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10 November 2017 Emily Ratajkowski vs Kyra Santoro

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Nov 10, 2017 at 9:52pm


2. Emily Ratajkowski versus Kyra Santoro (Bantamweight)

(25, 5’7, 120, 9:7 FCBA, VIXENs)

(24, 5’7, 118, 7:3 FCBA, VIXENs)

“Who asked for this? Well, it clearly wasn’t the person who won last time…” Emily shrugging dismissively at the reporter’s question. “Poor Kyra - she’s been up and down recently, and I think she still sees me as a potentially easy target.”

“That’s not true!” Kyra huffing and cutting in mid-way, sitting up in her chair and grabbing her microphone. “You PROMISED me a rematch, so here I am asking for it. If you’re scared of facing me again, you just have to ADMIT it, Emily…”

Emily’s face flushing red from the insinuation, before snapping back immediately. “I’m TEN times better than you. What do you think’s gonna happen today? Two times the charm? Pfffft. DREAM ON, Kyra.”

Girls testy and heads still steaming as they face off on stage. Confrontation doesn’t become physical but their tense faces and continued verbal jabs begging the other to make the first move. Thankfully the official keeps the weigh-ins short and quickly ushers both girls to the ring. Emily’s right about one thing though: Santoro having mixed success so far this year, not having found a particular niche/footing for her to advance to the next level. Emily by contrast stunning critics and fans alike with her winning-streak only cut short recently by a loss to VanCamp in June. Other than that? Pundits have found it difficult to explain this girl’s success. It all goes to show: perhaps looks really are deceiving?

Both girls drawing cat-calls from the crowd after stripping off their loose shirts and ripped jeans. Emily fighting in skimpy navy bikini with white gloves, whilst Kyra is in stunning-red, also red gloves. Referee rings the bell and here we go!

This here’s a big deciding match for Santoro, who’s been stuck in 3rd gear for much of this year and hoping to snap out of the mud with a victory over an overrated, B-performing Ratajkowski (well, according to numerous critics). Out comes Santoro with purpose, snapping early jab after early jab into the guard and generally being a pest to Emily, who’s defending well but can’t seem to snap off an attack of her own without eating a one-two crisp blow to the lips. Crowd jeering and cheering each time a snappy punch PIKS and PAKS into Emily’s face, and mid-way it’s clear that Ratajkowski needs to play more defensively. That she does in the second half - scurrying back and out of reach, and Kyra’s reckless advance opens her weaknesses in her rearguard: Emily dodging and blocking, then countering with swing hooks that plow into Kyra’s side and off the ears, warning blows for her for getting in too close. Kyra grunting then retreating herself, and the round ends with girls continuing to exchange long shots but not landing as many no longer. Close round for Santoro as she takes charge and hopes to remain ahead.

Similar pattern appears to repeat itself in the second round, with Kyra blasting out of corner, heading straight to raise hell in Emily’s corner, only to get STUNNED in the face with a sudden right uppercut to the chin! What the hell?? Kyra rushing in too fast there, applied the brakes a little too late - left-left combo slams into her guard but doesn’t see Emily’s follow-up right hook coming from the side and under until too late! Kyra’s spinning on the spot as the blow rotates her 180 degrees - she tries to regain her composure and ends up hanging on desperately to ropes for a good second. Any rest for the weary? Nope. Emily’s right on her - another right hook slams into Kyra’s cheek and forces her barreling down the ropes for good, where Ratajkowski follows, works over her lean body with hup hup hup HUP belly punches to the sternum. Kyra gasping and gawking - she’s trying to protect her head instead but giving Emily’s free access to plunder the undercarriage. Santoro surging forward at moments, trying to clinch, but Emily not having any of that, mixing up body shots with more deft uppercuts that BANG into the guard or chin, shoving Kyra back into the ropes. Good lord Santoro’s getting decimated here but the referee refuses to wave it off - the brave girl’s still holding arm and arm together, but agonising ouffs and OMMPGHs echoing from her lips. FINALLY the bell rings and dare I say Emily’s equally spent as she lets her strained arms just hang in front of her, exhausted from that work out. Poor Kyra sinks down to her knees hugging her body - one girl giving every ounce and the other just taking it all in.

