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30 December 2017 Kira Kosarin vs Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence (#11) vs. Kira Kosarin (#12) @ JMDD (by Lookout & simgrrl)
Boxing World's Dec. 2017 ranking: J-Law @ Lightweight & Kira, @ Bantam 


J-Law: 27yo, 5'8", 132# (35C-26-36); Kira: 20yo, 5'6”, 117#, (32B-25-34)
* * * *
Before: (September 17, 2017) After Kira Kosarin KO'd Blake Lively she stood over her screaming, “The name's KOSARIN...KIRA KOSARIN! Say my name, b*tch! Say it! WHAT'S MY NAME?” The referee had to drag her away as Kira kept kicking sand on Lively, demanding “respect” but Lively was in no condition to give the young brunette anything... not for quite some time... Blake Lively was O-U-T!

Later, Kosarin boasted, “I showed her didn't I? Big old blowzy blonde bimbo never met a girl with MY POWER before,” she laughed. “Lightweights, welters, they're all the same. Just line 'em up and I'll walk right thru 'em! Nobody can touch me.... I'm the next great thing in celebrity boxing,” she crowed, so full of herself there wasn't any room for hubris. 
* * * *
In the aftermath, Lawrence reportedly told Lively, “You embarrassed our entire stable. You were pathetic! I could have beaten her with one hand tied behind my back. What's the matter with you?” Lively couldn't think of anything to say to excuse her dismal performance and held her tongue. 

Now that Lawrence vs Kosarin is signed, reportedly over the mild objections of Kosarin's stable owner who prefers to not see his fighters embarrassed by fighting much heavier women! Lively couldn't resist tweaking her stablemate Lawrence, both about Bonzo's unfortunate reference to Jen's weight, as well as her dexterity. “When I lost to Kira, Jen said she could beat her with one hand tied behind her. Everyone thought it was hyperbole, but when I asked, Jen said, 'Oh, sure I can. She's not that tough.' She called me a wimp and soft and... well, finally I just walked away. But now it's time for Ms. Jennifer 'big mouth' Lawrence to put up or shut her mouth and prove it! Let's see if she really can fight, let alone beat, Kira with one hand literally, tied behind her fat ass!”

Naturally, the media was all over Lively's uncharacteristically snarky comments (team discord and back-biting being unusual from the normally tightly buttoned up Academy) and resulted in numerous calls for Lawrence to “put up or shut up” - no one seemed to care the calls came almost entirely from Kosarin's camp and her millions of Twitter followers. 

Naturally, the (rightly her fans say) egotistical young Lawrence - an Oscar winning actress in the mold of her egotistical mentor and idol, Charlize Theron - refused to back down in public for fear it would "make me look weak" so instead, she doubled down on her prideful boast when she appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show earlier this month.

“I don't know what all the fuss is about,” Jen said, looking appropriately confused. “I stated a fact... Kira Kosarin, 20 years old, fewer than ten professional fights, simply doesn't have the experience or the skills yet, to handle a top ranked fighter... like me. I didn't mean it as a put-down of Kira, whom I've only met once for, maybe, two minutes. I simply stated facts I know to be true.”

Three nights later, Kira got herself booked on Jimmy Kimmel's show where she responded. “I don't really care a (bleep bleep) about her (bleep)ing opinion. She's about ten years older, and twenty pounds heavier, than me. Another thing she has that I don't have... is a far too high an opinion of herself. You ask me, she couldn't beat me using BOTH hands. And I'll BET she can NOT beat me with one hand tied behind her like she bragged she could! We'll fight later this month and IF she could beat me using just one hand, I...I'll... I'll kiss her butt right there in the ring," Kira said brashly, then, even as the words were spilling out, her expression changed to one that made her appear to have surprised even herself. Then she quickly added, ".... and, of course, I'd admit she's the better woman.”

Kimmel sat - uncharacteristically - stunned into silence for a moment, then quickly recovered to ask, “And what do you want from her... I mean in the unlikely event you could beat her?”

