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2 December 2017 Title Ch Kendall Jenner vs Hayley Atwell

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Kendall Jenner versus Hayley Atwell (Lightweight Title)

(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Pretty Little Punchers vs Girls Friday)

The FCBA lightweight title is on the line, Hayley Atwell looks to
finally clinch gold over the new champion Kendall Jenner.
The challenger Hayley is 35 years old, stands at 5'6 1/2 and holds a
record of 12 wins, 10 by knockout and 5 defeats.
The champ Kendall is 22 years old, stands at 5'10 1/2, she holds a
record of 16 wins all by knockout and 4 defeats, she is a former New
Blood tournament winner and the current FCBA lightweight champion;
this being her first defence.
There looks to be no ill feeling between the two fighters as they come
out on the stage to talk to the press, Kendall putting an arm around
the shoulder of Hayley as the girls get photos taken, the title on her
left shoulder as she looks mighty proud to be a champ.
The girls head to their tables with Hayley given the chance to speak
first, saying "I am honoured to be Kendall's first title challenger,
of course I hope to be the only one" smiling as she says that with
Kendall not looking offended.
"I honestly didn't expect to get another chance, this hasn't been my
best year but winning that title would make all the heartache, the
blood, sweat and tears worth it" says Hayley with a sad look showing
on her face as maybe she is worried this could be her last chance at
Kendall starts her speech though with "this is why I picked Hayley,
she is so humble compared to other fighters I have had the displeasure
of either fighting or just seeing around the backstage of FCBA events"
smiling warmly at Atwell, who perks back up herself.
"It also helps that no one can say she has ducked anyone, I mean she
just fought Kate Upton not long ago, she has beaten Kaley Cuoco,
Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlett Johansson to name just a few she has
beaten, but I will work my heart out to make sure that Hayley doesn't
take the title and my name doesn't join that list" says Kendall as she
holds the belt up with her left hand.
Hayley staring at the belt before turning to Kendall and nodding at
her, the friendly looks replaced with serious ones, before leaving the
stage to get ready for the biggest fight of their careers.
Fight night, Hayley comes out all smiles to the fans as she tries to
stay relaxed, her coach Nia Peeples is chatting with her as they head
to the ring.
Hayley is wearing a navy blue sports bra, trunks with "Atwell" in red
on the waistband, blue shoes with red laces and blue gloves, her
brunette hair is up in a ponytail.
Getting into the ring; Hayley bows to the crowd before heading to her
corner, Nia going through the game plan as Hayley warms up with
Now the champ arrives, Kendall having the belt held up by her coach
Melanie Sykes, while Eva Carneiro stands behind her.
As Kendall heads to the ring, she is wearing her favourite white
sports bra, white trunks with "Jenner" in gold letters on her
waistband, white gloves and she has her cherry red lipstick and her
brunette hair up in a ponytail too.
Climbing into the ring, she gives the crowd a quick wave, before
heading to her corner, her eyes are on Hayley as Melanie helps her
warm up.
Soon the fighters are brought to the ring centre, all traces of
friendship gone for the time being as they both want the belt, eyes
locked in a hard stare.
Asked to touch gloves, the girls touch them respectfully, a quick nod
thrown in before they jog to their corners, they can be seen each
taking a deep breath before the be rings to start 10 rounds of FCBA
lightweight championship action.

