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30 December 2017 Demi Lovato vs Priyanka Chopra

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Priyanka Chopra versus Demi Lovato
(Jugs of Mass Destruction)
(Words & Results: Lookout!)

BEFORE: Although the holidays always bring people together, it certainly didn’t even try with Demi Lovato and Priyanka Chopra, doomed to dislike each other since the moment they signed with “Lookout! Boxing” and “Hawkeye International Sports Consortium” respectively. Individually, they might be two of the nicest celebrities in Hollywood, but that does not translate to any type of friendship once these two step into the ring or even outside of it. The two of them hardly even look at each other, despite occasional attempts to be friendly because they know at the end of the night one of them will be smothering out the other. That is a fact and there’s no escaping it - not when it comes to these two stables. Attempting to outdo and humiliate each other is important to them both and each of them will be looking to draw a line in the sand tonight leading into next year. 

Demi arriving for the night of the fight wearing a purple sports bra with matching shorts and black gloves - Priyanka looking gorgeous in a red sports bra with matching shorts and gloves as the two of them stare each other down. There is lots of discussion regarding Priyanka as making it on the 2017 Forbes List of the 100 Most Powerful Women In The World List, seeing whether that same power will translate into the ring as Demi vows to not let herself be intimidated by one of the most famous Bollywood celebrities in the world. Priyanka stands a few inches taller than Demi, but Lovato doesn’t retreat for a moment as they both give the crowd a good look at their cleavage and determination here tonight. The two of them are taunting each other a bit as it’s all the ref can do to keep them apart and finally, he decides just to let them fight as the match begins...

During R1: Lovato initiates a series of brawling exchanges to try to intimidate Priyanka, but the tactic fails over the first two thirds of the round as Chopra holds her own. Each takes turns firing 2 and 3 punch combinations, and both score meaningful hooks and crosses I hot early action.. In the final minute, Lovato clinches, slowing the tempo, hitting the breaks, and using confident savvy to steal the round.

R2: Lovato dips a shoulder, feinting Chopra out of position, and cracks the cute blonde with a short straight right to score a quick knockdown. Priyanka hurt, is up on wobbly legs at 8, and Lovato goes to work. Pounding the gut with one twos, Demi chops around Chopra’s high guard with lefts and rights, always stepping to one side as she punches to get a nice angle on the hapless blonde. Midway through the round, a chopping right across her cleavage sends Chopra to her knees for the second time, and Lovato finishes with good pressure inside to the bell for a dominating 10-7 stanza.

R3: Priyanka shows she came to fight, paying Lovato’ back with a crushing straight right of her own to start this round. Hurt, Demi pushes her own right out, and is beaten to the punch over and over again as Priyanka drives the brunette to the ropes. Once there, the difference between the two women becomes evident: Priyanka has her woman hurt, but doesn’t force the issue, just running up the offensive flurry behind an aggressive jab, and firing single right hands at the body and breasts of Demi, Shutout Chopra, but Lovato recovers during the break.

R4: Lovato lures Priyanka forward, holding her left low to draw right hands from the brunette, and countering viciously when Chopra complies, Sweet footwork from the Disney star as she economically steps back from Chopra’s hard-hitting right, then nails her with the counter right left hook over and over to take the round. Definitely a surprising display from Demi that has Priyanka furious at the break. 

R5: Gut check round for Lovato, who looks a little fatigued, breathing through her mouth, and not moving as well this round. The girls pat one another’s faces and breasts with lazy left jabs, then suddenly both lean into spearing right hands and PRIYANKA GOES DOWN!! Chopra drilled to her hands and knees in a blinding exchange of right hands, is tragically hurt and practically out. Acting on her own, her legs bring Priyanka to her feet, and the ref allows the fight to continue - perhaps unwisely. Lovato walks into the shattered brunette and takes her apart with short, precise lefts and rights, hammering Priyanka’s jugs from one side to the other until the brunette slides down the ropes to lie still upon her side. Ref jumps in this time to prevent further jug-humbling fury and to award the match via KO5 to a jubilant, and slightly relieved Demi Lovato!!

AFTER: Demi doesn’t waste any time, just storming across the ring as she dares anybody to stand in her way and nobody takes her up on that dare. The excitement in the arena is palpable as you can hear the fans chanting “J-M-D, J-M-D…” as it’s clear Lovato plans to oblige the fans, just beaming as she adjusts her top slightly to show off more of her cleavage for a dazed, but horrified looking Priyanka. The former Miss World is in a world of trouble as she staggers her way to her feet, but runs right into a oncoming Demi, who shoves her back into the corner. Pouncing on her foe, Lovato puts those brawny arms to good use as she secures a Front Sleeper and ensuring Chopra’s compliance with a hard knee thudding up into her abs. Demi beams out into the crowd as she rests her head atop Chopra, just pulsing her biceps as she tightens up her grip to pull Chopra snug into her smother.

Chopra struggling, pushing at Demi’s hips and trying to twist free, but Lovato’s position and the relative lack of air as she breathes in Demi’s all-conquering cleavage makes it difficult for her to escape. Priyanka is bravely battling back, refusing to go down easily as she attempts to turn her head and free her face, but Lovato expertly rolling her shoulders and scrubbing her gurls back and forth to ensure Chopra can’t catch a break - much less a breathe. When Demi finally does peel her cleavage back, it’s so the crowd can witness a glassy-eyed Indian beauty in jug-shock as Demi leans forward to plant a kiss on her forehead before shoving her backwards to a slumbering, sweaty pile on the canvas. 

Demi stands over her foe, pumping a double bicep pose as she grins with pure excitement and thrusts out her triumphant chest. Winking at the crowd as she sticks out her tongue and then extends her hand for a fresh sports bra. Sliding it on as it’s a white sports bra with the words “#SorryNotSorry” written across the front in bright golden letters and that seems to be the final word for her tonight as she poses with her foot planted across Chopra’s beaten breasts in victory for yet another addition to the eternal HISC-Lookout! rivalry in one of the final Jugs of Mass Destruction (JMD) bouts of the year! Demi then hops up over her beaten foe, pounding her chest in victory and holding her other hand up in the air with one finger pointing up to declare herself #1 as she smirks and shouts, loud enough to be heard throughout the arena, “I’m the best Demi in the league. You hear me? I’m the best freaking Demi in the world and any pretenders to the throne, bring it!” 

All of this leads the crowd and media to wonder: Can a Clash of Demi’s be in the near future? We can only hope! 

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