Kira seemed unprepared for the question - she'd never even considered the possibility. Finally, she mumbled something like, “I guess I'll have to think about that. I hadn't really wanted anything... I mean if I did, not really until you mentioned it just now." Then she got a funny look on her face and smiled. "I guess, well, spanking her would be fun ...” she said demurely, the added with a sly grin, "... so I've heard!"
* * * *
It's just moments before the bell and we still don't know what's going to happen! Both women are in the ring, Lawrence with new Academy Head Trainer Jeri Ryan and the new Ass. Trainer/Welters, Ronda Rousey. They're being aided by Natasha Henstridge[/b] who's on sponges and Endswell duty. All three know Lawrence inside and out and fans are assured that, with those three at the helm, and Ryan pulling the levers of power, they'll wring every last ounce of fight from Jen tonight.

Kosarin's flanked by Nadia Bjorlin and Evangeline Lilly plus an old 'friend' of Lawrence's - Amanda Righetti! Amanda beat up J-Law in an infamous bar brawl, then followed it up a month later beating Charlize Theron right before Halloween. Lawrence doesn't look happy to see Righetti!

Katrina Law hands something up and Righetti calls for a microphone. Then she called J-Law over. After a hesitation, Jen edged closer and Righetti showed her what she's holding. “Jen, this leather harness is used in movies to hold someone's arm out of sight - for example, if they're playing an amputee. You bragged you could beat Kira with one arm tied behind you; well, here's your chance to prove it! Or, you can take back what you said and apologize for thinking you're better than you are. What's it going to be, fight with one hand behind you, or admit you're a lying braggart who can't fight a lick!”

Jennifer's face turned a bright crimson red; her lips moved but no sound came out. She looked over at Ryan who shook her head, but there was no way the proud young Lawrence could admit to lying, or that she couldn't beat someone like Kosarin with one hand. After a minute, or more of silence, Jen sighed, her body slumping in defeat, then she nodded. “OK. I guess I'll have to beat her with one hand."

But Righetti wouldn't to let her off so easily. “How winner spanks the loser? Kira made that a condition on TV...”

Jen looked at Kira and the young girl looked shocked her so-called 'friend' would bring that up before the fight. Jen smugly said, “Oh, I'd LOVE to spank that babe's butt; teach her to respect her betters.”

“What about you Kira?”
 Amanda asked, winking at her in a way Lawrence didn't see her. 

“I won't enjoy having ANYONE spank me,” Kira said. “But I guess it's my fault for joking about it. So sure, she can spank me if she wants. The more I think about it, the more it sounds like it might be fun to spank her too. But there's one thing more I want...”

Jen turned to look at Kira and Amanda. “Lawrence denigrated ALL bantams when she said she could beat me with her hand tied behind her. I'm not the one who should be defending other bantams, but since I'm the one here, I'll try. But... if I win... an apology won't suffice. I want to pick another bantam to fight her with one hand. I choose her opponent, and if Jen can't beat HER; I'll pick another; same thing, she loses I get another, then another. Or, maybe she can't beat ANY bantam, I can give her a flyweight. Most bantams are too tough for her. Since she shot off her big mouth - she should fight any bantam who wants to fight her until she finds one she can beat... just one... any bantam, or any fly if we're too much woman for her.”

Kira grinned when she saw the effect her challenge had on Jen; her face was getting redder with every insult she hurled. When Kira had finished, Lawrence gulped, swallowed hard, then nodded. “OK, but since I'm going to beat YOU those other girls will have to find somebody else to kick their asses for them.”

Satisfied, Amanda unfolded the leather garment and held it up in front of Jen. “Here, let me help you put this on and get you strapped in,” Righetti said smiling. “It's a little difficult to do alone. I've been practicing.”

After studying it, Jennifer put both arms in first, her right into a long sleeve, the left through an arm hole in the leather vest. Amanda cinched it down, then pulled Lawrence's right arm behind her and buckled it into a pocket on her back. The leather covered her shoulders to the top of her breasts in front, and in the back hung down to her waist where a thick leather belt ran from the middle of her back around her waist back to a buckle below her right hand. Righetti gave it a hard tug to tighten it around Jen's belly, then closed the buckles and stepped back. 

Lawrence swung her left arm easily, but she looked awkward. Her right hand and arm were completely immobilized, leaving her entire right side open. She realized how foolish she'd been to agree and wished she could think of a way to pull out without losing face and embarrassing herself. Sadly, she couldn't think of one.