Round 1:
"Ding!" Off we go, Hayley looking to keep compact, stalking forwards
as she looks to get inside early, Kendall of course is up on her toes
and using her range advantage to dig her punches towards the face of
her opponent, catching guard though.
Hayley ducks under a straight and manages to get inside, landing a
straight to the abs of Kendall, followed by a right up top to start
backing the champion up towards the ropes.
But Kendall uses her long legs to escape out of bother towards the
side, her quick hands allow her to catch Hayley to the side of her
head with a stiff straight punch.
Then as Hayley turns around, Kendall snaps a double jab onto the nose
of the British actress, before moving back out the way of a counter
right towards her body.
The champion starting to get into a rhythm as she moves around Hayley,
keeping her pinned behind her guard with her long range punches.
Kendall patience; not wasting her bigger punches till she finds an
opening, Atwell giving her one as she tried to lunge forwards with a
left cross that just misses.
Jenner snapping the head back of Hayley with a double jab, before
slamming a right cross to her face, to back her opponent up.
Hayley forced to use her experience to keep her guard tight and not
get worried yet as she retreats back with Kendall giving chase.
Just before the bell, Hayley manages to time her attack, parrying a
right to step inside to land an overhand left across the cheek of the
The bell rings with both girls heading back to their corners with no
incident, Hayley keeping calm; knowing she has to work to get inside
as she has done throughout her career.
While Kendall smiles and nods to her coach, whatever happens; she can
at least say she won the first round of her first defence, winning the
fight though is of course the most important thing, something she
plans on doing as she shoved off her stool looking excited to get this

Round 2:
Again Kendall starts off the stronger due to that range, Hayley forced
to accept this is probably going to be how each round is going to
Kendall misses with a right over the top, Hayley taking advantage by
stepping in tight to the model to work the body with her head down.
This time the challenger powers forwards to press Kendall onto the
ropes, hammering away at her body till Jenner has to shove her away to
escape into space.
Kendall lands a jab and right cross to Hayley's face to come back at
her opponent, she misses again though with a left cross and just gets
out the way of a big right hook aimed at her chin.
The fighters take a moment to measure each other up, Kendall knows she
can't sleep on Hayley as she snaps her punches onto the guard of
But again Hayley slips under a straight and almost tackles Kendall
into the ropes, digging her right into the ribs and abs of the
champion to cause her to groan out.
Kendall this time clinching up with Hayley to force the referee to
step in, he breaks the girls apart and again the youngster gets into
Hayley trying to give chase, takes two straight punches onto her nose
to stop her charging forwards, the beautiful Brit forced back a step
with a right to the top of her head.
Atwell though parries a right and forces Kendall to slug it out at
midrange, Hayley looks like she is landing the harder shots but is
taking more punches from the faster hands of Kendall.
The bell rings with both fighters knowing this is going to be tougher
then they even thought as they jog to their corners.
Hayley happy with her work that round, hoping she can keep the
pressure on the young champion to make her crack as she chats with

Round 3:
The round starts off similar to the other rounds, but Hayley is
looking more aggressive, bobbing and weaving as she tries to make
herself a small target for the champion.
Then she steps inside to land two short sharp punches to the sides of
Jenner, trying to work the champ back towards the ropes.
But Kendall nearly gets an uppercut to land as she steps back to
create space, it opens more space up for her as Hayley takes a step
That allows Kendall to work at range again, digging her punches over
the top of Hayley's guard to the top of her head.
Hayley though won't be backed up without a fight, she parries a right
and comes forwards to force Kendall to brawl it out, something that
suits the smaller fighter.
The champion backing up as she keeps trying to create space, Hayley
landing to her arms and gloves as she presses her back towards the
But Kendall shows what she has learned, slipping out the side as
Hayley misses with a left cross, before the American steps back in to
land two cross punches to the cheeks of her opponent.
Before Kendall steps back, allowing Hayley to stalk forwards, the
champ managing to land two straight punches through the gloves of the
Again though Hayley ducks almost down below the waistband of the
taller fighter to get inside once more to land to the body.
Both girls letting their hands go in tight as the crowd roars them on
with seconds to go in the round, sweat being knocked off their heads
and body to show the power they are hitting each other with.
The round ends with both fighters getting into each others faces and
begging the other to bring more, the girls bumping gloves as they show
respect to each other.
Both enjoying the fight as they sit on their stools, chatting to their
coaches about the fight before they get back into the zone, their
faces starting to show marks and Kendall's body.

