peers out!

Final result: Pixie Lott def. Jesy Nelson KO6.



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