When she returned to her corner Ryan, Rousey - even Henstridge - lit into her, calling her crazy, stupid, egotistical and a few other terms we can't print. Jen agreed with all of it, but that wasn't going to help her against Kira.
* * * * *
During R1: Ryan whispers hurried advice to Lawrence just before the bell, then J-Law hurries from the corner and throws a huge left hook that surprises Kosarin and knocks her back on her heels. Kira almost falls, but Jen almost falls herself; her arm bound behind her back unbalances her and by the time she regains her footing, the brief advantage her opening attack gained her is lost. She'd have to do it the hard way!
Kira snaps her left in Jen's face, then turns into a hard right cross that Jen blocks with her raised left hand. Too bad, she left herself exposed for Kira's left which slams into her right breast just below the leather binding. Jen recoils to her left, ducking another Kira right hand. 
'That Kosarin's got quick hands,' Jen thinks, 'I better be careful.' 
Lawrence's giving herself good advice, but any advice is easier to give than follow...even when you're giving it to yourself. Jen tries circling to her left, behind her only fist, hoping she can turn her body to keep her right side out of Kira's reach. It works...for the most part, but you can only throw so many left hooks and jabs before your opponent starts to time your punches. And Kira's got a right hand she uses to defend against Lawrence's lefts, while her right doesn't have much to do except to punch! 
Kira stops chasing after Jennifer and reverses, walking right into Lawrence's left! But using her right Kira blunts most of Jen's left hands, and by stepping into Jen, Kira's putting her own left hand within reach of J-Law's exposed right side. She lands a couple of hard left hooks to the body that shake Jen but J-Law lands an overhand left that buckles Kira's knees and forces her to clinch! Body to body, Kira has an advantage if she can tie up Jen's left, wrapping her right up, over and then back down to grab the underside of Lawrence's left elbow. 
Kira feasts on Jen's right ribs, abs and even gets in a couple of overhands to the side of her head as they wriggle and squirm belly-on-belly until the referee breaks them apart. Jen breathing hard, taking several hard body blows, but she's able to get a couple of hard lefts in over Kira's right hand when she drops it as she's concentrating on using her left. Both women having trouble establishing a rhythm; Jen's fighting left handed - not her dominant hand - but Kira's also over-using her left, thinking more about how to take advantage of Jen's vulnerability instead of just boxing like it's a regular bout; letting the openings come as they always do - rather than trying to create an opening that isn't there! Closing seconds of the round, Lawrence head feints right and Kira bites! As Kosarin leans into a left hand, J-Law steps to her left and unleashes a hard left that catches Kira high on the head, nearly dropping the brunette on her backside. Only the ropes close behind her keep Kira upright and she's pinned against them as Jen hammers her one-handed at the bell until the referee has to pull her off of Kosarin who looks shaky stumbling back to her corner. Scorers perhaps a little more impressed by Lawrence's one handed fighting than deserved, giving her generous marks, but there's no doubt she did get the better of Kira that round as Jennifer Lawrence wins round on points (wide)!

R2: Lawrence on her stool in the corner looking uncomfortable as Ryan and Rousey talk to her. Doesn't look like it's physical, more likely she's not happy with what she's gotten herself into. Ryan giving her tips, showing her how she should turn her shoulders more. Across the ring, Kosarin not looking chipper either. She's fighting a one-armed woman and she's losing! Not exactly the way she and Righetti drew it up!
Kosarin quick out of her corner, using more motion early...the first round she was straight North-South, she's opening the second round circling more, using more lateral movement; forcing Lawrence to be the one coming forward, making J-Law commit first, then reacting to her. Working good the first minute; Kira keeping away from Jen's left hook, bouncing to her left; now it's Kosarin using HER left, leaving Lawrence pretty much adrift, having to chase her - and that's not J-Law's style! 
Kira using more combinations in the middle part of the round, looking at times more like a left-hander; pushing the right in Jen's face to block her vision, then stepping in with booming lefts to the body! Jen hurt several times by big lefts in under that right elbow that's pulled back by the strap holding her arm behind her back. She's trying to use Ryan's advice, turning her right shoulder forward, getting her elbow in front of those hooks to the body, but she's exposing her right cheek and as she keeps doing it, Kira's adjusting well. Left hook body, left to the head, left UPPERCUT! Lawrence's hurt! 
Jen's knees buckled by the big uppercut, trying to clinch, but it's hard to hold onto a big woman with one hand - and even when she can grab and hang on, Kira's torching Lawrence's right side with her free left hand! Lawrence driven back onto the ropes, trying to slip away, but Kosarin grabs her right elbow and pulls her back in. Jen cuffing Kira on the side of her head, more slaps than punches; Kosarin teeing off to Jen's body; the impacts sending tsunami waves rolling across her fleshy belly or down her thighs. She's tearing J-Law up at the bell! Referee jumps in, pulls Kira off. Kosarin jerks her arm out of the referee's grasp, bellies up to Lawrence, forcing eye contact; making the bigger woman take her weight as she bends Jen's torso back over the top rope! Wow! Kira wins round on points (wide!)