Round 4:
Kendall digs a few jabs into the top of Hayley's head as she tries to
move around more, use her strengths more after ending the round in a
position she didn't want to be in.
Of course Hayley though continues to look to gain a way in, parrying a
right cross to step inside, she misses with a right of her own though
and takes a straight onto her lips.
The champ looks to build off that by stepping forwards, BUT HAYLEY
She's on her back as Hayley jogs over to a neutral corner, the referee
counting 1...2...3... Kendall sits up and shakes her head 4....5...
Before beginning to push herself to her feet 6...7...8 beating the
count as the referee checks her over.
Kendall bangs her gloves together and waves Hayley to bring it, which
of course the challenger does, banging her punches off the forearms
and gloves of Jenner as she goes on the defensive.
As the champ is about to be powered onto the ropes, she manages to
clinch up, Hayley still shoves Kendall to the ropes as the fighters
The referee breaks them apart as the girl's eyes lock in a nasty
stare, Hayley continuing to look for the finish, chasing down Kendall.
Who is beginning to look comfortable fighting off the back foot with
the guard of Hayley being wide open for her to land her straight
punches through.
Hayley ends the round strongly though by ducking under a right cross
and landing to the abs of Kendall, the American grimacing as she's
beaten onto the ropes.
The bell rings with Hayley nodding to her coach Nia, most likely
feeling the daggers in her back that Kendall's eyes are staring into
A big round for the challenger though as she gets the knockdown she
wanted, her eyes tell the crowd that she wants to end this soon so she
can hold the title high and proud.

Round 5:
Hayley looks to continue keeping the pressure on Kendall, getting
right into her face to force the youngster to have to fight in tight.
The challenger in her element as she drives Kendall towards the ropes,
banging away to her body to force air from her opponent.
Kendall needing to nudge Hayley back with her left, moving off the
ropes into space as the English actress continues to hunt her down.
The crowd look stunned as Kendall turns the tables on her opponent,
nodding to her corner as she heads to a neutral corner.
The referee up to 3...4 as Hayley sits up and shakes her head, 5...6..
She pushes her way up to her feet to beat the count at 8 to a loud
roar from her fans, banging her gloves together to try and show she
can fight.
Allowed to continue, Hayley trying to keep her guard tight as Kendall
manages to rifle her punches into the face of her older opponent.
A hard right opens a small cut under the left eye of Atwell, she
groans out in pain and has to clinch up to get extra time to recover.
The referee pries the fighters apart, Kendall able to see out the
round by landing at range to the face of Hayley, who doesn't look as
keen to get in close now after being put down.
As the bell rings to end the round; Hayley looks frustrated, taking it
out on the top turnbuckle by punching it with both fists, Nia having
to sit her down and patch her up with Vaseline over that cut.
While Kendall nods to Melanie, her body feeling sore but she looks in
better shape mentally as she chats about what to do as the fight is
about to enter it's final half.

Round 6:
Hayley surprises a few as she rushes out of her corner, maybe the sad
act was just that or she believes she needs to get at Kendall early.
The champ having to box off the back foot, digging her punches to the
top of Hayley's head, till the smaller fighter ducks and comes at
Kendall with a right hook to her cheek.
Hayley powers Kendall towards the ropes, her punches banging off the
gloves of the defending champ, Hayley grunts with effort as she looks
to break that guard and do real damage.
Kendall needing to try to fight back, throwing uppercut that Hayley
just about gets out the way of, Atwell cursing that she let Jenner get
off the ropes as she looks to get back in tight.
The challenger moved forwards with real purpose, landing stinging jabs
to the abs of Kendall as she looks to measure her up for a big right
One she misses as Kendall leans out the way and catches Hayley around
the back of her ear with a counter right of her own.
Hayley looks slightly disorientated by the hit, her hands dipping as
Kendall smacks a stiff straight punch into that cut under the left
Blood seems to be flowing more freely from it as Hayley looks more
self aware about it, Kendall targeting it as the round is heading into
it's last 30 seconds.
The round ends with Hayley looking to continue, the referee holding
her back as she screams out in frustration, Kendall stares at a
desperate Hayley and allows herself a smile.
Pundits all noting that Hayley might be letting her lack of success in
title fights get into her mind, she storms back to her corner with Nia
needing to try to calm her down to clean her face up.

