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8 November 2019 Demi Lovato vs Emily Ratajkowski

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Posted by Girls Friday on November 8, 2019, 1:10 am



(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Lookout! Boxing vs Vixens)

Up next is two of the best bantamweights in celebrity boxing clashing, former champion Demi Lovato takes on rising star Emily Ratajkowski for the first time in their careers.

Demi is 27 years old; she stands 5'3, holding a record of 48 wins, 42 coming by way of knockout, 21 defeats with 1 draw, she is a former FCBA bantamweight champion.

Emily is 28 years old; she stands 5'7, holding a record of 27 wins, all coming by way of knockout, with 14 defeats.

The fighters were interviewed on the set of the FCBA Network by Halle Berry, who it is Demi in the hot seat first, wearing a black dress and white heels.

First she is asked how she feels she is going after losing the title, Demi shrugs her shoulders before saying "I think OK, I miss having the title around my waist *winking* but I am more in the mood to get my head down and keep working towards a title shot again"

On her opponent; Deminl smiles as she replies "Emily missed her calling, I hear there are bars you can box topless in, I mean I respect models like my stablemate Kate (Upton) in what they do, Emily is simply a w**** who got famous by being nude in a music video"

Pointing at herself as she sits forwards, Demi says "I have had to work my ass off to be a singer, I worked to be a champion here, so while me and Emily have no history, I will be coming to knock her out and show the world what a waste of space she is!"

Now Emily is in the hot seat, she is smiling as she wears a white dress with matching heels, shaking hands with Halle who can't help seeing how low the cut on the front on the dress is.

Halle asks Emily how excited she is about people taking notice of her in the bantamweight division, nonchalantly she replies "took them long enough" with a rye smile.

She is then shown a clip of Demi's interview, Emily just shakes her head before telling Halle "Demi thinks she is talented? Christ she should hear one of her singles, she doesn't have to worry about me being in her music videos unless I get earplugs"

Emily says to Berry "Demi wants this to feel like a grudge fight, I am more then happy to get in that ring and batter her, see how smart she is when I make her bark out how much better then her I am"

Fight night; Demi is out first with Julie Benz beside her, she looks focused as she marches down the aisle, tapping her cheeks with her glove as she goes.

She is wearing a black sports bra, matching trunks, shoes and gloves, not wanting to be flash it seems as her hair is in a simple ponytail.

Climbing into the ring, Demi gives the fans a quick wave but is focused on warming up in her corner, staring out at the aisle as she awaits her opponent.

Out comes Emily with her coach Steve Boyd, they are looking relaxed as they head down the aisle, nodding to the fans before fist bumping some fans in the front row.

The model is wearing a red sports bra with white trim, red trunks with white stars on the left leg, red shoes with stars on, white gloves and her hair is tied back into a ponytail.

Getting into the ring, Emily poses at the center of the ring with her lips puckered up at Demi, trying to get into her rivals head before she heads off to her corner.

The referee brings the fighters together, the ref stays between the fighters as Emily stares down at Demi, a smirk on the Vixen fighters face.

They slam their fists together when told to touch them up, returning to their corners quickly, the bell is rung to start 10 rounds of bantamweight action.

Round 1:
At the bell the fighters both trade jabs, Demi looking keen to make up the gap between them, Emily boxing at range with stiff jabs to push back Lovato.

Ducking a straight; Demi counters with a right to the abs of Emily, followed by an overhand left that grazes the chin of the model as a warning what could be dangerous to her.

Nudging back Demi, Emily gets back on the move, using her long legs to create space, keeping Demi mostly under wraps so far with those straight shots hammering the gloves of the Lookout! Fighter.

Demi is able to get in close after slipping a right, going to work on the body of her opponent, getting clipped across the top of her head as Ratajkowski tries to extract Lovato from this close range.

Again Emily uses her left forearm to push back Demi, landing a crisp left/right cross to the cheeks, then dances back as a right hook comes towards her body.

