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18 May 2001 Catherine Bell vs Mimi Rogers

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Cat Bell vs Mimi Rogers

Posted by simguy on 5/18/2001, 9:00 pm

(Thanks to FightFan for this repost)

Before: Buxom beauties lock up for an entertaining dime. Rogers rolling the dice abit, but a win over Bell puts her right in the mix at lightweight. Cat looking to punish an older, solid veteran to stay sharp for any openings at the top. Mimi becoming more of a puncher as her legs age - she'll look to test Cat early while Bell expects to apply her patience and skills for a methodical reduction of her opponent. Bell in electric blue bikini, Mimi in electric pink cashmere bikini.

During R1: Rogers lulling Cat early with a pawing jab, manages to run a right cross over Bell's jaw in the opening seconds that has Cat stepping in fence post holes. Mimi consolidates with juicy left hands to the pit of the stomach and several more choice clouts on the chin to lift Cat's front foot off the canvas. Down the stretch, Bell wobbled but unbroken, gets Mimi trading, and a Bell left hook nearly has Roger's knee touching down. Girls clinching at the bell, both rocked and hurt in a dangerous first.

R2: Mimi in shape for this fight, and she's looking healthy early. Boxing from the outside, she swabs up Cat's jugs and continues to lay down hard right crosses to turn Bell's head. Cat walking through the worst of it, surprisingly outjabbed, and Mimi's feet are giving the older woman position on the younger.

R3: Cat continues to make the fight, Mimi continues to win it. Rogers very sharp with her boxing, targetting Bell's melons with a thudding jab, and scoring too often with a shocking right cross from the shoulder. Bell soaking up bombs on her chin without visible flinching, but the scoring is so gaudy, the judges can't miss it. Potshotting sweetness from Rogers as she cruises to her third straight.

R4: Cat's pressure starts to tell on the older woman's legs. Earlier, Mimi had been able to keep her back off the ropes, turning Cat around the ring. Now, Bell's jab is cracking loud against Mimi's forehead, right hands are spearing into Mimi's midriff, and Bell is able to use her left forearm to shove Rogers against the ropes. Mimi trading and it's a mistake - she gets the worst of constant trade at the ropes this round.

R5: Mimi changing up, leading with right hands on Cat's chin, and midway through the round, she has Bell's legs giving way from hard right hand strokes. Bell reaching to clinch - a smiling Mimi Rogers pounds away to the hips and belly as Cat wraps her up around the neck. Stanza ends with Cat covered up and taking a beating, sideways to the ropes as Rogers opens up.

R6: Shutout Cat Bell. Rogers visibly fatigued after setting a young woman's pace over the first half. Bell showing De la Hoya - hands high, stabbing her jab between Roger's eyes, stepping in with a biting hook on the jaw - Rogers backing up and constantly falling into the ropes to rest. Punishing, snapping right/lefts to the waist have Mimi looking pale at the bell - Cat's hurting her now.

R7: Bell working off that high hard jab, ringing Mimi up with the walk-in hook, or occasionally stepping in and jerking the short right uppercut to the point of the chin. Rogers going wobbly butt in the first minute - reeling slightly as she goes flat footed, now blocking more than using her shaky legs. Again, Bell invests wisely in the gut late in the round - heavy strokes send Mimi back to her corner open mouthed and grimacing.

R8: Shutout Cat Bell. Starting to look methodical now as Bell has Mimi turning, Rogers unable to stop the jab from spanking against her forehead, unable to answer back. Bell sharp and tight with her form, now just using her endurance as a weapon, working and keeping up the pace. Rogers clinching for breaks, hanging on and tieing up more. Bell's face shows intense concentration, no sign of fear as she rolls up on her foe.

R9: Mimi punching but there's nothing left - Bell standing toe to toe to trade - she wants Rogers swinging so she can catch her and Mimi gets banged up as a result. Mimi just bashed to the ropes as Bell outslugs her - Cat so deliberate, machine-like. Body shots stoop Rogers forward for tit-clipping and chin-nipping hooks and uppercuts, then it's back to the stomach for more work. Rogers gobbling it up like a trooper, giving the fans, and Cat some gallant rounds, but she's getting worked over along the ropes as Bell wins another lopsided round.

R10: Shutout Cat Bell. Rogers in capitulation, covering up and sliding along the ropes as Bell skids punches across the head and gloves of her foe. Cat putting them together, but taking no chances - probably costs her the KO as she continually steps out to allow Rogers the chance to regroup. Still, bell to bell beat down leaves Mimi in a stupor in Cat's corner - decision not in doubt - UD10 Cat Bell.

After: Rogers wins the first half of this fight convincingly, hurting Cat terribly in the first round, but Bell turns in a Trinidad like stretch drive, running the table on Mimi over a grinding back 9. Frightening to watch as Mimi went from eager, to hopeful, to worried, and finally to beaten and exhausted while Bell's composure never varied.


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