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17 December 2017 Georgia May Gibbs vs Stephanie Rayner

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3. Georgia Mae Gibbs vs Stephanie Rayner (Lightweight)

(22, 5’10, FCBA Debut, Free Agent)

(24, 5’9, FCBA Debut, Free Agent)

This may be a classic Scouting Mission but hell if there can’t be some fireworks thrown into the mix as well… Apparently these next two girls got into a little tussle backstage after a little misunderstanding gone bad. Details to follow, but first, allow us to introduce both girls to you before you pick any sides.

First up is a gorgeous Australian stunner and Instagram sensation, Georgia Mae Gibbs. Actually a UK native but moving down under when she was young explains that mixed accent when she speaks. A veteran of Australia’s Top Model and GQ magazine, she recently auditioned for Sports Illustrated 2018 and is open to new possibilities in the future. Well, a career in the ring may not be such a bad option, Georgia!

Her opponent tonight is Stephanie Rayner, who has also achieved much in her brief tenor as Aussie model, lending her face to brands such as Lounge Apparel, Tiger Mist and Maui Now. Being born in South Africa would explain her exoticism, but make no mistake, she’s picture-perfect as contemporary Australian model hoping to break into the international scene, and we’re extremely grateful that she said yes when we invited her to try-out her skills in the ring.

Well, anyways, back to the backstage drama. Apparently Ms Rayner’s boyfriend arrived to wish her good luck and all that, and stealing a quick glance at Ms Gibbs’ direction sent the jealous girl into full-on rage mode. Go figure? Not sure who flung the first SLAP, but when officials got onto the scene both girls were shrieking wildly, hands dug deep into each other’s hair and screaming Aussie insults in each other’s face.

Well, that would explain those red streaks on Georgia’s cheeks as she makes her way down to the ring. Dressed in cotton white bra and panties, she quickly dons a pair of red gloves and makes her way to corner, trying to look unfazed. Stephanie’s devious smile on the other hand makes her look like the second-coming of Cruela de Vil, and being dressed in a midnight black bikini doesn’t help that image either. No touch of gloves from either girl as the referee explains the rules to them, and a sudden shout of “Kick her arse, babe!” from the audience brings a scowl to both girls’ faces, revealing the identity of the mysterious male. Bell rings and both girls look ready to oblige!

Bad blood forces wild exchange in the opening seconds, both girls coming at each other hard and fast and without much discernible pattern - just keen on getting their hands on each other it seems. Stephanie pounding on Georgia’s lean frame, grinding her teeth with each grunt out of the angelic blonde’s mouth. She clearly thinks she’s the rougher and tougher of the two, and this ‘Bambi blonde’ going down in no time… until Georgia starts biting back… Bambi slamming punches into Rayner’s nose and lips, making her grunt and putting her on notice that she ain’t going down THAT easy…

“KISS THIS, B*TCH,” Georgia seems to holler with every slap of glove into Rayner’s lips, forcing Stephanie backwards and covering up wildly. She’s driven to the ropes where it’s her body’s turn to get stuffed in half with a or two, but the round ends before Georgia can put her down. Girls have to be separated by the referee as they continue to trade insults after the bell.

Georgia eager to keep her momentum going, comes out of gate fast and focused. Rayner has other ideas, however, charging forward herself and surprising the blonde with a right cross into the middle of her guard. Force of the blow stuns Georgia, but it’s Steph’s follow-up left uppercut that craters her belly and makes her eyes go wide with shock. Air forced out of her lungs, her advanced stopped abruptly, as Stephanie goes to work on her body: left right left right fists spanking her abs, then an uppercut to the chin seals the kiss. Normally that kind of combo would have floored any real pro, but these are rookies we’re talking about here… Steph’s blows still lacking any raw power, and they only succeed in stunning Georgia as she goes flying back into the ropes to catch her balance. Rayner coming after her, but sudden return jab-jab-jab from Gibbs taken on her gloves and stop Rayner cold. With an enraged shriek, Rayner firing back, but Georgia weaving left right and under her jabs, throwing hooks into either side of tummy like she’s been taught. BOY can this girl move! Rayner grunting both with frustration and pain, made worse when another wild hook misses her target’s head, allowing Georgia to surge forward with a tight clinch. Girls struggle in embrace, grunting into each other’s skin.

