8 November 2019 Katrina Law vs Charlotte Flair

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(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Bonzo's Gym vs Free Agent)

The second bout tonight in the Tokyo Dome sees Katrina Law take on Charlotte Flair, can either woman get back on a run towards the a title shot.

Katrina is 34 years old; she stands 5'7, holding a record of 16 wins, 11 coming by way of knockout, with 18 defeats.

Charlotte is 33 years old; she stands 5'10, holding a record of 9 wins, all coming by way of knockout, with 3 defeats.

The fighters were interviewed by the FCBA network's interviewer, first up Katrina is interviewed while she is warming up with coach Nadia Bjorlin wrapping her hands.

Katrina looks up and nods at the interviewer, then tells her "look I know I am on a bad run but with Amanda (Righetti) and Camille (Kostek) having such success, I need to pull my weight and start kicking some asses around here"

Asked about her opponent; Katrina just smirks, Nadia is the one to reply with "that silicon tittied bytch is as overrated as her fake boobs, we picked her because once Katrina works over that body of hers, she'll come crumbling down as she did in her other losses"

The interviewer then heads into Charlotte's locker room, seeing her stretch as her coach is going through their game plan, Charlotte stops for a moment to speak her mind.

"Look I hear all the jackals like that damn Tess (Valmore) who think because I have had a little bad run, that I am proving that wrestlers shouldn't be in the FCBA" says a clearly irate Charlotte.

She continues as she flexes her right arm for the cameras "I have worked my ass off to be the best female wrestler in the world, hell in the history of wrestling period! I will be a champion here, mark my f***ing words on that!"

Charlotte then waves the interviewer out the room, before she goes back to her warm up, her coach heard going back through what they want to see from her.

Fighting time; out comes Katrina with Nadia beside her, they bump fists before Katrina begins to march down the aisle towards the ring, eyes firmly on her destination.

The actress is wearing a dark blue sports bra, matching trunks with "Law" in black letters on the waistband, blue shoes, black gloves with blue thumbs, while her hair is up in a ponytail.

Getting into the ring and straight over to her corner, Katrina taps her chest with her right fist, before settling into her warm up, Nadia telling her to show up this blonde bytch.

With Charlotte now coming out with a confident grin on her face, she walks down to the ring wearing a lime green robe with feathers, she struts down the aisle with her coach following behind.

Getting her robe helped off her by her coach, Charlotte does her signature front handstand flip on the mats outside the ring, before sliding through the ropes and over to her corner.

The wrestler is wearing a lime green sports bra with glitter over it, matching trunks with "Queen" in gold letters on the waistband, green shoes and gloves, her blonde hair is in a braid.

The fighters come to the center of the ring, Charlotte looking down upon Katrina, a hungry look on her face as she looks in a mood to make a statement, compared to the ice cold stare from Katrina.

When they are told to touch gloves, Charlotte hammers hers down on top of Katrina's in a show of disrespect, Katrina tells her "you'll see how wise that was soon enough" thudding her gloves together before returning to her corner.

Once they have both returned to their corners, they get final instructions from their coaches, the referee waving for the bell to ring to start 10 rounds of welterweight action.

Round 1:
As with the build up to the fight; Katrina doesn't show her opponent much respect, coming at her with a straight to the body, followed by an overhand left that just misses.

Charlotte has a tag of being a slow starter, tonight doesn't seem to be any different, even as she lands some nice crisp jabs, her opponent keeps finding a way inside to bang away.

Landing to the body of Flair, Law is forcing her back towards the ropes, where Charlotte is trying to knock her back, not much success though as Katrina keeps herself compact, throwing short sharp hooks in.

Needing to shove back Katrina to open up space, Charlotte starts to come back at the actress, landing a nice looking jab/straight combo into the top of the head.

But as the round winds down, it is more slugging it out at midrange as Charlotte can't stop Katrina getting inside to work for long, the bell soon rings to end the round.

Katrina looking focused as she sits on her stool, eyes on Charlotte as her coach speaks to her, Nadia telling her as she gets up "keep at this bytch!" Which simply gets a nod from Law.

Round 2:
Exchanging stiff jabs to start the round, it seems like Charlotte might be starting to get her rhythm, before Katrina slips a jab to land two rights to the ribs.

Forcing her way inside the reach of Charlotte, Katrina works the abs of the blonde while her head is down, making it hard for Charlotte to fire back at her beyond her own body shots.

