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29 December 2001 Title Cat Bell vs Halle Berry

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Cat Bell vs Halle Berry

(Vacant Reebok Lightweight Title Bout)
Posted by simguy on 12/29/2001, 7:45 am

(Thanks to FightFan for this repost)_

Before: Bell reserved, focused in pre-fight, happy to let Halle carry the promotion. Berry publicly saying all the right things about Cat's reputation, but private comments leak to the press her true disdain for Bell's slipping skills. Halle flashier, quicker mitted than the ex-champ, but no more effective than Bell at her best, and Cat a master at minimizing an opponent's handspeed advantage - most experts expect a good competitive bout. Bell in electric blue bikini, white mitts, Halle in yellow bikini, white triangle print, white mitts.

During R1: Berry loose limbed, showboating around Bell with hands down, leaning in and out to draw punches. Cat with her dukes up at her cheeks, stepping forward behind a sturdy stick - two completely contrasting styles. Halle will bring her fists off her thighs to spank-spank in between Cat's mitts, then jump away to circle, or attempt to sucker Cat by laying over on one side, then twisting over to the other side to sling wide punches at Cat's head. Cat really just getting range, feeling out her foe - Berry throws more leather, Bell blocking without answering much.

R2: Bell beating Halle's speed with timing, disrupting Berry with unpredictable sticks, stepping with Halle when she tries to lean away and nailing the brunette on the way out. Berry still with the loosey-goose look, shimmying her shoulders then lifting a punch from her thighs into Cat's breasts or face - but Bell's reading these blows very well, blocking and answering back with straight punches down the middle. Final moments see Halle's back against the ropes - Cat really sinks in some spanking hooks to Berry's rightside ribs at the bell.

R3: Cat banging back Halle's face with the very conventional, but very efficient jab - punch is stunning Berry, leaving her staring in frustrated anger as Bell lumps the pageant beauty up. End of the first minute, Cat blocks one of Halle's gambling right hands up high, chops back straight down the middle with a short right and has Berry funky-footing for the first time. Cat stepping forward like a fencer, jabbing Halle's mouth, shooting the right hand to the breast, cranking the follow up hook off the chin to stampede Berry to the ropes. Methodical beat down at the ropes has Berry sliding to her left, clearly discouraged as Bell beats her body and jaw with hooks and crosses - down the stretch, Bell pancaking Halle's proud breasts has her girl fumbling forward to clinch. BEAUTIFUL counter uppercut as Bell steps back and jerks the right hand to Berry's chin, Halle nearly folding to the canvas at the bell. Shutout with feeling, Cat Bell.

R4: Bell just not buying into Halle's supple, shake and bake style. Cat behind her sturdy guard, cuts off the ring, lets Halle make a few moves, then spanks face with the jab, steps in with a straight right hand and puts the hook on top to send her girl reeling in embarassment. Berry running much of the round, draws boos from the crowd that expected to see Halle beat the tar out of a faded veteran. It's not happening through 4.

R5: A touched-up Halle Berry stands her ground more this round, giving Bell a fight as two way action heats up. Berry with her right hand at her cheek, left hand low, gets after Bell's flat tummy with licking hooks from the hip, doubling up nicely to get grunt out of Cat. Bell banging out crisp combinations upstairs, able to land the right hand AND the hook to Halle's head. Down the stretch, Berry putting a hand at Cat's elbow and nudging her just enough to sidestep, has Bell out of position and eating a cutesy, curling left uppercut from outside Bell's right shoulder. At the bell, Halle gives Cat a contemptuous shove - referee intervention as Bell refuses to back down.

R6: Halle standing right in front of Cat, using her reflexes and supple upperbody - stamping the lead right hand, shifting her weight to her back foot to cuff at Cat with lean-away hooks. Bell's blocking defense superb, blunting most of Berry's slashing attacks, and midway through another high block, quick right hand counter has Berry leaning out over her feet in shock. Cat stepping to the right, NAILS Berry a downward hacking right to the cheek, steps right and lands it again as Halle unravels. Berry stumbling away, legs a-tremble - Cat stalking, jabs Halle to the ropes then SAVAGES the girl's breasts with stamping lefts and rights, cudgelling those puppies into patties as Berry stares stupidly back. Hard punching, roughouse round for Bell leaves Halle in stupor - Berry getting outboxed, beat up through 6.

R7: Bell with that hard, sharp stick - Berry can't take the face punching, backs straight up and gets nailed by Bell's pounding straight right hand up the middle. Halle on the ropes once again and Cat goes at the shiny nubile torso with brutal licks to either side, crumpling Halle forward for desperate clinches and referee's breaks. Berry throbbing, breaking down - Bell's shrugging off the clinches and beating her girl without restraint along the ropes. Halle getting jammed into a corner has nowhere else to go - she finally digs in and trades recklessly, letting her hands go in slashing side to side arcs as Cat blocks, pounds away off the counter.

R8: Halle shows some warrior's spirit, refusing to get beaten down and realizing that Bell's built up a lead. Berry rambling left, using that lateral motion and gifted footwork to nullify Cat's forward momentum. Halle able to slap sizzling combinations, much of them blocked, but she's turning Bell, stopping the brunette from getting off in response. Down the stretch, Halle able to jam some heartfelt lead right hands into Cat's jugs, then tie up for the break - good shutout round for Berry.

R9: Hard two way fighting - Cat having her way when she walks Halle down behind the guard, using it like a wall to push up on Berry with, then pounding away to the glistening ribcage and stomach of her foe. Berry doing well when she circles midring, gets off with limber, lashing punches and steps away before the receipt. Shoeshining combinations scrub up Cat's breasts and face late to give a close round to Halle.

R10: Bell closes the show. Using the high guard, Cat cuts off the ring, blocks Berry's wide, slapping arm punches and drills up the middle with straight, dependable right hands. Berry fading to the ropes, looking discouraged - Cat digs into the waist with slicing lefts and rights, gutting Berry, robbing her of her legs, and folding the brunette forward to clinch. Referee's breaks give Halle moments of respite, but Cat always steps back in, gives it hard to Halle in the belly, then comes upstairs with clubbing right hands or hooks on the chin. Berry woozy at the bell, starting to field crisp, hard punches to her head and lolling dangerously on her hips when it ends. Bell strutting away without fanfare or gloating - comes back UD10 for the once and present Reebock lightweight queen - Catherine 'Cat' Bell!

After: Jubilation all around, in the ring, in the corner, in the crowd, but Cat remains stoic, smiling, yet controlled - just another day in the office. Berry sobbing quietly on her stool - face ramshackle, body aching - she took a vintage Cat Bell beat down tonight and learned a little something about what it takes to win a championship. "I told myself that when I won, I wasn't going to rub Halle's nose in it," a humble Cat Bell says in postfight, "I've been here before, Halle hasn't. Winning championships is my job - for Halle, it's a lifelong dream. She said some things - stuff she had to say to stoke herself up and I don't hold that against her. I'd like to see her sharpen up just a little bit, get her defence together, and then I'd be happy to offer her a rematch down the road." Remains to be seen whether Cat has really shaken off the slump - but this was typical Bell: exploiting tendencies, breaking a girl down physically and emotionally, building a decision like a master craftswoman. And don't look now - TE owns boxing south of 130, with titles in each division and a chokehold on flyweight.

Sim Guy

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