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2 December 2017 Taylor Swift vs Kim Kardashian

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Taylor Swift vs. Kim Kardashian
(Words: Empire / Results: Lookout!)

Prefight: "Kendall exposed Taylor for what she is, a chinny, whiny, quiter! She could have beat the count, but poor Tay just quit, I guess she had to protect that pretty little face of hers. Tonight I'll finish what sis started and destroy Swift" coos Kim Kardashian. "I'm not finished with Kendall. She beat me, but to be honest, I also beat myself. I didn't box, I didn't defend, it was a wakeup call. After I destroy Kim, I hope her little sis is ready go go one more time!" Responds Taylor. Kim out first escorted by Kanye and her entourage, hurling her robe over the ropes to reveal a skin tight baby blue bikini, matching gloves and boots, long hair swept back into a pair of pigtails. Taylor out next escorted by Jaime Pressly and Kate Hudson, disrobing to reveal a lemon yellow bikini, matching gloves and boots, short blonde hair loose framing her face. Ladies getting physical as they listen to pre fight instructions, shoving and slapping as the official struggles to restore order, crowd hooting as this promises to be a mean one.

R1: Taylor hopping midring, slinging lightning quick jabs off Kim's mitts, bending at the waist to evade Kardashian's counter punches and hooking her breasts in return, Kim crying out, flailing with windmill punches as she tries to back Swift off, Taylor cruelly responding with even more jabs, steady accumulation leading to a welt above Kardashian's eye, Kim grunting, slamming an elbow into Swift's breasts before pulling her in for a clinch, nearly lifting her foe off the canvas as Taylor tries to twist her way free, Swift finally escaping Kardashian's grasp, punishing her with a left on her bottom lip as the bell sounds to end the first.

R2: Blonde back at it, first class legs on display as she allows Kim to give chase, sniping at her charging foe with pin point jabs as Kardashian is repelled after little to no offense, starlet swinging at the empty air like the forlorn Red Sox bats, bedeviled by Taylor as she glides around the ring, Swift getting brave after a left jab to the bridge of the nose sends Kim spilling backwards, closing the distance to bury left uppercuts into firm Hollywood abs, Kardashian cringing at the ropes, guard knocked from side to side as Taylor dominates her girl to the bell.

R3: Kardashian in trouble early, leaping into a home run hook only to be jelly legged by a counter left cross, Kim backed up into the ropes, covering up earmuff as Swift bats away, blonde crying out with each shot as the crowd roars, leaning in to snare Kardashian's bottoms with her right while slamming rights into her belly, shots sending wet echoes throughout the arena, Kim's had enough! Kardashian ducking under a left cross, leaping upwards behind a brutal right uppercut that detonates on blonde chin and sends Taylor spinning to her left, staggering as she struggles to stay upright, setting up at the ropes, mouth wide open in shock, eyelashes fluttering as Kardashian wades in, crowd oohing and aahing as Kim let's her hands fly, pigtails and massive chest sloshing from side to side idea as she punishes her foe, Swift in a bad place, taking a savage beating as the official looks on closely, savage beatdown of Dichen Lachman still on her mind as Kardashian belts away, Taylor whimpering, belly quivering with each punch, somehow she manages to wrap her arms around Kim's waist and hold on, Kardashian struggling in blonde grasp, legs tangling with Taylor's as they spiral downwards to the canvas, Kim landing on top of Taylor with a thud, Kanye jumping up at ringside counting to three while the official moves in to pull the pair apart, pandemonium ensues as the bell rings and West assumes his girl won, puzzled look on his face when he's informed it's a ten count by knockdown, not three. Swift getting an ear full in her corner, Jaime screaming at her to use her jab and stay out of the trenches this early. Kim screaming at her seconds, "she tapped", eyes narrowed as she glares across the ring at her blonde.

R4: Kardashian surging with confidence, rushing off her stool and charging her battered foe, flailing widly, pigtails and jugs sloshing from side to side as she pursues Taylor ng the ropes, blonde content to leg it out, fitting Kim for quick flurries of jabs before pivoting away from the rushing starlet, blasting Kardashian in the eye with a right jab as Kim back peddles, Swift in pursuit, closing the distance as she hooks Kardashian just below the right elbow, Kim twisting upon impact, further punished with a right hook on the navel doubling Kardashian over and bringing her staggering forward to clinch Taylor around her hips, Swift raising her left in pure hatred, eying Kim's kidneys as she seeks to avenge the foul ridden third round, official barely stopping her in time, prying the pair apart as Kardashian spirals to the canvas, ref ruling it slip, buying the battered actress precious moments to recover as the bell sounds to end the third. Taylor retaking control of the fight through four.

R5: Kim shouldn't have come back out, buxom beauty setting up at the ropes, cringing as Swift makes her way forwaed, Tay pumping a storm of jabs into Kardashian's guard, following up with hooks off her flanks as the starlet refuses to return fire, blonde turning her attention to her foes rack, pummeling her breasts with brutal hooks. Suddenly the crowd goes silent, the echoing thuds of Taylor's mitts spanking off Kim's exposed body, grunts upon delivery and Kardashian's whimpers upon receipt the only sounds audible in a once raucous arena, it's too much, curvy beauty sobbing aloud, dropping her gloves after a trio of hooks rip into her belly and breasts, staring meekly as Taylor rocks her head back with a left uppercut, Kim's head falling to her chest as she collapses forward, pitching face first into the canvas as Taylor roaring, quickly planting her foot on Kardashian's backside before retreating to the neutral corner, ref returning to waive it off as Kim's not moving. KO 5 Taylor Swift!

Postfight: Taylor wasting no time calling out Kendall Jenner in post fight interviews, vowing to avenge her devastating loss before the Summer. Kim tenderly helped to the back by her seconds, Kanye babbling in shock, demanding a rematch on Kim's behalf, still unable to comprehend the conclusion of the third. Kardashian showing plenty of juggy power, but unable to weather the storm of Taylor's jabs.

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