The inside game against smaller opponents seems a weak spot still for Charlotte, she steps back firing a straight at the nose of Katrina to create some separation.

Allowing Charlotte to get on the move again, where she again seems to be gaining momentum, her headhunting punches are keeping her opponent at range.

Till the brunette feints and steps in with a left hook to the body, an uppercut knocks back Flair, who finds herself on the back foot covering up as Katrina throws a flurry of punches at her.

The round comes to an end with Katrina thudding her gloves together as she returns to her corner, looking excited to get back out there with all the success she is having.

Round 3:
Starting off forcing the issue as she has the first two rounds, Katrina drilling Charlotte into her abs before she gets clocked across the side of her head with a right hook.

Katrina is looking to keep being aggressive, almost pit bull like in her attacks as she gnaws away at the body of Flair to cut her down.

But as the round goes on, Charlotte seems to be warmed up and is landing harder punches as Katrina comes at her.

Landing a straight into the top of Katrina's head when she tries to come inside, Charlotte starts to drive back the smaller woman with another two punches clean through the mitts to the face.

Taking the center of the ring for really the first time in the fight, Charlotte is keeping her opponent on the outside of the ring with head hunting punches.

With seconds left in the round; Katrina dips a left to come in closer, forcing basically a brawl at the center of the ring, neither backing off as sweat flies off them into the air.

The bell rings to end the round with the referee nudging both fighters apart, it was an evenly fought round to some, with the crowd seemingly split as they chant for their girl.

Round 4:
While they are throwing more hard shots at the center of the ring in a heated exchange, Charlotte though is beginning to slowly look like she is gaining control of things.

Landing a nice double jab into the mouth of Katrina, she lands a hard right hook across the jaw of the brunette to turn her head, sweat flying into the air to show the power behind it.

Now Charlotte is winning the exchanges, keeping Katrina on the outside, clean punches are getting through the guard of Law when she tries to force the issue.

Katrina does manage to slip inside to land to the body of Flair, enjoying it seems the sounds of the wrestler groaning out with each piston like punch.

The final moments of the round though sees Charlotte nudges back Katrina, landing a stiff straight to the top of her head, then a left/right hook across the cheeks to make Katrina step back shaking her head.

At the bell Charlotte struts back to her corner, looking fully in control of this contest now judging by her mannerisms, her coaching team seeming to agree with her.

In the Bonzo corner Katrina gets told off Nadia to not be so reckless to dive her head in when going on the attack, Katrina gets up before the bell and thuds her gloves together.

Round 5:
Stepping out to fight, both fighters circle while exchanging single punches, Katrina looks to be waiting to strike now.


The referee nudges back Charlotte so they can check on Katrina, THE REFEREE DOESN'T BOTHER WITH THE COUNT, JUDGING THAT KATRINA IS CLEAN KNOCKED OUT!

Winner Charlotte Flair KO Round 5

A true fight of two halves; another slow start from Charlotte, in the end though once she got going, it's Katrina kissing the canvas after a stunning knockout.

The winner raises her arms in the air and does her trademark "Woo!" At the top of her lungs after spitting her gumshield out, happy to have proven her point to Katrina.

While the ringside doctor checks on Katrina, who stirs awake from the knockout; when she tries to get up, she stumbles back down as she is badly dazed.

Nia gets help from the ringside doctor to get Katrina onto a stool, give her a minute to clear her head as Katrina stares down at the canvas looking embarrassed.

The mood in the Bonzo Gym camp isn't helped when Charlotte comes over gloating, mockingly asking "how does it feel losing to a lowly wrestler huh ladies?" Cupping her right ear to them.

With Nia telling Charlotte to buzz off in less then flattering terms, Charlotte "woos!" Into her face before returning to her corner.

Katrina seems OK to stand now, the doctor orders her to the back for more tests though, she gets helped out the ring by Nia, heading up the aisle to a round of applause.

Back in the ring Charlotte wipes her feet behind her to show Katrina is behind her, her hand is raised by the referee to cheer from the crowd.

She shows the four horsewomen sign to the crowd to a loud cheer, then heads out the ring with her corner team behind her, strutting up the aisle with a big smile.

Maybe it is fitting a wrestler has won tonight in a historic venue for wrestling, she will be more focused on building on tonight's win as she wants a title shot.



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