The bell rings to end the round with the fighters exchanging a few nasty words; then return to their corners, Emily smiling as she looks confident she is too good for Demi.

Round 2:
Emily continues off where she ended the last round, focusing on keeping the range where she wants it to be, her punches starting to land more cleanly through the mitts of her opponent to the top of her head.

The camera catches Demi looking annoyed already, she is landing a few nice body shots, before is being pushed back to the outside.

With Emily looking very strong right now, she is throwing more combinations, which are not always hitting but are scoring points as Demi can't really land her power shots at this range.

Needing to duck down more; Demi gets to the inside, using her left shoulder to muscle back Emily to the ropes, all the while throwing her right into the body of Emily.

Who drags Demi into a clinch, forcing the referee to step in to break the fighters apart, giving Emily the space she wants to work in again.

When the round comes to a close; Emily asks Demi mockingly "still think I am not talented you bytch?" The referee holding back Demi, ordering both to keep the fighting in the time, not between the rounds.

Returning to their corners, Julie tells Demi to get her head into the fight, she is too tense because she wants to really hurt Emily, that will come Julie tells her.

Round 3:
Demi thuds her gloves together and says something to herself, it seems to help spur her on as she comes out quickly, moving her upper body more to dodge punches.

Having more success coming in closer, Demi begins to really get to work on the body of Emily, spitefully sneaking shots under the boobs of Ratajkowski to make her whine out as she is backed around the outside of the ring.

Now Demi is forcing the issue, even when she is being nudged back, she is getting back into the face of Emily, forcing the taller fighter into uncomfortable inside exchanges.

Emily pulling Demi down into a front headlock, the referee quick to break it up when Emily throws to the kidneys of her opponent, showing maybe some frustration of her own.

Once apart they exchange straight shots to faces, Emily boxing more on her back foot as she let's Demi come at her, with the round coming to a end not long after.

Demi sitting on her stool understandably looking more relaxed after a slow start, Julie puts a cool towel on the back of her neck as she praises the work from her fighter.

Round 4:
The pressure is now coming from Lovato, she is coming to the inside to target that body of Ratajkowski, taking the ring center after landing an overhand right to the jaw of her rival.

Emily needing to accept she will be boxing more on the back foot, not being able to bully back Demi as she was in the opening rounds.

But it is Demi using her left shoulder and forearm now to knock Emily off balance, then starts swinging hard rights in to make the Vixen groan out as she finds herself on the outside.

Using her left behind the head of Demi; she turns Demi onto the ropes, then lands a stiff jab/straight combo to the face of the singer, making her now wince as sweat flies off her head.

Demi forced to cover up as Emily works her along the ropes in the final minute of the round, an irate look is on Emily's beautiful face as she stares at the smaller fighter.

Just before the bell Demi lands an overhand left to the side of Emily's head, just holding back throwing a follow up uppercut as the referee nearly jumps in.

Returning to their corners, both women know they are in a fight, their corner teams cleaning them up, coaches trying to give them a rallying speech.

Round 5:
The fighters both come out trading hard shots from the bell, Demi getting inside to whack in two body shots, before taking a left to the side of her head.

Emily steps back before landing a jab/straight combo to the face of Demi, knocking back the singer towards a corner, stepping in with a left cross to the cheek of Lovato.

As Demi's back touches the ropes, Emily steps in with a left hook that Demi ducks under, DEMI INSTEAD COUNTERS WITH AN OVERHAND RIGHT ON THE JAW OF EMILY TO SEND HER DOWN TO HER RIGHT SIDE!

Pounding her chest as she goes to the neutral corner, Demi looks pleased of her handy work, 1...2...3...4.. Emily turning to her front and all fours, 5...6... Emily punching the canvas in annoyance, 7...8.. Getting to her feet, Emily shakes her head to clear it.

The referee let's the fighters continue; Demi pressing forwards, drilling punches into the abs of Emily, who is keeping her guard high to protect her chin.

The round ends with Demi's fans chanting her name, Julie patting her on her back, as across the ring Emily is getting told off Steve to get over the knockdown and focus on dragging this fight back to her.