Round 7:
Both fighters meet near the ring centre, Hayley swinging for the body
of Kendall, landing some glancing blows to her sides as the young
fighter dances backwards.
Kendall seeing a gap to exploit as she hammers that cut with her
right, causing Hayley to howl with pain, blood running down the left
side of the challengers face and sweat being knocked off her head.
Hayley can't get in close enough to do much, Kendall seems to have
found another gear late in the fight or Hayley is hurt more then we
The champ landing to the face of Hayley, letting the challenger miss
as she steps back or to the side, then fires through the openings to
cause damage.
A few jabs to the eye of Hayley makes the eye water, Kendall able to
drive her opponent onto the ropes, sweat being knocked into the front
row as she tees off on the head of Atwell.
Hayley manages to clinch up with Kendall, she digs a few short punches
into the kidneys of Jenner to cause her to groan out till the referee
can separate them.
As they are separated, Hayley manages to get in close enough to force
Kendall to go toe to toe, but the cut on the Brits face is too much a
The champ backs Hayley up once more, jabbing away through her mitts to
her face; watching for any counter punches as she knows Hayley isn't
going to give up that easily.
She dodges an attempted overhand right and lands a counter right to
Hayley's nose to knock her head back, also it allows her to back
Hayley into a corner with multiple shots landing onto the face of the
The round ends soon enough with Kendall looking more confident by the
moment, Hayley on the other hand looks stubborn, her face showing no
signs she wants to give, though she is bloodied from that last barrage
she suffered.
Hayley's fans with her corner team willing her on, Nia cleaning her up
and hoping she can pull this out the fire, Hayley herself staring at
Kendall, telling herself "I can knock you out"

Round 8:
The fighters start off trading single punches as they circle each
other, Hayley looking for a chance to get to the inside, as Kendall
looks to end this.
The challenger steps inside to bang away with two short sharp body
punches, but takes a right to the top of her head to knock her head
Kendall takes the opportunity to step back and work at range.
Several punches snap the head of Hayley back, before a right hook
wobbles her legs, the challenger tries to keep her guard high and
retreat, but cannot get too far as Kendall uses her long legs to keep
in close.
The crowd all stand to get a better look as the referee begins his
count 1..2...3... Hayley stirs slightly but seems stuck on her back
4...5...6... Kendall staring at her, hoping the fight is over as the
count goes to 7...8..9..10! The fight is over and the champ retains.

Winner and still FCBA lightweight champion Kendall Jenner KO Round 8

Kendall turns in the neutral corner to raise her fists in the air and
to stare at the sky, she roars into the air as she is so happy right
now, the title is still hers after a hard battle.
Hayley needs to be helped up by Nia and taken to her corner to sit
down, she holds her head as she is smarting off that knockout.
Another upsetting moment for her as she again fails to win the big
one, tears running from her eyes as she feels all the emotional pain
hit her.
Nia telling her "sit up straight babe! This is just another roadblock,
you smash through them right!" Which gets Hayley to see up and wipe
the tears away.
Kendall jogs over after getting her gloves taken off to check on
Hayley, both chatting about the fight and how much respect they have
for each other.
A fist bump to show that respect, before Kendall heads to the ring
centre to get the title and Hayley gets helped out the ring by Nia.
A round of applause and chants for Hayley ring out around the arena,
her effort to win the title made this a great contest, the reaction
also makes her resolve to get the title even more now.
While Kendall gets handed the title in the ring centre, lifting the
belt up to a loud cheer from her fans, she tears up as wishes all her
career could feel like this all the time.
She knows it won't be long till she has to defend the title against
another top contenders, who will be next on the hit list?

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