R3: Ryan and Rousey in a heated disagreement between rounds, can't tell what the problem is, but it's very likely they can't agree on what to tell Lawrence. Jen just sitting glumly as they snarl at one another over her head while Henstridge tries to work around them. So far, Ginny's brilliant stable reconstruction seems to be paying YUGE dividends! Lawrence a trouper, on her feet before the bell, flexing her left arm. Referee stops her to wipe some of Henstridge's "magic goo" from Jen's face before she can go face Kosarin. 
More of the same this round, Lawrence tried circling left last round and got lit up the Central Park Christmas tree, so this round she's moving to her right. That has the benefit of keeping her left hand back, giving her a little more time to react - either to block or throw punches. But it also puts her face out in front of her only defense...other than moving which Kosarin is doing more of and better. Kira no longer head-hunting, she's all in on Jen's body this round and it seems to be working for her. Over and over, Kira's landing shots under Jen's right elbow, or catching her in the head. If this were a JMDD bout, Kosarin would be waaaay ahead on points, because Jen's are there if and when she wants them, but she's ignored the obvious to concentrate her attack on Lawrence's body. And, it's starting to pay off! Jen hurt with a left to the kidney, then is almost put down by a straight right. She manages to keep her feet under her, but Kosarin bodies up to Jen and bulldozes her back into the corner. Kira sets up shop in Jen's kitchen, forehead to forehead Kosarin's working over Jen's middle with both fists and all Lawrence can do is pop her in the side or come up over Kira's right shoulder. But when Jen goes to her head, Kira just leans away and raises her right shoulder, effectively blocking Jen's punch while leaving herself open for a right hand.... which Jen can't do because hers is tied behind her back!
Obviously, Kosarin and her camp had planned for this, because she looks comfortable exposing herself this way, not something a fighter would do because it is so counter to everything they're taught, but she drops her left hand, whipping it around with no hesitation or thought about her opponent's right hand. 
LAWRENCE HURT AGAIN! Right hand high on her forehead snaps Lawrence's head back and this time, she really looks hurt. Kira with a short, quick, left buckles Jen's knees and the blond sits down in the ropes. The referee looking closely and HE STEPS IN!
The referee steps in and... he's stopp... no, wait.. it's a standing eight. Sorry folks got a little ahead of myself there for a second. It's a standing eight and Kira doesn't look too pleased. Lawrence was clearly hurt, but she was defending herself and didn't look in danger... but then, the referee's probably never worked a fight with a one-armed woman, so better to be safe than sorry, I suppose. 
Kira waved back in and OH, LAWRENCE IS HURT AGAIN! That left just came out of nowhere and buckled J-Law in the corner, her only arm draped over the top rope holding her up. Kira hesitates a moment, then drives a right into Lawrence's belly, doubling her over. THERE'S THE BELL! J-Law's saved by the bell! The referee jumps in and cradles Lawrence to her corner where Ryan, Rousey and Henstridge are going to have their hands full rehabilitating her. Kosarin wins the round with a shutout.