“You feel that, you little blonde b*tch?” Rayner hissing into Georgia’s ear as she feels her opponent’s lips cradling into her neck. “Give up and I’ll let Josh give ya a real tast—URGHH!!” *

Georgia banging up into Steph’s lower belly, stiff blows slamming into flesh right above her bottoms, drawing deep yelps, then groans from above. Girls don’t realise that the bell was rung 10 seconds earlier, still protesting and screaming hatred at each other when the referee finally forces them apart. Georgia once again manages to turn her fortunes around, but it’s not enough to sway the judges’ decision, who give the round to Rayner for an early offense.

Looks like Stephanie’s the type of girl who pushes herself to the limit, ESPECIALLY when she really wants something, because here she comes gunning straight for Georgia, starts wailing away on her guard and body and not giving her any chance for retaliation. It’s pent-up rage raining down on Gibbs, who’s covering up like it’s a freaking hailstorm. Georgia absorbs and absorbs, only once or twice peeking out between the brief respites of leather, only to get socked in the face for her trouble. But… how long can Rayner keep this up either? Towards the end of the round, Rayner attacking with one or two big swings, her energy reserves all but run out, only to get her body bunched up with a one-two combo as Georgia tries to reassert dominance. But Rayner running out of steam and Georgia knows it, and the blonde comes back in the final seconds eager to play catch-up. Now, Rayner getting pushed back with whap whap WHAP to body and head, but Georgia’s inaction for majority of the round is enough to condemn her - bell rings and this is Stephanie’s round once again, plain and simple. 

The problem usually with new girls is how terrified they are of getting punched in the face. This makes them hesitant, unfocused, and less exciting to watch in general. Georgia appears to suffer from this malady at first, evident from her focus on defence early on as she swats away Stephanie’s attacks or weaves around them. In doing so, however, she’s barely fighting back… until the middle minute showcases her technical side. Stephanie’s face grimacing when a right hand disappears into her stomach, Georgia waiting for that prime opportunity to step in and plunge her right hand in and out. Blonde shocks the body a couple more times in quick succession, before digging another left right combo into Rayner’s chest and finishing the combo with an uppercut into her chin. Make no mistake, Rayner’s still alive and kickin’, but for every punch she lands on Georgia’s face, she receives two more in unequal exchange. That leaves one girl panting hard at the bell, hanging onto the ropes like a string-cut puppet. Georgia once again defying expectations to take the round wide as she parades herself back to corner.

Rayner attempting a different approach this time: comes out slow and steady and jabbing at her foe from afar. For awhile, it works - Georgia back to getting stung repeatedly the nose and lips, having trouble dodging those slippery punches as effectively. But Stephanie gets in and over herself in the middle, rushing the blonde when she senses an opportunity to trap her against the ropes. Georgia however side-steps with ease, allowing charging bull to crash headfirst into the ropes herself, before whipping around and getting STUNNED in the face with a nasty hook, and then another and another blasting her right along the extent of the ropes! Georgia digging another two punches up into Steph’s open body, before a final right hook SIMPLY FLOORS HER, literally shoving Rayner down to the canvas like a clothesline from hell! KNOCKDOWN for Georgia Mae Gibbs!

It’s already the third minute of the round and all Steph has to do is get the f*ck up to her feet, but for some reason they don’t seem to be cooperating. Taught brunette groaning on her side, eyes fluttering with panic as she tries to get past her knees but can’t, even with the help of both hands clinging to the ropes. Referee hits the 10-count and it’s over before it began!

Official Decision: Georgia Mae Gibbs defeats Stephanie Rayner via KO5!


WHAT a show from these two girls in this final exhibition match of the evening, but Georgia proving herself too much for Stephanie’s fire. Blonde may appear a sweetheart in front of the cameras, but make no mistake, possessing a mean-streak of her own when she saunters over to Stephanie’s beaten form, intending to leave her mark as well. Stephanie watching her with heavy breaths, lips curling into a biting insult when without warning, her face PULLED into blonde’s tummy, Georgia gripping the back of her head with two hands and smothering her face out with a muffled scream.

Georgia keeps her hold for a good minute, relishing the feel of lips on flesh with a steady expression. “Mmmmph. Your man’s lips felt better, b*tch…*” she mutters, before pulling Stephanie’s face out of the smother and enjoying the look of shocked realisation flooding her eyes. A nasty knee to Rayner’s chin sends her reeling and back and onto her side, moaning. Georgia content with leaving Stephanie to her own nightmarish thoughts as she exits the ring and hall, also leaving the audience to make up their minds as to this mystery of a girl. One thing’s for sure though: she sure has left her mark. 

We hope that all the girls featured here have left an impression, to be honest, because that concludes our second scouting mission. If you’d like to get in contact with any of these lovely ladies, do drop us an email and we’ll be glad to hook you up! For now, here’s to wishing you all a happy holidays!

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