Kyra getting the same heated treatment from Co-Head Trainer Corey Saucier in corner, ordering her to stop fighting stupid and get herself out of danger quicker. Santoro not someone to argue back, nods furiously before springing to her feet when the bell rings, her body already pock-marked red but otherwise unharmed. Emily smirking as she too takes gentle steps forward, wanting to play a long defensive game here. Girls go back to exchanging jabs from afar, landing occasionally to the face and body but lacking the balls to wade in all the way. It’s only until Emily gets a little more aggressive, snapping a one-two combo up high does she decide to go all in, pounding more shots into Kyra’s gut, leather gloves licking her stomach and folding her over in half. But Kyra doesn’t retreat as expected, takes the body abuse and then surges forward: SNAPS a right hook straight into side of Emily’s face! UGHH!! Emily’s eyes go wide as her face whipped hard. Kyra doesn’t stop there: left hand ploughs into the body hup HUP, before right hand swings under and upwards, looking for KO uppercut!! SWOOSH - Emily avoided that big hand by skin of her teeth as she weaves her head. She’s retreating away from the action, face hidden behind gloves. Kyra advancing after her slowly, the loud cheers of her fans behind her supportive of her resurgence, but she can’t capitalise on the same success and the remaining thirty seconds see her hounding Ratajkowski about the ring but can’t quite corner her to finish.

Dud round - at least for the first minute - as neither girl showing any initiative to brawl. Kyra advancing ever a few steps forward but skittish Emily just jumping back and out of the way. Come on girls, this ain’t a tango. You’ve gotta step on each other’s toes! Kyra now leading in rounds and points, should be playing more conservatively to hang back and let the wounded Emily come to her, but stubborn gal persists in attacking and gets her face jabbed at by Emily for the next minute or so. Santoro trying to repeat the same trick as before, countering with a big hook SWISH aimed high, Emily only feels the force of the wind as she leans back and out of the way of Kyra’s power. Late in round Emily gets ambitious, advances and snaps jabs into Kyra’s body pik pak pik pak, before Santoro swings low this time, out of frustration, busting the busty brunette in the side and kidney, drawing a deep grunt as her body absorbs the blow. Bell rings too soon and neither girl really manages to take the lead this round.

More flying fists but earlier this round, as trainers egg their girls forward to brawl. Girls oblige, coming in close and then SWINGING away! Emily very soon realising she’s made a mistake: left-right slam into Kyra’s nose hard but the other girl simply grunts and PLOWS both her hands into the body and chest, jerking Emily in half with a loud OUUFF. Emily tries to stand her ground but follow-up punches just lack any venom: pik pak into Kyra’s own body like flies hitting a brick wall, and the brick wall retaliating with a full-on body slam, then continuing to gut-check her with lefts and rights plowing in and out of stomach. Girls clinch up in the middle of the ring, with Emily learning how to use some wrestling to save her skin this time, whilst Kyra grunting, trying to shove her away and continue the abuse. After thirty seconds though neither girl gets an advantage, and the referee jumps in to intervene, prying both girls apart and resetting them at opposite ends.

There’s still a minute and a half to go on the clock and both girls look ready to lunge back at each other… Wave of the hand and Kyra does just that, jumping in with right hand pulled back to deliver a shock Superman punch - CRUNCH!! Her head gets SNAPPED left in mid-air, when Emily Ratajkowski times a perfect left hook that simply CHECKS her in the CHEEK!! GRUHH as Kyra’s head swivels to the side and her body follows with the momentum: she collapses to the canvas in a heap of twisted agony! SHOCK KNOCKDOWN right there for Ratajkowski!! IS THIS IT?? Referee seems to think so - despite the loud roar of approval and boos from the crowds on either side of the aisle, Kyra is knocked out cold and not moving!! IT’S OVER!

Official Decision: Emily Ratajkowski defeats Kyra Santoro via SHOCK KO5!


Emily ROARING with pride to the crowds at dropping Kyra like that in spectacular fashion! She ignores her fellow stablemate for a good minute, taking her own sweet time to mount the four corners of the ring and wave to her fans, beating her chest with one glove. Kyra by now recovering slowly, turning herself over to lie on her back, her chest rising and falling as she stares up at the glaring sun.

Their first fight would be remembered for some good, mutual show of sportswomanship, but none of that here today. Emily, showboating done, finally makes her way to the fallen girl, stands astride Kyra with two hands on her hips, just glaring down and making her dominance known. No more words to be exchanged today as two knockouts in a row have proven everything that either girl needed to say.

Emily exiting the arena to fan cheers, leaving Kyra to be tended to by medical staff and of course both Head Trainers Steve and Corey, who look slightly concerned at their girl still not opening her eyes, but chest just rising and falling and lips sucking in air as though in shock.

“I know I offered her a rematch last time, but this is f*ckng IT. Kyra’s yester-news, and I’m the future of the Bantam locker room here in VIX,” Emily confidently declaring to a reporter backstage, not looking the least bit concerned at the footage on the television set to her right showing Ms Santoro being carried out of the beach ring by stretcher, her neck immobilised in a cast.

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