R4: Jeri Ryan earning her stripes tonight as the new Academy head-trainer, with Lawrence having talked herself into this mess, it fell to Ryan to pull her out of it. Taking her "head" trainer title seriously, Ryan spent the time between rounds talking to J-Law, pumping her head full of positive thoughts; reminding her she's "bigger", "better", "smarter" than "that kid" and urged her, "show 'er what you're made of!"
This was all part of the Power of Positive Thinking claptrap Jeri picked up when she'd gone to (www.BeATrainer.Caspain.University.edu) an Internet web site that promised athletic trainer certification. ("$400 and 4 classes gets you a framed certificate which lets you perform weddings, baptisms, funerals and supermarket openings in 43 of the 50 states." It also would allow Jeri to, "work as an athletic trainer in the world-famous FCBA.") Once she'd pumped up Jen, convincing her she was 'unbeatable' Jeri had a final ritual. As Lawrence rose and started out, Jeri gave her a slap on the ass to send her off on the road to victory! 
Kira, Amanda and Evangeline watched fascinated as Ryan had stood with her back to the Bonzo corner talking animatedly to Jennifer; her hands waving hypnotically; every so often Jeri would pause and look up into the overhead lights - as if seeking divine intervention. Amanda couldn't get over her fascination with the way Jeri's butt swayed side-to-side in her tight skirt as she wove a spell on Jen. 'I gotta get that old gal out to the roadhouse one day soon,' Amanda thought, then glanced at Rousey and saw Lawrence's 'Ass. Trainer' was as entranced as Jennifer. Only Henstridge seemed bored, probably because she'd been sniffing an ammonia cap since Jeri started talking.
Whatever Ryan learned at her on-line course paid immediate dividends! Lawrence leaped off her stool like she'd been spanked to storm across the ring! Kira, daydreaming about what she'd do to Jen, needed a poke in the back by Bjorlin to snap her back to the present. She just managed to slip away before Jen arrived, afire with malice. J-Law smacked Kira in the back of her head as she escaped, put some distance between them, and only then turned around... right into Jen's big left hook! Kira recoiled back, little pinpricks of bright light flashing before her eyes! KOSARIN'S HURT! Jen followed her, falling into Kira and shoving her back against the ropes in the corner. 
Jen, off balance, stumbled with her, trapping Kira on the turnbuckles; Jen's left arm draped over the top rope holding Kira in an awkward embrace! Kira writhed and wriggled, squirmed and tried to push Jen away, but Lawrence wouldn't let go of the rope, instead slammed her right shoulder under Kira's jaw a couple of times! Kosarin managed to get her right arm up between them and once she could put her glove on Jen's elbow, she grabbed it and pushed it upward. At the same time, Kira drover her left into Jen's kidney a couple of times, each one answered by a groan of pain!
Now Kira was able to turn Jen with her left hand, pushing the big blonde around until it was Jen's back against the opposite rope in the corner, with Kira still hanging onto Jen's left elbow, keeping her left hand outside the top rope. Then Kira started to bludgeon Jen's body from her right hip, up across her belly to her right breast, then over to her left breast, and back down the left side to the waistband of her bikini bottom just below the cute little 'innie' on the smooth, soft, curve of her tummy. Every crushing impact drew a grunt or groan, and as Kira kept pounding away, soft whimpers of pain replaced her grunts. 
The next two left hooks into Lawrence's belly sank in deeper than the previous ones, and J-Law began to fold up, her head dropping onto Kosarin's chest. That's when Kira brought out her "Ashkenazi Hammer" an up-from-the-knees Uppercut that turned out Lawrence's lights! Jen's head snapped back and she hit the ropes so hard her body was thrown forward hard enough she almost knocked Kira over as the crashed face-first to the canvas! The referee didn't bother to look at Jen, or even count, just waved his hands to end the fiasco, 'finally,' he thought as he went to call in the medics to revive J-Law. 
Henstridge was the first to reach Jen, kneeling to gently remove her mouthguard, then held her until help arrived. It took a few seconds, but as soon as she started to come around, Kira, Amanda, Nadia and Evangeline were there, surrounding them. 
"You three may want to step out of the way," Amanda warned Jeri, poking her finger in Jeri's juggs. "You don't want to get caught up in the aftermath of this; you being new on the job and all." They backed off, but hung around keeping an eye on things as Kira and Evangeline pulled Jen to her feet. Kira Kosarin wins by a KO4! 
* * * *
After: Kira shoves Jen headfirst through the ropes, draping her limp body onto the middle strand, her head and shoulders bouncing up and down outside the ring about six feet from the front row seats of the 'Bonzo Babes Brigade' in matching tight tee-shirts - all paid to wear them no doubt) - her butt inside, conveniently at Kira's waist level - all ready for spanking! Kira tells Evangeline Lilly, “Make sure she doesn't get out of there,” then goes to get her gloves off before hurrying back to give “justice” to the woman who had so dismissively put her down just a few months earlier!

Kira carefully pulls Jen's bottom down to just at the bottom curve of her butt cheeks - inches from the program being interrupted by an old black and white video tape of 'Swan Lake' (held over from simguy's regime) then gives her bare butt a really(!) hard spanking. After fifteen or twenty loud SMACKs echo thru the stilled arena, Jen is weeping loudly and begging her, "Please....please stop!"

