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17 December 2017 Rachel Hilbert vs Eva Adams

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2. Eva Adams vs Rachel Hilbert (Lightweight)


(20, 5’10, FCBA Debut, Free Agent)

(22, 5’11, 1:1 FCBA, Free Agent)

Fresh off both a win and a loss in the still-ongoing Victoria’s Secret tournament, Rachel Hilbert sounds delighted to invited back by VIX management so soon tonight, the sultry American no stranger to these shores. 

“I had wanted to go all the way, obviously, but that didn’t work out. Still, I heard that there are always plenty of interested parties in the audience today,” the blonde winking to no-one in particular but eager to catch anyone’s eye.

Her opponent tonight: an exotic American who has modelled for various brands herself. Born and bred in St. Louis, Missouri, Eva Adams is one to keep an eye on, with a body that is out of this world and a gorgeous smile to boot. 

“I was personally rung up by Caspian himself, so yes I feel incredibly privileged to have this opportunity,” the relatively shy brunette saying few words to the lone reporter, but later exuding much more confidence when she meets Rachel face to face in the ring.

Classic blonde vs brunette match-up here, a new generation of models taking the industry by storm, as seen from the recent Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, where old favourites like Alessandra Ambrosio recently confirmed this fashion show would be her last catwalk, but perhaps clinching that BBU Lightweight belt had something to do with it. Yes, the models are going nowhere in the ring, it seems. So let’s see what these young bloods can do, shall we? Rachel dressed in red bikini top, white bottoms, donning black charcoal gloves; Eva in classic white string bikini top and bottom, orange gloves. Here we go!

Lanky girls show some hesitation at the start but my my - the fists start flying once Rachel fires off that first jab into Eva’s face. Eva letting loose right back, and broadsides explode from both sides as the girls trade long jabs to the face, rotating swiftly around each other with two ships circling a maelstrom. Rachel obviously the more experienced of the pair, both in the ring and in the modeling world, and the cocky blonde flaunts it wild, weaving around Eva’s hands trying to get closer, but Adams no slouch either, sees the move coming and sends an uppercut or two slapping up into her chin, then following up with rapid blows into her toned midsection in drumming action, beating her back with a double-grunt. Eva taking control quickly, hounding Rachel for the rest of the round. Hilbert getting stung and not liking the feeling, focuses on defence for the rest of the round but this allows Eva to simply run her down with points. A great opening debut for Adams as she proves that she has both the better speed and agility. Can she prove her naysayers wrong?

Here comes Eva again, flying forward and shooting jabs at Rachel from afar. Hilbert curiously hanging back, staying in one spot and letting her foe come to her. Eva probably thinks she’s injured and ready to get knocked down - classic rookie mistake when Hilbert easily bobs left to avoid a fast jab, BURIES a right hand into Eva’s belly instead! GASP of pain as she’s folded over - Eva clinching up but does so half-heartedly, pawing at Rachel’s shoulders as she’s stunned from the air leaving her body. Sly grin on Rachel’s face, easily controlling her foe up close: more tummy blows up into the body, Rachel rotating her around and shoving her roughly back into the ropes. Hilbert built for clinch-warfare and she uses her advantage well, keeping her pinned to the ropes, leather packing into the belly over and over again. Eva’s eyes only go wide with panic as she doesn’t know what to do in a rapidly deteriorating situation, curls up and takes the punishment. Last minute and at least Eva is clinching a little tighter, denying the body practice, But Rachel’s body still glued in to hers, not letting go, until the round ends and the referee forces them apart. Rachel grinning as she gently strokes Eva’s wilted chin with a glove, blows a condescending kiss into her face as she heads back to corner.

Dominant round for the Victoria’s Secret model as she takes the lead back and intends to keep it close to her chest. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop Eva from coming onto her strong in the opening minute, vested on fighting back. Pop pop POP as jabs slam into Rachel’s ACTUAL chest, Adams now taking things personally, intense concentration on her brow as she tortures Rachel’s rack with rapid and shocking blows. Hilbert squealing out loud each time a glove punctures or jockeys her globes about, but she manages to swing back with a-vengeance, SNAGS a mean right hook that ROTATES Eva’s head! Brunette’s eyes circle up in shock after intense focus on her opponent’s chest. Lightweight Adams is flung sideways into the ropes in what’s looking to be a repeat of the previous round. Rachel’s show now, determined to do exactly that: left-right-left-right punches hup hup HUP into open and vulnerable midsection, folding Adams over in half, then a SHOCK UPPERCUT TO THE CHIN BLASTS HER BACK… AND IT’S ALL OVER! Adams crumples down to the canvas, her back sliding down the ropes completely punch-drunk! Referee jumps in to save her from more abuse but Rachel still raining punches down into her head when the bell rings.

Official Decision: Rachel Hilbert defeats Eva Adams via KO3!


Jubilant blonde lets loose a shriek of triumph and jumps into the air with two hands up high, runs back to corner where she embraces her trainer. Another good win for Rachel Hilbert here tonight, with many in the rafters subtly nodding their heads, tiny endorsements at this girl’s bright future in the ring. 

Not satisfied, however, Rachel wants to make a solid statement tonight. She strides over to Eva’s fallen form, takes a handful of messy hair and drags the moaning girl up to her feet. Pinning her to the ropes, Rachel tugs her head back and sneers into her face: “You got in my way, Adams. Hope you understand there’s nothing personal…” The blonde hesitates as a thought flashes across her mind. “Hand on… it IS personal, b*tch,” she hisses, before burying a fist into the broken girl’s gut. 

Eva gurgles, all strength leaving her body. Rachel lets her slide back down to the ground, guiding her lips along the curve of her belly on the way down. Eva curls into a ball to prevent further abuse, her debut gone horribly wrong… Ring officials quickly swarm the ring and separate both girls. Well, it’s a showcase mode after all, with Hilbert making her presence known to anyone else daring to come her way!

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