Round 6:
As expected Demi looks to drive back Emily early on, the taller fighter catches her with double jabs to the top of her head, Emily starting to get more on her toes as she moves around the ring.

They land more hooks in close when Demi slips her way inside, Demi nearly bumps into the boobs of Emily as she drives back the older fighter.

Emily slamming two rights into the side of the singers head, knocking sweat from her as she moves into range, starting to get her momentum going again.

More jabs though smack into the left eye of Lovato, beginning to swell it up as Demi looks to swing more overhand shots in to try to land another knockdown shot, more importantly a knockout one.

With the final moments seeing Emily knock back Demi with two clean punches that snap back her head, driving back Lovato onto the ropes as Ratajkowski powers forwards.

At the bell they return to their corners, looking across the ring at each other, Emily's body is reddening up, while Emily's cheeks are puffy, her left eye starting to look bad.

Round 7:
Coming out their corners to battle, they trade single stiff punches as they circle, Demi looking for a way to get in a power punch as she moves side to side.

When Demi does come in, Emily sidesteps before landing a hard right hook across the eye of Demi, who cries out as a cut forms above the eye of Lovato.

Emily begins pounding back Demi, punches getting through the gloves of the singer to snap back her head, the Lookout! Corner are yelling at Demi to clinch up.

Finally Demi is able to pull Emily into a clinch, that cut isn't looking pretty, when the referee breaks them apart, they get the ringside doctor to check that cut, Demi says she will be OK, after a quick patch up job, they are waved to fight on.

Demi protecting her cut, the problem is though that she isn't throwing much back, Emily given freedom now to work as she moves side to side, drilling punches into the cheeks of her opponent.

The round comes to an end with Demi wiping the cut with her glove, seeing the stain of blood on it, she looks visible angry as she heads back to her corner.

The Vixens corner is much more relaxed, Emily grinning as she talks to her coach, they discuss if Demi come back out that Emily has to show her no mercy, Emily smiling as she replies "oh don't worry about that"

Round 8:
The Lookout! Corner has patched up the cut well, but Demi is almost fighting one handed as she has to protect that cut from getting worse then it is.

Leading to Emily taunting Demi to bring it, darting in and out with jabs as she is taking pleasure in Demi's issue, landing more freely as she works around the former champion.


"F*** you!" Yells Emily to Demi before heading to a neutral corner, 1...2...3.. Demi is stirring but only really groaning, 4...5...6.. Her head turns to the side as blood runs from her cut to the canvas, 7...8... Julie hopes for a miracle 9...10 but it never comes, Demi is counted out!

Winner Emily Ratajkowski KO Round 8

Flexing her arms as she struts over to Demi, Emily grins as her supporters roar for her, enjoying that brutal knockout of the former champion.

Placing her foot onto the chest of Demi, Emily yells at her "I hope you can hear this! You better not dare call me out again because each time I will hurt you!"

All the while Julie is telling her to leave Demi alone in a stern manner, Emily just mocks her by cupping her ear with her right glove, then heads off after proving her point to the Lookout! Crew.

Julie kneels down to check on Demi with the ringside doctor, the use of smelling salts brings Demi around, as she holds her left eye, looking close to tears.

Telling the ringside doctor to help her; Julie gets Demi out the ring, helping her up the aisle as they act like a crutch for her, Demi still looking a little glassy eyed but happy to be away from Emily and probably further humiliation.

All the time this is happening, Emily is getting her gloves taken off, Steve praising her as they discuss how clinical she was at the end.

Stepping to the center of the ring, Emily gets her hand raised as she smiles to her fans, who are cheering her for another great victory.

Posing for the cameras, Emily yells "bring me that s*** Bella (Thorne) and that title!" Talking of the FCBA bantamweight title, maybe this win will get her noticed by the current champ.

For now she heads out the ring for a deserved rest, Emily posing at the top of the aisle for her fans, before getting a hug from Steve, who tells her how proud he is of her tonight.



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