Kira brings Evangeline Lilly over to join her inspecting her “handiwork” and Lilly, seemingly fascinated by a sight not often seen in Bonzo's gym, runs her fingertips lightly over the smooth, red-hot, plump rump, then jerks it back, pretending she burned her fingers and had to blow on them to cool them off. 

Lilly turns to her fans at ringside and announces proudly "Her big red moons make an awesome sight.” Then, after giving Kira a congratulatory hug, Lilly calls for a hand microphone, gives it to Kira and steps aside, standing against Lawrence's hip with her hand possessively on Jen's ass as Kira enjoys her moment in the spotlight.

Kosarin says, “Well Jen, you couldn't beat me with one hand! You thought it would be sooooo easy. You lost and now... I get to pick your next bantam opponent. I hope you'll be as happy to know that she's someone you're very close to...as I will be to tell you who it is...” Then she paused to let the audience try to guess out who it would be. 

It had to be one of the Academy's arch-rival Lookout girls. One can imagine Demi salivating at the opportunity, or Emily! (Would Missy and Yvonne be jealous of them?) 

What about one of those 'nasty' Front Street girls? They wouldn't soil their gloves to JMD/D with Lawrence but, maybe... 'one hand tied' seemed more dignified, proper." (What a scene in the Front St. cafe! Katy Perry cutting weight; across the table, Kristen Stewart trying to bulk up. Worth the price of admission!)

Others scoffed at the idea it'd be "so predictable" - and thought outside the box. Think Foxfire! (Sophie Turner struggles to lose ten pounds as Hayden Panettiere tries to add five and Jennifer Garner surfing Internet sales sites looking for a "way-back machine.")

Nicki Minaj, sighing w/relief the stable survived the latest cuts, texting the old gray-haired guy at Punchaholics Anon, saying what a "great idea the one-arm thing" is; asking if he can get FCBA to do something for "short girls like me"... "any chance I can fight Strahovski with one - or both her legs tied up at her butt... get her down to MY level?" 

Kira imagined those - and other - thoughts and hushed speculation - but couldn't wait any longer before her big reveal, “... it's Evangeline Lilly!”

Lilly gave Jen's rosy rump a hard SMACK tugged her bikini bottom up and tugged snug, even went so far as to carefully smooth the wrinkles with both hands before she pulled Jen out of the ropes and held her firmly with her strong arm tight about her waist. 

Kira gave Evangeline the microphone and Lilly told Lawrence, and her fans, “When we meet in a couple of months, you'll have to beat me using just one hand... but then you stipulation will be... it has to be by submission only!” 

Jen looked shocked. “That's right Jenny-fur girl; no matter how many times you knock me down, the only... ONLY way you can win your bet is to make me say, 'I submit'. Anything else doesn't count. I'd be surprised if you could do THAT with two hands, let alone one.”

Jen started to hobble back to her corner, but Kira and Amanda rushed over, caught her, and turned her around. “That's MY leather gear,” Righetti told Jen, pulling her back to Kira's corner. “You're coming back to our locker room where I'll help you out of that... uncomfortable... thing,” Amanda said, her hand on Lawrence's head, pushing it down and out through the ropes to Katrina Law who was waiting to help the unsteady blonde down the steps to the arena floor. 

Kira put her hand on Jen's throbbing butt and Lawrence gave a start, her head lifting, the top rope hitting her in the back of her head. “Oops, sorry sweetie,” Kira giggled, patting Jen's butt again. “I've got something for the pain in my locker,” she whispered in Jen's ear. “It''ll make you feel reeeeellll good. Some women I know are addicted to it; can't get enough. We'll see how you like it, hummmmmm....?”

Kira and Vangie each took an arm and guided the disoriented blonde down the aisle and out of the arena as the crowd stood to cheer upstart Kira Kosarin. Back in the ring, Lindsay Lohan climbed the steps, looked at Jeri Ryan and saw tears in her eyes as young J-Law was led away. “Oh, don't look so glum, Jeri,” LiLo chirped, “You got Peregrym next; she's sure to brighten your mood.”

Jeri just grunted and started to unbutton her blouse to reveal the bikini beneath. No sense going back to the dressing room when she had it on under her ring clothes. In a minute, she was down to her bikini, ready for the announcer to introduce her for her JMDD fight with Missy Peregrym!

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